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All employees of the company are transferable to any function/department/region. On
transfer, employees are entitled to certain allowances.

Transfer Allowance

This scheme is applicable to all employees of the company, except those who join the
company fresh and have to report to their place of posting after undergoing classroom
training. They will be covered as per details given in the posting letter.

Entitlements are as under :

1. Transfer Leave : Special paid leave upto 7 days including traveling time or as per
transfer letter can be taken in two installments and within three months of transfer. This
is non-convertible & cannot be availed at a later
                                            Not applicable in case of Request Transfer.
2. Travel from Original location to new location : Reimbursement of travel expenses and
local conveyance for self and children from the place of last posting to the place of
posting as per transfer letter or as per the rules applicable to the employee which is
represented as below on actuals.

F1/E1 to E4/F4         III tier railway fare
F5/E5 to               I class railway fare/ III tier AC/AC chair car
E6/f6;����    X0/P0
to X2/P2
P3 and above           II AC Railway Fare

3. Settling Allowance or Preview trip : To facilitate you to settle down and make school
arrangement for your child we have the scheme of Settling Allowance and Preview Trip
in place. You may avail of either of the two schemes. Availing both the facilities (Settling
Allowance/ Preview Trip is not
            ���������������������������������                       Not applicable in case
of Request Transfer.

A Settling allowance of half month s basic salary may be availed(does not apply for
transfer to hometown or if employee stays in company guest house or if company pays
Hotel expenses for initial 3-4 days). OR

Preview Trip will be in addition to the tripthe employee will make for officially reporting
at the new location and includes travel for self/ spouse/children as per his/her
entitlement and seven days DA as per his/her entitlement. The preview trip is applicable
only to those employees who have school going children.

4. Shifting/ packing/insurance/Transportation of household goods : Reimbursement of
expenses incurred on packing, transportation, insurance and handling costs of household
effects on actuals, by the most cost-effective mode. The rates need to be verified and
approved by administration department of original location. This benefit will accrue only
in case of regular transfer and not request transfers.

5. Transport of Two-wheeler/ Car : Reimbursement of transportation expenses for a two-
wheeler or a car on actuals, by the cheapest mode.

Request Transfer

If you desire transfer from your current location to another location or from a particular
department to any other department then you have to send a request to the functional/
location head. As and when a need is raised in the location requested for, you may be
considered for transfer.

In such a case, you are entitled to a paid leave equivalent to journey time and
reimbursement of expenses on travel for self and family on actuals, as per above
entitlements for your immediate family.

The allowances mentioned above under Transfer allowances shall not apply in case of
request transfer or home town posting. However, if the requestee has spent at least 3
years in the employment of the company out of which 2 years are at the current location
then the clauses wrt Transport of Two-wheeler /Car and Shifting/ Packing/Insurance,
transportation of household goods shall apply.

School Admission Assistance on Transfer

1.In case of transfer of employee as per company 's requirement (non-request case),
   the company shall assist the employee by refunding the amount of deposit paid by
   him at the time of admission of children to school, as per limits below.

2.The deposit amount shall be payable for maximum of Two children upto Rs. 7,500 per
   child deposited on actuals whichever is lower.

3.The deposit fee will consist of non-refundable deposit, Admission Fee (except Regular
   Monthly/ Quarterly fee) and Annual Fee.

4.It shall not be applicable   �   for admission to pre-nursery/play-school or
                                                                             �   first-time

5.It needs to be claimed along with transfer settlement claim by attaching the photocopy
   of the circula of the school giving the breakup.

Settlment of claims

 �   All claims under transfer allowance scheme shall be submitted within one month of
    actual shifting of the household and family. In any case, not later than six months of
    the date of transfer.
All claims for reimbursement should be forwarded to RAO/HRD in the prescribed form
called Transfer Claim Form , duly supported by actual receipts and approved by
      �                    �
the department head.
���  The claims should be deposited in the new location.

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