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					Poř.č.   Name of the company   participant                  web pages            profile

  1      ŠKODA ELECTRIC a.s.   Ing. Petr Kasenčák, Business         The production range of the company is made up of three product lines.
                               Director                                          Trolleybuses: Deliveries of complete trolleybuses, spare parts for trolleybuses, trolleybus repair service and
                                                                                 Traction motors: AC traction motors, DC traction motors, synchronous motors with permanent magnets, reluctance
                                                                                 motors, motors or components for special applications, AC motors components (coils, stators…)
                                                                                 Traction drives: Complete traction electrical equipment for means of public transportation, converters for main drives
                                                                                 with trolley voltage of 600 V and 750 V DC, converters for main drives for railway applications (1500 V of DC, 3000 V of
                                                                                 DC, 25 kV 50 Hz, 15 kV 16 2/3 Hz), converters for auxiliary drives of traction vehicles, battery chargers, overvoltage and
                                                                                 current protections, diagnostic and information systéme, control systems for traction vehicles, the production range of
                                                                                 the company is made up of three product lines.
                                                                                 Company is looking for new partners, either for co-operation or importers

  2      INTERO CHMELAN        Miloš Chmelan - general       Provides technical and project preparation, manufacture, delivery, and assembly of technological devices, production
                               director                                          lines, and stainless tubing, including related electrical installation and MaR (monitoring and regulation), for customers
                               Jan Dostá - business director                     from the field of dairy works, breweries, and other fields of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
                                                                                 Manufacture and delivery of devices for food: stainless tanks of various capacities and types, including stirrers, custom
                                                                                 pressure tanks (calculations, certificates) and their service, autoclaves and sterilisers, minibreweries, plate exchangers
                                                                                 for various applications (heaters, coolers, pasteurisers), custom stainless products, service platforms for tanks and
                                                                                 machinery, milk reception milk and cream storage pasteurisation of milk, cream, and specialities production of
                                                                                 fermented products production of cheese bottling of dairy products.

  3      METRUM s.r.o.         Ing. Pavel Snášel - Export                        Company METRUM is producer of building chemistry included under trademark CZECH BUILDER, wood preservatives
                               Manager                                           under trademark „DREVOSAN“ and Sealants under trademark KOTVIX. The METRUM deals with import, distribution
                                                                                 and production of ADHESIVES, SEALANTS, HOT MELT GLUE and other related products for INDUSTRIES and HOBBIES.
                                                                                 Building chemistry and wood preservatives create the important part of the Metrum assortment. Potential partners
                                                                                 are importers and distributors for building chemistry, wood preservatives and sealants, wholesales and warehouses,
                                                                                 trade companies, manufacturing companies of wood, concrete , concrete pavers and others. References: Distribution
                                                                                 of the important trademarks DEN BRAVEN, TECTANE, DUVILAX, DREUMEX, LOXEAL, SCAPA TAPES, TECTANE,
                                                                                 LOCKTEAP, TRELLEBORG. We are looking for: potential distributors for East European countries. Company METRUM
                                                                                 offers products of building chemistry, wood preservatives and sealants.

  4      PP Agency s.r.o.      PhDr. Pavla Podskalská -,       Area of activity: Press agency for export promotion in the Czech Republic.
                               General Director and Owner   Publications: Czech Business and Trade (economic quarterly in the English language), Doing Business in the Czech
                                                                                 Republic (yearbook for foreign businessmen and investors which presents the business environment in the Czech
                                                                                 Republic, in the English and Russian languages), territorial publications Czech Republic – Your Trade Partner (a series of
                                                                                 publications presenting the Czech Republic’s economic and business environment and conditions for bilateral trade to
                                                                                 business partners in the particular countries), the yearbook Czech Republic – a European Union Member, which is
                                                                                 designed for business partners in the EU, and presentation materials of official trade missions accompanying the
                                                                                 President of the Republic or government officials on foreign visits. PP Agency is a holder of the ISO 9001 quality
                                                                                 certificate for publishing activities.
5   Česká exportní banka       Ing. Lubomír Pokorný, MBA -             Bank established under a special Act as a 100% government – owned. CEB provides all kinds of state supported export
                               General Director                                   financing under most favourable terms and conditions in accordance with the rules of the OECD Arrangement. The
                                                                                  governmental support is reflected mainly in longer maturities of export credits granted at attractive interest reates,
                                                                                  usually fixed for the entire credit life. Other services include refinancing of local and foreign banks and/or co-financing
                                                                                  of major Czech export projects.

6   T- Soft a.s.               Ing. Jaroslav Pejčoch -        Since 1991, T-SOFT a.s. has been focusing mainly on the mission-critical systems employed in crisis and emergency
                               Chairman of the Board                              situations, IT security and crisis management.
                                                                                  Core activities: system integration, delivery of tailored systems and outsourcing, we also provide solutions of
                                                                                  procedural interoperability mainly using various military and civil standards. Our key customers are governments,
                                                                                  banks, utilities and other subjects of critical infrastructure. Participated in EU FP-6, FP-7 research, in Latvia delivered
                                                                                  crisis management system for region Jelgava (INTERREG programme Jelgava-Siauliai).
                                                                                  The most valuable part of our know-how and experiences is our ability to develop and implement special system of the
                                                                                  nationwide scope of the highest quality within short deadlines.The Company has regularly held an international
                                                                                  conference called The Present and Future of Crisis Management since 1997. It is regularly attended by more that 300
                                                                                  specialists from all over the world.
                                                                                  We are looking for: partners for common research projects in EU FP-7 security programme, technology partners for
                                                                                  integrated systems in areas of security, crisis management, civil protection, critical infrastructure protection.

7   atx - technická kancelář   Ing. Bohuslav Vránek, CSc. -          Atx is purely a Czech and privately owned company that belongs among the most significant Czech and European
                               Executive Director and                             system integrators. Our company supplies start-to-finish solutions for industrial automation in all branches of industry
                               Chairman of the Board                              (car industry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, and others) all over the world. We provide:
                                                                                  • “turn-key” automation
                                                                                  • Design of optimal solution - Elaboration of projects and project documentation
                                                                                  • Software development for PLC/PC
                                                                                  • Manufacturing and assembly of control cabinets and control panels
                                                                                  • Adjustment and commissioning, warranty and post warranty services
                                                                                  We are looking for: • Manufacturers and production line manufacturers ,• Manufacturing plants that are interested in
                                                                                  automation,• Industrial plants that want to invest in new production equipment or in reconstruction of the existing

8   Apto Group s.r.o.          Mgr. Jakub Mulač, MSc.,   Apto Group is a Solid State Lighting (SSL) solution provider for general as well as
                               Executive Director                                 architectural lighting. It is our enterprise philosophy and company mission to deliver
                                                                                  the best quality LED lighting products to our customers, in order to contribute to the
                                                                                  universal green lighting in the future through minimizing electricity consumption for
                                                                                  lighting and reducing heating and cooling loads.
                                                                                  Our entire product portfolio consists exclusively of LED based luminaires for both
                                                                                  interior and exterior use, including linear lights, downlights, office lighting, street lights,
                                                                                  flood lights, flashlights and special utility lights. As a complimentary service, we also
                                                                                  offer OEM production. We are looking for: Local construction developers and distributors
9    KG corporate, s.r.o.   Zdeněk Fiala, MBA,   1.KG holding is provider of preschool education and is largem chain of englisch , company and franchise preschools
                            Executive Head                                   within EU.
                                                                             2.Main business of this company is pharmaceuticat distribution of the Unixe czech healing gel called Hemagel
                                                                             ( KG holding is only distributor for dozen of EU countries.
                                                                             3.Own manufactured product for desinfection called AnGEL. This product is perfekt for public sector as well as for
                                                                             army , police and other goverment organisations.
                                                                             4.Developing in residencial and comercial (ware houses) area.
                                                                             We are looking for: We would like to promote Hemagel and AnGEL product and meet people from pharmaceutical
                                                                             business and goverment organisation to introdukce this product

10   AVIA Ashok Leyland     Marcus Pauels, Executive           AVIA Ashok Leyland Motors s.r.o. is a manufacturer of truck chassis with a weight size of 6 to 12 tons GVW. The Prague
                            Director                                         based 90 years old company is producing trucks with fullfilment of all emission norms from Euro 2 to Euro 5 which
     Motors s.r.o.
                                                                             opens almost any market in the world. After the take over by the Indian Ashok Leyland Group in 2006, Avia is now
                                                                             expanding to global markets. With the completion of the dealer network in Central Europe, which is being finalized in
                                                                             Q2/2010, the company has started with businesses in the USA, Argentina, Australia and Russia. The cooperation with
                                                                             the UK and USA based SMITH Electric Group is involving AVIA in the global network of all-electric-vehicle
                                                                             manufacturers and pushes the company to a high level of diversification.
                                                                             We are looking for: As a part of our expansion, we are looking for a distribution partner for our truck chassis for the
                                                                             area of Baltic which could be based in Latvia. Such a partner can ether be a sales & service point alone (with a certain
                                                                             number of locations) or alternatively as assembly partner of Avia trucks which are to be delivered in KITs (in
                                                                             containers) to Baltic.

11   SaZ s.r.o.             Ing. Ján Truska, general            SaZ s.r.o. is Czech manufacturer of Special Railway Machinery, Road/Rail Machines, Flash Butt Welding Technology,
                            director               Railway Track Layers and other machinery for track maintenance, Rail trailers and carriers, Access ramps etc. Our
                                                                             products can help you in rail welding, catenary maintenance and renewals, railway track renewals and construction,
                                                                             cleaning of railway track as well as vegetation control and other activities. This year we are celebrating 55th
                                                                             anniversary of our production factory establishing. We are always ready to offer tailormade solution meeting your
                                                                             special needs and to put your Trucks on Track ... We are looking for: local representative able to ensure sale and

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