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									London 2012 Community commitments July 2008

working together


The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is responsible for building the venues and infrastructure for the London 2012 Games. The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) will be promoting and staging the Games. Or, in other words, the ODA is building the theatre and LOCOG is putting on the show. Together we are London 2012.


You are the people who live, work and play in the five Host Boroughs (Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Greenwich). In fact, many of you are already working for London 2012 or are involved with us in other ways – we hope many more of you will do so in the years up to 2012.

good neighbours

The London 2012 Games will not only be a fantastic summer of sport, they will also be a catalyst for lasting change in the Lower Lea Valley.

Commitments to the community With 75p in every £1 we are spending going on regeneration, the Games will deliver many benefits to the local community. Some are already being realised with local people being trained and recruited for jobs on the Olympic Park, and local businesses winning contracts. However, we recognise that the construction programme will have an impact on the surrounding community. As a responsible neighbour we want to minimise the effects as much as possible. This leaflet highlights some of the key areas we know are of concern to you and sets out how we plan to manage them. We have called these our ‘community commitments’.

The local community is very important to us and we will continue to meet with local residents and businesses to engage, listen and communicate the benefits and challenges of the construction programme as we move forward. David Higgins Chief Executive

In the summer of 2012 London and the UK will come alive with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Welcome In 2012 millions of people will cheer on the world’s greatest athletes as they compete in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The eyes of the world will be on east London – your area will be the focus of the world. Over four billion people will watch the Games worldwide. It is so much more than a sporting event – there is something to inspire us all. During the 60 days of the Games over 17,000 athletes and millions of people will gather to enjoy the sporting and cultural action. After the Games a new sustainable community will be integrated with the area you live in, with local people benefiting from a new park, homes and world-class sporting facilities.

History of the Games The very first Olympic Games can be traced back to 776BC. They were dedicated to the Olympian gods and held on the plains of Olympia in Greece. The modern Olympic Games were founded by French-born athlete, poet and educator Pierre de Coubertin in 1876. This is the third time that London will host the Games, having previously hosted the 1908 and 1948 Olympic Games. The UK also has a strong link to the Paralympic Games. In 1948, Dr Ludwig Guttmann organised a sports competition that involved World War II soldiers with spinal cord injuries based in Stoke Mandeville hospital. In the summer of 2012 London and the UK will come alive with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games will take place on 27 July. London will host a Games like never before.

We will continue to do our best to be good neighbours through our ten community commitments.
01 Jobs, skills, futures We will promote local employment and training opportunities on the Olympic Park. To do this, we will: – work closely with the five Host Boroughs, employment organisations and our contractors to maximise employment opportunities for local residents; and – identify and optimise skills and training opportunities for local residents on the Olympic Park and Olympic Village. 02 Winning contracts We will provide and promote mechanisms to communicate opportunities for local businesses. To do this, we will: – encourage our contractors to promote business opportunities on the London 2012 website through the London 2012 Business Network; – attend local business forums to promote London 2012 business opportunities; and – work with local business organisations and the five Host Boroughs to promote and communicate business opportunities.

03 Listening to your views We will operate a free construction hotline 24 hours a day, so that you have a direct line to our community relations team. To do this, we will: – employ a dedicated community relations team; – respond to enquiries/complaints within 24 hours where possible; and – continually monitor and review the service we provide.

04 Respecting our neighbours We will be a responsible neighbour, encouraging our staff to be respectful and accountable for their actions at all times. To do this, we will: – communicate and encourage responsible behaviour through our staff induction and training; – educate our contractors about the communities in which they are working; and – ensure our contractors help our community relations team respond to enquiries or complaints received through the construction hotline.

05 Out in the community We will continue to communicate to you about progress on the Olympic Park and the community engagement programme. To do this, we will: – attend your residents’ meetings and events so we can update you on the construction programme; – notify local residents a minimum of seven days in advance of any potentially intrusive works on the Olympic Park; – produce a newsletter ‘Your Park’ and distribute it to over 200,000 residents and businesses surrounding the Olympic Park; and – offer visits to the Olympic Park to the local community throughout the construction programme.

06 Reducing congestion We will encourage our workforce to use alternative transport modes to travel to the Olympic Park to reduce private car use. To do this, we will: – promote ‘Journey to work’ information to all staff through introduction packs; – implement a car-free zone policy on the Olympic Park; and – carry out regular travel to work surveys.

07 Reducing waste We will recycle, reduce and reuse materials on the site to minimise waste. To do this, we will: – ensure our contractors are committed to delivering our Construction Waste Management Plan and our target of reclaiming 90 per cent of demolition materials for recycling or reuse; – implement a waste management service across the Olympic Park; and – provide monthly reports on our progress to the local authorities.

08 Going green We will manage and minimise the impacts of our construction project by implementing an environmental management programme. To do this, we will: – monitor our construction impacts on air, water and noise, and provide non-technical summaries of this data to local residents on a regular basis; – endeavour to undertake works within approved hours of working, to help control construction noise; – dampen down roads and stockpiles and wash down vehicles leaving the Olympic Park to control dust and minimise mud on public roads; and – direct construction lighting into the site and away from local residents to avoid any possible nuisance.

09 Deliveries to site We will manage deliveries to site, by providing dedicated times and routes to the Olympic Park. To do this, we will: – ensure all contractors pre-book their deliveries 24 hours in advance using our delivery management system; – manage delivery flows to the Olympic Park from our logistics centres; and – ensure that all deliveries to the Park are monitored and checked when entering the secure entrances to the site.

10 Safe and secure We will provide a safe and secure environment across the Olympic Park. To do this, we will: – manage access of all vehicles, materials and people through the secure entrances to the Olympic Park; – work closely with the emergency services and local authorities to develop an Incident Management Plan; and – work closely with the police to provide a safe and secure Olympic Park.


Nations competing at the London 2012 Games


7.7 million 4,200 53m

Proportion of materials generated from demolition within the Olympic Park site to be reused or recycled

Number of 2012 Olympic Games tickets available for sale

200km 2,000

Total length of cabling used to move the powerlines underground – the distance from London to Nottingham

Paralympic athletes and officials

The height of the Olympic Stadium – three metres taller than Nelson’s Column

Number of newts relocated from the Olympic Park to the Waterworks Nature Reserve before construction

Like any good neighbour, we want to help.

Construction hotline We have a free 24-hour helpline for queries and concerns about the construction programme. We are happy to listen. If you have any questions about construction, call our freephone construction hotline: 08000 722 110.

On the inside We run regular tours of the Olympic Park site so you can see for yourself how the Park is changing week by week. To book a place on a tour, please contact your local London 2012 unit: – Hackney: 020 8356 3126 – Newham: 020 8430 2012 – Tower Hamlets: 020 7364 2476 – Waltham Forest: 020 8496 6744 – Greenwich: 020 8921 6405

Opportunities We can help local businesses to get involved in the Games. Businesses can bid for contracts with the ODA and other London 2012related organisations by registering their interest with the London 2012 Business Network. To find out more about London 2012 business opportunities, visit www.london2012.com/business

Jobs and training Hundreds of people from the five Host Boroughs already work on the Olympic Park site. We want to help more local people get a job with London 2012. If you want to start a career in construction or are already working in the industry but want to improve your skills, you can enrol at the National College of Construction for East London, which is based on the Olympic Park.

There are six courses available through the ‘digger school’, ranging from learning to drive a dumper truck to directing crane operators. For more details on London 2012 job and training opportunities, call your local borough referral agency: – Hackney On-Site: 020 7241 7080 – Newham Workplace: 020 8430 4331 – Tower Hamlets Skillsmatch: 020 7364 3727 – Waltham Forest Worknet: 0845 604 2012 – Greenwich GLLaB: 020 8858 7792

Olympic Delivery Authority 23rd Floor, One Churchill Place Canary Wharf, London E14 5LN Reception +44 (0) 203 2012 000 Fax +44 (0) 20 3 2012 001 www.london2012.com

This publication is available on request in other languages and formats. For a large print, easy read, Braille, Word or audio version please email enquiries@london2012.com or phone 0808 100 2012 and quote reference ODA 2008/055 This document can be found in the publications section of www.london2012.com

© Olympic Delivery Authority. The official Emblems of the London 2012 Games are © London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited (LOCOG) 2007. All rights reserved. The construction of the venues and infrastructure of the London 2012 Games is funded by the National Lottery through the Olympic Lottery Distributor, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Mayor of London and the London Development Agency.

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