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									          Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                      Hola Kia Ora

         Term 2, Week 5                                                               23rd May 2007

ON ...
                    FROM THE PRINCIPAL
                    Cross Country:
                    Congratulations to all the children who competed last week in the school cross country.
                    The cold windy conditions were unpleasant and very demanding. Nonetheless there were
                    a number of exceptional performances which all bodes well for next week’s interschool
MAY                 cross country.

23rd                Titoki Block – Concept Plan:
BOT Meeting         The Board is now considering the concept plans developed by ProArch architects for the
                    remodel of Titoki Block.

25th                Apple Tour:
Junior Assembly     Three CSNS teachers recently visited schools in the Auckland area that are making very
                    effective use of I.T. They returned excited about the possibilities and this evening present a
                    paper to the BOT about their ideas and recommendations for CSNS.
29th                Personally I think that the school is now well placed to make another significant step
Inter School        forward in this area.
Cross Country

Junior Cross
Country 2pm                                  Junior Syndicate Cross Country:

                            Date:   Wednesday 30th May
Subway Lunch                Place: On the school field
Years 1-3
                            Approximate Start Time: 2pm

JUNE                                         Room 22 & 23 (new entrants)
                                             Year One Girls
1st                                          Year One Boys
                                             Year Two Girls
Subway Lunch                                 Year Two Boys
Years 4-6
                            The children have been increasing their fitness and are looking forward to seeing
                            you there. Hopefully the weather will be kind.
4th                         Junior Syndicate teachers
Birthday Holiday

7th                         Assembly:
Keyboard                    Parents and Caregivers are warmly invited to attend the Junior Syndicate
                            assembly being held on Friday 25th May at 2.30pm in the school hall. See you
Concert 7pm

21st June                   School Banking:
Burger Day                  This week’s lucky banker is Jackson Cook. Please collect your $5 voucher from
                            the school bankers next Wednesday. Congratulations.

29th                        B.O.T. Meeting:
                            Parents and Caregivers are warmly invited to join the BOT at their May meeting
Term 2 Ends
                            being held tonight at 6.30pm in the Boardroom.
Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                  Hola Kia Ora

              Dental Clinic:
              The College Street Normal School Dental Clinic will be closed from tomorrow
              Thursday 24th May until Monday 11th June.
              For any dental emergencies please phone Intermediate Normal School Dental
              Clinic on 358 0547.
              Wendy Barlow
              Dental Therapist

              Technics Concert:
              Thursday 7th June 6.30 – 7.30pm in the Staffroom. A mid year Technics keyboard
              concert will be held. If you want to see how Technics lessons held in-school can
              benefit your child, come along.

              Does anyone have a couch in good condition that they would like to donate to our
              school library? If so, this would be much appreciated! Please contact the office on
              358 1092 and leave a message. Thank you.

              French Informal Class:
              For those who have attended the French classes at College Street, we invite you
              to a language group running four sessions in June. If interested, please contact
              Jacqui Edwards on 355 2231 as soon as possible.

              Thank you:
              Thank you to the person who handed in the gold necklace that was found at the
              cross country last week. It has been reunited with its grateful owner. Thank you.


       Disco – Disco – Disco – Disco – Disco – Disco – Disco – Disco – Disco
                                       Many thanks to all the helpers at the CSNS Disco! We
                                       had a very successful evening and raised $1,100.
                                       Once again our DJ "Alan Rubick" entertained and
                                       delighted all age groups! Thanks to all the parents who
                                       attended with their children, and to the great turnout of
                                       teachers, it certainly helps - the more adults the merrier!

                                       Regards Lorraine Carr and Danielle Hubbard
 Ni hao Namste Namaskaram Halo Salam Zdravo                                         Hola Kia Ora

C.S.N.S. Cross Country 2007:
The school cross country held last Wednesday 16th May was a huge success and the children all
competed with determination and persistence. I think many of the competitors surprised even themselves
with their achievements! Below are the results in each of the races.
The Inter-School cross country squads are currently training and are competing at Bainesse on Tuesday
29th May. C.S.N.S. have entered four races in Years Five & Six. We will have our top five runners
competing in each of these events. They will bring home a notice on Thursday with the information about
the events and a request for transport.
Thank you
Lindy Langley & Jacqui Innes

       Year 5 Girls Short Course & Walkers          Year 5 Boys Short Course & Walkers
       1st            Shannon Perry                 1st         Jake van Lienen
       2nd            Caitlyn Barrell               2nd         Jack-Henry Sinclair
       3rd            Nadia Darby                   3rd         Tim Attwood
       Year 6 Girls Short Course & Walkers          Year 6 Boys Short Course & Walkers
       1st            Abbie Ionas                   1st         Matthew Siebert
       2nd            Claudia Poor                  2nd         Ben Anderson
       3rd            Brooke O’Regan                3rd         Mitchell Alexander
       Year 3 Girls                                 Year 3 Boys
       1st            Gorgi van Lienen              1st         Tom Tremain
       2nd            Gabriella Baan                2nd         Luc Leban
       3rd            Ella Fowler                   3rd =       Ben O’Connor & Samee Patel
       Year 4 Girls                                 Year 4 Boys
       1st            Alita Kwong                   1st         Taylor Monk
       2nd            Madeleine Macmaster           2nd         Elliott Gerstgraser
       3rd            Lauren Sargent                3rd =       James Neilson & Matthew Brennan
       Year 5 Girl’s Competitive                    Year 5 Boy’s Competitive
       1st            Francesca Baan                1st         Sean Liddicoat
       2nd            Sarah-Lee Gurnick             2nd         Jack Finlay
       3rd            Eden Percy                    3rd         Mitchell Boddy
       Year 6 Girl’s Competitive                    Year 6 Boy’s Competitive
       1st            Anna Willocks                 1st         Cheydon Brooking
       2nd            Charlotte Bridger             2nd         James Houghton
       3rd            Kobe Oram                     3rd         Brendon Corner

       Saturday Morning Netball draw for 26th May:
                                     Vs                        Court                       Time
C.S.N.S. Black          St James Gold Ferns                      3                     8.30am
C.S.N.S. Red            Milson Flyers                            3                     10.15am
C.S.N.S. Blue           Winchester Purple                        2                     10.15am
C.S.N.S. Green          Linton Camp Tumatauenga                  3                     11.25am
C.S.N.S. Orange         CCS Comets                               3                     1.45pm

       Saturday Morning Hockey draw for 26th May:
        Team                        Vs                         Field                       Time
C.S.N.S. 1                      Ashhurst 1                      71                         10am
C.S.N.S. 2                   Somerset School                    7B                          9am
C.S.N.S. 3                Central Normal School 3               5A                          9am
C.S.N.S. Black              West End All Stars                  1B                         10am

Quote of the Week …

“Risk is what separates the good part of life from the tedium”
                                                                       Jimmy Zero

                                                                       American musician

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