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					                                   Treasure Valley Community College
                                        BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                     September 9, 2003 – 6:00 p.m.
                                      Weese Building Board Room

The Work Session was called to order at 6:07 p.m.

Present                                               Others Present
Pat Morinaka, Vice Chair (6:20 p.m. arrival)          Dr. Jim Sorensen, President
John Forsyth                                          Dr. Wes Tucker
David Sullivan                                        Randy Griffin
Peter Lawson                                          John Michaelson
Ron Pressley                                          Phil & Christie Mahaffey
Dave Carlson (6:15 p.m. arrival)                      Larry Meyer, Argus
Absent: Scott Wilson

Gina Roper, Recording Secretary

    A. New Housing Project
       Randy Griffin reviewed some of the issues faced in student housing. A question raised was
       should the college proceed with new student housing and if so, it must decide on which process
       to use to construct new housing on campus (i.e. traditional bid, design bid or construction
       manager/general contractor concept). There was further discussion concerning the number of
       dorms, cash flow, parking, street issues, etc. David Sullivan commented that he is aware that
       the students are very excited about this project and he suggested seeing some “real” figures on
       cost and how much the college can afford before preceding further. More discussions to

    B. Staff Waivers
       Randy Griffin led the discussion concerning tuition waivers for college employees
       (excluding faculty) and their families. Currently, employees hired before 1998 are eligible to
       receive tuition waivers for themselves and for their dependents. However, with the new “draft”
       policy (403-2 Education Benefits), all full-time employees both hired before 1998 and after, will
       fall under the same policy. The new policy would allow only ONE (1) full-tuition waiver per
       quarter for either the employee or their qualifying dependent. Pat Morinaka did express
       concern, stating this is the second time in five years that the policy has been amended.
       President Sorensen commented that this is highly important to employees who are seeking
       professional development and needs to be considered. Board Policy 403-2 Education Benefits
       was presented to the Board as a first reading and will be discussed further at the October

The Work Session adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Because there were no items for discussion, Executive Session was not held.

    A.          Legal Counsel – ORS 192.660 (1) (h)
                Personnel – ORS 192.660 (1) (a)

Pat Morinaka, Vice Chair, called the meeting into Open Session at 6:52 p.m.

Board of Education                             September 9, 2003                               Page 1 of 3

Present                       Others Present
Pat Morinaka, Vice Chair      Dr. Jim Sorensen, President          Justin Core
John Forsyth                  Dr. Wes Tucker                       Russ Snow
David Sullivan                Randy Griffin                        ASG Students
Peter Lawson                  John Michaelson                      Student Programs Students
Ron Pressley                  Phil & Christie Mahaffey             Resident Life Students
Dave Carlson                  Larry Meyer, Argus
Absent: Scott Wilson          Abby Lee

    A. Approval of Agenda
       David Sullivan made a motion to approve the agenda and the motion was seconded by
       Peter Lawson. The motion carried unanimously.

    B. Statements from Audience
       There were no statements from the audience.

    C. Statements for ASG/Student Programs
       Student leaders participating in ASG, Student Programs, and Resident Life were introduced to
       the Board. Justin Core said the students are really stepping forward with student issues and he
       is looking forward to a good year. There were numerous students in attendance and Pat
       Morinaka commended the group for being present. Both ASG and Student Programs gave a
       brief report on goals they have set for the coming year. In addition, Russ Snow stated the
       dorms currently have 126 students, excluding the number of HEP students, and they are close
       to full capacity.

    D. Statements from Board Members
       David Sullivan asked to see the 11/16/99 demographics report on students updated in an effort
       to see where we are currently compared to where we were in 1999.

    E. Statements from Foundation
       Abby Lee reported that a local physician has established an endowed nursing scholarship.

        Also, the “Sting” casino night is scheduled for Saturday, November 8th. The Foundation is
        working hard to fundraise for this event. Some of the proceeds raised are used to make up the
        shortfalls for scholarships.

    F. Statements from Faculty
       There were no statements from the faculty.


    A. Presidents Report
          1. College In-Service Week
              In-service is scheduled for the week of September 15th. A facilitator has been invited to
              guide us in our strategic planning and assessment process. The Caldwell Center open
              house is scheduled for September 18th and President Sorensen invited the Board to
              attend. TVCC and the Idaho Migrant Council are sponsoring this event. Pat
              Morinaka commented that she is pleased with the progress of the Caldwell Center.

Board of Education                           September 9, 2003                                Page 2 of 3
            2. Other Reports
               The Ontario campus’ enrollment is up 150 full-time students as compared to a year ago.
               The Caldwell Center currently has 241 full-time students enrolled and the cash flow is

                President Sorensen reviewed the current budget status and reported the college is
                up 42% in revenue collection as compared to this time last year.

                The College’s fall progress report will be mailed this week to the Northwest
                Commission on College’s and Universities and the interim accreditation visit is set for
                October 22nd.

                The remodeling of the Weese building cafeteria is progressing well and will be
                finished in time for fall quarter. New furniture and carpeting will be added to the
                student lounge area outside the cafeteria.

    B. Administrative Services Report
         1. A written report was provided to the Board prior to the meeting summarizing the
             financial report, campus planning-summer projects and a copy machine bid for a
             machine in the nursing area. Randy Griffin reported the Business Office has been
             reorganizing a few staff and work assignments are being addressed. No further
             information was reported.

    C. Student Services Report
         1. John Michaelson reported that Kevin Jensen has accepted the interim position as
             financial director and Diahann Derrick has been hired as associate director.

    D. Instruction Report
          1. Dr. Tucker provided the Board with a report on the quality of video and web-based
               education versus classes held on campus. Data was collected from 2001 through 2003.
               There was a discussion regarding the success rate of students and issues why a student
               might fail.

  A. Approve and Sign Minutes (August 12, 2003)
     David Sullivan made a motion to approve the Treasure Valley Community College Board
     of Education minutes for August 12, 2003 as presented. The motion was seconded by
     Peter Lawson. The motion carried with one abstention by John Forsyth.

    B. Financial Report
       David Sullivan made a motion to accept the financial report as presented and the
       motion was seconded by Ron Pressley. The motion carried unanimously.


    A. David Sullivan made a motion to adjourn the Open Session at 7:52 p.m and the motion was
       seconded by John Forsyth. The motion carried unanimously. The next regularly scheduled
       meeting is October 14, 2003 at 6:00 p.m.

_______________________                                                 ___________________________
Pat Morinaka, Vice Chair                                                Dr. Jim Sorensen, President

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