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Rollercoaster Madness_


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Dramatic rollercoaster story!
Up until the age of 11, I was horrified from the sight of a
rollercoaster. When I looked at some of the scariest rides on
YouTube I actually felt sick! My first ever rollercoater ride was on
the 7th April 2010. It was a frightening day and as me and my
friends family headed of to Thorpe Park I was a nervous wreck!
The first ride my friend decided we would go on was colossus a
98ft tall, 30m long ride which is also the worlds first 10 inversion
rollercoaster. As I plucked up the courage to get on this ride, I
knew I could face nasty consequences….

                  Unsure of what I was
                  about to face I closed my
                  eyes until the ride came
                  to a screeching stop.
                  And lets just say, I wasn’t
                  the happiest person when
                  the ride ended……..
       Why I am so Passionate
        about rollercoaster!
•   Rollercoasters mean a lot to me         A rollercoaster design!
    because I believe it is the best
    way to get an exciting thrill from
    doing an activity that is highly
    enjoyable! Of course you can
    get thrills from bungee jumping
    but nothing compares to the
    anticipation of riding a
    rollercoaster. I also know that
    many people fear Rollercoasters
    but believe me, when you get
    over that initial shock of being
    on a scary rollercoaster, you will
    find it as being one of the most
    amazing experiences that will
    blow your mind!                      Top thrill dragster – Cedar Point
Rollercoaster Images!
More Images…
           Top 5 Coasters!
Number 5:
Air – Alton towers
Air is a steel Flying roller
coaster located in Alton
Towers designed to
make the riders feel as if
they are flying whilst
dodging objects such as
trees and rocks.
           Top 5 Coasters!
Number 4:
Superman – Six Flags
Superman has a very
  high and steep first
  drop that leads on to
  an amazing roller
  coaster. It’s bright red
  coloured track stands
  out from all the other
  rides at Six Flags.
         Top 5 Coasters!
Number 3:
Oblivion – Alton Towers
  With a drop that
 plummets as far down
 underground as the
 height you dropped
 at, this coaster is a
 scary one and was
 the worlds first
 vertical drop ride in
             Top 5 Coasters!
Number 2:
Top Thrill Dragster –
Cedar Point
Top thrill dragster is a steel
Hydraulic-Launched roller
coaster that is over 400ft
  (120m) and released in
          Top 5 Coasters!
Number 1:
Nemesis–Alton Towers
Being known as the most
  intense ride experience
  in the world, this ride
  will leave you
  speechless with a
G-Force of 4.5 pounding
  on your body!
The oldest roller coaster!
• The oldest roller coasters are believed to
  have originated from the “Russian
  mountains” which were constructed hills of
  ice located around saint Petersburg built in
  the 15th century. The slides were built to
  about 70 or 80 feet consisted of 50 degree
  drops and were supported by wooden
           Types of coasters
• Today there are two types of coasters:
• Steel roller coasters
• Wooden roller coasters
Steel roller coasters are known for their smooth ride and often awkward
   shapes that make the ride more thrilling!
Wooden roller coasters are more known for their rough rides which
   enthusiasts enjoy as It can also make the ride thrilling but wooden
   roller coaster are more dangerous than steel coasters as the steel
   coaster are easier and constructed better.
  Thank you for watching!
• To sum up,
I love roller coaster because they are thrilling,
   enjoyable and probably one of the best things
   you can experience. Although many people may
   have a fear of roller coasters, the easiest thing to
   do is face your fears head on and enjoy the
   rides as much as you can these rides have gone
   through many safety checks so there is no need
   to worry if you feel unsafe.
Thank you for watching my presentation,
I hope you enjoyed it!

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