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									Dear Mentor Teacher:

Thank you for participating as the cooperating “mentor” teacher in the capstone experience for a
Northern Arizona University student teacher! Your expertise and guidance will impact the student
teacher’s professional preparation more than any other experience encountered thus far in his/her
professional development. Please review the following information regarding the Student Teaching
Handbook, university supervision, evaluation forms, early alert form, payment form, and feedback for
university supervision.

Student Teaching Handbook:
The Handbook for Student Teachers is available online by going to the NAU Home Page (coe.nau.edu)
>College of Education>Current Students>Student Teaching>Cooperating Teacher Information. It is
essential that you become thoroughly familiar with this document containing important information
regarding your roles and responsibilities. The handbook also offers general guidelines about the student
teacher’s requirements, resources available through the College of Education, and suggestions for helping
you work effectively with your student teacher. You will need to be well-versed for the initial meeting at
the beginning of the semester.

       NOTE: The Phase In/Out Schedule is specifically outlined in the handbook which identifies the
       responsibilities/syllabus requirements to be assumed during each phase for the student teacher.
       This must be considered when establishing a plan for the student teacher’s semester in the
       classroom. Please clarify dates, expectations and roles with the cooperating teacher.

Mentoring Expectations:
The following are expectations of cooperating teachers:
    1. Complete payroll paperwork when applicable
    2. Respond to initial communication with student teacher
    3. Evaluations of student teacher
    4. Communicate daily/weekly with student teacher


VERY IMPORTANT: Please complete, sign, and send the payment form TODAY! Toward the end of
the semester, the stipend or tuition voucher will be processed and mailed to you at the address you write
on the payment form. We appreciate your hard work and want to ensure that all are compensated. We
can only compensate those who 1) send the form, 2) by the DUE DATE to receive the option chosen.
If we have received the form but after the due date, the compensation can only be a tuition waiver.

Please note: If you are sharing the daily responsibilities of a student teacher, please include this
information with specific periods, content or time in the area on the form. This is to ensure
appropriate reimbursement(s) and accurate documentation!

Student Teacher Connection:

You can assume that your student teacher has received your contact information given receipt of this
emailed correspondence. They have been instructed to connect with you via the school phone or email
provided on the agreement contract. If you do not have access to your email while away from school,
please contact our office and we will assist in connecting with your student teacher. If the placement is
secured late or you are not able to connect, student teachers have been instructed to request a start date
from the principal or “show up” on day one.

If you receive notice from your school or our office that your student teacher is trying to connect, it is
much appreciated if a quick note or call could be returned. Thank you.


Special Education Student Teachers:
Due to Arizona certification requirements, student teachers in special education assignments are required
to have experience in three of the following five areas of emotional disorder, mental retardation, specific
learning disorder, orthopedic impairments, or other health impairments. Experience can be acquired using
observations in another classroom, tutoring, or one-on-one work with students in a classroom. Please
verify that your student teacher has the required experiences. If there are discrepancies, please notify our
office immediately.

Special Note:
If you or the principal have arranged to share or split the student teaching assignment, or created any other
unplanned situation, PLEASE notify the change with the Office of Student Services, Field Experiences

University Supervision:
Your student teacher, elementary, early childhood or special education, will be supervised by the College
of Education faculty members and/or part-time professionals. Secondary student teachers are usually
supervised by their major departments. The university supervisor is expected to play a significant role in
the student teacher's professional development. Do not hesitate to contact him/her with questions or
concerns. The university supervisor’s name will be provided to you on the evaluation website, and you can
expect him/her to visit your classroom within the first few weeks of the semester once the initial meeting
is scheduled through your student teacher.

During this initial conference with the university supervisor and student teacher, the student teacher will
present the Team Information, Institution Recommendation Request, Observation Checklist, and
Statement of Values and Expected Professional Behaviors forms. Please review and sign the appropriate
forms. At this meeting, you, the supervisor and the student teacher will discuss expectations for the
student teacher, a timetable for assuming responsibility in your classroom, the ending date of the student
teaching experience, and the evaluation forms. If you and your student teacher have not been visited by a
university supervisor within the first three weeks, please call the Office of Student Services at 928-523-


Evaluation Website:
All Student Teacher Evaluation Forms are available on the evaluation website. You will receive an email
from the PEU Evaluation System at the beginning of the semester with a link to the website, your login
name (which is the email address you provided our department) and auto-generated password. This is the
password you will use to access the site initially. Please access the website and verify information
immediately upon receipt of this email.
      NOTE: Given the email is generated and sent directly from the management system, it has been
      reported that this email could automatically go into the “junk” folder within your email folders.
      The sender and subject information will read, “COEEVALUATION…” please search the “junk”
      folder first. If you are unable to locate this, please contact our office for assistance.

Midterm and Final Evaluations:
The Student Teacher Evaluation Forms are aligned with the Arizona Professional Teaching Standards.
The midterm should be complete by the end of Phase II and the final at the end of Phase III. If you are
mentoring a content-specific student, you will also submit a content-specific evaluation form at these
same increments. These content evaluations will appear if they apply to your teacher candidate. The
standards are aligned with specialty program areas.

Alerts are available on all evaluation tools. This option is to be used if a student teacher is having
difficulties, and you feel that he/she needs immediate remediation and/or intervention from the College of
Education. If possible, please discuss the concern with the cooperating teacher and/or student teacher
prior to submitting the form and provide him/her a copy of the completed form. This “alert” will notify
me immediately of the situation at which time I will contact you via a phone call or email. This also
provides the option to visit the teacher candidate more often.

       NOTE for Alerts: Please keep in mind that student teachers are still students who are learning the
       practice of teaching while maintaining the professional dispositions/integrity of a classroom
       teacher. Providing candid feedback with solutions is the best means to supporting the growth of
       student teachers. Please do not be afraid to be constructively critical in your conversations and
       written feedback!

Cooperating Teacher Feedback on University Supervisor:
The University Supervisor Evaluation form will be available through the PEU Evaluation system at the
end of the semester. This form is used to evaluate the quality of university supervision. Please fill this out
as honestly and as accurately as you can; we value your input. You may opt to respond confidentially by
printing and mailing this to our office, or you may opt to return this evaluation via a return email as an
attachment. It is not necessary that you sign the form. The forms will be kept on file in the Student
Services office to assess the quality of university supervision. Include any suggestions that you feel may
help improve the quality of supervision. The feedback forms will be made available to the university


Substitute Teaching:
Please note in the Student Teaching Handbook that student teachers may not be hired as a substitute
teacher under any condition. They may not receive pay for any teaching while in the role as a student
teacher. Arizona Risk Management insurance does NOT cover student teachers who are
substituting in a school district.
Personal Data Page:
All university supervisors and cooperating teachers are required to complete the Personal Data Page
located within the COE evaluation system. Once you have received the email from the system, you will
be able to access the website and the information available. The first thing you should do is complete this
data page, and then follow up with confirming the student teacher(s) information.
Change of Placement:
If you acquire a student teacher who was not originally assigned to you (or if a student teacher placement
changes and is no longer assigned to you), please notify our office so that appropriate adjustments can be
made to your reimbursement and documentation of the situation made! If you have received this email
and do not have an NAU student teacher, there is an error. It would be much appreciated if you could
notify our office immediately. Thank you.

Our toll-free number is 1-800-411-3072. This special number is restricted to use only by supervisors,
cooperating teachers, and student teachers and is not to be made available to the general public.

May this semester be a rewarding one for you and the student teacher! Please feel free to call
928-523-7427, if you have any questions or concerns.


Marilee J. Eveleth
Assistant Director, Student Services
Field Experience

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