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									                                         — A NNUAL S PECIAL D OUBLE                                                  ISSUE       —

                                         DUI DIGITS
        V OLUME 1, I SSUE 8               J UNEAU , A LASKA                                                                                F EBRUAR Y 2007

                                                                                                                                       Q UICKSH OTS 2006
                                          2006 Blood Alcohol Content Distribution

                                                                                                                                       •     .388—Highest reported
                                                                                                                                             BAC (0.03 higher than
                                                                                                                                             the highest reported BAC
                                                                                                                                             in 2005)
0.35                                                                                                                                   •     253—number of DUI
                                                                                                                                       •     14--Participants in Jun-
0.25                                                                                                                                         eau Therapeutic Court
                                                                                                                                             (twice as many as last
 0.2                                                                                                                                         year)

                                                                                                                                       •     9—Most prior DUI’s
                                                                                                                                             recorded by an offender


 12/ 14/2005   2/ 2/ 2006   3/ 24/2006     5/ 13/2006        7/2/2006           8/ 21/2006      10/10/2006   11/ 29/2006   1/18/2007
                                                        D at e o f O f f ense
                                                                                                                                       I N SIDE   T H IS ISSUE :

   Average B.A.C in Juneau rose to .170%. Up .009% from last years average of .161.
                                                                                                                                       I NTERVENTION              2

                                                                                                                                       G RADUATED                 3

                                                                                                                                       E L DER A LASKANS 4
                                                                                                                                       B ILL S                    4
With the closing of the Jun-             was common for clients to                           MADD reports that based
eau Mothers Against Drunk                not attend due to forgetting                        on a study completed in the
Driving chapter in 2005,                 they were assigned to the                           late ‘90s in which 482                    M EDICATION                5
the Juneau Alcohol Safety                panel or problems with the                          drunk driving victims par-
Action Program assigned                  scheduled panel. When the                           ticipated in panels and 903               Prime For Life             5
clients to the required Vic-             Anchorage MADD chapter                              victims did not participate
tim Impact Panel run by the              closed in August 2006 it                            in panels were interviewed                D EADL IEST                6
Anchorage chapter. The                   was unclear who would take                          the majority of volunteers
Panel was only available                 on the responsibility of run-                       found that participating in               JTC                        7
once every quarter and it                ning a VIP.                                         panels       Continued page 2
 P AGE 2                                                                                                             DUI DIGITS

                            D RUNK D RIVING I NTERVENTION
                                  The National Transportation        to a crash often shows that        with blind obedience resulted
                                  Safety Board (NTSB) uses an        there are many opportunities       in the crash of a Japan Airlines
                                  objective review process to        to influence the outcome.          747 Freighter in Anchorage a
                                  define the cause of crashes.       The last of independent force      number of years ago. The
                                  The goal of this process is to     or person intervening to           captain, a chronic alcoholic,
                                  prevent future accidents from      chance the course of events        was passed out in his hotel
                                  the same cause or causes. In       leading up to a crash is often     room at the time the aircraft
                                  the review of most aircraft        due to the acceptance or the       was scheduled to depart for
                                  accidents, the NTSB attempts       ignoring the obvious. The          Japan with a load of prized
                                  to define the many critical        Drunk Driver often comes in        cattle. JAL staff called and
                                  events leading up to the acci-     contact with a number of           had the hotel staff wake the
                                  dent and point out how inter-      people that don’t want to get      pilot and put him in a cab to
                                  vention could have prevented       “involved” prior to a crash,       the airport. Continued page 3
                                  the tragedy. This applies to       but are willing to testify after   The captain fell asleep in the
                                  drunk driving crashes as well.     a crash. A tragic example of       hotel lobby waiting for the
                                  A review of events leading up      this acceptance combined           cab. He had to be helped to

   I N 2006, 56% OF                                          First Time Offenders vs Repeat
   44% WHO HAD
                                                                                                                       No Priors
   ONE PRIOR DUI,                                                                                       56%
   21% HAD TWO

helped them recover from          from the same community          affiliation.                    NCADD conference room.
their experience faster than      further drives the point home                                    The panel will be held in con-
                                                                   The first NCADD VIP is
individuals who did not           that drunken driving can have                                    junction with the individual’s
                                                                   scheduled for February, 24th
speak. Audience members,          serious consequences where                                       education or treatment as-
                                                                   from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. JASAP
many whom the only negative       the audience lives—not just                                      signment.
                                                                   clients who have their first
consequence for their im-         “some place else.” Although
                                                                   Driving Under the Influence, For more information, or if
paired driving is the involve-    the MADD chapter has closed
                                                                   Minor Operating Vehicle         you want to volunteer to
ment of the criminal justice      in Anchorage, there still con-
                                                                   After Consuming charge, or speak on the panel, contact
system, see how drinking and      tinues to be a scheduled VIP
                                                                   are court ordered to attend a Kate Enge at 463-3755.
driving is not always a victim-   the first Monday of the
                                                                   VIP in another community.
less crime and can have seri-     month. The panel is run by
                                                                   There is a charge of $45 to
ous consequences. Panelists       volunteers and has no agency
                                                                   attend, and will be held in the
 V OLUME 1, I SSUE 8         J UNEAU , A LASKA                                                                                     P AGE 3

 G RADUATED D RIVERS L ICENSE                                 IN       A LASKA
 Over 6000 teen drivers die          last 6 years, there have been a      ries dropped 38%.              stand Alaska’s law and en-
 each year from alcohol related      number of substantial injuries                                      force it as only a parent can
                                                                          Drivers under the age of 18
 crashes in the United States.       of young drivers and passen-                                        do. It is a gift of life to your
                                                                          cannot carry passengers under
 Alaska was one of the highest       gers. Many states passed                                            child.
                                                                          the age of 21 unless they are
 fatality rate per capita among      “Graduated Drivers License
                                                                          siblings and can not operate a
 this age group. Auto crashes        Legislation” in an attempt to
                                                                          motor vehicle between 1:00
 are the number one killer of        limit deaths and injuries.
                                                                          AM and 5:00 AM. (Unless
 this age group in every state.      Alaska passed its version of
                                                                          drivers are accompanied by a
 Alcohol is the main mitigating      this legislation in 2003. In
                                                                          licensed adult over the age of
 factor in many of these             states were this legislation had
                                                                          21 or are driving to and from
 deaths. Juneau has the dis-         passed, teen deaths have
                                                                          work or within the scope of
 tinction of losing 16 teenagers     dropped considerably. Cali-
                                                                          employment.) The provi-
 in the past 20 years, 13 of         fornia’s per capita crash rate
                                                                          sional license lasts 6 months.
 these were deaths related to        dropped 23%, night crashes
 alcohol. Although few teen          among teens have dropped             If you are a parent of a new
 deaths have occurred in the         27% and teen passenger inju-         driver take the time to under-

                                                                                                            not to drink and had been to
  the cab, and the cab driver        contacts with the captain over     twenty points of intervention       treatment for his alcoholism
  reported a strong smell of         the two hours and ten min-         had someone taking the initia-      in the past. He had returned
  alcohol, but did not notify the    utes from the time the aircraft    tive to intervene. NTSB             to drinking months before the
  authorities. The captain was       was scheduled to leave and         came to a similar conclusion        grounding. Many of his co-
  assisted to the aircraft and       the crash, this tragedy could      in the report on the “most          workers were aware of his
  insisted on flying the aircraft    have been prevented. Almost        expensive example of drunk          drinking, but did nothing to
  during the late takeoff. The       everyone interviewed during        driving recorded.” The cap-         intervene. Both of these ex-
  aircraft ran off the end of the    the NTSB investigation admit-      tain of the Exxon Valdez had        amples exemplify what psy-
  runway killing everyone on         ted they knew the pilot was        been seen drinking on many          chologists call situational ac-
  board. Had anyone inter-           incapacitated. NTSB stated         occasions prior to the oil spill.   ceptance or the unwillingness
  vened during the series of         that there were at least           He was under special orders         to intervene by individuals

that know of pending risk.         intervention by significant      the dangers, punitive conse-
This phenomenon offers the         other sober individuals have     quences, or public condemna-
opportunity for prevention of      produced effective campaigns     tions. This is especially true
drunk driving. During the          to reduce alcohol related        of individuals who have seri-
last ten years, the drunken        crashes. Training of bartend-    ous driving problems with
driving prevention programs        ers, and the designated driver   multiple DUI’s. Research has
have made a very large shift in    program, are a few of the        shown that the refocus of
philosophy. Mother Against         intervention efforts to come     prevention on other people in
Drunk Driving, Students            out of this shift of emphasis.   the driver’s environment
Against Drunk Driving, and         This shift came about with the   along with general public
the National Council on Alco-      realization that drunk drivers   education is effective in the
holism and Drug Dependence         often do not change their        prevention of drunk driving.
have refocused efforts on          patterns of drinking and driv-
“drunk driving.” Emphasizing       ing despite the knowledge of
P AGE 4                                                                                       DUI DIGITS

          Alaska’s older population is        coming to Alaska to retire.       mixed with prescribed drugs.
          growing rapidly. A recent           The data does show Alaskans       This combination creates a
          Mcdowell Economic Study             are working longer before         real potential for danger in a
          found that twenty percent of        retirement and living in the      community as the percentage
          Alaska’s population would be        state after retiring. The aging   of older Alaskans grow. The
          over 55 around 2020. A              of Alaskans is beginning to       ability to drive is viewed as
          study by the Alaska legisla-        show in the traffic data as       one of the last vestiges of in-
          ture, by Representative             well. There has been a steady     dependence by this group and
          Cissna, indicated that Alaska       increase in citations for the     their license is a valued pos-
          has the second fastest growing      older population. This in-        session. Most of the individu-
          aging population in the             cludes drunk driving as well.     als interviewed in one Cali-
          United States. Census data          Alcohol has a greater effect      fornia study, did not think
          does not show elders are            on this population and is often   their medication would inter-

          fere with their driving even      treatment needs for the baby
          though there were written         boomers. The need will be
          warnings on their medication      greater in states with a rapid
          bottles. In a report by the       aging population. Alaska can
          Substance Abuse Mental            except to see the number of
          Health Administration, older      DUI’s among this group in-
          Alaskans entering treatment       crease as well.
          listed alcohol as their primary
          problem, but most took
          medications as well. The
          same study predicted a 52%
          increase in drug and alcohol

          B ILLS T O W ATCH                   IN THE         25 TH S ESSION
          ♦   HB 225 Requires alcohol awareness testing through a separate test upon
              application for a drivers license.

          ♦   HB 51 S Allows the re-corking of a wine bottle to prevent restaurant
              customers from feeling they need to finish or lose a purchased bottle of

          More information regarding these bills will be forthcoming in future issue of Digits.
V OLUME 1, I SSUE 8        J UNEAU , A LASKA                                                                               P AGE 5

 Here is what to look for if      tioning include antianxiety
 you are concerned about          medications, like Xanax and
 harmful interactions with the    Valium. Once mixed re-
 medications you are taking:      sponse times will suffer.
 With regards to physical         Cough and cold medications
 symptoms, mixing Aceta-          with antihistamines will in-
 minophen with alcohol will       crease alcohol’s sedative ef-
 harm the liver. Certain anti-    fect. This warning also goes
 biotics, those with metronida-   with narcotics used for pain.
 zole or sufa drugs, will cause   If you have concerns, make
 nausea, flushing, headaches,     sure you talk to your doctor
 and stomach pain. Medica-        to prevent any potential
 tions that slow mental func-     harmful drug interactions.

S POTLIGHT            ON        P RIME     FOR      L IFE E DUCATION
In 2006, 40 of the Juneau         Citing numerous research           someone’s genetics might put      what would constitute “low-
teenagers under 18 who were       studies and relying upon hun-      one at increased risk for de-     risk” drinking. Near the end
convicted of Minor Consum-        dreds more, PFL teaches that       veloping diabetes or heart        of the class, students see a
ing completed the 12-hour         anyone can develop alcohol-        disease. What makes the           video that features victims
Youth Alcohol and Drug In-        ism and impairment problems        difference in any person’s life   and perpetrators of DUI
formation School (YADIS)          like a DUI arrest and that         are the choices one makes         crashes.
offered by the National Coun-     anyone can avoid these prob-       regarding quantity and fre-
cil on Alcoholism and Drug                                                                             Both internal and external
                                  lems. PFL teaches that             quency of alcohol use. Stu-
Dependence in Juneau.                                                                                  evaluations of PFL have
                                  though no one is “born an          dents are shown how to de-
YADIS classes are taught                                                                               proven it to be effective in
                                  alcoholic,” a person can be        termine their own biological
throughout Alaska, using the                                                                           changing youth attitudes and
                                  born with an increased bio-        vulnerability and then deter-
state-mandated curriculum                                                                              behaviors. In an Alaska
                                  logical risk for developing        mine lifelong guidelines for
Prime for Life (PFL).                                                                                  study, 50% of the youth re-
                                  alcoholism, the same way

 ported drinking high-risk         before taking the class, almost    drive.                           to JASAP, is an MC.
 quantities “sometimes” or “a      no students have claimed the
                                                                      A past review of JASAP re-
 lot” before attending PFL.        occasion of their MC was
                                                                      cords has indicated that 82
 This dropped to 16% at the        their only time drinking.
                                                                      percent of first-time MC re-
 three-month follow up.            Some students have reported
                                                                      cipients never get a second
                                   drinking over 15 drinks in a
 While statistics like this are                                       MC charge after the benefit of
                                   typical drinking session. Sev-
 unavailable for the Juneau                                           sentencing. The YADIS class
                                   eral students have indicated
 YADIS, in-class discussion                                           is also an opportunity to re-
                                   habitual use of marijuana,
 and pre- and post-evaluations                                        duce the alcoholism, alcohol
                                   with some using this sub-
 provide some interesting in-                                         abuse, and DUI rates of the
                                   stance more than alcohol.
 formation about the Juneau                                           future since the most com-
                                   Many students declare their
 participant. While some stu-                                         mon prior charge in any DUI
                                   intention never to drink and
 dents report low-quantity use                                        offender’s record, according
P AGE 6                                                                                                        DUI DIGITS

                              T HE D EADLIST S TATES                       FOR     DUI
                                                        % Fatalities DUI
                                Location                related            Maryland                        38.27%
                                Washington, DC                   54.17%    Wyoming                         38.24%
                                Hawaii                           50.71%    Ohio                            38.17%
                                Rhode Island                     49.43%    Alabama                         37.40%
                                Montana                          49.40%    Michigan                        37.29%
                                Delaware                         49.25%    Nevada                          37.24%
                                Alaska                           48.61%    New York                        36.67%
                                North Dakota                     47.15%    Virginia                        36.64%
                                Washington                       45.44%    Tennessee                       36.54%
                                Wisconsin                        45.28%    Oregon                          36.27%
                                Texas                            44.78%    New Hampshire                   36.14%
                                Connecticut                      43.80%    Minnesota                       35.96%
                                South Dakota                     43.01%    Arkansas                        35.96%
                                Illinois                         42.62%    North Carolina                  35.79%
    A LASKA RANKS               South Carolina                   42.45%    Oklahoma                        35.29%
                                Arizona                          41.80%    Kansas                          35.28%
      S TATE FOR
        T RAFFIC                Florida                          41.52%    New Jersey                      35.16%
      F ATALATIES               Louisiana                        41.26%    Maine                           34.91%
       CAUSE BY                 Missouri                         40.97%    Indiana                         34.12%
       A LCOHOL                 Colorado                         40.26%    West Virginia                   33.69%
                                Mississippi                      39.85%    Nebraska                        32.97%
                                Vermont                          39.73%    Idaho                           32.36%
                                California                       39.71%    Kentucky                        31.78%
                                Pennsylvania                     39.36%    Georgia                         31.52%
                                US Average                       38.87%    Iowa                            26.22%
                                New Mexico                       38.73%    Utah                            13.12%

The above table is courtesy of the Coalition of End Needless Death on Our Roadways and the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration. No date was given regarding the figures. It should be noted that on the Alaska Highway Safety
Office website, they have indicated that the percentage of alcohol related fatalities has continued on its downward trend.
For 2006 it is estimated that the percentage has dropped to 23%.

                              S TATISTICAL W ATCH

        The National highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data is now available concerning
        2005 alcohol-related crashes and fatalities. In 2005, 16,888 individuals died in alcohol—related
        crashes, representing an average of one alcohol-related death every 31 minutes. Approximately
        254,000 individuals were injured in alcohol-related crashes, an average of one every two min-
        utes. Look at the above chart to see where Alaska compares to the rest of the country with re-
V OLUME 1, I SSUE 8       J UNEAU , A LASKA                                                     P AGE 7


On January 31st, the Juneau     where the offender is man-      therapeutic courts nation-
Therapeutic Court gradu-        dated to a court-ordered        wide, including drug, family
ated their first participant.   program of long-term sub-       care, mental health and DUI
The participant completed       stance abuse treatment,         courts. Although the model
an intensive eighteen month     intensive case management,      for all therapeutic courts is
program and will be the         close supervision with regu-    essentially the same, the
first to officially graduate    lar drug and alcohol testing,   design and structure of each
from the program. JTC           and frequent appearances        court program is developed
started in July 2005 and        before the therapeutic court    at the local level to reflect
currently has fourteen par-     Judge. This approach com-       the unique strengths, cir-
ticipants, the majority have    bines the coercive power of     cumstances, and captions of
been charged with felony        the court with addiction        the community.
driving under the influence.    treatment. Therapeutic
                                                                Juneau Therapeutic Court
                                courts have a strong record
The Juneau Therapeutic                                          hearings are scheduled
                                of success in breaking the
Court is a collaborative                                        every Wednesday at
                                cycle of repeat addictive
effort of the Alaska Court                                      3:30pm in Courtroom B of
                                crime. Public safety is also
System, the City and Bor-                                       the Diamond Court house.
                                increased through the moni-
ough of Juneau, Rainforest                                      These hearings are open to
                                toring and accountability
Recovery Center, Gastineau                                      the public. Contact Kendall
                                that is a part of the thera-
Human Services, and the                                         Merry, Therapeutic Court
                                peutic court program.
Juneau chapter of the Na-                                       Coordinator, at 463-4756
tional Council on Alcohol-      The Juneau Therapeutic          for more information.
ism and Drug Dependency.        court is part of a statewide
It is funded by a grant from    network of therapeutic
the Alaska Highway Safety       courts, including courts in
Office. Judge Keith Levy        Anchorage, Bethel, Fair-
presides.                       banks, Palmer, and Ketchi-
                                kan. The inception of drug
The therapeutic court
                                courts began in 1989 and
model is based on a process
                                there are currently 1,500

    “Its never a waste to go through treatment.”
           Judge Levy, during sentencing.
 DUI Digits is published quarterly by the                                        — A NNUAL S PECIAL D OUBLE                          ISSUE      —
Juneau affiliate of the National Council on                                   Information in this newsletter was compiled from publicly available court
Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, funded                                        records, court observers,, the State of Alaska, Juneau
              by a grant from                                                 Police Dept., MADD, AHSO, NHTSA, and interviews with public and
                                                                              private defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys , and police officers .
     The Alaska Highway Safety Office.                                        Information current as of January 2007. Cases may have closed and exact
                                                                              numbers changed since publication. Edited by Kate Enge with contributions
The mission of DUI Digits is to inform, edu-                                  from Matt Felix, Bev Mueller, Jessica Paris, Kendall Merry and
 cate and initiate community discussion of                           Information in these articles is not intended as legal
                                                                              advice and should not be construed as advocating any specific political
 the legal , political, social, and medical is-
    sues surrounding drunk driving in
                      Juneau and Alaska.
DUI Digits welcomes letters, feedback and
alternate points of view, and is edited by
                               Kate Enge
      Court Monitoring Project Director

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