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How To Use PLR Content To Exploit Long
            Tail Keywords
                                   How many sites do you own, where the traffic generated from long tail keywords far exceeds that of the main
                                   keyword? I know personally about 60% of my sites gain most of their traffic through their long tails as opposed to
                                   their mains. Therefore how can we exploit the long tail keywords of individual niches in a way that will maximize
                                   traffic without spamming the search engines?

                                   So What Are Long Tail Keywords?

                                   Long tail keywords are basically keywords that contain the main keyword(name of the niche) plus other words.
                                   For example if the main keyword was 'cosmetic surgery' an example of a long tail would be 'cosmetic surgery in
                                   Los Angeles'.

                                   So What's So Great About Long Tails?

                                   Good question and the answer has to do with their level of competitiveness. Most long tail keywords are linked
                                   with low competition in the search engines. Well you may think "so what, hardly anyone searches for 'cosmetic
                                   surgery in Los Angeles' or 'dog training in Montana'". You're right, but what if you had 50 pages that all targeted
                                   different long tail keywords? Let's say the average amount of visitors that one of those keyword brings in a month
                                   is 100. Multiply that by 50 and you've got 5000 unique's each and every month.

                                   Now tell me this, how hard do you think it would be to rank for those keywords? Easy! That's right, most long tail
                                   keywords are incredibly easy to rank for in the search engines. In fact on many occasions all that's required would
                                   be to upload a page that has content targeted towards a long tail and as soon as it's gets indexed, you may find it
                                   ranking on the first page immediately.

                                   Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should forget about targeting your main keyword and just focus on the
                                   long tails. By all means you should still have a page - usually your home page -- that targets the main keyword for
                                   your niche, but you have to realize that almost all of the time it's going to require a lot of SEO before you see any
                                   real traffic coming from that particular keyword. So, why not at the same time, build pages that will gain traffic
                                   faster and act as window pages into the main heart of your website?

                                   So what do I do if I don't have time to write 50 pages worth of content?

                                   PLR Content to the Rescue

                                   Right now PLR content is easily the best way of exploiting the long tails of any particular niche. Why? Well
                                   depending on the type of PLR content you have at your disposal, most PLR articles are written based around
                                   specific long tail keywords. That means you will be able to build pages that have content specifically optimized for
                                   individual long tail keywords, which the search engines will absolutely love! If you don't want to spend a lot of time
                                   writing article after article on topics like 'dog training in Montana' or 'lip eczema relief' and you can't afford to pay
                                   someone to write these articles for you, PLR content is the solution you are looking for.

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Description: Non-target words on the website but can also bring search traffic keywords, called long tail keywords. The characteristics of long tail keywords is a long, often composed of 2-3 words, even phrases found in the content page, in addition to the content page's title, but also in content. Search volume is very thin and unstable. Long tail keywords bring customers into the product the customer site the probability is much higher than the target words. There are a lot of long tail keywords and medium-sized site, it brings the total flow is very large. Basic properties of long tail keywords are: scalability, targeted and wide.