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									Macbeth Movie Project
Grade 10—Western Literature
Ms. Taylor/Ms. Platt/Mrs. Vitulli

You are a movie company, and you are in the process of preparing your release of
the new film production of the literary classic Macbeth! In order for the film to be a
success, you have three tasks ahead of you:

Task # 1 (Poster)

You must create a poster to advertise your movie. You’ve seen these posters at every
movie theater. They put them up to advertise movies currently playing and movies
coming soon. Your poster must have the following elements:

   1) It must be visually eye-catching (you choose the size). There must be a visual
      element. If you choose to use pictures from the Internet or from a clip art source,
      you must cite your source. If you are artistic enough to draw it yourself, go to
      town! Be creative! Be accurate with the visuals, but do not be gross or

   2) You must list the actors you are casting on your poster. You are casting Macbeth,
      Lady Macbeth, King Duncan, Banquo, Malcolm, and Macduff.

   3) You must have a catchy slogan for your movie. For example, the slogan for Jaws
      is “Don’t go in the water.”

Task # 2 (Casting Director’s Notes)

You have selected the actors for your movie. Now you must justify your decisions to the
big boss. For each actor, you must write a paragraph to explain why you picked the actors
you picked. You can include such reasons as their personalities, physical appearances,
and other similar roles they have played in other movies. However, you must include at
least one quotation from the text for each character as well.

Task # 3 (Press Release)

You need to write a one-page press release to advertise your movie. Many people aren’t
as well-read and educated as you are, so you’ll need to give a very brief explanation as to
what the movie is about. Also, you’ll want to inform the public of who the starring actors
are. Remember, big-name actors equal big time profits! Include information about the
release date. Remember, this writing is designed to advertise your movie. Above all else,
you are trying to convince people to come see it. Be persuasive! However, don’t spoil the
ending by saying too much.

Deadline: This is your final project for Macbeth. You should work on it over the winter
break and finish it immediately afterwards. Your project is due on Friday, January 7,
2011: Bring ALL pieces of the project in hard-copy to class (Period 7—Drop off before

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