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					           Boost SEO with
        an Online Community

How social media can generate business ROI
Presenter Introduction

  Kent Lewis
  President and Founder of Anvil Media, Inc.

  Paul Biggs
  Online Marketing Manager at Jive Software
Today’s Agenda

  Overview of Search Engine Marketing

  4 ways online communities impact Search

  Marketing and technical best-practices

  Q&A session - you can submit questions
  anytime during the presentation
Search Engine Overview – The Battleground

 Pay                        Paid

 Engine                    Search

 Do you have an SEO strategy for your
customer community/forum specifically?
4 SEO Impact Points for Communities

  Capture more “long tail” searches with a community

  Boost core keywords (“head”) for your main website

  Generate ongoing keyword research opportunities

  Offset some broad match PPC costs

 Let’s dive in...
Search Traffic Patterns

                  Most search visits typically
                  come from 5-15 keywords in a
                  search portfolio, the “head”

                  The rest of the keywords are
                  referred to as the “long tail”

     Head                 Long Tail
Communities and User-Generated Content

                User-generated content
                Marketing Department
                builds long core keywords
                focuses on tail keywords
                (online community)
                (main website)
                   “online customer engagement
                   “jive software” (branded keywords)
                   “clearspace community”
                   “business case for enterprise 2.0”
                   “collaboration software” (broad keywords)
                   “What community metrics should I
                   “community software”
No User Content = Missed SEO Opportunity

                 Websites without a long tail
                 SEO strategy are missing
                 large opportunities:
                    missed traffic
                    missed sales and leads
                    missed revenue

              not optimized = missed opportunities
Long Tail Example        choosing the right backup technology

  This NetApp
  Community discussion
  thread appears above
  a number of big
  publishers on the
  search results page
Communities Also Impact Core Keywords

                Strategic SEO in an online
                community can also boost
                “head” keywords on main site
Core Keyword Example – Clearstep

  Marketing team
  can provide “seed
  suggestions” with
  SEO-friendly links
  to main site

  Template contains
  links to main site –
  links grow naturally
  with each new post,
  discussion, or doc
Keyword Research Opportunities

  If you run your own community, you can:

     Deploy web/buzz analytics tools on every page

     Maintain rights to the user-generated content for
      integration with marketing initiatives

     A/B test different topics for popularity with customers

  Re-purpose new keywords into organic and paid
  search initiatives
Keyword Research Example

 Clearstep popular keyword cloud - Many Eyes data visualization tool
Improved SEO Can Reduce PPC Costs

Recap: Driving Search Strategy
Increase traffic & reduce costs with an online community

Win the Search Battle             How an Online Community Helps
Capture more of the “long tail”   Leverage users to generate niche SEO
                                  content that the main site can’t cover

Boost core keywords               Build links to high-value pages on the main
                                  site to increase core SEO factors

Drive keyword research            Let users show Marketers what keywords to
                                  focus on, and augment core SEM strategy

Reduce PPC costs                  Increased search rankings drive more clicks
                                  via organic instead of paid listings

What will make this work best?
Some Best-Practices for Marketers
  Start community with initial content silos and tag groups that will help
  guide users towards SEO goals as they

  Give community managers a list of keywords to seed – focus on page
  titles first, for thought-provoking (even controversial) questions/content

  Provide SEO training for staff involved in community – education is
  key, must be part of the content workflow

  Create ample cross-links between community and main site
      Main site: Community Everywhere plug-in for Clearspace
      Community: link to high-value marketing pages with calls-to-action

  Heavily integrate your community into all other marketing programs –
  it needs a lot of TLC and visibility to grow
Some Best-Practices for Web Engineers/IT
  Community should be installed on your domain, not the
  vendor’s (or other separate domain)

  Community should be deployed to a sub-folder, not a sub-
  domain, of your main site
   - yes
   - no (in most cases)

  Any migrations should be managed carefully with an XML
  sitemap and 301 redirect map (not 302s – or 404s!)

  Stay tuned for an upcoming whitepaper (and for Clearspace
  Community users, a deployment guide) with a series of
  tactical details.
Q&A Session
Thank You
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