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					FUSD iPad Mini Grant Application, Fall 2010
FUSD is offering one iPad Mini-Grant to an elementary, middle, or high school classroom within
Flagstaff Unified School District. The Mini-Grant is valued at over $15,000.00. The classroom
receiving the grant will be awarded 30 iPads, iPad screen covers and cases, and a syncing
system (to sync the 30 iPads with the teacher’s FUSD laptop). In addition, job-embedded
professional development will be provided in order to learn how to integrate the iPads within
classroom instruction.

Application Deadlines:
Grant Informational Meeting/Q and A Session: Nov. 10, 2010 4:00 PM, FUSD Admin. Center Lab

OPTIONAL Equipment Exploration Sessions: Nov. 16, 18, 22, 29 and 30, 2010 4:00 PM, FUSD
Admin. Center Lab

Proposals Due: December 7, 2010 by 4:00 PM

Winner Notified: December 14, 2010

Who is the Mini-Grant intended for?
FUSD schools/teachers who are open to innovative/creative teaching and learning methods
such as Project Based Learning (PBL). Bonus points will be awarded to teams of teachers (no
more than four) within a school that agree to work collaboratively on integrating the iPads into
their classroom content. If a team of teachers applies, a project leader must be identified and
that teacher would be the grant recipient. Should the project leader move schools (within
FUSD) the iPads would transfer with that teacher.

Note: All equipment shall remain FUSD property.

Project Guidelines
The FUSD iPad mini-grant will be awarded through a competitive proposal process. The project
will be scored (out of 40 points) according to the attached rubric and must include:

            Alignment to the Arizona Content and Technology Standards1 (Reviewers will have
             access to the standards. Please give only the Subject, Strand, Concept, and PO
            Innovative ways in which technology will be used to facilitate real-world project-based
             learning experiences2
            Instructional strategies which include 21st Century Skills3
            S.M.A.R.T.4 project goals, objectives, and outcomes
            Student activities to allow research, collaboration, communication, and creation
            A viable assessment or evaluation plan, describing how the ‘process’ of integrating the
             technology will be assessed

    Arizona Content and Technology Standards
    Project-Based Unit Characteristics
3     st
    21 Century Skills
    S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Required Presentation
Since we are a community of learners we would like for you to describe how you would
disseminate the results of the class project to your colleagues. This would include successes,
failures and what can be learned from doing these types of projects. Should funds be available,
the educator who is awarded the FUSD iPad mini-grant must agree to apply and participate in a
poster session at a state or national level conference (travel and registration costs will be paid
by professional development funds).

Application Submission
Submissions must be made via FUSD district mail and e-mail.

           1. FUSD District Mail – Completed application with cover sheet signed by the principal and
              teacher or teacher team.
              Address to: Mary Knight
                          Director of Technology
                          Admin. Center

           2. E-mail – Completed application without signatures.
              Address to:
              Subject: FUSD iPad Mini Grant Application

Additional Information
Brad Kamradt                       527-6126
Heather Zeigler                       527-6129
Mary Knight                        527-6120
                  FUSD iPad Integration Mini-Grant Project Application Form
                           (Submitted by 4 PM December 7, 2010)

Project Title:                                                      Date:

Project Leader:

Project Grade Level:                                 Project Subject Area:

School Name:


Principal: ____________________________ Signature: _______________________________

Telephone: ___________________________ Email: __________________________________

Project Leader: ______________________ Signature: ________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________ Email: __________________________________

Additional Team Teachers (if applicable):

Teacher: ____________________________ Signature: ________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________ Email: __________________________________

Teacher: ____________________________ Signature: ________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________ Email: __________________________________

Teacher: ____________________________ Signature: ________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________ Email: __________________________________

By signing this form, all parties are fully aware of the project scope and agree to participate and
                          support the details contained within this grant.
Persuasive Introduction – One page Maximum

Describe your classroom demographics and setting, the needs of the students in your class and
how this project can help in meeting those needs, the number of students impacted by the
project, how the project is innovative, and how it will impact student learning and engagement.

Project Detail – Three page maximum

Include alignment to Arizona Content and Technology Standards, description of project-based
learning experience, alignment to 21st Century Skills Standards, and inclusion of S.M.A.R.T
project goals, objectives, and outcomes. If your project includes a team of teachers, describe
how the team will work collaboratively through PLC’s or in other ways (bonus points awarded
for collaborative teams).

Assessment/Evaluation Plan – One page maximum
Describe various techniques or methods you would use to evaluate or assess your students’
work and this project. Where possible provide examples of summative or formative assessment
as appropriate and ways that your students will monitor their own learning.

Dissemination of Project – One page maximum

Describe how you and/or your students will disseminate the results of the integration on an
ongoing basis (blog, website, videos, etc.). This would include successes, failures, and lessons
learned from doing these types of projects.
                                     FUSD iPad Mini Grant Rubric
Project Leader Name:                   School:                                     Project Title:

                                                 4                   3                     2                      1
                        Sequence      Information is          Information is      Information does        Application is
                                      sequenced in a          sequenced in a      not always flow         disorganized and
                       and Overall
                                      logical manner.         somewhat            logically between       does not relate to

                         Quality      Application is          logical manner.     paragraphs or           the main theme of
                                      extremely well          Application is      pages. Relates          the grant.
                                      written, clearly        well written and    somewhat to the
                                      organized, is well      relates to the      grant theme, but
                                      planned out, relates    main grant          provides little or
                                      entirely to the main    theme and           no details.
                                      grant theme, and        provides details.
                                      provides detailed
                       Persuasive     Overview contains       Overview            Some overview           Overview is
                                      clear and               describes a         components are          disorganized. Plan
                                      comprehensive           general picture     missing. Does not       is missing key
                                      information             of the setting      include enough          elements. Does
                                      including               and student         information about       not support

                                      demographics,           needs, and          the project-based       project-based
                                      school/classroom        contains enough     learning                learning and is not
                                      setting, student        information to      experience. The         in support of
                                      needs, how the          understand how      project is only         student needs.
                                      project directly        the proposal is     somewhat in
                                      supports those          in support of       support of student
                                      needs, and ways         students needs.     needs.
                                      that the project will
                                      impact student
                                      learning and

                          PBL         All information is      Used relevant       Information             Information does
                                      clear and shows         information.        related to the          not include details
                                      knowledge of            Included many       topic, but project      or examples that
                                      project-based           details and         needed more             relate to the topic.
                                      learning. Extensive     strong examples     details and             Information does
                                      details and relevant    that show           examples to fully       not show
                                      examples are used       knowledge of        support ideas.          knowledge of
                                      to support the          project-based                               project-based
                                      content.                learning.                                   learning.
     Project Details

                        SMART         Clearly defines the     Most aspects of     The SMART goals         SMART Goals and
                                      SMART goals and         the SMART goals     are listed but not      objectives are
                        Goals &
                                      project outcomes        and outcomes        all are referred to     absent or difficult
                       Objectives     and refers back to      are listed and      in the rest of the      to identify.
                                      each in project         referred to in      project detail.
                                      detail                  project detail.

                         21st         Provides                Provide             Students practice       Students rarely
                                      instruction,            instruction and     21st century skills     use 21st century
                                      modeling, and           modeling to help    during the unit,        skills during the
                                      multiple                students refine     but they receive        unit.
                                      opportunities for       and develop         little instruction to
                                      students to refine      relevant 21st       support their
                                      and develop             century skills.     development.
                                      relevant 21st           (2-3 skills)
                                      century skills. (3+
                                       Student         Extensive details      Information         Information is        Information is
                                                       and relevant           includes details    relevant, but         confusing or
                                                       examples are used      and examples to     details and           irrelevant. Does
                                         and           to describe            describe            examples do not       not describe
                                    instructional      activities the         activities the      describe activities   instructional
                                      strategies       students will be       students will be    the students will     strategies and the
                                                       doing and the          doing and the       be doing and/or       activities the
                                                       instructional          instructional       the instructional     students will be
                                                       strategies teacher     strategies.         strategies.           doing.
                                                       will use (grouping                         Strategies are not
                                                       techniques,                                appropriate.
                                    Assessment         Describes in detail    Assessments         Briefly describes     Assessment of
                                                       how learning will be   connect to most     how student           student learning is
                                                       assessed, the          of the SMART        learning will be      not addressed,
                                      used to          connection to all      goals listed.       assessed.             few or no SMART
                                      address          SMART goals listed     Most of the         Assessments           goals listed and
                                     standards         and how the            Arizona Content     address some          Arizona Content

                                                       Arizona Content        and Educational     SMART goals           and Educational
                                                       and Educational        Technology          listed and address    Technology
                                     objectives        Technology             Standards are       some Arizona          Standards are not
                                                       Standards will be      addressed and       Content and           addressed.
                                                       addressed,             emphasize           Educational
                                                       emphasizing            content learning.   Technology
                                                       content and                                Standards.
                                                       processes (over
                                                       traits such as
                                                       organization and
                                    Assessment         A variety of           Both informal      Students are           Students are
                                                       informal and formal    and formal         assessed               assessed in
                                                       methods are used       methods are        infrequently and       traditional ways at
                                     are varied        throughout the         used throughout    in traditional ways    the end of the
                                    and ongoing        instructional cycle.   the instructional  to meet some           unit.
                                                                              cycle.             assessment
                                       Project         There is a well-       The plan to        The plan is            There is no plan

                                                       developed plan to      disseminate        minimal and does       for project
                                                       present detailed       project results is not include            dissemination.
                                                       results of the         somewhat           students in the
                                                       project to others,     thought out,       dissemination.
                                                       which includes the     however
                                                       students.              students are not
                                                                              involved in the

                            Bonus points for collaborative teams              4 bonus points available if effective collaborative teams
                                                                                        are described in the project detail

                                                                   Points Possible                          Points Awarded
Organization                                                              4                                   __________
Introduction                                                              4                                   __________
Project Details                                                          16                                   __________
Assessment/Evaluation                                                     8                                   __________
Dissemination                                                             4                                   __________
Collaboration (bonus points)                                              4                                   __________
TOTAL                                                                    40                                   __________

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