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Jenni Kayne Brand Book


									I) Open With Manifesto

**Jenni Kayne is not just a fashion collection but also a mother, home designer, chef,
family person, etc. In short, she told me she loves “All things beautiful” whether it
be clothing, shoes, interior design, children’s apparel, food, art, etc. I like the idea of
capturing all of these things in a manifesto – like we put together for Goldsign. The
words I put in here are a rough start but I like the end summarizing in “all things
beautiful” because that is how she personally described her ideal brand to me
maybe layered over an image from her store because she loves her store so much
and it really captures her I think... I put all the images of her store up on the server
this is just a comp and it feels a bit dated looking to me so it needs your touch if we
do this Johnny … just a concept so totally open to your ideas

                 Timeless. Luxury. Tailored. Classic. Refined.
                     Story. Elegant. Simple. Family. Artistic.
                   Architectural. West. Film. Minimalist. Chic.
                   Fit. Quality. Design. Natural. Color. Shape.
                       Friends. Edgy. Home. Comfort. Bold.
                  Inspiration. Recurrent. Travel. Harmonious.
                 Tastful. Material. Space. History. Narrative.
                        Color. Elite. Lifestyle. Motherhood.
                           Photography. American. Ease.
                                All Things Beautiful.
    Timeless. Luxury. Tailored. Classic. Refined. Story.
Elegant. Simple. Family. Artistic. Architectural. West. Film.
Minimalist. Chic. Fit. Quality. Design. Natural. Color. Shape.
Friends. Edgy. Home. Comfort. Bold. Inspiration. Recurrent.
  Travel. Harmonious. Tastful. Material. Space. History.
       Narrative. Color. Elite. Lifestyle. Motherhood.
                Photography. American. Ease.
                    All Things Beautiful.
II) Phase Overview

Phase One: Social Media Launch
      - Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo Channels Go Live
      - Blogger and Blogsite Press Outreach

Phase Two: Increase Online Presence of the Jenni Kayne Brand

Phase Three: Blog and New Website Launch
      - New Website with E-Commerce Launch
      - Integrated Blog Release
      - Blogger and Blogsite Press Outreach

Phase Four: Online Fashion Show
      - Staged Live Stream Presentation of the Spring 2012 Collection to Run
      During NYFW

Phase Five: Establish E-Commerce As Its Own Store
      - Utilize Online Marketing to Direct Target Sales

Phase Six: Blogger Event
       - Blogger Event at the Jenni Kayne Boutique to Occur During Los Angeles
       Fashion Week

Phase Seven: Future Branding Opportunities

III) Target Market Analysis

- Boutique:
       Age: Late 30s and 40s +
       Income: Ranges

- Online:
Data from Quantcast for in the United States
Data for Eve’s Apple and Les Nouvelles Not Available
               38% Male
               62% Female (above Internet average)
               4% 3-12
               9% 13-17
               36% 18-34 (above Internet average)
               35% 35-49 (above Internet average)
               16% 50+
61% Caucasian
12% African American (above Internet average)
14% Asian (above Internet average)
11% Hispanic (above Internet average)
1% Average

61% No Kids 0-17
39% Has Kids 0-17

89% No Kids 0-2
11% Has Kids 0-2 (above Internet average)

74% No Kids 3-12
26% Has Kids 3-12

81% No Kids 13-17
19% Has Kids 13-17

10% $0-30K
24% $30-60K
30% $60-100K (above Internet average)
36% $100k+ (above Internet average)

32% No College
48% College (above Internet average)
20% Grad School (above Internet average)

Audience Also Likes
In Order of Affinity

Jewelry/Luxury Goods
Home Furnishing
Instant Messenger
Politics and Commentary
       Travel News and Info
       Real Estate

       The ideal target market for Jenni Kayne E-Commerce and Online
       Marketing based on similar Internet data would be:
              Age 18-49
              No kids, if any age 3-12
              Income of $100k+
              College Educated

IIII) Competitor Analysis

1) A.L.C. by Andrea Liederman
       Category: Upper Contemporary
       Aesthetic: Modern Minimalist
       Products: Women’s Apparel
       Sold Online:
               No Direct E-Commerce Store
       Social Media
               No Channels Found
       Online Press
               Lucky Magazine Online
               Elle Magazine Online
               Racked LA
               W Magazine Online
               Various Independent Bloggers

2) Elizabeth & James
        Category: Upper Contemporary
      Style: Luxury Bohemian
              Women’s Apparel
              Women’s Shoes
              Jewelry & Accessories
      Sold Online:
              No Direct E-Commerce
      Social Media:
              Facebook Channel
              Twitter Channel

3) Alice + Olivia
       Category: Upper Contemporary
       Style: Girly Eclectic
               Women’s Apparel
               Women’s Shoes
               Children’s Apparel
       Sold Online:
               Alice + Olive E-Commerce
       Social Media:
            In-site Blog
            Direct Blogger Relations Featured on A+O Blog
            In-site Twitter Feed
            Twitter Channel
            Facebook Channel
            YouTube Channel
            Foursquare For NYC Showroom
       New Media Creative Content:
            Live Stream Fashion Show on Facebook
            Diary Style Videos

4) 3.1 Phillip Lim
        Category: Upper Contemporary
        Style: Modern Refined Classic
                Women’s Apparel
                Men’s Apparel
                Children’s Apparel
                Women’s Shoes
                Women’s Accessories
                Men’s Accessories
        Sold Online:
                No Direct E-Commerce
        Social Media:
                Facebook Channel
                Twitter Channel
                Vimeo Channel
                Foursquare for all Global Locations
        New Media Creative Content:
                Fashion Show Videos
                Short Branding Film for All Collections –
                        One for Men and One for Women
PHASE ONE: Social Media Launch ***Use images from Sinisha and also from “Social Media Launch” Folder on

         - Invite all existing friends on Jenni Kayne’s private account to “Like” the new         Fan Page
                    *Change the name of Jenni Kayne’s private account to avoid
         confusion for users searching for the Fan Page
         - Custom username (once 25 fans have been reached)
         -Tabs to be included:
                               - Category: Brand & Products – Clothing
                               - Name: Jenni Kayne
                               - Founded: 2003
                               - About: Bio from Website
                                            Link to Twitter
                                            Link to Vimeo
                                            Link to Blog
                               - Website:
                    - WELCOME LANDING PAGE
                               - Simple Image with “Like” Instructions
                               - Link to Twitter (Logo)
                               - Link to Vimeo (Logo)
                               - Link to Blog (Logo)
                    - SHOP
                               - Immediately: Simple page design that links to website e-
         commerce in a different browser window
                               - Future: Build Facebook e-commerce system that links to
         existing e-commerce on the Jenni Kayne website
                                          * Design will look as similar as possible to website e-
                    - NEWSLETTER
                               - Integrated system for user sign-up that goes straight to the
         newsletter database
                    - JENNI
                               - A page about Jenni: a look into her world, her personal style,
         photos of family, home and travel
                               - Update with Jenni’s endeavors outside of the brand:
         whenever she has a cooking class, a magazine spread on her                                        home,
her baby advice, etc.
                               - Bridge between Jenni’s current brand into the lifestyle brand
         she can become in the future
                               - Link to Jenni’s in-site blog in another browser window
                   - EVENTS
                             - An ever changing page that acts as a calendar for sales,
          events, parties and fashion shows
                    - VIMEO
                             - Vimeo application that displays all of the videos on the Jenni
          Kayne Vimeo Channel
                    - PHOTOS
                             - All Collections and Press in order of date with the newest
          being first

          - Simple design that reflects the Jenni Kayne Brand
          *** Lot’s of design inspiration images
          - List of who to follow TBD

          - Website integrated blog
          - Design should be consistent with website but different in a sense that the          user feels like it is
Jenni’s diary
          *** Lot’s of design inspiration images

          - Upload existing video content
          - Design logo and badge to stay consistent with brand image

PHASE TWO: Increase Online Presence of the Jenni Kayne Brand

                                                Brand Advocates
                                             Brand Adorers

                                             Brand Adopters

The goal of a social media marketing strategy is to create high amounts of brand advocates who will spread the
word about your company and its products. Brand adorers, while creating a steady source of loyal sales, will be
much more important to the company if they are converted into brand advocates. The idea is to create a strategy
to encourage as many brand advocates as possible who will go out of their way to make Jenni Kayne a successful
company by promoting it through word-of-mouth on various social media outlets – thus resulting in higher sales.

This is where social media steps in.

Social media allows for creative ways to create brand advocates and provides a platform for customer-to-brand
and customer-to-customer interaction. Further, social media is far better than traditional strategies as it allows
for instantaneous sharing of content and global platforms to reach customers all around the world. The
traditional CONsumer is now a PROsumer who will contribute to the marketing strategy. It is our goal to engage
the customers to create conversations about the brand as much as possible to ultimately increase sales and

So how can we do this?

Create a Brand Identity
• 30/70 Strategy
         The social media platforms need to become friends and a constant news source for its fans. In order
to fully interact with the customers, it is important to have a      strategy in which 70% of the information
posted is in regards to the Jenni Kayne brand directly, and 30% of the information deals with other sources
that will create an identity and personality for the brand. These other     sources can be music, movies, places,
fashion industry news, interior design         and any other relevant information that Jenni Kayne feels is cohesive
with their      brand image. You want the consumer coming to your page at least once a day to check for new and
exciting information.
• Keeping Things Interesting
         Some Strategy ideas:
                Facebook Flash Sale
                         - Create a sale that is available to Facebook fans only
                         - Sale will only live for a specified time (Weekend, One Week, etc.)
                         - Can be a collection pre-sale, a few exclusive pieces designed for                  Facebook
          fans only, or a simple one-off item
                Online Fashion Show
                         - To live on Facebook as a Live Event during the Fashion Week                        Circuit
               Branding Film in collaboration wit Nowness or another large fashion video platform
               Contests, polls and other events to keep the fans engaged
 Creative Content is King
         The Internet allows for exciting and interactive ways to experience fashion and lifestyle. Creative
content is the best way to extend the brand image in an innovative way. Content not only provides a great
platform to showcase what the Jenni Kayne brand is about, but it also provides something tangible for the
         online world to share and talk about. Anything from social media platforms,          blogs, websites and news
sources will share the content if they like it (and that’s they key – creating something interesting enough to get
a lot of people on board).

Jenni’s Blog

While her fashion collection is at the forefront, Jenni Kayne is extremely multi-faceted in many other aspects of
life. She is a mom, a wife, a home designer, a chef and a go-to girl for all things beautiful. We want to capture and
share this side of Jenni through her blog with inventive posts and creative content.

       - Schedule of Posts:

               A good way to organize the blog and ensure that all sides of Jenni are                     covered
every week is to create themed days. This allows for different                     content everyday for the viewer
to enjoy and also creates an easy filing                   system for users to look back at previous posts.

               Sunday: Posts about Home Design
               Monday: Posts about Jenni’s Inspiration
               Tuesday: Posts about Baby and Child Advice
               Wednesday: Posts about Cooking
               Thursday: Posts of “Friends In Jenni Kayne”
               Friday: Posts of Fashion Inspiration (outfit ideas, celebrity cameo outfit                   ideas,
               Saturday: Posts about random items Jenni loves (i.e. amber balls)

        - Archive of Posts
                - We will work with the Jenni Kayne team to keep an archive of posts                       available
to ensure the blog gets updated every day. This way, Jenni                        can write posts whenever she
feels inspired or has extra time, and we                    can keep everything on file to pull out on schedule.
              - We will also be re-posting from some of Jenni’s favorite blogs, in            accordance to the

PHASE THREE: Newsletter
        A Newsletter is another way to share exclusive content, news and updates to the Jenni Kayne fanbase.

        We believe a newsletter should be out every week or every other week – as these e-mail deliveries can
become an annoyance to the consumer if they are done more frequently.

         We will begin to gather a newsletter database through a specifically    designed Facebook tab that
allows users to submit their name and e-mail address into the system. The Facebook tab will be linked to the
database           and all information will be securely stored.

         We will design a newletter template that is consistent with Jenni’s Brand Image that we can recycle
and reinvent every time we send a blast out. Depending on what is new each week, the newsletter can contain
creative content, news, sales, or a new collection.

PHASE FOUR: Online Fashion Show
                       Everyone knows that a fashion show is a great way to showcase a
              collection – the models walking down the runway elegantly shows                     each piece, the
       colors, how It moves, how it fits. However, a                        traditional fashion show in which a
       designer spends a ridiculous                          amount of money and flies their collection all over the
       world and                       casts a bunch of models only for a “select” group of people to see
              it is a thing of the past. The Internet and Facebook allow for a                    much more
       interactive platform to show the collection.

                       We would film only one or two models in a studio, showroom or                           store
        setting and create a mock fashion show. The collection will                            still be shown perfectly,
        only this time, the video will go viral and live              on the Internet so many more people will be
        able to enjoy it. The                   fashion show will be pre-edited to look like a real show, and we will
                       market it as a live event to be shown on Facebook.

                       The event will be marketed as a live show through social media
               platforms, websites and bloggers. The tentative date is                        September 7th in
        the evening or September 8th. The show will be                    broadcast through Facebook and will be
        available to fans only,                     encouraging users to become a fan.

                      The content we create will spread virally through the fashion week
               news circuit, such as and WWD.

PHASE FIVE: Video Look Book
While online shopping is a booming industry, some consumers still feel a risk when buying clothing on the Internet
without trying it on. The best way to eliminate these feelings for the consumer is to provide a video lookbook that
shows the product in a much more detailed way. Rather than having a static photo that leaves the consumer with
many questions on fit, movement, material, and texture, we will create a video lookbook that better shows how the
clothes details. The result will be more confident buyers and thus higher sales through the e-commerce

PHASE SIX: E-Commerce

The goal of the e-commerce store is to develop it to become its own entity, separate from any Jenni Kayne
boutiques. The majority of online marketing will direct users to the e-commerce store to channel sales there.

Once launched, all of our marketing efforts online will always link back to this store when referencing products.
We will also integrate the e-commerce onto the Facebook page, so users can shop directly on Facebook (while still
using the same e-commerce interface).

We intend to go after the ShopBop crowd, based on market research. This target fits both in the Jenni Kayne
clientele and also the most likely to make online purchases.

PHASE SEVEN: Blogger Event

          Why a Blogger Event?
          Fashion bloggers are the new Vogue. If you want to be successful in the new        marketing model,
you must network with them and have them promote your             products and creative content. The top fashion
bloggers can get anywhere from 50,000+ viewers per day. Consumers trust the bloggers opinions and style and
look to them for advice on a daily basis.

          Who, What, Where?
          A great way to begin blogger relations is to throw a blogger event that      coincides with the release
of a new collection or some other important event.
          We will invite 10 top fashion bloggers whose aesthetic is consistent with               Jenni’s.
Invitations will also include family, friends, industry insiders and anyone else Jenni would like to invite, however,
the bloggers will remain the guests of honor. The even will be held at the West Hollywood boutique, and the
bloggers will be able to come see the store, meet with Jenni, and see         the new collection.

          Creative Content
          In order to gain the full benefits of the bloggers’ networks, we will encourage        the bloggers to
take photos and video of the event to share with their followers.
          Most importantly, we will conceptualize, shoot and edit a short video that will        provide content
for the bloggers to share, as well as provide a viral attraction     for other fashion websites.
          ***Need Sinisha’s Info Here

Lifestyle Products

Start to finish – conceptualizing, design, branding, collateral design, creative content, marketing, sales to assist
Jenni’s ever-growing taste into further product lines that include home décor, children’s products, and cooking

We can run flash sales through Facebook to test the market for these products – anywhere from one to five at a
time. After testing the market, we can take the products further.

Package Design and Production

Invitations for events or online events (both digital and traditional), e-commerce collateral and any other
collateral design and production for all aspects of the business – online and in the store.

Collaborating with Jenni of her charity endeavors by creating content and raising awareness on social media
**Pull some images or creative ideas from this site – one of the charities she is involved with

Short Narrative Film

A short film showcasing the most recent collection in a narrative style. The film would live on new media
platforms and would be shot using A-list talent and production to raise awareness. The film could also live on the
film festival circuit to create buzz in an alternative way. In addition, we can place the film as a trailer in movie
theatres in areas where Jenni wishes to open a store to raise brand awareness in specific locations.

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