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					Locating Places

Reference: Chapter 3, Making Connections: Locating Places on a Map (p30)

On maps, references to directions (compass points) are shown on the ___
              __. The principal or main points of a compass are ______ ,
_______ , ______ , and ___________. Halfway between these 4 principal points
are points that combine their directions to form _____________ , _____________,
____________ ,and _____________ . Direction can be given more accurately if
_____         _____ are used rather than compass points. Compass bearings
measure the ___________ of a direction in relation to ______________ , moving in a
clockwise direction. The use of a compass bearing is a more accurate method for
stating direction because all points of the compass rose, from _      _ degrees to _
__   __ degrees can be used.
** complete the questions 1 - 5 on page 43.

Grid Systems
The most common way to locate a place on a map is to use a grid system.

We will look at 3 different grid systems.

1.      Alphanumeric Grid

The alphanumeric grid system uses ___________ and ______________ to
identify squares in a grid pattern. This grid system is often used on _______
maps. Grid squares are identified by a letter on one side of the map and a number on
the other. (see fig 3-2 on page 33 )

     ** complete the questions 1 - 10 on page 32.

2.      Map Grid or Military Grid (p34)

On topographic maps there is a grid of ________ lines. This is referred to as a map grid,
and it can be used to locate any place on a topographic map. The map grid is also called
the military grid because it was developed and used by Britain and its allies during World
War I. Each grid square is 1000 m x 1000 m (or 1kilometer square).
Each vertical line is called an _____________ and runs from the top to the bottom of the
map. Each easting is identified by a two-digit number. The easting refers to the column
to the right of the line.

The numbered lines that run horizontally across the map are called __________ and
refer to the row above it. By combining the two digits from the easting and the two digits
from the northing, we can identify a specific square on the map.

Remember that the ______________ makes up the first two numbers of the grid
reference, and then the ______________________ ( "Read right up" or “In the door, up the stairs”)
 **in your notebook, list the four-digit grid reference of each of the shaded squares in
 figure 3-3 on page 34.

        Identifying Locations of Points Within Grid Squares: Six-Digit References

Any point on the map may be located using a six-digit number. Each grid square can be
divided into tenths. A point that was half-way across a square on the grid would be five-tenths
across the grid. If the grid lines (eastings for example) were numbered 81 and 82, and the point
was half-way between these two lines, the point would be identified as 815. If this point was also
half-way between northings 06 and 07, it would be located at 065. These numbers can be
combined to get a six-digit reference for the point A of 815065. (see fig. 3-4 on page 34)

    3. Latitude and Longitude (p35)

Latitude measures the angular distance of places _______ and __________ of
the equator (0 degrees latitude).

Longitude measures the angular distance of places ________ and _______ of
the prime meridian (0 degrees longitude) which runs through Greenwich, England.

** using appropriate headings, from fig. 3-5 on page 35, list 4 significant points
about lines of latitude and lines of longitude

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