The Bible by stevenTerrell


									The Bible
The great guide
               The Bible

   Slit into two parts old and new
   Old = before Jesus, the story of the
   New= Jesus’ life
   The Bible is a moral guide
   The 4 Gospels
      Copy and fill in the gaps:
   The bible is divided into 2 parts, the old
    and the new……………. The Old Testament
    tells of a time before ………and it follows
    the story of the Jews. Contained within
    the old testament there are many stories
    which contain ……….. which are meant to
    give a people guidance in how God
    wants them to live.
   The New Testament is divided into ……..
    Gospels which tell the life story of Jesus,
    they again guide people how to live a
    moral live. The importance of the bible to
    Christians is that it tells them about
    Jesus’ life and it also acts as a …….. for
    them to live a moral life.
       A Bible Reference

            Mark 4:35-41

  2 Now look up these Bible references
copy out the table below and complete it.

   For the following
   Mark 4:35-41
   Luke 23:34
   John 20:24 -31      Reference Problem Reason
   Revelation 21 :4                      for my
   Luke 12 :22 -31                       choice
   Problems
   Weak faith
   Afraid
   Facing death
   doubting
   attacked
    My Ideas on the importance of the
    Now we have discussed the
     Bible answer the question;
     • Do you think reading these parts
       of the bible would help you if you
       were feeling one of these feelings?
       Give a reasons to support your
     • Your answer should be a short
       paragraph in length.
Perceptions (= how people think of) of the
Ask 2 people at home the following
   questions and record their answers.

A.   Would you read the Bible if you had a
     problem? Yes/No
B.   Do you think reading the bible can help
     you live a better life? Yes/No
C.   Name a story you can remember from
     the bible?
D.   Which age group do you think is most
     likely to read the Bible?
E.   If you have a problem where would you
     look to get advice?

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