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					          My Neighborhood Notebook
          Planning a Movie Night
                                                 The Basics

    Parks Movies                                              Parks Rental
 Portland Parks series of Movies in the                      Neighborhood Associations are allowed
 Parks in the summer costs each                              two free park rentals per year. One of
 neighborhood between $300 and $1000.                        these is reserved for National Night Out.
 Some of this cost can be defrayed by                        Check hours carefully.
 recruiting local business sponsors.                          Noise Variance
    Licensing                                              If projecting sound in a public space it may
 The Federal Copyright Act requires                          be necessary to purchase a noise permit.
 licensing of any video to be watched                        The cost of these permits varies.
 outside the home. This is especially                           Neighbors West-Northwest Equipment
 enforced if the event is to be advertised.
                                                             You may borrow a movie projector, screen,
    Indoor Movies                                          speaker, and microphone for a
 Indoor movies are a good all-weather                        neighborhood movie from the coalition
 alternative as you’ll never get rained out                  office. Check for availability of equipment
 and will only have to pay for the movie                     that could make your neighborhood movie
 license.                                                    night or special event less pricey.

                  Spotlight: Sylvan-Highlands Movie in the Park
        In August of 2010 Sylvan-Highlands                 licensing of movies by participating in the
Neighborhood held their first alternative                  Movies in the Parks program. In total the
National Night Out event, gathering neighbors              equipment rental was $300, movie licensing
and nearby neighbor                                                         $30 and park rental $20.
Arlington        Heights                                                          This neighborhood
Neighborhood for a movie in                                                 event was part of a series of
the     p a rk. Ne i g h b o rs                                             events Sylvan-Highlands
gathered for a community                                                    staged throughout the year.
potluck at Hoyt Arboretum                                                   The events were sponsored
and then viewed a family-                                                   by the Neighborhood Small
friendly movie at the Hoyt                                                  Grants program and were
Arboretum picnic shell.                                                     designed to increase
        The neighborhood was able to take                  involvement and membership in the
advantage of cheaper equipment rentals and                 neighborhood.

           NEIGHBORS WEST-NORTHWEST: A Coalition of Central Westside Neighborhoods
           2257 NW Raleigh Street Portland OR 97210 503.823.4288  
                                 Additional Resources

          Permits and Licenses                               More Tips
Noise Permit Application                      Think about seating - ask neighbors to
                                                bring blankets or chairs if outdoors.
                                              Provide a snack, or remind neighbors to
                                                bring their own.
Swank Movie Distributor                       It gets dark late in the summer. Movies
                                                won’t be visible until it’s dark.
                                              Ensure a big turnout by advertising
                     Equipment                  early and often.
NWNW Volunteer Resources                        Choose a movie that’s family friendly, or
                                                  clearly state that the movie isn’t         Select a rain date, we can get rain year-
Event Equipment Rentals at West Coast             round.
                                                Pass the hat during the event, you
                                                  might be able to fund future events.
                 Renting Parks                  Provide ADA accessibility if possible.
Portland Parks Rental Information               Create new partnerships- start building
                                                  relationships with like-minded groups           with a social event .
  c=49142                                       Funding might be available through
                                                  Neighborhood Small Grants Program,
Summer Free For All (Movies in the Parks)
                                                  or other local area grants.

         My Notes:
                                     My Notes

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