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                                                                         Douglas Walker, MCSE MCDBA
                                                                         Director of Information Services


At this time ePIKE is offline while we complete the implementation of the new student
information system. We anticipate that this solution will be back online in two weeks.

                                    Skyward / ePIKE:

We have adopted the Skyward student information system as our new student
information system. Our previous system (SASIxp) has served us well for the past 11+
years but it is time to move forward. A committee made up of teachers, administrators,
and staff members worked together over the past two years to research and determine the
best solution to meet the needs of the district.

ePIKE has served us well as a tool for parents and students. It has provided the ability for
students and parents to lookup their student’s classes, grades, attendance, discipline, and
food service account information.

With the implementation of the Skyward system, most of these tools will be available in
the Skyward parent portal. Because of this, you will see a change in ePIKE. ePIKE will
continue to serve as a portal to provide district information, food service account
information, and other resources for students, teachers, parents, and district staff.
However, we will transition from ePIKE to Skyward as a portal for all student

We will keep these functions in ePIKE online for the next few months as we transition to
Skyward’s parent portal. At the end of this period, you will see a new link in ePIKE that
will direct you to Skywards parent portal.


We are currently working on a new portal that will be called “sPIKE”. This portal is our
first step towards a comprehensive online community. Please stay tuned for more
information as we continue our work on the implementation of Skyward and the
development of the sPIKE environment.

Thank you,

Douglas Walker
Director of Information Services
MSD of Pike Township

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