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                                                      Agenda Item: 3(i)

 Communication Strategy and Tier Stakeholder List
                         Purpose: Consideration
                         Submitted by: Australia

                                 Second Sub-Committee on Customs
                                              Procedures Meeting
                                                      Cusco, Peru
                                               14-17 August 2008
                Single Window Working Group Phase 2 - Communication Strategy and Tier 2 List

        The APEC Sub Committee on Customs Procedures (SCCP) Single Window Working Group (SWWG)
        Phase 2 was established to deliver the six recommendations in the APEC SCCP Single Window
        Strategic Plan 2007. The terms of reference for the Phase 2 working group have been designed to
        support this work.

        A tiered approach to engagement has been incorporated into the terms of reference as a direct result
        of the strong private sector involvement in the single window workshop held in Sydney, April 2007.

        Tier 1
        Tier 1 Members of the APEC SCCP SWWG Phase 2 are the 13 SCCP Member economies: Australia
        (Chair); Canada; China; Japan; Korea; New Zealand; Peru; Philippines; Singapore; Chinese Taipei;
        Thailand; United States and Viet Nam.

        The Members will be supported by subject matter expert participants from the APEC Electronic
        Commerce Steering Group (ECSG), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat,
        United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) and World
        Customs Organization (WCO).

        Tier 2
        The Tier 2 stakeholder list is a way to involve a wider range of stakeholders in the development of the
        outputs over the next 2 years whilst at the same time keeping the core group (Tier 1) to a size
        conducive with delivering timely results.

        The Tier 2 stakeholders will be relevant industry and/or government representatives nominated by the
        SCCP Member from within their economy.

        It will be the SCCP Member's responsibility to keep their economy Tier 2 organisations advised of the
        group's progress and provide the SWWG with an economy response.

        There will be other relevant organisations that are not economy specific for example World Bank and
        the WTO. The SWWG Chair will be responsible for drafting the non-economy specific Tier 2
        organisations list and advising these stakeholders of the group’s progress.

        It is intended that communication with Tier 2 stakeholders will be via email but also encourage
        relevant APEC event organisers to use this list when inviting participants to workshops and other

        The Tier 2 stakeholder list is a living document that the group will update and have approved
        biannually at SCCP meetings for the life of the SWWG Phase 2 term.

        Tier 3
        The Tier 3 wider output distribution will be the responsibility of all SWWG Phase 2 members and
        involves the unrestricted distribution of the final outputs developed by the SWWG.
                                         Single Window Working Group Phase 2
                                                     Tier 2 Participants

    Proposing          International               Organisation Name                              E-mail
    Economy         Stakeholder Name
International      Ms Rita Filiaggi           E-freight Legal Counsel,           FiliaggiR@iata.org
Not Economy                                   International Air Transport
Specific                                      Association (IATA)
                   Mr Irfan Rahim             Head of Cargo Section,             irfran.rahim@yahoo.com
                                              International Maritime
                                              Organisation (IMO)
                   Mr Marc Juhel              Transport and Logistics            mjuhel@worldbank.org
                                              Adviser, World Bank
                                              GFP: Global Facilitation
                                              Partnership for Transportation
   Proposing        International            Organisation Name                             E-mail
   Economy       Stakeholder Name
                                       and Trade
               Mr Daniel Bloch         Manager, International              bloch@fiata.com
                                       Federation of Freight
                                       Forwarders Association
               Mrs Ju-Song Lee         Advisor, International Chamber      ljs@iccasia.comm.sg
                                       of Commerce (ICC Asia)
               Mr Rob Battistel        Secretary, Observer for the         r.battistel@fedex.com
                                       Conference of Asia Pacific
                                       Express Couriers (CAPEC)
               Ms Alexandra HO         APEC Business Advisory              Alexandra.ho@asiapacific.ca
                                       Council (ABAC)

Australia      Professor David         CEO, Centre for Customs &           david.widdowson@canberra.edu.au
               Widdowson               Excise Studies, Canberra
               Mr Hal Morris           Executive Director Australian       Hal.Morris@AustLogistics.com.au
                                       Logistics Council
               Mr Daniel Tehan         Director, Trade Policy and          Daniel.Tehan@acci.asn.au
                                       International Affairs, Australian
                                       Chamber of Commerce and
               Mr Louis Gross          Chairman, Customs and               louis@grossbecroft.com.au
                                       International Transactions
                                       Committee, Business Law
                                       Section, Law Council of
               Mr Paul Angel           Director Australian Federation      paul.angel@ijsglobal.com
                                       of International Forwarders
               Susan Blackwell         Executive Officer, Ports            sblackwell@aapma.org.au
               Mr Stephen Morris       Executive Director, Customs         smorris@cbfca.com.au
                                       Brokers and Forwarders
                                       Council of Australia
               Mr Winton Brocklebank   Director Aviation Security,         winton.brocklebank@dotars.gov.au
                                       Department of Infrastructure,
                                       Transport, Regional
                                       Development and Local
               Mr Peter Bignell        Australian Quarantine and           peter.bignell@aqis.gov.au
                                       Inspection Service
               Mr Roberto Bergami      Senior Lecturer, School of          Roberto.Bergami@vu.edu.au
                                       Applied Economics Faculty of
                                       Business and Law, Victoria
               Mr Trevor Long          General Manager, Group              tlong@qantas.com.au
                                       Facilitation, Board of Airline
                                       Representatives of Australia
               Mr John Collins         Managing Director,                  john@coltex.com.au
                                       Collins Textile Group,
                                       Australian Chamber of
                                       Commerce and Industry
               Mr Kevin Reilly         Institute of Chartered              kevin@gtrconsulting.com.au
               Mr Geoff Clark          International Air Couriers          Geoff_Clark@tnt.com.au
                                       Association of Australia
              Mr Eddy Declercq         Shipping Australia                 eddy.declercq@oocl.com
              Mr Peter van Duyn        Stevedoring Industry               pvanduyn@patrick.com.au

Canada        Ms Alice                 Canadian Association of            Alice.peresdasilva@cn.ca
              PERESDASILVA             Importers and Exporters
              Ms Carol OSMOND          Canadian Association of            carolosmond@sympatico.ca
                                       Importers and Exporters
              Mr Colin WORLEY          Canadian Produce Marketing         Colin.worley@loblaw.ca
              Mr James PHILIPS         Canadian American Border           canambta@aol.com
                                       Trade Alliance
              Mr John MOCCIA           Association of International       jmoccia@livingstonintl.com
                                       Customs and Border Agencies
              Ms Michelle CRIGER       Canadian Society of Customs        mac@cssb.ca
              Mr Bruce G BOWIE         Canadian Shipowners                bowie@shipowners.ca



Korea         J-Ho LEE                 Korea Customs UNI-PASS             Jiho.lee@unipass.or.kr
                                       Internationalization Association
              Sang-Won LIM             Korea Institute for Electronic     swlim@kiec.or.kr

New Zealand   Mr Ashley MUDFORD        Manager Information                Ashley.Mudford@nzfsa.govt.nz
                                       Management, New Zealand
                                       Food Safety Authority
              Mr Graham WILSON         Chief IT Architect, Ministry of    Graham.Wilson@maf.govt.nz
                                       Agriculture & Forestry-Bio
                                       Security New Zealand
              Ms Rosemarie             Executive Director, Customs        Rosemarie@cbaff.org.nz
              DAWSON                   Brokers & Freight Forwarders
              Ms Denise McCAMISH       Confederation of Asia Pacific      Denise.McCamish@fedex.com
                                       Express Couriers
              Mr Garth WYLLIE          Chair, Tomorrows Cargo             Garth.Wyllie@ema.co.nz
                                       Logistics forum
              Mr Bob WALTERS           CEO, Export New Zealand            admin@exportnz.org.nz

Peru          Mr Gustavo De Las        Peruvian Customs Brokers           tavo@casoraduanero.com
              Casas                    Association
              Mr Juan Carlos León      Peruvian Exporters                 jcleons@adexperu.org.pe
              Siles                    Association
              Mr Martín Chavez         Peruvian Forwarders                mchavezt@newtransport.net

              Mr Roberto De La Tore    Lima Chamber of Commerce           rdelatore@camaralima.org.pe
              Ms Iliana Bordo Molina   Peruvian National Society of       ibordo@comexperu.org.pe
                                       International Trade
              Mr Federico De Aparici   Peruvian National Society of       fda@sni.org.pe


Singapore                                CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd            customs_international@customs.gov.sg

Chinese Taipei   YANG, Shu-Ping Peter,   TILA Taiwan international       tilatwn@ms75.hinet.net
                 Chairman of TILA        logistics Association
                 Alicia Say,             WG leader, Pan-Asian e-         Alicia.say@tradevan.com.tw
                                         Commence Alliance( PAA)         alicia77@ms71@hinet.net

Thailand         Mr. Mankorn             Vice Chairman, The              mankorn@lion.co.th
                 Dhanasarnsilp           Federation of Thai Industry

                 Mr. Anukul              Deputy Secretary General, The   anukul@lion.co.th
                 Tamprasirt              Federation of Thai Industry

                 Mr. Tong                Vice President, The Thai        thong@tangsgroup.net
                 Tangsritrakul           Licensed Customs Brokers


Viet Nam

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