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Amos 05


									Amos: Coming Judgment and a Word Rejected
  1. With what three forms is the coming judgment portrayed? (7:1-9)

  2. How would the Israelites view the destruction brought by the first judgment
     mentioned? Do YOU think that this is literal or figurative in its form?

  3. If the first mowing is the king’s, to whom would the subsequent mowing belong?
     Who will be the most influenced by this judgment? (7:1-2)

  4. What does Amos mean by “by whom shall Jacob arise”? Find a verse in the
     Psalms that echoes this same thought? (you will need a good concordance)
  5. How does Amos stand in the gap for Israel? Find a place in the Old Testament
     where a leader stood in the gap for a people in the wilderness.

  6. Why did God “repent”? Did He (God) make a mistake or sin? (7:3)
  7. What tool of judgment is brought out in the second judgment vision? Where have
     we seen this before? (in the current time frame of Amos’s day)
  8. How deep is the destruction portrayed? (7:4)
  9. What again happens between Amos and God?
  10.      What is the third form of judgment portrayed here and what is a plumb line
     for? (7:7-9)

  11.     Where is the Lord standing in this vision and who or what is the wall?
     Based on the context, what will be the determination of who is judged? (7:7-9)

  12.     Who rises up against Amos and what is his understanding of what Amos
     has said? To whom does he complain? (7:10-11)

  13.      What does he tell Amos to do? Why?
  14.      If Amaziah is the priest of Bethel, what is he priest of?

  15.     What is Amos’s response back to Amaziah about his position as prophet?
     Did he consider this a career choice? (7:14-15)
  16.     How does God answer Amaziah? How close to home will the impending
     judgment come for him?

  17.      What can we learn from the interaction between Amos and Amaziah?

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