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                                No: 2                                                       15 February, 2008


“Believe and be          Dear Parents

  baptised”              Last week there was an interesting liturgical occasion which marked the beginning of the
                         academic year. This was our Opening College Mass celebrated by Fr Gerald Tan, our
This was the message     chaplain, which was held in the gymnasium and attended by some 1500 students, staff,
     his disciples       parents and parishioners. It was a wonderful occasion highlighted by the reverence and
announced to people      respect of the students and finished with the commissioning of our student leadership teams
   throughout the        for 2008.
                         Because Easter is early this year, that same day coincided with Ash Wednesday which marks
                         the beginning of the season of Lent. Lent, of course, is 40 days preparation for the events of
     Their stories of    Easter, when we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. Signing ourselves with ashes
     Jesus’ life and     reminded us that it is a time of self denial and a time for paying attention to aspects of our life
 teaching the “Good      that we could improve. If we really can make even a minor change for the better during Lent,
 News” that was his      then we will appreciate better the blessings of the Easter Season.
   gospel, brought
people everywhere to     Another liturgy occurring this week was when all staff along with others from Catholic
   believe in Jesus      schools in the Peel region attended a Commissioning Mass at St Augustine‟s church in
Christ as Savior and     Pinjarra. Celebrated by Bishop Gerard, the mass followed by refreshments, was an occasion
 Redeemer. And they      where we could meet our colleagues and be blest and encouraged as a profession in the work
                         of our vocation.
  baptised those who
believed in water and    During the week I received a telephone call from Mr Terry Joy, an officer with TransPerth
    the Holy Spirit.     who wished for me to pass on his apology on behalf of his organisation for the poor
                         organisation which in the first week led to so much confusion and associated distress for
   Today Lent and        students and their families in the catching of these buses. It appears that what with the
Easter are times for     reallocation of buses associated with the new train service, the re-routing of some special
 hearing the “Good       buses to town services and the under estimation of new students numbers they were not able
  News” once more        to provide schools with an appropriate service. He did, however, assure me that they were
 and celebrating the     working with all speed to rectify the situation and it appears that this week most problems
 sacraments that are     have been resolved.
signs of the power of
                         Finally, a big thank you to all staff and students who have worked very hard over the past two
  Christ’s death and
                         weeks to settle in and establish good routines which will lead to productive learning
  resurrection. They     outcomes. I am pleased to report that there is a very positive feel around the College and we
   remind us of our      are all looking forward to a successful year.
  great journey with
        Christ.          May God Bless you and your family.

  Once more these
 seasons call us to
 believe and recall
 our baptismal life.     Graeme J Mander
Dates to Remember
Monday, 18 February      Year Camp (1)
Wednesday, 20 February   Year 8 Camp (2)
Friday, 22 February      Instep First Aid
   February 18       Mrs Yeow - ?? years                 February 18       Jade Dillon - 12 years
   February 19       Charlie Bourke - 5 years            February 19       Alyssa Palladino - 11 years

The week has again been a very settled week, with the children well and truly into the swing of their
classroom routines. This week the newsletter is more about the parents than the students. On Monday
evening we held our first class co-ordinator‟s meeting for the year. At the first meeting each year we discuss
the expectations of the class co-ordinator and below is an excerpt from their role description:
„To be the link between the parents of your year level and the P&F, especially to parents who are unable
to attend the P&F meetings. Class co-ordinators are to take issues, raised by a parent in that year level to
the P&F meeting, if it is under the jurisdiction of the P&F.‟
The following people are the class co ordinators for 2008 and I would like to thank them for offering their
services for the year:
Kindergarten:                Sonia Stephenson               Andrea Selvey
Pre Primary:                 Robyn Trewren                  Raelene Ritikis
Year 1:                      Kyle Philips-Jones             Kylie Bazzo
Year 2:                      Donna Stiles                   Sue Cocivera
Year 3:                      Anthea Le Tessier
Year 4:                      Caroline Starling              Robyn Lawrence
Year 5:                      Tanja O‟Brien
Year 6:                      Jacinta Matrenza               Bernice Barlow
Year 7:                      Sorina McKay                   Jo Gleeson

Parent Information Evening: Tuesday, February 19. Parents this is a great opportunity to meet your
child‟s teacher and find out what is happening in your child‟s class. Last week a note was sent home in
regards to the Junior School becoming a nut and egg free environment. As stated in the letter, more
information will be given out at this meeting.
                              6.30 pm Pre-Primary – Year 3
                              7.00 pm Junior School
                              7.30 pm Year‟s 4 – 7

Mathletics Year’s 2-7: Last year two classes trialled the interactive program. Mathletics and the
interest it created in the classes and the enthusiasm to improve their Maths in their own time was amazing.
Therefore, this year we have all of our Year‟s 2-7 students registered to participate in the program. It will be
done at school and the children are able to log in at home and participate from your home computer. It is a
really good idea for parents to know about the program and how to use it. Therefore, Rod Langlands from
Mathletics will be running a Parent Information session on Monday, February 25 at 1.45pm in the Junior
School PMP room for an hour. A flier is attached to this newsletter with a return slip.

What‟s coming up in the Junior School….
Monday, February 18                   All Kindergarten students attend. Pre-Primary students attend full days
Friday, February 22                   Swimming Trials Year‟s 4-7
Monday, February 25                   Mathletics Parent Information Session 1.45pm, PMP room
Tuesday, February 26                  Assembly: Student Council, 2.00pm in the Gym
Wednesday, February 27                Sacramental Meeting: 6.30pm at the Church
March, 4-7                            Year 4 Camp, Busselton
March, 11-13                          Parent/Teacher Interviews Pre-Primary-Year 7
March 16-20                           Year 7 Camp Forest Edge, Waroona
May God‟s blessing be with you all.                             [Mrs Kerrie Merritt, Head of Junior School]

CANBERRA TRIP 2008 – Please accept this letter as a reminder that we will be having a meeting to
finalise arrangements for the Canberra Trip at 6.00 pm in the Drama Centre on Monday, 18 February 2008.
Also, all outstanding money ($990 for the trip and $110 for the amenities fee) is due in now. If there are any
problems with this please contact me at the College on 9531 9500.
                                                       [Mr Charles Garratt – Canberra Trip Co-ordinator]

YEAR 10, 11 & 12 CO-ORDINATORS …..A big welcome back to all students for the academic year
and we hope that you have a happy and satisfying year.
The Year Level Co-ordinators for Senior School are:
      Year 10 - Mr Stephen Julian, replacing Miss McGinnis who is on leave.
      Year 11 - Mr Ian Britton.
      Year 12 - Mrs Lynne Choate.

Our role involves monitoring academic progress throughout the year and helping students perform to the
best of their ability. The Assessment Policy continues to play a major part in helping students manage their
academic learning. Year 10 students will be more involved in the use of the policy this year.

Please note that if for any reason a student is absent for an in-class assessment or misses a due date for a
task, the following procedure is in place:
     A letter is sent by the Year Level Co-ordinator notifying you of this
     The work is submitted with the letter completed and signed or
     The in-class assessment is done on return to school and the completed letter signed and returned to
        the class teacher
     All students commence the year with „good standing‟ in place.

The complete Assessment Policy procedure may be found on the College Myinternet page along with the
„Application for Extension‟ form and is accessible at home via the web and student logins.

We look forward to your valued assistance in this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of
any assistance. We wish all students a very fulfilling and productive year in 2008.
                                                               [Mr Jamie Chappell - Head of Senior School]


MCC INTERSCHOOL EQUESTRIAN TEAM - Calling for expressions of interest to represent the
College at the interschool equestrian championships held at Brigadoon 18-20 April. The College has
participated in this event over the last 3 years with many successes. This year we are looking to field 2
Secondary school teams (8 students) and a Junior school team (4 students) if your child rides competitively
and you are interested in representing the College in this event then please contact Miss Jemma Cummings
on 9531 9605.

CAREER GUIDANCE APPOINTMENTS: Making career decisions can be an exciting but at times
daunting task, there are so many options, so many different pathways and many new and interesting courses
to be discovered. Students are most welcome to discuss their career options by filling out a request form for
a careers appointment at the front office. Parents are most welcome to contact me by phone 9531 9746.
YEAR 10 AND YEAR 11 ENGINEERING DAY CAMP: If you are interested in Engineering and
would like to experience a day in the life of an engineer, the Main Roads are offering Year 10 & 11 students
an exciting opportunity to attend an Engineering Day Camp on Tuesday, April 15 & Thursday, April 17.
Application forms can be accessed: www.mainroads.wa.gov.au or see Mrs Wilson in the library.
Applications close Monday, 10 March.
                                                                                [Mrs Lynn Wilson, Careers]

LIBRARY TUTORING: The Library is open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 4pm
supervised by Mrs Yeow (Tuesday), Mrs LePage (Wednesday) and Mr Julian (Thursday). Science Tutoring
is available for Lower School Science on the days above and Upper school science is available on these
Tuesday: Mr Hill & Mrs Robinson - Human Biology, Mr Proctor Physics/Chemistry.
Wednesday: Mrs Merry - Physics/Chemistry, Mr Zendilis - Human Biology, Mr Britton – Biology.
Thursday: Mrs Hall - Human Biology, Mr McGoran - Physics/Chemistry.


UNIFORM SHOP: The uniform shop opening times for Term 1 are as follows: Tuesdays 8am-1pm,
Thursdays & Fridays 12noon – 3.45pm

BOYS SUMMER UNIFORMS: Grey socks and grey shorts (all sizes) are now in stock. White shirts
still have not arrived but we do have limited stock of all sizes. White sport socks for girls are out of stock.
New stock expected in the next 2 weeks.

SALE: Khaki Shirts now only $5, Khaki Socks now only $2.50

COLLEGE TROLLEY BAGS: We are trialing a maroon College Trolley Bag for secondary students. We
have a small quantity now available for purchase from the uniform shop at a cost of $90.00. If these prove
popular with the students more stock will be ordered. We are taking names of people interested in
purchasing a smaller version for the primary students and if there is enough interest we will place an order.

BLAZERS: As part of their winter uniform, all secondary students are required to have a blazer, which is
to be worn from the first day of Term 2 until the end of Term 3. Large stocks are not held in the uniform
shop, so to ensure you purchase the correct size, please complete and return the order slip below by
Tuesday, 26 February. A range of sizes is available in the uniform shop for fitting purposes. Students are
welcome to call in during recess or lunchtimes to try them on.

Student‟s Name: ________________________________House:______________________

Size: _________Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________
Revised Summer Menu: A number of orders, both Junior and Secondary are being received with
incorrect prices, please read your revised menu carefully. Items ordered are to be from the lunch menu only
and not the recess list, thank you. Copies of the menu are available from the Canteen.

Secondary Procedure for Ordering Lunches:
      Orders are to be placed in the letterbox opening marked ”Secondary Lunches” on the green door
       outside the Canteen. Menu is provided at this point.
      All orders must be placed before 8.30 am each day.
      Your Name and Year must be clearly written on your lunch order bag.
      Money is to be placed in the bag and carefully folded in to four. No staples or sticky tape is to be
      If change is required for use at recess please note this on the bag, otherwise the change will be issued
       at the time of distribution of lunches.
      Lunches are to be collected at the Canteen from the isle that is marked with the year that you are in
       eg Year 8. The first five minutes of lunch time is for collection of lunches only, so it is advisable to
       be quick to the canteen, otherwise the lunches that have not been collected during this time are
       available from the “Staff Isle”.
      Drinks must be ordered with your lunches. All drinks must accompanied by a Lunch Meal
       Item (NO drinks Only)
      Additional items such as Icecreams, Vege Chips are not to be ordered with your lunch orders.
       These are to be purchased over the counter after the five minute period allocated for lunch
      Please remember Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursdays are Pastry Free Days, If Pastry Items
       are ordered on these days a Salad Sandwich will be substituted.
      Daily Specials are to be ordered only on the days specified, if ordered on incorrect day a salad
       sandwich will be given as a substitute.
      Please be courteous at all times. Thankyou!

SERVERY ROSTER COMMENCING                                           Term 1 Monday 18 February 2008
           MONDAY                             WEDNESDAY                           FRIDAY
           18/02/08                             20/02/08                         22/02/2008
          Kate Capone                          Leah Briffa                     Floyd O‟Connor
                                                                                 Anita Fratel

CANTEEN ROSTER              COMMENCING        Term 1 Monday 18 February 2008
     MONDAY               TUESDAY      WEDNESDAY         THURSDAY          FRIDAY
      18/02/08             19/02/08       20/02/08          21/02/08       22/02/08
   Leonie Spencer        Debbie Weller Colleen Hunter     Jill Hinkley    Mark Taylor

                              KIDS IN THE KITCHEN
             Get the ki ds to hel p co ok a t home as i t        APPLE MUESLI MUFFINS
             will help teac h them w here fo od c omes           1 1/2 cup muesli
             from, how to meas ure, count, read,                 1 cup self raising flo ur
             time a nd f ollow directio ns. It also allows       1/2 cup s ugar
for the i ntro duc tion of new f lavo urs as ki ds are           1 cup grate d ap ple
more likel y to ea t fo od tha t the y ha ve helped              1/2 cup s ulta nas
prepare. Coo king is an i mpor tant skill to teach               1 egg beate n
children in this age of increasing take away and                 1/3 cup oi l
convenience eati ng. Re member to be patie nt. The               1 cup mil k
mess and e xtra time neede d will be w orth it!!
                                                                 Add liq uid i ngred ients to dry i ngred ients
One idea is to begi n the coo ki ng e xperie nce with            and mi x until com bined . Spoon into
the f ood sho ppi ng.  By e nco uraging them to help             greased muffin tins. Ba ke a t 1 90°C for
you, the y will become fami liar with a wide range of            30 minutes or until golde n. Ma kes 1 2.
foods whic h will promo te varie ty i n their di etary
inta ke. Teach the m about cho osing fresh fruits,               TIP: Ma ke m ini m uffi ns for li ttle ha nds
vege tables a nd seaso nal fo ods.                               and tummies. Mini muf fin tins are
                                                                 available from kitc hen
For more recipes vis it www.nut ri ionaust ralia.org             retailers.
NEW FACES: The College‟s P&F Committee held its first meeting for 2008 on Monday night and it was
heartening to see some new faces. The 2008 fundraising plan was discussed and for Term 1 we will be busy
organising the annual Easter Raffle. We would like to thank the following mums for volunteering to fill the
following positions: Mrs Wendy Faulkner, Spring Fair co-ordinator, Mrs Taj O‟Brien and Mrs Jo Gleeson,
Quiz Night co-ordinators. You will undoubtedly be reading snippets of news from these ladies as the school
year progresses.

EASTER RAFFLE: It is hoped that each family within the College would have received a booklet of 10
tickets by the end of next week. For new families, the procedure of this very successful fundraiser is simple:
Each family is given 10 tickets to sell (ask for more if you want!!) and a huge draw is held on Holy
Thursday before school breaks for Easter. It is also asked of families to donate prizes for the raffle; anything
chocolate of course, or you might like to donate an Easter mug, tea towel, fluffy bunny, egg cup … the ideas
are plentiful. Cane baskets are also needed for the packaging of prizes. Last year we had over 70 baskets to
raffle – it would be great to see the same number and assortment this year! PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN
HOT WEATHER. Donations can be left at Student Reception or in specially marked boxes in Junior
School classrooms.

UNWANTED BOYS’ KHAKI UNIFORMS: Don‟t throw them away or put them in the St. Vinnie‟s
bins! We‟re planning to donate all unwanted khaki uniforms to our Nairobi Mission (or similar) but we
need to work out a few details before we hold a Collection Day. Stay tuned, as it will happen soon!

SECOND HAND BOOKS: Last call for any purchases of Year 11 & 12 ONLY. Please see Mrs
Pustchkuchen in the front office. Payment for all books sold will be in the mail by the end of the month.

RECYCLE: Any unwanted Christmas cards please keep them for P&F we will be asking for them very
soon. Thank you Mrs Lynette Bowden.

OUR LADY’S ASSUMPTION CATHOLIC PARISH: “Let Us Journey Together” at our Passionist
Parish Mission. Father Ray Sanchez, Saturday 1 March 2008 to Friday 7 March 2008. Church-Corner of
Stevenson & Creery St‟s Mandurah WA 6210, Office-3/65 Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah WA 6210.

TAFEWA CHALLENGER: It is time to do something for YOU! Why not join other Mums & Dads to
improve your skills and get a Certificate while the kids are at school? We have a wide variety of courses on
offer. For more information, contact Gwyn on 9586 7432 or visit Challenger TAFE, off Gordon Road.

4 BIG KIDS: Before/After School & Vacation Care 4 Big Kids caters for children 6 to 15 years of age.
Please contact for all enquiries Kyle on 0411 589 349.

ACCOUNT-ABILITY: Bookkeeping services all aspects including BAS and Payroll, phone Sharon
0438 952 417.

SCHOOL OF ART: After school workshops phone Scott 0402 175 417 or www.scottmhardesigns.com.au

MANDURAH BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION: Will be competing in the upcoming Country
Championships. Training/selection is taking place on Sundays at the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation
Centre 303 Pinjarra Road Mandurah from 1-3pm cost is the normal entry fee. Please contact Steve at the
Basketball Office on 9534 7908.

MANDURAH HOCKEY CLUB: Mandurah Hockey Club welcomes any new or previous players. For
further details contact Kathie Day on 9581 6257.

PEEL JUNIOR SOCCER ASSOCIATION: Registrations of all players, aged 5-17 years will be held
on Saturday, 16 February at Mandurah Forum 9am-3pm, and 23 February at Hyundai Stadium, Halls Head
11am-3pm. Players will need their Birth Certificate. Enquiries to Bob Pond 0406 534 696.

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