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                 Rhino® Fiber Node Cabinet

                 T       he Rhino® Fiber Node Cabinet (RFN), RFN302440, is the newest addition to Channell’s
                         Rhino Fiber/Node Series of metal enclosures. Designed for broadband network locations
                         that require remote deployment of electronics and cable management, the cabinet is 30
                 inches high, 24 inches deep and 40 inches wide.
                 It is available with vented panels on all four sides
                 of the cabinet. The removable front and rear
                 panels allow easy access to the node and stored
                 fiber cable. Fully adjustable dual-rail mounting
                 rods run horizontally in the cabinet allowing the
                 fiber node to be securely fastened. The cabinet’s
                 four bayonet hasps, interlocking sides and bottom
                 rail secure the enclosure, reducing the possibility
                 of theft of the valuable equipment enclosed. A
                 fiber node pad prevents grass from growing up
                 around the enclosure.

                 The Rhino RFN302440 cabinet has similar
                 features to those found in Channell’s full line of
                 Rhino enclosures, including galvannealed steel
                 construction and electrostatic powder coating. It
                 is fully vented for excellent heat dissipation and
                 provides mounting for an optical fiber mode. Up
                 to XXX feet of fiber optic cable can be stored in
                 the cabinet.
                                                                          RFN302440 Rhino Fiber Node Cabinet
                 Features                                             (Shown on mounting pad and SGLB2436 Vault)
                     •	   Mounting	for	optical	node
                     •	   Subsurface	storage	of	fiber	optic	cable
                     •	   Multiple	vent	options	with	anti-insect	screens	for	reduced	node	operating	temperatures
                     •	   Protected	heavy-duty	lock	hasp	reduces	possible	tampering	with	lock	shackle
                     •	   Adjustable	node	mounting	rods	and	support	rod
                     •	   Above	ground	fiber	loop	storage	fastener

                                                                                              Fully Adjustable
                                                                                              Mounting Rods

                                                                                                  Above Ground
                                                                                                  Fiber Loop
                                                                                                  Storage Fastener
Dimensions:	30"	H	X	24"	D	X	40"	W	(762mm	H	X	609.6mm	D	X	1016mm	W)
Shipping: One unit per pallet
Weight: XXX lbs. (XX.X kg)

Ordering Information
                                                                             RFN         302440      VX        CX         X      LXX        AX
     RFN     – Rhino Fiber Node
Rhino Cabinet Size
     302440 – 30" High X 24" Deep X 40" Wide
Cooling Option
     V0      – No Venting
     V1      – Standard Venting
     V2      – Full Venting
     C1      – Light Green
     C2      – Beige
     C3      – Dark Green
     C5      – Gray
     0       – None
     1       – Dual Rail
     L0      – High Security, Hasp Only (Customer supplies lock of choice)
     L3      – Standard Security, Gem Lock
Cabinet Options
     A0	     –	 With	Mounting	Pad
	    A1	     –	 With	Mounting	Pad	and	SGLB2436	Vault

        Example: RFN302440V3C10L0A0 - Rhino Fiber Node Cabinet, 30" H X 24" D X 40" W, Full Venting, Light Green,
	       	       	 No	Bracket,	Hasp	Only,	Mounting	Pad


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