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 •   If you change your mind or your condition becomes worse and you decide to accept treatment and transport by Emergency Medical Services, please do
     not hesitate to call us back or seek other medical care.
 • If any time you take a medicine and become short of breath, start wheezing, get hives or a rash, or have an unexpected reaction, call 9-1-1 or your local
     emergency number immediately. ALWAYS take medicine as directed on the label. NEVER take someone else’s prescription medicine.

___CHEST PAIN                                         ___BELLY PAIN:                                           ___FEVER:
• There are many causes of chest pain. The            • Belly pain is also called abdominal pain. Many         • ALWAYS take medicines as directed on the
cause of your chest pain cannot be determined.        illnesses can cause belly pain and the EMS crew          label. Tylenol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen can
• Avoid activity that increases your pain.            cannot determine the cause of your belly pain.           be taken at the same time.
• If you smoke, QUIT!                                 • Take your temperature every 4 hours.                   • If you are taking any antibiotics, take them
• Take deep breaths each hour even if it hurts.                                                                until they are gone, not until you are feeling better.
• If you take medicines for chest pain, take your     Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,           • Drink extra non-caffeinated liquids (1 glass of
medicine as directed.                                 or call 911 immediately if:                              water, soft drink, or Gatorade per hour of fever for
                                                      • Your pain gets worse or is only in 1 area              an adult)
Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,        • You throw up blood, have blood in your stool,          • If the temperature is above 103o, it can be
or call 911 immediately if:                           or have black or sticky stools.                          brought down by sponge bath with room
• Your pain worsens with activity.                    • You become dizzy or faint.                             temperature, NOT COLD, water.
• You develop difficulty breathing.                   • You have a temperature over 101o, trouble              • Take your temperature every 4 hours.
• You develop cough, chills, fever, upset             passing urine, or trouble breathing.
stomach, shoulder, jaw, or back pain, throw up                                                                 Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,
blood, see blood in your urine, fever greater than                                                             or call 911 immediately if:
101o.                                                                                                          • Temperature is greater than 101o for 24
• You have blood come up when you cough.                                                                       hours.
• You develop black or sticky stools.                                                                          • A child becomes less active or alert.
• You faint (pass out).                                                                                        • You develop a rash.
                                                                                                               • Your fever does not come down with
                                                                                                               acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
__SHORTNESS OF BREATH :                               ___EXTREMITY INJURY:                                     ___VOMITING/DIARRHEA:
• Respiratory distress is also known as shortness     • Apply ice on the injured part or area for 15 to        •        Many things can cause vomiting (throwing
of breath or difficulty breathing.                    20 minutes each hour for the first 2 days.               up). It can occur in anyone and should be watched
• There are many causes of respiratory distress.      • Elevate the injured part above the level of the        closely.
You should avoid any substance that causes you        heart as much as possible for the first 2 days to help   •        Diarrhea can also occur in anyone and can be
any difficulty breathing.                             decrease pain and swelling.                              a reaction to food or infection.
• If you take medication for difficulty breathing,    • Use the injured part as pain allows.                   •        Dehydration (loss of water) can occur with
take your medicine as directed.                                                                                either vomiting or diarrhea.
                                                      Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,           •        Drink clear liquids without alcohol (flat soda,
Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,        or call 911 immediately if:                              Gatorade, or juice) for the first 12 hours. Begin
or call 911 immediately if:                           • Temperature above 101o.                                with small sips and slowly increase the amount you
• Temperature is more than 101o.                      • The bruising, swelling, or pain gets worse             drink.
• The cough, wheeze, or difficulty breathing          despite the treatment listed above.                      Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,
become worse or does not improve, even if taking      • Any problem listed on the WOUND CARE                   or call 911 immediately if:
medications.                                          instructions are noted.                                  •        Temperature is greater than 101o.
• You have chest pain.                                • Your are not able to move the injured part or          •        Vomiting or diarrhea lasts longer than 24
• Your sputum (spit) turns color.                     if you have numbness or tingling in the injured          hours, you notice blood in the vomit or diarrhea,
• You are not able to perform normal activities.      part.                                                    o r yo u h a ve b l a ck o r s t i ck y s t o o l s .
                                                      • You are not improving in 2 days or you are             •        You cannot keep fluids down or you haven’t
                                                      not using the injured part in 1 week.                    u r i n a t ed i n 8 h o u r s .
___WOUND CARE:                                        ___HEADACHE:                                             ___LOW BLOOD SUGAR:
• Wounds include cuts, scrapes, bites, abrasions,     • There are many causes of headache.                     • Today your blood sugar was _____mg/dl.
or puncture wounds.                                   • The cause of your headache cannot be                   • Taking too much insulin/diabetes medicine,
• If the wound begins to bleed, apply pressure        determined.                                              too much exercise, delayed or skipped meals can
over the wound with a clean bandage or cloth and      • Rest in a quiet, dark room for 20-30 minutes.          cause low blood sugar.
elevate the wound above the heart for 5-10            • Apply ice or heat to areas of pain.                    • Signs and symptoms include shakiness,
minutes.                                                                                                       sweating, irritable, feeling faint, fainting, weakness,
• Clean the wound twice daily with soapy water        Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,           sleepiness, confusion, pounding heart.
and keep the wound dry. It is safe to shower but do   or call 911 immediately if:                              • Test your blood sugar. If it is below 80 you
not place the wound in bath or dish water. Remove     • Your headache worsens or does not improve              should drink 8 ounces of whole milk, eat a candy
the bandage prior to showering.                       w i t h in 2 4 h o u r s .                               bar, or use glucose tablets. Then you should eat a
• Change the bandage at least daily or when           • Your vision changes or you become sensitive            light meal to help keep your blood sugar up.
dirty.                                                to lig h t.                                              • Be sure to tell your doctor of this event.
• You will need a tetanus shot if you have not        • You develop a fever greater than 101o or have
had one in 10 years.                                  a s ei z u r e.                                          Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,
                                                      • Y o u h a ve a r a s h .                               or call 911 immediately if:
Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,        • You have yellow or green discharge from your           • Any new or severe symptoms.
or call 911 immediately if:                           n o s e.                                                 • Blood sugar below 60.
• Fever above 101o.                                   • Your family cannot awaken you.                         • You have a fever above 101o.
• Bruising, swelling, or pain gets worse or           • You are not acting as you normally do.
bleeding is not controlled as directed above.
• Any signs of infection such as redness, pus,
red streaks, or a bad smell from the wound.

           CNYEMS REMAC Approved 9-14-2000
___BACK PAIN:                                           ___HEAD INJURY:                                        ___INSECT BITE/STING:
• Apply ice to the painful area to help relieve         • You may have a headache, nausea, or                  •      A bite or sting typically is a red lump that
pain. Apply the ice for no more than 20 minutes         vomiting after a blow to the head.                     may have a hole in the center. You may have pain,
every hour. Keep a cloth between the ice bag and        • Awaken the individual every 2 hours for the          swelling, and a rash. Severe stings may cause a
your skin. If ice does not help, try heat in the same   first 24 hours after the injury.                       headache and an upset stomach.
way. Be careful not to burn yourself.                   • Ice may be applied to the injured area to            •      Some people will have an allergic reaction to
• Stay in bed for the first 24 hours.                   decrease pain.                                         a bite or sting. Difficulty breathing, throat or
• Begin normal activity when you can do them            • Drink clear, non-alcoholic liquids for the first     tongue swelling, or chest pains are emergencies
without causing pain.                                   12 hours after the injury.                             which require immediate care.
• When picking things up, bend at the hips and          • Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen may be          •      Elevation of the injured part and ice applied
knees. Never bend from the waist only.                  used for pain.                                         to the area will help decrease pain and swelling.
                                                                                                               •      Benadryl (diphenhydramine) may be used as
Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,          Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,         directed to control itching and hives.
or call 911 immediately if:                             or call 911 immediately if:
• The pain increases or goes down your leg.             • The injured person is vomiting all the time, is      Call a doctor, go to the emergency department,
• Your have trouble urinating or having a bowel         not able to be awakened, has trouble walking or        or call 911 immediately if:
movement or lose control of your urine or bowels.       using an arm or leg, has a seizure, develops           •     You develop chest pain, difficulty breathing,
• You have numbness or weakness in your                 unequal pupils, has a clear or bloody fluid coming     or swelling of the tongue or throat.
arms, hands, legs, or feet.                             from the ears or nose, or has strange behavior.        •     The area becomes red, warm, tender and
                                                                                                               swollen beyond the area of the bite or sting.
                                                                                                               •     You develop a fever above 101o.
___SEIZURES                                             ___FAINTING                                            ___OTHER
• Today you had a seizure.                              • Today you fainted.                                   MEDICAL CONTROL MUST BE
• A seizure can be caused from infection, trauma,       • Many things can cause fainting. Problems             CONSULTED PRIOR TO COMPLETION OF
or epilepsy.                                            with heart rhythms, heart attacks, low blood           THIS SECTION.
• If you take medicines to control seizures, take       pressure from bleeding or dehydration, low blood
your medication exactly as directed.                    sugar, stroke, heat stroke, and head injury are some   The EMTs which treated you today have spoken
• If you had a seizure and are taking your              of the things that can cause fainting.                 with a doctor.
medicines, call your doctor.                            • Fainting can indicate a serious problem. You         You may have ________________________
• Seizure medicines require you to take them            must see your doctor. Call for an appointment
every day to keep the right level in your blood. If     today.                                                 •   _________________________________
you have not taken your seizure medicines in a few      • If you have been vomiting or had diarrhea,
days, call your doctor for advice on how much you       refer to that section in these instructions.           _____________________________________
should take.
                                                        Others around you should take you to the               •   _________________________________
Others around you should take you to the                emergency department, or call 911 immediately
emergency department, or call 911 immediately           if:                                                    _____________________________________
if:                                                     • You faint again.
• You have another seizure and it lasts for more        • Y o u h a ve a n y k i n d o f a s ei z u r e.       •   _________________________________
than 5 minutes.                                         • Y o u h a ve ch es t p a i n o r a h ea d a ch e.
• You have a fever, neck stiffness, or headache         • You have a temperature above 101o.                   _____________________________________
followed by a seizure.                                  • You throw up blood or stuff that looks like
• You do not wake up between seizures.                  coffee ground or have black stools.
                                                                                                               Call your doctor, go to the emergency
Others around you should:                                                                                      department, or call 911 immediately if:
• Move objects out of your way if you are                                                                      • _________________________________
• Not try to restrain you if you are seizing.                                                                  ____________________________________
• Not put anything into your mouth (you cannot
swallow your tongue).                                                                                          •   _________________________________

OF THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS:                               OF THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS:                              OF THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS:

AL Lee Memorial Hospital                                Cortland Memorial Hospital                             St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center
Fulton, NY                                              Cortland, NY                                           Syracuse, NY
315-592-2224                                            607-756-3740                                           1-888-785-6371
Auburn Memorial Hospital                                Crouse Hospital
Auburn, NY                                              Syracuse, NY                                           Upstate Medical University
315-255-7011                                            315-470-7411                                           Syracuse, NY
Cayuga Medical Center                                   Onondaga County Medical Society
Ithaca, NY                                              Syracuse, NY                                           IF YOU ARE A VETERAN:
607-274-4411                                            315-424-8118                                           Veterans Administration Medical Center
                                                                                                               Syracuse, NY
Community General Hospital                              Oswego Hospital                                        315-476-7461
Syracuse, NY                                            Oswego, NY
315-492-5940                                            315-349-5522

           CNYEMS REMAC Approved 9-14-2000

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