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					                                      Palatine Speakeasy
                      July 2001
Joe Grable--Editor          National website -
                            Chicago website -
Club 3307/District 30       Palatine website –

                                         Officers 2000-2001
         President:                  Cindy Dingwall
         V.P. Education:             Joe Grable
         V.P. Membership:            Mike Stammer
         V.P. Public Relations:      Dawn Bisesi
         Treasurer:                  Alice Guevara
         Secretary:                  Joan Middleton
         Sergeant At Arms:           Karl Frank
         V.P. Social Activities:     Tim & Nancy Carracher
         Webmaster:                  Joe Grable

Meeting dates: 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 7:30 p.m. sharp unless otherwise posted.

Quotes of the Month:

Americanism is a question of principle, of idealism, of character: it is not a matter of birthplace or creed or
line of descent. – Theodore Roosevelt.

May you live all the days of your life – Jonathan Swift


In This Issue:              Club Officers                        page 1
                            Quotes of the Month                  page 1
                            Meeting Agendas for Month            page 2
                            Upcoming Events & News               page 3-6
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                        AGENDA FOR THIS MONTH’S MEETINGS:

Meeting Date:             July 2nd                           July 16th

Presiding Officer         No meeting -                       Mike Segal

Motivational Minute       Holiday                            Tim Carracher
And Pledge

Wordmaster                                                   Janet Loudin

30 Second Go Round                                           Tim Carracher

Toastmaster                                                  Alice Guevara

Jokemaster                                                   John Olsen

Grammarian                                                   Bob Blonn

Ah Counter                                                   Bob Blonn

Timer                                                        Scott Kozak

Table Topics                                                 Dawn Bisesi

Speaker                                                      Joan Middleton

Speaker                                                      Cindy Dingwall

Speaker                                                      Joe Grable

Alt. Speaker                                                 John Olsen

General Evaluator                                            Bud Bodzioch

Evaluator                                                    Brian Andersen

Evaluator                                                    Mike Segal

Evaluator                                                    Gene Lehman

Listener                                                     Nancy Backe

Refreshments                                                 Brian Andersen

Please help the Toastmaster and Club for the upcoming meetings by volunteering for an open function or
finding a replacement if you cannot fulfill your function.
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July 2nd meeting Cancelled:
   Due to the 4th of July holiday, we have cancelled the scheduled July
2nd meeting since many of our members will be away for the weekend. Our
next scheduled meeting is on Monday, July 16th.

Successful Club Progress:
 Thanks to all of the extraordinary efforts of our members, we have
achieved the status of Select Distinguished Club! We have attained this
goal by completing 7 of 10 goals in the successful club program. Thanks
to you, many countless hours of hard work and preparation went into
fulfilling this accomplishment. As a result, we will be receiving a
special ribbon from national headquarters to recognize this
accomplishment. The ribbon will be presented at a future meeting and it
will be added to our club banner.   I would especially like to thank
Cindy Dingwall and Mike Segal, who made sure that were on track to meet
these goals. Way to go!

Picnic in the Park:
  We are tentatively planning to have a picnic during the weekend of
July 21st at the Taste and Touch of Palatine. A number of members
expressed an interest in going, so this is a good way to meet your
fellow members and promote the club at the same time. Further
information will appear in a later memo.

Guest Speaker:
The Palatine Chamber of Commerce is hosting a presentation on small
talk. If you are interested in attending, more information is available
at What do I say next in particular is an
excellent book that I have read.

Schmooze or Lose…The Secrets of Savvy Networking
Thursday, June 19, 2001, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Rolling Meadows Holiday Inn, Algonquin Road East of Rt. 53, Rolling Meadows. A
Business to the Sixth Power Event. Guest Speaker: Susan RoAne– The Mingling Maven.
According to research at Stanford and Harvard Universities, the #1 skill for success in the
21st Century is the ability to talk to other people. Small talk is important because it
leads to big talk, big business, and best friends. Our presenter, Susan RoAne, will show
you how to build a network of relationships with contacts, clients and colleagues. As an
in-demand keynote speaker and best-selling author, Susan's credentials speak for
themselves. Her books…How to Work a Room, The Secrets of Savvy Networking and
What Do I Say Next?…deal with overcoming shyness, great conversation starters and
improving networking skills. Sponsored by neighboring Chambers of Commerce:
Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Mount Prospect, Greater Palatine, Rolling Meadows
and Wheeling/Prospect Heights. Costs: Chamber members from participating chambers:
$20. Non-members: $25.
New Officers:
  With the beginning of the new year, our new officer list is now in
place. As a result, this will be my last newsletter as the VP of Public
Relations. It has been a rewarding experience and I wish to thank all
of you who had a part in making Palatine Toastmasters a better club. I
am not going away, though. I have accepted the new role of VP of
Education for the new year. Dawn Bisesi has graciously accepted the
role of VP of Public Relations, so please support her as she settles
into her new role.

Officers Note:
  All of the new officers are invited to attend the first officer’s
meeting of the 2001-2002 year on Monday, July 9th at 7:00 p.m. at the
Baker’s Square in Palatine. Baker’s Square is located just south of the
library. We will be discussing the plans and agenda for the new year.

June 4th meeting highlights:

      Mike Segal gave a speech from the CL Better Club Series
      Dawn Bisesi gave a motivational speech from the CTM manual
      Joe Grable gave a speech “A Moment of Truth” from the Entertaining
       Speaker manual
      The 30-second Go-around topic was about vacation plans.
      The word of the day was truculent, meaning aggressive or savage
      Mike Segal began the table topics session.
      Nancy Backe spoke about the Apple River and a valedictorian
      Nancy Carracher’s topic was whether she should leave a tip if the
       food is awful but the service was good.
      Bob Blonn’s topic was whether he should tell the host if a party
       was awful and tell exactly why.
      Joe Grable’s spoke about animals and the outdoors
      Joan Middleton’s topic was whether she should stand by a good
       contract in favor of a lucrative one.
      Cindy, Bud, and Joan evaluated the speakers.
      Awards
      Best Speaker – Dawn Bisesi
      Best Evaluator – Gene Lehman/Nancy Carracher
      Best Table Topics – Nancy Carracher
June 11th meeting highlights:

      Scott Kozak gave a fine icebreaker speech from the CTM manual
       entitled “How I Got Here”.
      John Olsen gave a icebreaker speech in storytelling form from the
       CTM manual entitled “City Boy”.
      Joe Grable began the table topics session.
      Mike Segal’s topic was “If Xmas Were Tomorrow”
      John Olsen’s table topic was about where he would put an
       additional 30 days in the calendar.
      Cindy Dingwall’s topic was about what was the greatest unsolved
      Bud Bodzioch’s topic was what people would consider to be shocking
       about him.
      Cindy, Bud, and Joan evaluated the speakers.

      Awards
      Best Table Topics – Cindy Dingwall/Joan Middleton

Palatine Speakeasy—5


Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI):

  On Saturday, July 14, 2001, Toastmasters will be presenting an educational conference entitled
―Committed to Excellence‖ from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The conference will be held at the College of Lake
County at 19351 W. Washington Street, Main Building ―C‖ Wing, Grayslake, IL. The registration fee is
$10 and the cost for a boxed lunch is $7.00, if you want one. An Adobe PDF registration form is available
at the website. Any officer who attends the institute will be given credit for officer’s
training, which will count toward our club goals on the Distinguished Club program. We are planning to
carpool there; so let me know if you would like a ride.

 As a special treat, Cindy Dingwall will give a presentation for storytelling at one of the sessions, so come
and support her when she represents our club!

Palatine Speakeasy—6
                                   A Practical Guide to Life
There is reason and purpose and harmony in the Universe. We are a part of all that, and a great
amount of our work in this life is to learn that lesson.

We define life in terms of our body. You may like or hate your body, but it is the mechanism that
defines what we call life. Most of us start out believing that we are our body, and it takes
considerable effort on our part to overcome the complications of that misunderstanding.

We are here to learn lessons. That is what life is about. Each day we will have the opportunity to
learn lessons. You may like the lessons or you may think them stupid or irrelevant.

There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error experimentation. The
experiences that we label failures are as valuable a part of the process as the experiments that
ultimately work.

A lesson is repeated until it is learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you
have learned it. When you have completely learned a lesson, you will then go on to the next one.

Learning lessons does not end. This is what life is about; as long as there is life, there are

What you make of this life is up to you. You already have everything you will ever need to learn
your lessons. There is nothing you have to do first.

Every thing you experience in life is neutral. The only value of anything outside yourself is
determined by the way you experience it.

When you have learned that lesson, it will be a powerful tool you can use to set up more lessons.

The Universe will bring you everything you need to learn your lessons. The value of your
experiences is determined by you. The Universe will never bring you more than you can handle.

What you do with those resources is up to you. Whether your choice is to learn or to fail, the
Universe will support your choice, and bring whatever you need to manifest it.

Whatever you choose, EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY !!! From time to time, you will forget this.

                                                                                Charles Fitzsimmons

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