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					                          ST. JOSEPH AND ST. TERESA'S PARISH, BREWER, MAINE
                            Monday, December 24, 2007     WE ARE PLEASED TO HIGHLIGHT THE SPONSORS
                                            to            OF OUR WEEKLY BULLETIN BY HONORING THEM
                           Sunday, December 30, 2007      ONE WEEK AT A TIME AS THE "SPONSOR OF THE
Monday         4:00 PM St. Joseph’s                       WEEK".       This week we thank Brookings Smith
               Jean Dumont by her family                  Funeral Home for their sponsorship and we pray that
               4:00 PM St. Teresa’s –Brewer High School   they will be blessed for their goodness to St. Joseph & St
               For the People of the Parish               Teresa Parishes. When you patronize our sponsors
               5:30 PM St. Matthew’s                      businesses, make sure you let them know you saw their
               7:30 PM St Gabriel’s                       ad in our bulletin.
               10:00 PM St. Joseph’s
               Robert Francis Shea by Peter and           BISHOP’S WEEKLY MESSAGES: Bishop Malone is now
               Penny Boucher                              offering a reflection on the Scriptures for each week’s
               12 Midnight St. Teresa’s                   Liturgy       on       the       Diocesan        website,
               All Souls by Parishioner         
                                                          Each two to three minute video is scheduled to appear on
Tuesday        8:30 AM St. Gabriel’s
               10:30 AM St. Matthew’s                     the website on Thursday before the relevant Sunday. It
                                                          will remain available through the following Wednesday.
Wednesday      8:30AM St. John’s (in the chapel)
                                                          We encourage you to view Bishop Malone’s message each
               No Mass
               6:30PM St. Teresa’s
               Word and Communion                         RCIA: Are you interested in the Catholic Church? Do you
Thursday       8:30 AM at St. John’s                      have questions about becoming a Catholic or about
               No Mass                                    receiving a sacrament you may have missed? See what
               8:30AM St. Matthew’s                       we have for you! We will be providing “Come and See: an
Friday         8:30AM St. John’s (in the chapel)          evening of inquiry” at various parishes in the region
               No Mass                                    throughout the year. Attending these evenings does not
               8:30 St. Gabriel                           obligate you to anything more. We simply want to
               12Noon at St. Joseph’s                     provide you with an opportunity to “Seek, Knock, Ask.”
               For the People of the Parish               Maybe you know someone who would answer
Vigil: The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph          “yes” to one of these questions. Why don’t you
Saturday        4:00PM at St. Teresa’s                    pass on this information to them. Better yet, invite
                Carl Schulze by Mary Schulze              them to attend and come with them. Here are the
                                                          dates, times and locations. Everyone is welcome! For
The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph                 more information contact: Judy Donaher (989-0550); Val
Sunday        8:30AM at St. Joseph’s                      Eisworth (989-5171) or Sue Moore (447-0228)
              Roman Maxsimic by Francis Serafin
                                                          January 6 9:45 AM St. Joseph’s Parish (Barry Room)
                Eucharistic Adoration                     Brewer
                   At St. Joseph’s:                       ‘Gift Retreat: Looking for the PERFECT Christmas gift
Tuesday 10:00AM – 9:00PM Eucharistic Adoration (Blessed   for a teenager? (This one will not wear out it will last for
Sacrament Chapel)                                         eternity)! For $70 you can sponsor an entire weekend
Friday 12:30PM – 2:30PM Eucharistic Exposition (Church)   GIFT Retreat for your favorite teen. Teens on this
                At St. Teresa’s:                          weekend meet new friends and have tons of fun, AND
Wednesday 5:30 – 6:30PM Eucharistic Exposition            enhance their faith! Here are two quotes from teens who
Cluster Weekend Mass Schedule                             have attended in the past: “My only regret is that I didn’t
Bangor:         St. John, Saturday 4PM                    attend ‘til my junior year.”(Amanda) “…In fact, the most
                          Sunday 7:00AM & 10:15AM         deep and moving weekend I have ever been to…”
                St. Mary, Saturday, 4PM                   (Natasha) January 11-13 is the next date for a GIFT
                          Sunday, 9AM & 11AM              weekend. See your parish youth minister or contact Doris
Hampden: St Matthew, Saturday, 6PM;                       Meehan       (retreat    coordinator)    at     892-4126-
                          Sunday 10:30AM        
Winterport: St. Gabriel, Sunday, 8:30AM                   Vocation:      “We wish you a Merry Christmas!
                                                          Emmanuel – God is with us. When Joseph awoke he did as
                                                          the angel of the Lord directed him.” Like Joseph, are you
                                                          willing to respond? If God is calling you to ministerial
                                                          service, call Msgr. Caron or Fr. Andrew Dubois at (207)689-
         MERRY CHRISTMAS WISHES TO ALL                    2033 or e-mail us at
                                           FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT
                                                                                         …St. Joseph’s is the place
              ST. JOSEPH’S PARISH                                                        where we come together as a
THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:               Salvation is free, but                               community to love and praise
not until you ask for it.                                                                God. It is the holy place
                                                               where we gather strength to support one another in
   St. Joseph’s Weekly Events and Meetings                     the task of living the gospel. It is the place where we
Monday December 24                                             come privately to enter into intimate conversation with
4:00PM Christmas Eve Children’s Mass                           God. In this building, may prodigal sons and daughters
10:00PM Christmas Eve Mass                                     have met the merciful Lord in the Sacrament of
                                                               Reconciliation and have been welcomed back to our
                   PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR
                                                               community. In this building, tears have been shed by
                   PRAYERS the following who are ill or
                                                               those in pain and grief. Look around your church today
                   have a special need: Carmen King,
                                                               and treasure it. Let us make St. Joseph’s parish an
                    Shirley Brissette, Mary Ellen Daigle,
                    Morgan Cowett, Katie Freeman,              even more holy place by adding our prayers and songs
               Matthew & Hunter Keaton, Vince Cote, Jeff       and offering our time and talents in various ministries
Wood, Merle Hutchins, Lillian Keaton, Ron Cummings, Joe        in the upcoming year. What greater gift could
Gray, Jackueline Brimmer, Hannah Canning Forte’,               Christmas bring than love that touches everything?
Beverly King, Irma Cyr, Janille Trainor, Michael Girard,       May God’s love be with you at Christmas and always!
Ernestine Burgess, Joseph Santagato, Rogis Keaton,             GREAT EXPECTATIONS…Please keep expectant moms
Elizabeth Harvey, Dudley Bouchard, Brittney Kelly, Jim         Kim Sekera Seaman, Amanda Coleman, Tracey
Kelly, Irene Michaud, Wayne Michaud, Sadie Ross, Rachel        Gideon, Amy Kohl, Julia Augur, and Nicole
Watson, Joe Morin, Francis Serafin, Elizabeth Burger,          Bouchard and their unborn babies in your prayers. Also,
Susan Lavelle, Harold Schmidt, Gene Foster, Bob Thomas,        please continue to pray that all expectant mothers will
Peg Arlaud, Gabriella Lavelle, Patricia Jurkenas, Jackie       choose life, as every human life has its origin in the heart
Thibeault, Gail Higgins, Jeanne Dentremont, Mrs. Don           of God. (To add to this list please call Cheryl in the
Macdonald, Don Macdonald Jr., Earl Trainor, & Noella           Rectory)
Voisine. "The water may be swirling and the waves may be
crashing, but you are standing on the solid rock of God's                        A SUNSET ON EARTH IS A
love, and that puts you on the highest possible ground".                         SUNRISE IN HEAVEN: Helinor
                                                                                 Gallagher, mother of Patricia Augustus,
                  PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PROTECT                                     entered eternal life on December 12th
                  US...We ask that you offer prayers for       at the age of 101. May the joy of beholding God face to
                  the following relatives of members of        face be hers to cherish forevermore. We extend our
                  our parish who are currently serving in      sympathy to her entire family.
           the armed forces: Major Jeff Pomeroy,
serving in Kuwait, son-in-law of Peg & Jack Arlaud; Sgt.       Free! The January issues of "Take Out--Family
David Arlaud, serving in Baghdad or Afghanistan,               Faith on the Go" have arrived and are available
grandson of Peg & Jack; & Sgt. Douglas Arlaud, serving         in the bookcase in the Vestibule. These
in Baghdad, grandson of Peg & Jack. Patrick Griffin,           magazines are provided to you free of charge
son of Stephanie and Phil Griffin of Brewer and Lt. Brian      by your Church Life Commission.
Fremming, son-in-law of Richard & Rita Spinney,                The American Red Cross Services is in critical need
Airman Timothy J. Bush, serving in the US Air Force,           for donors. Please call 1-800-Give Life to make a life
and thank them for their service to our country.
                                                               saving appointment today. Their donor center hours
Do you like music? Do you like what you hear in                are Tuesday through Thursday from 11AM to 6PM.
our church? Have suggestions to improve it? How about          Friday from 8AM to 2PM, and every 1st and 3rd
the décor? Can you think of ways you’d like to see it          Saturday from 8AM to 2PM.....900 Hammond Street,
changed? Maybe you’re the crafty type and would like to        Bangor.
help with the arranging? Maybe you’d like to have input
into our RCIA – or the training or our altar servers? If so,
please, join us at the next meeting of the Worship and
Spirituality Commission on January 14th and let your
voice be heard.
                                               DECEMBER 23, 2007

               ST TERESA’S PARISH                            For the first time in many years, St. Teresa's will
                                                             have a Christmas Midnight Mass at midnight! Our Guitar
4:00PM Christmas Eve Mass at Brewer High School              Music Ministry will have a beautiful program of original
will have Handicap parking and seating. When you             and traditional Christmas music, beginning at 11:30 p.m.
arrive at the High School please let the parking attendant   We are truly blessed to have this Midnight Mass after so
know if you need handicap parking and you will be            many years (decades) of not having one...thank you,
directed to a space. If however there are not enough         Father Bob! We look forward to seeing many of you
spaces then you will be directed to park in the regular      there. St. Teresa Worship & Spirituality Commission
area and a car will pick you up and deliver you to the
door and return you to your car following Mass.                          Happy Anniversary Wishes to:
                                                             Dec. 27,        David & Kelly Austin              16 years
          The following who are ill or have a special        Dec. 28,        Lionel and Sylvia Bouchard        33 years
          need: Barbara Bartol, Louise Beaulieu, John        Dec. 29,        Mark and Jacqueline Fox           16 years
                                                             “In homes where God is first – it is obvious to   see – those
          Norris, Jean Paul Ouellette, Mary Ellen Berge,
                                                             unions really work. For marriage takes three.”
          Byron Scott, Robert Millett, Jim Cunningham,
Robert Kee, Aaron, Wilma Anders, Christina Holcomb, Fr.      R.C.I.A: What is the Rite of Christian Initiation of
Brendan Harnett, Winnie Murphy, Carolyn Culumovic,           Adults? The purpose of this program is to bring people
Mary Jo Dempsey, Donald Miller, Patty Hudson, Lucille        into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. It
Gosselin, Bruce Dowling, Velma McHale, Mickey O’Leary,       is designed for:        People who have never been
Eleanor Young, Helen Goodrich, Maryanne Ayoob, Devon         baptized
Angelo, Patricia Rutter, Agnes Lawrence, Annie Rowell,            People who were baptized in another Christian faith
Cheryl Veilleux, Anne Gagnon, Agnes Redman, Eugene           tradition, but now desire to enter into the Catholic Church
Worcester, Mary Matson, Catherine Holcomb, Kate              to receive the sacraments of Communion and
Gagnon, Loretta Sumner, Betty Guptill, Madeline Green,       Confirmation.
Earlene Ward, Ellen Melendez, Winston Dumond, Rev.                    People who were baptized Catholic, but have
Richard Ouellette, Heather Shorette, Ginny Bouchard,         never received the sacraments of Confirmation and/or
William Roberts, Alice Scott, Ann Richard and Bob            Communion. Do you or someone you know, fall into one
LaBranche and for all victims of abuse, their abusers and    of these categories? Are you interested in becoming a
the struggling people of the Darfur genocide.                fully initiated Roman Catholic? Sessions are at St.
                                                             Matthew Church @ 7:00 PM.
            Please pray for a soldier serving in the
            Middle East: and also Anthony Gladu,             Heating season has arrived and we are again placing
            Aaron Morneault, Brandon Marcoux and             fuel envelopes in the pews and asking for your donations.
those serving in the armed services including James P.       These envelopes will remain in the pews throughout the
McHale III, Jeremy Graffam.                                  heating season for your convenience. Thank you very
                                                             much for your continued generosity
                Choir Notice: St. Teresa's Choir will
                                                             Habitat For Humanity is in the process of completing
                begin their program of Christmas music
                                                             the home on Roosevelt St. in Brewer. The home should
                at 3:15PM. They have practiced for many
                                                             be ready to move into by Dec. 21. Thank you to all who
                weeks to prepare a program of beautiful
                                                             helped with your labor, donations, and/or prayers.
and inspirational Christmas music as well as familiar
carols, which will be accompanied by piano, violin, cello,
flute and trumpet. We encourage you to come early so
that you can enjoy and participate in this Blessed Event
                                      Thank you to all who
                                     donated or helped in
                                     any way with the
                                     Bangor Shelter Warm
Clothing Collection, the Christmas Giving Tree and the
food collection for the Christmas Baskets. The response
was overwhelming!! You have touched many lives with
your generosity, clothing and feeding the needy as Jesus
taught us to do. We prepared 104 Christmas baskets this
year, these families are so grateful for all that they
receive. Wishing all a Blessed Christmas and Peace in the
New Year.          Social Justice & Peace Comm.
                                               FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT
      Greater Brewer Catholic Youth Ministry
                Calendar of Events
December 23 and 30th: No meeting, Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year
                                                                                   St. Joseph’s Parish
January 4 and 5: Winter Carnival at Husson College
Not too late to sign up, it is fun, come for all or part of the    There will be practice for our "Live Nativity"
Event. E-mail Darlene Gladu or Judy Smith if you can come!         immediately following Mass this morning, including
January 6: Join us for mass with the Bishop in Old Town.           all children who will be singing "Silent Night." There
                    Teens marching for “life”                      are no children's religious education classes today or
           Details come soon at                     next Sunday.
              March for Life in Washington DC:
                                                                   Question of the Week:
There will be a bus trip to Pro-life march for life from Jan 20-
                                                                                   The LORD spoke to Ahaz, saying:
23rd for $60 (pilgrim style) for youth and chaperones. So far
                                                                               Ask for a sign from the LORD, your God;
two buses leaving from Lewiston...first come first served. One
                                                                         let it be deep as the netherworld, or high as the sky!
bus already filled. For details contact Pam at (see Maine Right to life web site for          It is amazing how often people ask for a sign from
flyer). This trip is approved by the diocesan offices of Schools   God. It may be some indication of his love and
and Youth Ministry and will follow diocesan risk management        concern for us or our loved ones. It may be a sign
guidelines.                                                        that simply shows that God is there. Sometimes
                               Behold, the angel of the Lord       people ask for the sign then never bother to look for
                             appeared to him in a dream and        it. It is as if they expect to trip over it like a huge
                              said, "Joseph, son of David, do      rock. Sometimes people see the sign and refuse to
                              not be afraid to take Mary your      believe it when it comes. They keep wondering if it
                               wife into your home. For it is      REALLY is a sign. What are your reflections on God's
                             through the Holy Spirit that this     signs and how we respond to them?
                             child has been conceived in her.
                                                                              Christmas Masses in Our Cluster Parishes
                                She will bear a son and you        St. John’s Bangor
 are to name him Jesus, because he will save his people from
                                                                   4:00 PM Christmas Eve with Children’s Pageant
                  their sins." - Mt 1:20-21
                                                                   7:00 PM and 12 Midnight Christmas Eve
          Readings for the Week of December 23, 2007               10:00 AM Christmas Day
Sunday:          Is 7:10-14/Rom 1:1-7/Mt 1:18-24                   St. Joseph’s Brewer
Monday:          Morning: 2 Sm 7:1-5, 8b-12, 14a, 16/Lk 1:67-79    4:00 PM and 10:00 PM Christmas Eve with choir at both
Tuesday:         Vigil: Is 62:1-5/Acts 13:16-17, 22-25/Mt 1:1-25   Masses
                 or 1:18-25                                        St. Teresa’s Brewer
                 Midnight: Is 9:1-6/Ti 2:11-14/Lk 2:1-14           4:00PM Christmas Eve at Brewer High School
                 Dawn: Is 62:11-12/Ti 3:4-7/Lk 2:15-20
                                                                   (Handicap parking and seating will be available at the High
                 Day: Is 52:7-10/Heb 1:1-6/Jn 1:1-18
                 or 1:1-5, 9-14                                    School)
Wednesday:       Acts 6:8-10; 7:54-59/Mt 10:17-22                  12:00 Midnight at church with Festival of Carols beginning
Thursday:        1 Jn 1:1-4/Jn 20:1a, 2-8                          at 11:30 PM
Friday:          1 Jn 1:5-2:2/Mt 2:13-18                           St. Mary’s Bangor
Saturday:        1 Jn 2:3-11/Lk 2:22-35                            4:00 PM and 7:00 PM Christmas Eve with Youth Schola
Next Sunday:     Sir 3:2-6, 12-14/Col 3:12-21                      Choir
                 or 3:12-17/Mt 2:13-15, 19-23                      10:00 PM Christmas Eve with Adult Choir
                         St. Teresa’s                              10:00 AM Christmas Day
                                                                   St. Matthew’s Hampden
Offertory for the Weekend of 12/15/2007            $2017.00        5:15PM Children’s Christmas Pageant with Mass at 5:30
Fuel                                               $ 25.00         PM Christmas Eve
                         St. Joseph’s                              10:30AM Christmas Day
                                                                   St. Gabriel’s Winterport
Offertory for the Weekend of 12/16/2007            $2,711.00
Fuel                                               $ 180.00        7:00 PM Children’s Christmas Pageant followed by Mass
Add’l Retired Religious                            $ 135.00        Christmas Eve
                                                                   8:30AM Christmas Day
Thank you for your prayers and contributions
        God Bless you for your generosity.
                                     END OF BULLETIN

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