; Lessons 5 and 6 Gallipoli the movie
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Lessons 5 and 6 Gallipoli the movie


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									Answer the following questions on a Word/OneNote document and then email them to Miss Insuasti at the
                           end of the lesson: clinuasti@riverview.nsw.edu.au

In Australia

    a)     Where is the first scene set and when?
    b)     Where is the scene taking place (as in what area of Australia)?
    c)     How do the children get entertained at night?
    d)     How does Archie know about Gallipoli? How would you find out today?
    e)     Why would events like the running races be important to rural Australians at the time?
    f)     Based on the film and what you know what were some of the reasons for the men joining up?
    g)     Describe the mood at the recruitment camp and at the quay (dock) as the ship is pulling out

In Cairo

    a)     Where is Cairo and when were they there?
    b)     In the shadow of what famous monuments are the Australians based?
    c)     What were the Anzacs doing there? (Use your own knowledge plus what you see to answer this one)
    d)     What new experiences were the Anzacs subjected to? (Think about where they go in free time)
    e)     What was the discipline of the Anzacs like?

In Gallipoli

    a) During all the Gallipoli scenes, describe the condition and list the different things that you see in the
       movie – dot point are fine here
    b) What is the food and water situation like?
    c) List some of the innovations and inventions that the Anzacs developed whilst on the front
    d) How is the general mood and moral of the Anzacs
    e) What were some of the things that went wrong with the attack at The Nek?
    f) How are the British portrayed in these battle scenes?
    g) In detail (minimum of 75 words remember this has word count) describe the attacks at The Nek and
       how it made you feel about the Gallipoli campaign? (you can consider the usefulness of the campaign,
       justification for bloodshed, the courage of the Anzacs and the spirit of the Anzacs)
After watching the movie come up with 3 things you learnt about Gallipoli or WW1, 2
conclusions you made from the movie about Gallipoli and 1 Question about the Gallipoli
Campaign or what you saw in the movie

3 Things                                        



2 Conclusions                                   


1 Question                                      

When you email this to Miss she will get the best questions and answer them in your next

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