HEALTH PROTECTION DIVISION

CATEGORY:         GENERIC                                        NUMBER:       HPD 1 090

SUBJECT:          SHARPS DROP-OFF PROGRAM                        PAGE:         1 of 2

APPROVED BY:      Director of Health Protection                  DATE:         Aug. 1996


            It is the policy of the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health that, in
            partnership with the City of Guelph, a sharps drop-off point will be maintained in
            Guelph, Belwood, and Orangeville offices to receive used sharps from the
            community to prevent transmission of communicable disease.

        1. A container will be placed in the reception area of each office and clearly
           marked “For Sharps Only” with the Biohazardous Waste stickers applied to
           the outside.

            2. When members of the community bring sharps for drop-off, the reception
               staff will ask if the sharps have been soaked in bleach for a minimum of 24
               hours and/or autoclaved, prior to draining off the bleach. Should the bleach
               not be drained off, reception staff will ask that this be completed prior to
               dropping them in the sharps bin. The individual may take the sharps
               container to a sink in the Public Health office to drain off the bleach.

            3. If a person brings in an individual sharp (or sharps not in a proper
               container), Reception staff will provide a Public Health sharps container to
               place the sharps in. Sharps containers can be obtained from a member of
               the Vaccine Preventable Disease team.

            4. Public Health staff are NOT TO DIRECTLY HANDLE any of the sharps, but
               are asked to correctly direct people as to where the sharps should be

            5. The program Support Staff will monitor the fullness of the disposal bin on a
               weekly basis. When the bin is full in Belwood and Guelph, Support Staff will
               contact the Public Works Department, Solid Waste Services, to arrange for
               pick-up and disposal of bin. When the bin is full in Orangeville, the Support
               Staff will contact the Director of Health Protection to arrange for pick-up and
               disposal of bin.
                                                                         Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health
                                                                                         Health Protection Manual
                                                                                                        HPD I 090
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                6. Incoming phone calls regarding sharps drop-off can be directed to intake. If
                   intake is unavailable, calls can be redirected to any member of the
                   Communicable Disease team if required.

                7. Any individual calling to inquire about disposing of sharps should be advised
                   about the two available drop-off sites:
                      • Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health – Belwood, Guelph and
                          Orangeville offices open Monday – Friday.
                      • Eastview Landfill Site – open Monday
                          closed Sundays and holidays.
                          NOTE: Option B is for Wellington County residents only!

                8. Individuals wanting to drop-off sharps at either point should be advised to
                   prepare sharps for drop-off.

                9. In the City of Guelph, any incoming calls reporting a sharps discovered on
                   public property can be directed to the Public Works Department, Solid
                   Waste Services, to report and arrange for pick-up of sharps. After hours,
                   any calls to report sharps can be directed to call the city police. In all other
                   areas, these calls are to be directed to the local police department.

Approved by:

In Effect:      November 18, 1996

Date Revised:   July 6, 2001

Date Revised:   March 20, 2003

Date Revised:   August 25, 2005

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