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									                                                                                        "E-2 Rocks!!"
                               E-2’s Handlebars
                                News from Cincinnati’s Eastside
                                                                                          Dec. 2007
        Region D                        Gold Wing Road Riders Association
   Great Lakes Region                         “Friends for Fun, Safety, & Knowledge”

                                          PO Box 42450, Phoenix, AZ 85080-2450
                                            (800) 843-9460 Fax (602) 581-3844
                                                      Executive Director:
                                                      Melissa Eason
                                                      23-581-2500 Ext. 212

                                                 “Let the Fun Continue!!”

  Bill & Kathy Martin

  Chapter Couple
     Ken & Nancy

   Region D Directors
    Tom and Sandy Taggart
  5051 SR 78, PO Box 119
  Buchtel, OH 45716-0119
       (740) 753-2214

    District Directors
 Roger and Penny Hurley
   201 Southview Lane
 West Milton, OH 45383
     (937) 698-4443

   Asst. Dist. Directors
    Tim & Linda Fleming
  2390 Upper Trent Way
    Vandalia, OH 45377
       (937) 454-0206
                       Page 2                                          E-2’s Handlebars

On Sept. 8th, The Progressive Dinner Ride was led by Tom & Cookie to Kirk & Pat Schreiber's house
for the salads. Tom led us on some nice roads so we would not get to the Schreiber’s house too
early since their house was only a couple of miles away from where we all started out for the day.
We were greeted by Kirk & Pat with a good assortment of delicious salads. After salads, we headed
for the main dish which was held at Bill & Marilyn Wellman's house. Their house was not far from the Schreiber’s, so Tom had
to again pick out some interesting roads to take us on. Wellmans served a German theme dinner, which was very good. We
then headed to the dessert stop which was in Mt. Orab. The Otto’s were in charge of that and had an air-conditioned church
hall for us to enjoy the great tasting desserts. As things were winding down, we started getting some much needed rain. After
we rode in it for two miles, it stopped and had never made it to our home. I want to thank all who were involved in The Pro-
gressive Dinner for a tasty and enjoyable day.
We were not able to make the March of Dimes Ride 4 Babies that was held on Sept. 15th. All who went thoroughly enjoyed the
ride and experienced riding around the KY Speedway on their bikes.
On September 16th, with the temperature in the 40's, 40+ E-2 members attended Joe & Stormee Lupo's and Durrell & Pauline
Monroe's church for Biker Sunday. Their church, (Landmark Baptist), also was honoring Vietnam Veterans and soldiers back
from Iraq. Dave Roever was the guest speaker and travels every week to a different church to speak. He will be going back to
Iraq in November to do his ministry work there for awhile. He did his time in Vietnam and came back home with his scars. He
was an exceptional speaker and what a moving service - half the time we were laughing and the other half, we had tears of emo-
tion running down our faces.
Clyde Jones also was one of the speakers and told about his motorcycle accident and the miracle of his recovery. If you have
ever had a doubt about the power of prayer, Clyde Jones is definitely proof that miracles can happen. Clyde is an exceptionally
strong-willed person and through all of the hardships and pain that he suffered through this terrible accident, he was always in
good spirits and was able to hold onto his great sense of humor. The band and singers for the service were also very good.
After service, we were all invited to a delicious picnic that the church members set up. Door prizes were given out and three
lucky people in our group were among the numerous winners. The day turned out to be sunny and in the 70's. Thank you Joe,
Stormee, Durrell & Pauline for inviting E-2 to Biker Sunday and the picnic.
On Sept. 29th, Tom & Cookie led a group of us to the AMA Museum in Columbus. It was the first time that several of us had
ever been there. The theme was more on dirt bikes and I'm told that they change the theme several times a year. We enjoyed
it, but I'm sure we would have enjoyed it more if the exhibit would have been about touring bikes. The day was great for riding
and there was a good turnout.
The Chapter Picnic was a great success and we had 94 in attendance. The weather was perfect and thanks to all those who
brought in the good side dishes and desserts. I had the new job this year of cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers and so the
first thing I did was enlist Fred Starcher and Chuck Geggie to help out. Thanks to all who helped with the games, getting every-
thing set up and organized. It was a little more difficult this year to get things set up because Pat & JoAnn Marston had to be in
CO to help out their son who was having shoulder surgery. JoAnn gave a list to Tom & Cookie for the picnic and they did a
great job organizing everything. The Marstons returned home the day of the picnic and still managed to make it there. That
shows how dedicated they are to our Chapter.
On Oct. 4th, Tom had a great turnout for his and Cookie's last meeting to as Chapter Directors. He had invited the Maupins
(the parents of Matt Maupin who is MIA in Iraq) to be there. It was a great pleasure having them at our meeting and they seem
like very nice people. During the meeting, Tom called all the staff up and gave out pink slips and a very nice stainless steel paper
weight that says “E-2 Rocks 2006-2007” on it. The laid-off staff will not be eligible to draw unemployment benefits because you
have to be laid-off at least two weeks to be eligible and most of the staff will have a new position immediately. The new staff will
receive a 100% pay increase, but they will earn it because their new Chapter Director is not as organized as the old one was and
will depend on his staff much more to keep him out of trouble. I do want to thank Tom & Cookie for asking Kathy and I to be-
come their Assistants. It was a pleasure working with him, but I must admit, he did all the work.
Pat & JoAnn Marston organized The Alzheimer's Walk on Oct. 6th. They have been doing this for many years. We had a large
group of volunteers who were placed throughout the downtown Cincinnati area to help keep the walkers on their route. It was
a beautiful day and from there, we went to Waynesville for lunch. Everything went well except I did get in a little trouble with a
Cincinnati policeman, ha ha - check out E-2's photo album.
 Chapter L sponsored their Annual Chili Dump on Oct. 13th. E-2 always has a good showing there and we enjoy all the activities
that Chapter L plans for the day. I know there is a lot of work that goes on to have an event that large and I want to thank Rich
& Linda Elsen for opening their home to us and taking us on the hayride. The chili is always good - no matter which pot you get
it from.
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    E-2 ON THE MOVE BY THE                                                     Couple of the Year Alumni
   CHAPTER DIRECTOR Cont’d from Pg. 2                                 2006             George & Roberta Vandal
The Annual Fall Color Ride, which was led by Ed Ely, was more         2005             Russ Schauer & Heather Sutter
of a green ride this year. We haven't had enough cold weather
to put much color in the leaves yet. The roads that Ed led us         2004             Phil & Ellen Taub
on were so windy, that if the leaves were colored, we probably
wouldn't have been able to take our eyes off of the road long
enough to look at them. There were 16 bikes that made a nice
colored path while winding through all the country roads. We
stopped in Aberdeen for lunch and from there headed to Hills-
boro for; you guessed it, an ice cream stop at Dairy Queen
where we said our goodbyes for the day. Great Job Ed!
                                                                        Meeting times and dates of our local Chapters:
On October 20th, E-2 had their Annual Halloween Party at Mar-        Chapter A-2 - the fourth Tuesday @ 7:30 PM, Knights of
ston's place of business. There were approximately 90 people         Columbus, Hamilton.
in attendance and everyone said this was the best yet. Every         Chapter F - the fourth Saturday @ 9:30 AM, Rousch's
year it gets harder to outdo the last year, but I think we did it    Restaurant, Main Street, Fairborn.
again this year. A big “Thank You” to Tim & Anita Kendrick,          Chapter KY-G - the second Tuesday @ 7:30 PM, Ryan's
Debbie Winkler, Ron & Lucy Arlinghaus, Pat & JoAnn Marston           Steak House, I-75, Exit 182.
and all who came over to help decorate for the party. Without        Chapter IN-G2 - the second Thursday@ 7:00 PM,
the help of a lot of volunteers, this party would not be possible.   Reservation Restaurant, SR101 & SR350, Milan.
I also want to thank Pat & JoAnn for the use of their building on    Chapter G-3 - the third Saturday @ 6:30 PM, Fire House
Oct. 21st, where we held our Ride Schedule Meeting. It looks         #2, Lexington Road, Eaton.
like E-2 will have a lot of good rides for 2008 to look forward      Chapter J - the fourth Thursday @ 7:30 PM,
to. We still have some open dates available for anyone who           Fuddrucker's, Dayton Mall, Dayton.
would like to lead a ride next summer or just come up with the       Chapter K - the first Saturday @ 9:00 AM, Troy Church
idea and someone will lead it for you.                               of Nazarene, SR55 & Barnhart, Troy.
November 1st, we celebrated E-2's 20th. Birthday and it was          Chapter L - the third Wednesday @ 7:30 PM, Green Twp.
Kathy's and my first meeting as Chapter Directors along with         Senior Citizens Center, 3620 Epley Lane, Cincinnati.
Mike & Pam's as ACD's. We recognized all the past CD's that          Chapter N-2 - the fourth Saturday @ 10:00 AM, Frostie's,
were present and all the Charter Members that had been with          424 W. Washington St., Sabina.
the Chapter since it had started 20 years ago. It was good to        Chapter KY-P - the first Friday @ 7:00 PM, Heritage
see Charlie & Elizabeth Estep again. They are kept very busy         Honda, Maysville.
with their jobs and don't make it to many meetings. Hopefully,       Chapter R - the second Sunday @ 10:00 AM, Paw's
we will see them more often in the future. I feel very fortunate     Bingo Hall, old SR36, Greenville.
with my staff because I have a wealth of resources to go to for      Chapter S-2 - the third Thursday @ 7:30 PM, New Rescue
advice as I have two past CD's and many long term staff mem-         95, SR68, Springfield.
bers as well. I feel we will have a very active and fun time for     Chapter T-2 - the first Tuesday @ 7:30 PM, Church of the
the coming years.                                                    Brethren, 208 Main St., Trotwood.
It was Maury Dick's 80th birthday and Erva brought in a cake to      Chapter X-2 - the third Saturday @ 9:00 AM, Otterbein
celebrate it with us. E-2 also had a cake to celebrate the Chap-     Retirement Community, SR 741.
ter’s birthday. It was a very busy night as the web-page coordi-
nator and the new historian were getting pictures of all the new
staff members, along with the ones that had stayed on staff.         “ Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is
Hopefully, in the near future, the whole staff will be present so    of you.”                       Ralph Waldo Emerson
we can update the web page with a group photo.
I look forward to serving as your Chapter Director and feel
honored to have this position. I will do all I can to keep this
Chapter active and growing so it can celebrate another 20
years.                                                                     An important note from the
                                                                           editor: The newsletter dead-
Bill Martin                                                                line is the first of every month.
Chapter Director E-2
                         Page 4                                       E-2’s Handlebars

The ACD Speaks
Greetings E-2 from your new ACD! As you know by now, if you attended our November Gathering, Pam and
I are your new ACD'S. We have been active in E-2 since Kenny & Nancy Fread asked us to join their staff as
Concierge and we stayed in that position during Tom & Cookie's term. It is now Bill & Kathy Martin's turn to
take over as CD and they asked us to fill the position of ACD to which we proudly said YES. Chapter E-2 is
our home; it is the only chapter we have ever belonged to so when we were asked to be ACD we were
thrilled. We think of the GWRRA members as family and we hope with the staff Bill & Kathy have put together we can continue
to move forward and grow.
In October we had our Annual Halloween Dance and we had a great time. We had the largest crowd we have ever had and we
want to extend a special thanks to the Kendricks, and Debbie Winkler for the entertainment. A very special thanks goes to the
Marstons for again letting us use their place of business for the dance. The day after is always clean-up and Ride Schedule day.
We have a lot of nice rides for the upcoming year, but still have some openings - so if anyone has an idea about a place to go or
something to see please let us know. You don't have to lead if you don't want to; just give us the idea and if we can work it in
we'll take care of the rest. Our Holiday Party is coming up in December and we hope to see you there. If you are going to at-
tend you need to get your reservations into Sandi Smith ASAP.
Thank You Tom & Cookie for doing a fantastic job as CD it was an honor to be a member of your staff.

That's all for now; remember to RIDE SAFE because "Getting There Is Half the Fun".

Mike and Pam Scherzinger

From the Not Anymore Historian:
Hi Everyone,
I have enjoyed being the Historian for E-2
since 2002. It is amazing to look through
the photo albums of the past years and see
all the things that our Chapter has done. If
I would have had pictures from every ride, there would
probably be at least two photo albums for each year! I
want to thank everyone who gave pictures to Bill and me
for these books.
Bill and I would like everyone to welcome Kim & Dan Wat-
kins as the new Historians. Kim enjoys taking pictures and
scrap booking. We know they will do a great job. If you
have any pictures you would like to share from a ride,
please let Kim or Dan know.                                   The Annual Alzheimer's Walk took place this year on Saturday,
Thanks to everyone for letting me take your picture,-even     Oct 6th, instead of a Sunday! Boy was it different than in years
when you didn't want it taken, for the Chapter album.         past! In the past we have run the gamut on weather. It's been
Bill and I are looking forward to these next two years as     cold, wet, sunny...miserable, and pleasant. This year it was HOT!
Chapter Directors and will make sure that E-2 continues to    And they changed the route! The organization kept the walk in
have fun with plenty of pictures to prove it.                 downtown Cincinnati. I think the route was shorter also. But the
                                                              best news is we had 22 bikes to use! WOW! This was definitely
                                                              the best turnout ever! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
Take care & Ride Safe!                                        Afterwards, 30 of us cruised up to Waynesville to the Village Fam-
                                                              ily Restaurant (you know the place with the great apple dump-
Kathy Martin                                                  lings!) for lunch. Then we broke up and cruised on home. We
                                                              want to thank everyone from E-2 and L who made this year's walk
                                                              a great success and makes our job easier! Mark your calendars
                                                              for next year - the first weekend in Oct.
                                                              Thank you again.
                                                              Pat & JoAnn Marston
                                             Dec. 2007                                                              Page 5

                                                                    Ride Safely by,

                                                                    Phil and Ellen Taub

Ah, yes, it’s that time of year again, the       They have water filters on their lines to      Adapted from Nat’l RE newsletter
end of the riding season for most of us          prevent their air tools from getting water
and time to put the motorcycle                   in them.
and accessories up for the                       You can make blocking to bring your tires
                                                 off the ground. The block needs to be
winter.                                          about 12 ¼ inches tall. Place it under the
When placing your motorcycle and                 engine while the Gold Wing is on the
accessories away for the winter, all             center stand. Both tires will be off the
clothing should be clean and put on              floor and no flat spotting can occur.
hangers. Do you have a reflective vest?          Cover the Wing with a breathable
Do not fold them, but hang them on your          material. With temperatures rising and
jackets on hangers. Do not hang two              falling, condensation occurs and that
reflective vests side by side. The material      brings moisture. With a light cloth or
can stick together.                              cotton sheet, the moisture can evaporate
Helmet linings should be cleaned with a          and leave the Wing dry.
mild soap and placed in a warm place to          Battery tender or equivalent helps to
dry. Check the strap for fraying. If in          keep the battery charged during the                 Emergency Tubes
doubt, due to the fact you have dropped          storage time and prolong its life. Check
it a couple of times, replace it. Some                                                            In addition to your Emer-
                                                 the cells (if not sealed) and fill to the full
helmets may be made from petroleum                                                                gency Medical Form, you will
                                                 level. Check periodically to make certain
based products. They will deteriorate            they stay filled.                                also want to be sure and
with time. Some newer helmets are made           Check your owner’s manual for required           have a Medical Power of At-
of composite materials and can be around         maintenance and plan that for the winter.        torney and HIPA (Health In-
a little longer. To get the information          Do you need to change filters, clutch and        formation Privacy Act). You
about your helmet, contact the                   brake fluids, anti-freeze, final drive lube?     will probably be able to find
manufacturer or Snell Foundation, if it is       Clean and polish/wax the motorcycle to           these forms free on the
Snell approved. A good rule of thumb is 5-       protect it and have it ready to ride next        internet.
7 years for a helmet even if not visibly         spring.
damaged.                                         Critters - remember to protect
Drain your engine and remove old                 everything from those little varmints. I
contaminated oil. Even if you don’t have a       know of a few friends who have had to
lot of miles since your latest change, oil       replace the entire wiring for their
will be contaminated with acids and              motorcycles.
combustion blow-by. This is not good for                                                          A Rider Education Update…
                                                 Last, but not least, remember the first aid
the aluminum case.                               kit. Check for items you may have used
Add fuel stabilizer to your gas tank and fill                                                    Remember that January is re-
                                                 and replace them. Latex (or non-latex)
the gas to the top so condensation cannot        gloves should be replaced in the spring         newal time for your Levels. We
form as the winter temperatures                  when you bring the bike back out of             will make sure that your informa-
fluctuate. Run the engine for 15 minutes         storage.                                        tion is current with OH Rider
after adding stabilizer to rid the engine of     Talk to us about signing up for an ERC          Education and there is no charge
untreated fuel.                                  class in the spring before the class gets       for renewing. MFA, ERC and
Do you fill the air in your tires from a tire    filled!!                                        CRS will be offered for members
pressure stand? Ever notice how much             The old saying, “An ounce of prevention
moisture is in the air line? We have a lot
                                                                                                 to maintain their Levels status.
                                                 is worth a pound of cure”. These are
of humidity in our area and the air pump         some tips on tucking in the Gold Wing,
station has a lot in their lines. This results   which will help when you are ready to go
in water inside the tires and no way out.        next year.
Not a good thing for any wheel made of
steel or aluminum. Have a tire dealer or
your motorcycle dealer fill your tires.
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           December 1                    E-2 Holiday Party                 New England Club                    6:00 P.M.

           December 6                  Chapter E-2 Gathering               New England Club                    7:30 P.M.

           December 12                    Ice Cream Social                 New England Club                    6:00 P.M.

            January 1                  New Year’s Day Ride                       Burbank’s                      12 P.M.

            January 3                  Chapter E-2 Gathering               New England Club                    7:30 P.M.

           January 10                   2008 Cruise Meeting                New England Club                    7:30 P.M.

Hello Everybody,
I gotta say, Cathy and I are very glad to be back on the E-2 staff. We are both looking forward to the up coming year. We had
our Ride Schedule Meeting on October 21st and we have a lot of great rides scheduled for 2008. We do have some weekends
still open so if you have an idea for a ride please let anyone on staff know and we will do our best to add them. Here are the
upcoming events for December and early January. Ride Safe and we hope to see you soon.

December 1: The E-2 Holiday Party. There is a great dinner planned with a slideshow to follow. I’m sure there will be a visit
by Santa Claus himself. It should be a great time. so get your reservations in quick. The time is 6 pm. If you have any
questions you can call Sandi Smith @ 843-2152.

December 6: The E-2 Gathering at the New England Club. It’s always a great time with lots of good information. Hope you
all can attend. The time is 7:30 pm. If you have any question you can call Bill Martin (Chapter Director) @ 732-3528.

December 12: The Ice Cream Social for the residents of the New England Club. The residents always look forward to this.
There will be singing and a visit from old Saint Nick himself. The time is 6 pm. If you have any questions you can call Bill Martin
@ 732-3528.

January 1: The Multi-Chapter New Years Day Ride. It will be held at Burbank’s in Sharonville. This is always well attended by
all the local Chapters. The time is 12 pm. I hope to see you there. If you have any questions you can call Bill Martin @ 732-

January 3: The E-2 Gathering at 7:30 pm at the New England Club. It will be the first meeting of 2008. It should be a lot of

January 10: The meeting for the 3rd Annual E-2 Cruise. This one is going to Hawaii! Call JoAnn Marston @ 563-6001 or
Debbie @ Holiday Cruise & Travel (388-3600) with questions. See you there!
That’s all For Now
Dave & Cathy

                                           Congratulations to Harold Gatts for
                                          winning October’s Membership
                                        Dec. 2007                                                             Page 7

Sunshine Notes

                                                        Jim Pennington (Chapter L) had cataract surgery on his right
                                                        eye and Martha Kennedy (Chapter X-2) is recovering from
                                                        pneumonia. Also, Lori Hicks (Chapter L) has lesions on the
                                                        liver and doctors feel confident that they may be shrunk with
Russ Schauer’s sister is undergoing treatment for a
cancerous brain tumor. Cards may be sent to her at:     proper treatment.
                  April Partin
                  3925 S. Rte. 222
                  Batavia, OH 45103
Also, if you would like to contribute to the fund              Happy Anniversary to You….
established to help defray her medical costs, you may
                                                                 December Anniversaries
do so at any branch of US Bank in care of The April
Partin Trust Fund.                                             Kirk & Pat Schreiber               3
                                                               Dave & Karen Taylor                4
Roger & Penny Hurley have asked us to do a card
shower for Kirby White as he battles throat cancer.            Gene & Barb Hill                   9
The cards may be sent to him at:
                                                               Harold & Kathy Gatts               15
                 Kirby White
                 3399 George Street                            Ron & Marilyn Bistany              31
                 Burgoon, OH 43407

Jack Brady is at home and recovering after his recent
heart problem. Please send him cards at:
                   Jack Brady
                   491 Maple Leaf Drive
                   Cincinnati, OH 45255

Roberta Vandal recently underwent surgery for a                   It’s Your Birthday!!
small cancerous growth near her eye. She is doing
well and is at home. Cards may be sent to her at:                 December Birthdays
                  Roberta Vandal                                  Durrell Monroe                      9
                  8493 Deer Path
                  West Chester, OH 45069                          James Miller                        10
                                                                  Clarence Barber                     15
Cheryl Ringer was hospitalized with lung problems
and is now at home recovering. She is also still                  Jim Jones                           19
undergoing chemotherapy and needs our prayers.                    Karen Tomlin                        22
Cards may be sent to her at:
                 Cheryl Ringer                                    Ted Mueller                         30
                 4939 St. Rt. 132
                 Batavia, OH 45103

Melanie Geggie had an angioplasty and a stent                           Some Will Rogers Humor…
inserted. She is recuperating at home. Cards may be
sent to her at:                                         1st - Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about
                  Melanie Geggie                        your age and start bragging about it.
                  2208 Oxford-Trenton Rd.               2nd - The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line
                  Oxford, OH 45056                      for.
                                                        3rd - Some people try to turn back their odometers 144512. Not
                                                        me, I want people to know “why” I look this way. I’ve traveled a
                                                        long way and some of the roads weren’t paved.
                     Page 8                                          E-2’s Handlebars

                  Ohio Chapter E-2 Staff
Chapter Directors               Bill & Kathy Martin
(513) 732-3528                  “Bills2004Wing@aol.com”
Asst. Chapter Directors         Mike & Pam Scherzinger
(513) 233-9726                  “pmscherzinger@fuse.net”                Gold Wing Storage: heated, secured storage for your
Rider Ed./Newsletter            Phil & Ellen Taub                       toy! Bike only - $25/month; Trailer - $15/month.
(513) 469 -8405                 “philandellen@cinci.rr.com”             CALL Pat Marston for details, evenings only @ 563-
Sec./Ph. Tree/FlagCoord.        George & Roberta Vandal                 6001.
(513) 860-5993                  “museumkeeper@hotmail.com”
Treasurer/Ret. Riders         Russ Schauer & Heather Sutter             For Sale: GL/1500 Accessories, too numerous to
(513) 752-3551                  “hets-mail@isoc.net”
                                                                        mention. Very Reasonable. Some new/some used.
                                                                        Call Russ Schauer @ H: 752-3551 or C: 382-4561.
Membership Enhancement          Steve & Anne Teal
(513) 894-3010                  “STEAL1@cinci.rr.com”
Ride Coordinator                Dave & Cathy King
(513) 742-0937                  “Wing95@cinci.rr.com”                     October Door
Pins, Patches & Goodies         Kirk & Pat Schreiber                         Prizes
(513) 528-7596                  “kpat@aol.com”
                                                                        Boy did we have a lot
Concierge                       Pat & JoAnn Marston
                                                                        of nice door prizes
(513) 563-6001                  “marstontec@aol.com”
                                                                        this month thanks to: Walt Bohanan, Cookie Salamon,
Senior Advisor                  Clyde & Terry Jones
                                                                        Kathy Martin, Joan & Clarence Barber, Phil & Ellen
(513) 528-0720                  “uturn60@cinci.rr.com”
                                                                        Taub, Ed Ely, JoAnn & Pat Marston, Joan Herrick,
Public Relations/MAD            Tom & Cookie Salamon                    Marilyn Sears, Karen Tomlin, Kathy Gatts, Anne Teal,
(513) 871-9072                  “Wing2ride@aol.com”                     Ruby Campbell, Kathy Richard, Karen Taylor, Jack Elson
Historian                       Dan & Kim Watkins                       & Pauline Boderone, Pauline & Durrell Monroe, Joe &
(513) 899-2517                  “DanandKim3@msn.com”                    Stormee Lupo, Dan & Barb Otto, Rick & Carolyn
Door Prizes                     Dan & Barb Otto                         Siermann, Bernice King, Lucy Arlinghaus, Dan & Georgia
(937) 444-2020                  “dbotto2@msn.com”                       Horgan, Dave & Cathy King and Nancy Fread.
Sunshine                        Clarence & Joan Barber                  The winners were: JoAnn Marston, Nancy Fread, Ken
(513) 734-6366                  “cpbarber@fuse.net”                     Fread, Kathy Gatts, Joan Barber, Marilyn Sears, Dan
Kitchen Coordinator             Carthell & Leslie Himes                 Otto, Lucy Arlinghaus, Ed Ely, Pauline Boderone, Russ
(513) 625-3708                  “instafab@one.net”                      Sears, Cookie Salamon, Clark Didday, Roberta Vandal,
Webmaster                       Ron & Lucy Arlinghaus                   Cathy King, Dave King, Phil Taub, Ellen Taub, Joan
(859) 341-5936                  “cincye2webs@aol.com”                   Herrick, Chuck Geggie, Elmer Jauch, Sue Slagle, Debbie
Cabin Fever Coordinator         Don Ward & Sandi Smith                  Winkler, Pauline Monroe, Durrell Monroe, Dave
(513) 843-2152                  “ward5714@cinci.rr.com”                 Taylor, Georgia Horgan, Ron Meyer, Kathy Martin, Ron
Chapter of the Year Coord.      Dan & Georgia Horgan
                                                                        Cawein, and Karen Tomlin won the Surprise Canister. I
(513) 738-3425                  “horgand1@muohio.edu”
                                                                        wish to thank Nancy Fread for writing down the names
                                                                        and Ellen Taub, George Vandal, George’s
2007 Couple of the Year         Ken & Nancy Fread
                                                                        granddaughter, Nicole, and Clarence Barber for handing
(513) 899-3020                  “kennankc@juno.com”
                                                                        out the door prizes.

                                                                        Clarence & Joan

                                                                                    Travel Agent Humor
                                                              An aide for a Bush cabinet member once called and asked if he
                                                              could rent a car in Dallas. When I pulled up the reservation, I
                                                              noticed he had only a 1-hr. layover in Dallas. When I asked him
                                                              why he wanted to rent a car, he said, “I heard Dallas was a big
                                                              airport and we will need a car to drive between the gates to save
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Emergency personnel will turn to a
person’s cell phone for clues to a             Chapter E-2 has purchased these ICE
person’s identity. You can make                stickers for you to put on your cell phones
their job much easier by inputting             and will be available at each meeting.
                                                                                                               In Case of
ICE into your list of contacts and
list the phone number of the per-
son(s) to contact in case of an
Also, a free Medical Emergency
Identification Card (if you have                 Something cool that Xerox is doing...
access to a computer) is available
online at www.medids.com/free-                   If you go to this web site, www.letssaythanks.com, you can pick out a thank
                                                 you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is cur-
id.php. All you need do is fill out
                                                 rently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some
the information on your computer,
                                                 member of the armed services.
print it out, fold it in half, have it
                                                 How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send
laminated (if you so desire) and                 one!!!
carry it in your wallet.
                                                 This is a great site.
                                                 It is FREE and it only takes a second.

  The Taste of                                                                        March of Dimes Ride
   Clermont                                                          We had ten bikes that joined us at Mt.
We helped man the                                                    Carmel Kroger’s for the March of
Clermont Safety                                                      Dimes Ride. We left at 9:30 am and
booth in Batavia for                                                 rode to the Meijer’s in Florence KY.
the Taste of Cler-                                                   There were two to three hundred bikes                   of
mont. While there,                                                   all kinds in the Meijer’s parking lot when we got there.
we had E-2 flyers to                                                 After everyone got registered and had a few snacks and
                                                                     drinks we got on the road.
hand out to give
                                                                     We had a police escort and police at all of the traffic
GWRRA some ex-                                                       lights plus Ride Captains blocking the side roads so we
posure. I want to                                                    didn't have to stop. The forty mile route through the
thank Kirk Schrei-                                                   countryside was very nice. When we arrived at the
ber, Lorraine Simpson, Clark & Kathy Didday, Tom &                   speedway they had live music and games and of course,
Cookie Salamon, Ed Ely & Joan Herrick for helping Kathy              more food. After everyone got done eating and a few
and me man the booth on Sunday.                                      bathroom breaks they started letting bikes on the track.
Bill & Kathy Martin                                                  They had fifteen or twenty bikes at a time on the track,
                                                                     but before they finished their three laps they started an-
                                                                     other group. After the three laps everyone went their
                                                                     own way. It was a very nice ride and for a good cause.
              In the 1500’s…                                         We hope to make it a yearly event and I hope we can
In those old days, they cooked in the kitchen                        double or triple the number of bikes.
with a big kettle that always hung over the fire.
Every day they lit the fire and added things to                      Clarence & Joan Barber
the pot. They ate mostly vegetables and did
not get much meat. They would eat the stew
for dinner, leaving leftovers in the pot to get
cold overnight and then start over the next day. Sometimes the
stew had food in it that had been there for quite a while. Hence
the rhyme, “Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge
in the pot nine days old.”
               Page 10                                   E-2’s Handlebars

11576 Goldcoast Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45249

                                 Office 513-563-8100
M. Patrick Marston               1 (800) 966-1020
President                         Fax 513-554-8532


     “Calibration, Certification, Sales & Service

              Casper presents
      Tri-State Custom Cycles
Chrome parts and accessories                                                     Definitely A Man!
Custom lighting and painting                                         Because I’m a man, when the car isn’t running
Custom seats, bags, and boots by CORBIN                              very well, I will pop the hood and stare at the
Batteries: wet & sealed in stock                                     engine as if I know what I’m looking at. If an-
                                                       other man shows up, one of us will say to the other, “I used
Jack Elsen & Pauline Boderone                          to be able to fix these things, but now with all these com-
5951 Harrison Ave.          GWRRA Members              puters and everything, I wouldn’t know where to start.”
Dent, OH 45248              (513) 574-5097             We will then drink beer.
                                       Dec. 2007                                                               Page 11

Our last ride of September was to the American Motorcycle Hall of
Fame Museum in Pickerington, OH on September 29th. This is a sub-
urb of Columbus, OH and the facility also houses the offices of the
American Motorcycle Association (AMA).
We left from Dunkin’ Donuts on Rt. 42 with 11 motorcycles. There
were 9 Gold Wings, and we had 2 non-Wings who were friends of
Mike Scherzinger’s and had joined us for this ride.
We headed out on Rt. 42 and tried riding some back roads, but there
are not many good motorcycle roads between Cincinnati and Colum-
bus that we could ride and still get to our destination at a reasonable
time. We finally had to jump onto I-71 and then I-270 to complete
our trip. We also came upon a detour on I-270 and were glad to
have Mike Scherzinger’s knowledge of Columbus to get us to our des-
Once there, the first order of business – after paying our admission fee – was LUNCH. This was a brown-bag ride, and the
facility had a lounge which we used to sit and eat in. As we finished, we went on our individual tours of the museum.
The exhibits change periodically, and this weekend we were treated to the Motocross America exhibit. The exhibit featured
over 60 famous motocross machines, hundreds of artifacts and personal treasures, a multitude of photographs spanning eight
decades of action, interactive kiosks and displays and special educational sections.
We stayed for a couple of hours, and then headed back towards Cincinnati. The two non-Wings left earlier, as did one of the
Wings, so we the remainder of us decided to take a much more leisurely ride home. Again with the help of our truck-driving
Gold Winger, we found some bike-friendly roads to take.
We wound up in Blanchester, where we stopped at UDF for ice cream – of course – and said our farewells and went in our
different directions.
We had an excellent day of riding, and Cookie and I thank those that participated. They were Bill & Kathy Martin, Clarence &
Joan Barber, Ron Meyer, Mike Scherzinger and his 2 guests, Chuck Stansell and Rex Vaught, Ed Ely & Joan Herrick, Steve &
Ann Teal, Don & Kim Watkins. Hope you all enjoyed the ride as well as Cookie and I did.

Tom & Cookie Salamon

 Door Prizes
We had a few
nice door prizes
to pass out. We want to say thanks to: Pauline
Boderone, Dan &Terri Baumann, and Karen
Tomlin who returned the Surprise
The winners of the door prizes were: Chuck Geg-
gie, Walter Bohanan, & Pauline Boderone who
won the Surprise Canister.
We want to thank everyone who brought door
prizes, and for helping to pass them out.

We'll see you next month,
Dan & Barb
                       Page 12                                          E-2’s Handlebars

          Our Labor Day Weekend Ride
Our Labor Day weekend ride started on a brisk Saturday morning
when our leader, Phil Taub, along with Bill & Kathy Martin, Tom &
Cookie Salamon and Judy & Fred Starcher, headed for Thomas Jeffer-
son’s home in Monticello, VA.
Our ride took us through the southeast portion of OH, via SR 32, to
Jackson where we picked up SR 35 leading to my home state of WV.
After a short stint on I-64 we exited onto SR 39, for the most part a
two lane black top highway. This portion of our trip was uneventful,
however the scenery was pretty.
I have to say that after riding many different roads throughout WV,
SR 39 has to be one of the best. The road was very well maintained,
marked with signs and a whole bunch of twisties.
Our first stop for the night was to be at Warm Sulfur Springs. We
were about 20 to 30 minutes from our destination, sort of laid back
on the backrest and taking in the scenery and curves, when all of a sudden Phil yells into our radios “BEAR-BEAR-BEAR”!!!
Phil had disappeared from my sites around a sharpie to the right. Bill & Kathy, following Phil, lit up their brake lights and disap-
peared into the curve. At that split second, I had no idea what was around that curve. As I approached the curve, just waiting
to see Phil being eaten by a bear, I see dust flying on top of a fifteen foot high rock wall which was right next to the edge of the
road. At the top of that rock formation was a huge black bear, everyone later agreeing to be about 300 pounds, doing every-
thing it could to get out of our paths. I can only imagine, by Phil’s tone of voice, he must have thought it was the size of a Mack
truck. Tom and Cookie, our tail gunners, also got a good look at the bear too. That little experience certainly woke everyone
up in a hurry.
Once our nerves had settled down a tad, we were all back in the groove, enjoying the scenery and heading for our first night’s
rest. The next thing I remember was Phil yelling in the radios again DEER-DEER-DEER!!! I was already operating on “my one
last nerve” and I certainly didn’t need to hear that tone of voice again. Needless to say, the next few miles to our hotel was a
                                          slow and very watchful ride. All I can say is “nice job Phil, no bear claw marks on us or
                                          deer hair on the bikes, all is well.
                                          Our first night’s stay was at an old 1800’s era converted County Jail House that was ac-
                                          tually a two-story house sitting on the side of a mountain. Just below the “jail house”
                                          was another huge house, which was the original County Seat, and Court House. Cur-
                                          rently it operates as an upper class restaurant and pub. After we finished a delicious
                                          meal at the Court House, several of us strolled down the hill and across the street to
                                          the Warm Sulfur Springs Bath House. Actually there were two small buildings, one for
                                          the women and one for the men, to enjoy a constant flow of 98 degree sulfur water in
                                          the “all natural”. Yep, I’m certainly glad they were closed for the day. Had it been open
                                          and I would have gone in, well….enough said!
                                          Sunday, day two, everyone was up early to another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine.
                                          We were placed at tables in the Court House ready for breakfast to be prepared and
                                          served by our hosts. Everyone had a quick laugh when we were asked, ”how do you
                                          want those eggs fixed”? The only thing offered was eggs, bacon and toast, along with
coffee and juice. It didn’t take long for everyone to decide what to eat.
Again we started out on SR 39 heading for Monticello, and again what a great ride it was. The driveway leading to Thomas Jef-
ferson’s home was long and winding up along the mountainside. Once at the top, you can see the University Of Virginia, which
Jefferson helped design and build. Historians say he spent a lot of time sitting on his porch watching the progress of the con-
struction of the university. I’m not going to spoil your trip to Monticello by talking about the many things to see at this man-
sion. I will say Thomas Jefferson was well ahead of his time with the many things he invented and applied to this house. This is
a site well worth visiting. Phil amazed everyone when he decided to take a group picture. Phil placed his camera on the
ground, about 100 feet away and had to run back to join us, twice. He wasn’t even short winded!
We left Monticello late in the afternoon heading to a State Park Lodge for dinner. The trip took a little longer than originally
planned (I think Phil was being extra cautious!!!). The nice part was the lodge was only a 20-minute ride back to the “Jail
House”. We knew it would be dark by then. As we turned off the highway onto this small, narrow, tree lined road heading for
the lodge, the sign said 11 miles (I think). This road looked like something right out of the movie “Deliverance”. I would have
sworn I heard banjos playing in them thar woods. We arrived at the lodge to a very nice reception where they served us well
with an abundance of food.                                                                              Cont’d on Pg. 13
                                         Dec. 2007                                                                  Page 13

 Cont’d from Pg. 12
 Up Monday morning at a reasonable time, we had decided to travel
 the road for an hour and find breakfast. Phil located a nice family
 type restaurant in a small town where everyone filled their tum-
 mies and tanks. Once again we were traveling the beautiful roads
 of Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio and back to our homes where
 our journey came to a safe ending.
 Over all, the trip was wonderful. The only downfall was Phil’s wife,
 Ellen, was unable to participate due to her recently having surgery
 and not fully recovered.
 All involved on this journey know Phil and Ellen put a lot of effort
 in the planning. Hopefully in the near future, this trip can be of-
 fered again and Ellen will be able to participate.
 Thanks Phil, Ellen, Bill, Kathy, Tom, Cookie and Judy for a great
 ride; life is good.
 Fred Starcher

Thanks to Carolyn & Keith Maupin for attending
E-2’s Oct. Gathering

                                                   GWRR Rides All Day
                                             Thursday, September 20th had the promise of a great day to ride. And such a prom-
                                             ise brings out the Gold Wing Retired Riders: Gene and Barb Hill, Russ and Marilyn
                                             Sears, Cary Florence and Candy Mc Roberts, Joe Lupo, Jay Silver, Steve Teal, Dur-
                                             rell Monroe, Maury Dick, Walt Bohanan, Ed Ely, Whitey Bell, Ted Mueller, and Russ
                                             It’s been said that one of Russ’ objectives is to keep the riders guessing as to where
                                             they’ll end up for lunch. (There have been times
                                             when even Heather thought she knew – and
                                             Russ would change it en route.)This time it was
                                             the White Star Restaurant in Peebles. Tables
                                             were put together for the group as they entered
 the restaurant. After a good meal, the riders were on the road again – heading for Rockin’
 Robbins in Ripley – and ice cream. And Jay Silver can attest to great old fashion malts. A bit
 more tire-kickin’ and it was time to head home. Can these days be packaged?

 Ramblin’ Russ and Hip-Hop Heather
Chapter E-2 Directors
Bill & Kathy Martin
2673 Jackson Pike
Batavia, OH 45103

   Next Chapter Gathering is December 6, 2007
            Chapter E-2 meets at The New England Club
             New England Club Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio
(Anderson Township – 8100 block of Beechmont Ave.)
              The 1st Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM

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