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									                                  March 2011

The Line-up
Page 2: Commanding Officer Update

Page 3: The Sergeant Major Speaks

Page 4: Family Readiness Officer

Page 5: Chaplain’s Corner

Page 6-9: Staff Section Updates

Page 10: Useful Information

                                                           Marksmanship Training

                                                    Family Readiness Events
                                                17 April: 22D MEU Family Day at W.P.T. Hill
                                                Field from 2:00 – 5:00 pm

                                                17 May: Command Element Pre-deployment
                                                Brief at Marston Pavilion. Single Marines from
                                                2:00 – 3:30 pm. Married Marines and Spouses
                                                from 6:30 – 8:00 pm

                                                15 June : 22D MEU Pre-deployment Fair at
                                                Goetgge Memorial Field House from noon until
                                                3:00 pm

                                                L.I.N.K.S for Parents: Date TBD. We schedule
22D MEU Marines conducting swim                 this event a day or two prior to deployment when
qualifications at local pool.                   many parents are in town to bid their service
                                                members farewell

                                        - 1 -
A message from the Commanding Officer

Family and Friends of 22d MEU,

                            Welcome 22d MEU Family and Friends to our latest Family Readiness
                            Newsletter. I trust everyone enjoyed the holidays and was able to spend
                            plenty of quality time with your Marines, Sailors, families and children.
                            As you are well aware, we are about a third of the way into our pre-
                            deployment training cycle. The remaining portion of the cycle is
                            highlighted by the three at-sea periods and Realistic Urban Training. These
                            four events are the most dynamic and challenging to the entire MEU. Your
                            Marines and Sailors are meeting the challenge head on. Their can-do spirit
                            is truly inspirational and the foundation they are building upon will serve
                            us well into the future as we edge closer to deployment.

                            While we are very busy with pre-deployment training and preparation, we
will also make time to include the families. Family events often have different meanings for different
folks. In our eyes, marital status doesn‟t matter as we are all part of the 22d MEU Family…and it was
great to see everyone at the Christmas Party. Frank-the-FRO, along with MSgt Emch and the Marines,
matched their performance from this summer and did a great job setting up. Thanks again for
enjoying the evening with us. Frank has a number of future events on the calendar, so please keep
them in mind as the dates approach.

From the 22d MEU Family Readiness Team, our promise to you remains the same. We will do our
best to provide you with accurate and relevant information, important points of contact, and
information on upcoming events. There are a number of methods we‟ll use to keep the lines of
communication open ranging from newsletters, e-mails, and our 22d MEU web-site
( There is something for everyone and
Frank and the volunteers are busy keeping the information flowing.

Finally, speaking of volunteers, we continue to look for additional volunteers to help out. If you‟re
looking to contribute to the 22d MEU Family Readiness Team, we have a spot for you. Rest assured,
being a volunteer isn‟t a full time or even a part time job; it is truly what you feel like doing. If you‟re
interested, please contact Mr. Frank Smith, at 910-451-0421 or

Thanks again.

E. J. Steidl, Colonel
USMC, Commanding Officer

                                                  - 2 -
                                The Sergeant Major Speaks

Dear Friends and Families of the 22d MEU,

                              I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday season. As we move into the New
                              Year let‟s take a moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished
                              over the past year. It was about this time last year that the Marine and
                              Sailors of the 22D MEU found themselves engaged in humanitarian
                              relief efforts while deployed to Haiti after a very short homecoming visit.
                              Since that time we have gone full cycle from a change of command to
                              nearly a 70% turnover of personnel in preparations for a new deployment
                              cycle. The time is here and your Marines and Sailors will be spending
                              more and more time engaged in operational requirements that will allow
                              them to refine their skills and prepare themselves for the upcoming
                              deployment. The Marines and Sailors of the 22D MEU will meet all the
                              challenges ahead by teamwork and an unmatched desire for mission
                              accomplishment. I ask the Marines, Sailors, and family members that
were here for the last deployment to take the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with
those that have recently joined the MEU. I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming pre-
deployment events and the 22D MEU Family Day.

Sergeant Major Carl Chapman
22D MEU SgtMaj

                                                - 3 -
                                From the Family Readiness Officer
   “The Family Readiness Program is designed to provide a non-threatening emotional support
network during times of difficulty and /or crisis. The ultimate goal is combat readiness. Marines are
better able to focus on their jobs when they know their families are being taken care of.”

                                                                            Colonel Eric Steidl
                                                                            Commanding Officer 22d MEU

 Preparing for a deployment can be stressful on families. The 22d MEU Family Readiness Volunteer Team,
along with Marine Corps Family Team Building looks forward to helping support you with the challenges

Your Marines and Sailors have been busy preparing for the upcoming deployment. They will soon depart for
PHIBRON/MEU Integration Training (PMINT); to simplify things, we will call it Marines learning to work
with the Navy aboard ship. Afterwards, a few of the Marines will remain in Norfolk for Fleet Synthetic
Training (FST) while others will take a short break then head to Fort Pickett, Virginia to conduct Realistic
Urban Training (RUT).

Our first major family oriented event of 2011 will be the 22d MEU Family Day on April 17th. This will be a
huge event with a carnival-like atmosphere that will be sure to bring a smile to the faces of the kiddos and
hopefully will allow you the opportunity to meet and socialize with other military families who are about to
embark on the same journey. We are anticipating more than 1000 to attend, so bring your sneakers and lawn
chairs and relax as the DJ plays popular music while you snack on burgers, hotdogs, popcorn, and cotton candy.

Shortly thereafter we will hold our 22D MEU Command Element pre-deployment brief on May 17. This brief
is designed to recognize some of the obstacles families may face during the military member‟s absence and
develop a plan to mitigate them to every extent possible. Completing wills, powers of attorney, replacing lost
or expired ID cards are a few if the topics we will discuss.

Because we believe in conserving our resources, I ask that anyone that would like to receive the 22d MEU
newsletter by e-mail please send me your current e-mail address and I will forward future newsletters
electronically. However, we will continue to mail the newsletter via U.S. Postal Service to those of you without
e-mail capability. You may access our 24-hour hotline by calling 1-877-817-7322 (toll-free) or 910-
451-8780 (Jacksonville, N.C. area) and pressing the number „4‟ at the prompt.

Other great sources of information is our website at, our Digital Video and
Imagery Distribution website at (this is a great place for photos, stories and
videos that you can download), and our news page at Save these to your Internet favorites and check
frequently for updates.

As always, I am here to assist you in any way I can. Please don‟t hesitate to contact me with any questions or
concerns. My goal is to keep you informed with the most up-to-date information as the direct link to our
forward deployed MEU. I can be reached via email at or by phone at (910) 451-0421
(office), (910) 382-0896 (mobile) 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Frank Smith, Jr.
Family Readiness Officer
                                                    - 4 -
                                 CHAPLAIN’S CORNER
Let me begin by stating with how privileged and excited I am to be your Command Chaplain. I reported in
December 2010 and my family and I feel blessed to have this opportunity to serve the families of the 22D MEU.

A little background information on me, I am a native of Jacksonville, North Carolina; (yes some people will
admit this). I attended Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky for my undergraduate studies in history then
attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina for my graduate degrees in
theology and counseling. (Basically, I spent the better part of my roaring 20s chained to a textbook.) I was
commissioned in 1995 and have served as a chaplain at various duty stations around the country, primarily
serving with the Marine Corps.

As you are aware, we as a MEU family are in the midst of a demanding training cycle leading up to our
deployment this summer. As we live through this it can become easy to lose focus or become discouraged
because of the hectic and at times uncertain schedule. I want to leave one verse with you which has encouraged
my family through challenging times. The reference comes from the Hebrew Scriptures, or Old Testament, and
is found in the book of Joshua chapter one, verse nine. It reads: “Have not I commanded you: be strong and
courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God will go with you wherever you go.”

I am always amazed at the strength, support, and resolve which our families show every day. Still we are all
subjected at times to periods of difficulty and challenge. So be encouraged, find and build your support network,
and remember that you are not alone.

I look forward to being a part of your families and getting to know you. These are challenging times for our
nation. Know that we are in continual prayer for you, your family, and the thousands of dedicated Marines and
Sailors working for the cause of freedom around our world.

Semper Fidelis.

Lieutenant Commander Ted Williams
22d MEU Chaplain
U.S. Navy

                                                    - 5 -
                               Staff Section Updates
                                     document the arduous training your
                                     Marines and Sailors endure as they       ages/welcome.aspx.
                                     carry out their defined roles within
                                     the MEU. It is pertinent we              If you have any questions or
                                     continue to master the basics at         comments, please email me:
                                     each level of training, ensuring
                                     every Marine and Sailor is fully
                                     trained and prepared for any             Semper Fi,
                                     operation the unit may face.             Capt Strickland
                                                                              Public Affairs Officer
                                      We gladly welcomed four new             Public Affairs/Combat Camera
                                      Marines to the shop. Combat
                                      Videographer LCpl Holt joined us        S-1 (Administration)
                                      from Cherry Point, N.C. Cpl
                                      Henderson from 2D MARDIV, Sgt           The S-1 section would like to start
                                      Blanchard from R.S. San Diego,          by welcoming our new Marines to
                                      and Sgt Cox from MCAS New               the Command Element: Sgt
                                      River are our latest Combat             Schodowski, PFC Garcia, and PFC
                                      Correspondent additions. These          Michel. We would also like to
Public Affairs/Combat Camera          Marines bring added knowledge,          welcome our augments joining us
                                      experience and proficiency to keep      from the Installation Personnel
The Public Affairs/Combat Camera you informed.                                Administration Center (IPAC) for
team was excited to see the MEU                                               the upcoming deployment: Sgt
come together this winter. We         We also want to congratulate Cpl        Bunde, Cpl Bradley, Cpl Gopee,
increased production with stories,    Raufman on his recent promotion         and LCpl CabreraRodriguez. These
photos and videos of your Marines and graduation from Intermediate            are quality Marines and we look
and Sailors conducting valuable       Photo Journalism Course.                forward to having them at this
training for our deployment this                                              command.
summer. The cherished time we         We continue to focus on getting our
spent with our families will begin to products from the field to the web      A few of our Marines have recently
dwindle as the pre-deployment         and to you as quickly as possible. I    been promoted: LCpl Stone, Cpl
training tempo becomes more           am proud to say all of our products     Lovelady, and Cpl Gopee.
demanding.                            are a true testament to the skill and   Congratulations on a job well done.
                                      professionalism of each of our          Finally, we would like thank newly-
Our shop recently received four       Marines; many of which are used         promoted Cpl Beck for all of his
new stand-alone computers to boost by news agencies all over the world.       service to Corps and Country. Cpl
our capabilities to edit photos,                                              Beck has come to the completion of
videos and stories more effectively We know our families and friends          his enlistment and will separate
and efficiently. The Macbook Pro are looking at our web sites on a            from the Marine Corps in the near
laptops will greatly enhance our      daily basis and we didn‟t want to       future.
ability to tell you and the world our leave anything out. To see the
story and keep you up to date on      immense amount of products              Between now and the time the unit
what do as a MEU.                     published, please visit our DVIDS       leaves for its deployment, the S-1
                                      web site at                             section will be conducting pre-
Since we composited in December and              deployment audits for all personnel.
and January, your PA/ComCam           our official web site                   It is important for all service
Marines continue to write and                                                 members to conduct an audit to
                                                    - 6 -
ensure emergency contact              deserved time off. We began 2011       will be many training events away
information is updated, basic         with two training events, the rapid    from Camp Lejeune and we
individual information is correct,    response planning process (R2P2)       appreciate the support and patience
and to ensure each person has the     primer and ARG/MEU workshop.           of the families during this time.
correct information listed for life   These events allowed the               Lastly, we said a tearful goodbye to
insurance and other pay and           intelligence shop to integrate with    Major Donovan Salerno. He
entitlements. This is an important    the major subordinate elements         headed off to Fort Bragg at the end
part of a deployment and each         (MSEs) in a fast-paced                 of January for his next set of orders.
person is responsible for ensuring    environment. The shop pulled           Fair winds and following seas, Sal!
accuracy of their records. We will    together and performed very well,
publish the dates of the audits       remaining flexible and providing       Major Meredith Tobin
shortly.                              quality products throughout. These     Intelligence Officer
                                      evolutions greatly assisted in
We look forward to a busy, yet        fostering teamwork and also helped
exciting pre-deployment training      us to refine some standard operating
program. If any Marine, Sailor,       procedures (SOPs) for the
civilian, or family member has any    intelligence section.
administrative questions or
concerns, please stop by or call to Which brings us to February. So
speak to an S-1 representative.     far, we have refined our intelligence
                                    processes and products to better
Semper Fidelis,                     support the MEU Commander,
Captain Michael S. Beames           Staff and MSEs. We have tailored
Adjutant                            our intelligence support and
                                    products to be operationally             S-3 (Operations)
S-2 (Intelligence)                  focused in order to support each
                                    individual Marine on the ground          Now that the holiday period has
Over the past few months, the       and/or in the air. Additionally, we      passed, our Pre-Deployment
Intelligence Section has grown      reinforced the importance of each        Training Program has taken center
exponentially and undergone many and every Marine within the                 stage. The MEU grew from the 175
changes following our composite     Intelligence Section. We are all just    Marines within the Command
and the start of our pre-deployment pieces of a fine-tuned machine that      Element to over 2,200 Marines
training. Our section of seven      cannot function without even the         when we added elements from the
Marines has grown to more than 50, smallest cog.                             MEF headquarters group, Combat
with detachments joining us from                                             Logistics Battalion 22, Battalion
2d Intelligence Battalion and 2d    In mid-February, we held a family        Landing Team 2/2, and the
Radio Battalion. We want to         team building event at Mac Daddy's       composite aviation squadron,
welcome the many families that      Bowling Center in Cape Carteret.         VMM-263. Now that we are a fully
have joined the 22d MEU             Thank you to all those families that     functioning Marine Air-Ground
Intelligence Section over the past  could make it to the event, it was       Task Force, family support is
few months and we look forward to great to see you out, showing off          greatly appreciated during these
getting to know each and every one your bowling skills. Notable              busy times.
of you.                             bowling "sharks" were GySgt Lee,
                                    Sgt Hamilton, WO Jamison and             The Operations Section recently
Immediately following our           SSgt Helfin. We are looking              welcomed many new faces in
composite in December, we were      forward to other opportunities over      support of the upcoming
very busy conducting our internal   the next four months to get together     deployment. 1stLt Stephen Graves,
intelligence training phase of the  and continue to build our team.          SSgt Cameron Wainwright, and
pre-deployment training plan                                                 LCpl Kurtis Gagnon added depth to
(PTP). Then, we enjoyed the         As we approach March, we will go         the Fires Support Section. PFC
holiday season for a bit of much    into full swing on our PTP. There        Ryan Walker joined the MAGTF
                                                   - 7 -
Plans section, Sgt Laterica Powers    US Army Certificates of                 to the occasion and exceed
is the new Web Designer, and SSgt     Commendation for their efforts.         expectations.
Luis Fernandez became the new
Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection       Finally, congratulations are in order As your Marines continue to exhibit
Chief. Capt Joshua Plummer            for newly promoted Cpl McNeely        a positive mental attitude, the 22d
brought his entire Force Recon        as of 1 February 2011.                MEU S4 section will continue to
Platoon to the MEU, including his                                           succeed in all aspects of logistics.
renowned platoon sergeant, GySgt      Major Trevor Hall
Kevin Dale. GySgt Dale was            22D MEU, Operations Officer           Once again I would like to thank
awarded the 2011 Marine Corps                                               you for supporting your Marine, our
Association Leadership Award on                                             S4 family, and ultimately the
January 14, 2011 for the second                                             mission of 22d MEU S4.
year in a row.
                                                                              Semper Fidelis,
The section will bid farewell to                                              Major Sean P. Smith
LCpl Derrico Grier in the coming                                              Logistics Officer
weeks. LCpl Grier spent many long
hours as the go to Marine when                                                Medical
things needed to get done. He has
spent long days in the cold working                                           22d MEU Medical Aid Station is
to prepare the operations section for                                         now open for business! Our
training events conducted outside.                                            mission is to provide safe, efficient,
LCpl Grier‟s future plans are to      S-4 (Logistics)                         and effective health care while
move back home to Charlotte N.C.                                              ensuring operational readiness. In
to further his education.             With the final composite of the         preparation for the upcoming
                                      MEU in January, the S4 section has      deployment, the medical
The entire section has spent          seen a surge in requirements and        department is working diligently
numerous days away from Camp          requests that are now part of our       conducting multiple health care
Lejeune on various trips. The Fires daily routine to support the              screenings and administering
section attended the Supporting       MAGTF, which is directly affecting      immunizations to ensure all
Arms Coordination Center Training the hours required to work daily            personnel are fully medical and
in Virginia and conducted the Fire supporting the war fighters.               operational ready. This will help
Support Interoperability Exercise                                             ensure a safe and successful
upon returning to Camp Lejeune.       The S4 is moving forward and has        deployment.
The CBRN section trained in           had one new baby, five promotions,
Gallagher, WV at the Center for       five new joins, and has completed a     Lt Jaime Longobardi
National Response from 23 January multitude of training requirements.         Medical Officer
through 6 February conducting         By ensuring family care plans, wills,
Level I Technical Rescue              power of attorneys, and family
Certification. While there, the       matters are well planned for before
Marines received training in high     the deployment, we show our
and low angle rope rescue, confined commitment to our families and our
space rescue, and structural collapse dedication to being a professional,
rescue. Of the eleven Marines and mission orientated S4.
Sailors from the MEU that attended In the upcoming months, 22d MEU
the offsite training, LCpl Incarto    S4 section will participate in
from VMM-263 receiving                various at-sea exercises as well as a
distinguished honor graduate          field exercise in Fort Pickett, Va.
recognition and Cpl McNeely from This will allow your S4 Marines to
the CE receiving honor graduate       be challenged and undoubtedly rise
recognition. Both Marines received
                                                    - 8 -
                                      They surpassed the goal of a six-
                                      hour setup by two hours, which was

                                      Even with the Communications
                                      Exercise just finished, they are
                                      already busy preparing for
                                      upcoming events. Currently data
                                      Marines are busy preparing servers
                                      on the ships, while radio Marines
                                      are supporting live fire exercises
                                      around the base that incorporate
                                      ground and aviation delivered fires.

S-6 (Communications)                The broad spectrum of
                                    requirements covered by these
During the last few months, the 22d training events will ensure that the
MEU S-6 section integrated over 30 Communications Marines are ready
Marines from 8th Communications for any event that they might
Battalion. These Marines have       encounter while deployed, and will
brought significant expertise,      ensure that they become excellent
enthusiasm, and capability to the   communicators.
shop. The section is now fully
capable, and ready to take on any   Captain Todd Boese,
challenges it will face.            Assistant Communications Officer
The Marines have been busy with
the on-going Pre-deployment
Training Program (PTP). The shop
recently completed an aggressive
Communications Exercise in which
all radio, telephone, and data
services were established. The
shop first established itself at a
Landing Zone, then moved to
Onslow Beach, and finally finished
the exercise near the MEU
Headquarters building. All of the
Marines put in long hours, but it
was worth the progress that has
been achieved over the past months.

                                                    - 9 -
                    Useful information
   Reference websites and Family Readiness Resources
       Reference                       Purpose                               Website / Phone
   American Red Cross           Emergency information to  or 1-877-272-7337 or
                                   Service Members                         Local (910) 347-3581
                                                                      Camp Lejeune (910) 451-2182
Camp Lejeune Base Housing     Information on how to obtain
                              military housing and check the               (910) 450-1627/1628
                                        housing list
        L.I.N.K.S.             Spouse information. Learn   
                              more about the Marine Corps                    (910) 451-1299
          MyPay                Pay Statements (LES), and           
                                       adjust pay
       MOTO MAIL              To send e-letters to deployed        
                                   service members
  Hurricane preparedness      Local Emergency information
                                       and help
Marine Corps Family Team         Provides information on  
        Building                 resources and services                     (910) 451-0176
  Navy and Marine Corps           Provides emergency               
      Relief Society             assistance to Families                (910) 451-5346 Camp Lejeune
           USO                  United Servicemember’s     
                                      Organization                               (910) 455-3411
   Women, Infants, and        Assist with pre and post natal                2455 Tarawa Terrace
     Children (WIC)                  nutrition/support                           (910) 347-3613
   Military One Source             No cost professional     
                                counseling on any subject.                    1-800-342-9647
                                 You name it, we can help
      MCCS Lejeune            Services, activities, and events
                                     on Camp Lejeune
         TriCare                Provides medical resource       
                                        information                           1-877-874-2273
   New Parent Support          Provides information for New
        Program                           Parents                 (910) 449-9501, Bldg 4012B, Midway Park

  Relocation Assistance         Incoming/Outgoing moving                (910) 451-1055 or 451-1056
                                  assistance, loan locker,
                                    welcome packages
Family Member Employment           Provides employment            2475 Tarawa Terrace (910) 450-1676 or
   Assistance Program             assistance information            4014E, Midway Park (910) 451-3366
 Marine Corps Base Camp            Information on Base         
   Lejeune Information            Commands, Schools,
                                  Housing, Legal, etc…
Information on any military   Directions, procedures to gain
       Installation            entrance, lodging, childcare

                                               - 10 -

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