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									 Library Manager                            Quick Help                       Remote Find & Install
      What is Follett Remote?
      Follett Remote is an application that allows you to perform offline circulation tasks. Whether
      your internet connection is down, or you do not have access to the internet, you can use Follett
      Remote to continue to circulate your collection.

 Downloading Follett Remote
 It is highly recommended that you download Follett Remote to your circulation desktop as soon as you
 can. Here are the steps to download Follett Remote.

 Step     Direction                  Screen Shot
 1.       Using your user name
          and password to log
          in to Destiny.

 2.       Click on the Online
          Help icon.

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 Library Manager                          Quick Help   Remote Find & Install

 Step     Direction                  Screen Shot
 3.       In the Search tab, type
          Follett Remote.

          Then, click on the
          Using Follett Remote

 4.       Select the hyperlink
          "How do I get Follett
          Remote?" from the

 5.       Depending on your
          computer type (Mac or
          PC); follow the
          directions as provided
          in the next section
          "Installing Follett

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 Library Manager                          Quick Help                      Remote Find & Install

Now, you are ready to install Follett Remote. Follow these text instructions for step-by-step
directions. Because each computer may look different, screen shots have been omitted.

                                     Installing Follett Remote

   1. After downloading the file, unzip or unstuff it and place the executable file, FollettRemote.exe,
      into a local folder on a workstation running any of the following operating systems:
            Windows® 98                                Mac OS X 10.1 or later
            Windows NT®                                Mac OS 9.x with CarbonLib 1.6
            Windows 2000
            Windows XP

   2. By default, the location is C:\Follett Remote. This is where Follett Remote will automatically
      store all the data files that record circulation check out and check ins. If you would like to
      change this, you can do that here.
   3. To create a shortcut for Follett Remote on your desktop, see the help topics for your operating
   4. To open the application, double-click the Follett Remote executable file (FollettRemote.exe).
      Your application should look like this:

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