1. ATHENA 2011 Conference Program by 0c4j6J3


									                 Crisis Management International Conference

                                    "ATHENA 11"
                         Thessaloniki, Greece 1- 4 June 2011
                    Conference Venue "I. Vellidis" Congress Centre

                                            CONFERENCE GOALS
    • Analyze Current instabilities in the international crisis management system
    • Explore Emerging methods, possibilities for increased cooperation and specialization
    • Discuss Discussion and exchange of views and experiences between various key partners,
              international actors and across government offices on multidimensional crisis
              management initiatives, best practices and common challenges


The conference will include 7 panels and 6 working groups concurrently meeting in the afternoon. It is
noted that at the end of each session, a time period of approximately 10’ will be given for Q and A.
Participants will actively participate in working group discussions designed to analyze the current
situation and develop suggestions on various aspects of crisis management

                                            Working Groups

            Leaders                                             Sessions
• Prof. Panagiotis Tsakonas            "The impact of climate changes on the national and international
                                       security and stability"
•   Prof. Fotini Bellou                "New NATO Strategic Concept and Crisis Management"
•   Prof. Michael Tsinisizelis         "Interlocking and not inter-blocking International Organizations for
                                       crisis management (CMO) in the Field"
•   Prof. Vassilios Katos              "Information Systems-addressing cyber warfare -legal framework"
•   Prof. Christos Fragkonikolopoulos "Optimization of civ-mil synergies in the field of Crisis Management"
•   Prof. Costantinos Manasakis       "Financing of crisis management operations-Logistics role to the
                                      success of multinational crisis Management"
                                   Tuesday, 31 May 2011
   Time                                   Event                                       Location
16:00 - 21:00 Early registration of participants at "Classical Makedonia Palace”        Hotel
 18:00-20:00 Thessaloniki city tour (non hosted)

                                 Wednesday, 1 June 2011
07:30-08:30   Registration at ‘‘Classical Makedonia Palace” Hotel and ‘‘I.
              Vellidis’’ Congress Centre
   08:30      Departure from the hotel to ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress Centre
09:00-09:15   Welcome by the Chairman of the Conference Prof. Dimitris ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress
              Xenakis                                                                   Centre
09:15-09:30   Conference Opening by the Alternate Minister of National
              Defence Panagiotis A. Beglitis
09:30-09:45   Opening Remarks by the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence
              General Staff General Ioannis Giagkos
09:45-10:30   Guest Speaker: Rector Eleni Glycatzi-Arveler, President of the
              University of Europe
10:30-11:00   Coffee break
11:00-13:00   Morning Session: "International Concept and National
              Moderator: Ted Whiteside, Secretary North Atlantic Council -
                 • Lt Col Benoist Luc, The Netherlands MOD
                 • Prof. Christos Fragkonikolopoulos, Aristotle University of
                 • Lt Col Evangelia Siotropou, Hellenic Navy/ International
                 Law Department
13:00-14:00   Lunch                                                           ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress
14:00-15:30   Afternoon Session: "The Impact of Climate Changes on the
              National and International Security and Stability"
              Moderator: Prof. Nektarios Alexopoulos, Secretary General of
              the Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes
                 • Prof. Gwyn Prins, London School of Economics
                 • Prof. Panagiotis Tsakonas, University of the Aegean
                 • Commander Ioannis Chapsos, Hellenic Navy
15:30-16:00   Coffee break
16:00-18:00   Working Groups                                                  ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress
   19:30      Departure from the hotel to Navy Officer’s Club
   20:00      Welcome Reception hosted by the Chief of the Hellenic Navy Officer’s Club
              National Defense General Staff for participants and spouses

                                   Thursday, 2 June 2011
   08:30      Departure from the hotel to ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress Centre
09:00-09:30   Keynote speaker: Grigorios Tasoulas, Secretary General of ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress
              Ministry of Citizen Protection                                      Centre
09:30-11:00   Morning Session A: "New NATO Strategic Concept and Crisis
             Moderator: Ambassador Efstathios Lozos, Director General for
             International Organizations and International Security and
             Cooperation MFA Greece
                 • Timothy Lannan, NATO HQ/International Staff
                 • Prof. Fotini Bellou, University of Macedonia
                 • Prof. Manos Karagiannis, University of Macedonia
11:00-11:15 Coffee break
11:15-11:45 Keynote speaker: Claude-France Arnould, EDA Chief
11:45-13:00 Morning Session B: "Interlocking and not inter-blocking
             International Organizations for Crisis Management in the
             Moderator: Theodosios Georgiou, Chairman of the Greek
             Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation
                 • Prof. Michael Tsinisizelis National and Kapodistrian
                 University of Athens
                 • Dr. Alice Ackermann, Senior Operational Advisor- OSCE
                 • Lt Col Holger Koch, German Federal Ministry of Defence
13:00-14:00 Lunch                                                              ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress
14:00-15:30 Afternoon Session "Information Systems-Addressing Cyber
             Warfare-Legal Framework"
             Moderator: Prof. Ioannis Mavridis, University of Macedonia
                 • Ltc Vasilios Makris, Hellenic MOD/ Mil. Justice Directorate
                 • Major-General Koen Gijsbers, Royal Netherlands Army
                 • Eneken Tikk, Head of The Legal and Policy Branch NATO
15:30 -16:00 Coffee break
16:00-17:30 Working Groups                                                     ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress
   18:00     Departure from the hotel to the Museum of Byzantine Culture
18:00-20:00 Visit to the Museum of Byzantine Culture (Participants and
             Spouses) (hosted)

                                     Friday, 3 June 2011
   08:30      Departure from the hotel to ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress Centre
09:00-10:45   Morning Session A: "Optimization of civ- mil Synergies in the ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress
              Field of Crisis Management"                                             Centre
              Moderator: Timothy Lannan, NATO HQ/International Staff
                 • Brigadier General Marco Serronha, DCOM KFOR
                 • Commander Philippe Valin, EU Military Staff
                 • Klaus Rosler, Director of Frontex Operations Division
                 • John Harris, US JFC ''SEESIM (South Eastern Europe
                 Simulation Exercise)''
10:45-11:00      Coffee break
11:00-12:30   Morning Session B: "Financing of Crisis Management
              Operations-Logistics Role to the Success of Multinational
              Crisis Management"
                 Moderator: Major General (HAF) Christos Vaitsis, Head of
                 Strategy and Policy Branch at HNDGS
                 • Patrick Fesquet, Director of Procurement NATO/ NAMSA
                 • Georgios Kouvidis, EU Council - Project "ATHENA"
12:30-13:00      Closing remarks by Chairman and Working Groups Leaders
13:00-13:30      Closing remarks by the Minister of National Defence Evangelos

                                 End of Conference Work
13:30-14:30   Lunch                                                              ‘‘I. Vellidis’’ Congress
15:30-21:00   Visit to the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai        (Vergina)
              (Participants and Spouses) (hosted)

                                  Saturday, 4 June 2011
08:00-20:00   Full day tour to Mount Athos for Participants and Spouses (non

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