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          Interpretations Key
Give possible interpretations for:                              Thinkers
•     Your neighbour making large circles in his
      back garden by pouring oil from a can.

•     2 people crying and hugging each other.

•     A mouse running towards a cat.

•     A person smiling and talking on a phone.

•     2 people talking and then laughing hysteri-

•     Your neighbour sweeping the roof.

•     Your teaching coming into school with a suit-
      case full of jelly beans.

•     A man walking backwards and forwards in
      your living room.

•     5 people standing in a field
      waving their arms above
      their head.

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                  Reverse Key                                                       Alternative Key
List:                                                               List ways of doing tasks without normal imple-
                                                                    ments. Work out 3 ways to:
•        Comments friends wouldn’t make to each.
         other.                                                     •      Brush teeth without a toothbrush.

•        Things you can’t measure with a ruler.                     •      Measure the depth of a well without a tape-
•        Things you can’t do with a piece of paper.
                                                                    •      Wash clothes without a washing machine.
•        Things you can’t eat with a fork.
                                                                    •      Mark out a football pitch without paint.
•        Things you can’t put in water.
                                                                    •      Eat porridge without a spoon.
•        Things you can’t do with your feet.
                                                                    •      Secure your house without a key.
•        Things you can’t do when sitting down.
                                                                    •      Dig a garden without a spade.
•        Things you can’t change shape.
                                                                    •      Stir your cup of tea with a knife, fork or
•        Bugs that aren’t insects.                                         spoon.

•        Things you would not find on a beach.                      •      Brush hair without a comb or brush.

                                                                    •      Eat your dinner with no cutlery.

                                                                    •      Sleep outside without a tent.

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    Forced Relationships Key                                                      What If Key
Use 2 or more unrelated objects to solve a prob-              What if...
lem. Solve the problem of:
                                                              •      ...we each had 10 cars.
•     Litter in the playground using a packet of
      mints, a rubber band and a pencil.                      •      ...friends only lasted a week.

•     No games to play at lunchtime with a ball, 2            • could only eat sweets once a year.
      sticks and a drum.
                                                              • had 1 million pounds.
•     An argument between 2 friends with a pencil
      sharpener and a chair.                                  •      ...there were no schools.

•     Noisy neighbours with a red nose and a                  • were stranded on a desert island.
                                                              •      ...there was no sea.
•     Children running in school with a ball, a tam-
      bourine and a pair of sunglasses.                       •      ...we could all bring an animal to school.

•     Getting wet in the rain using newspaper and             •      ...everyone had 10 brothers and sisters.
      a piece of wool.
                                                              •      ...nobody smiled.

                                                              •      ...we had an extra day in each week.

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            Disadvantages Key                                            Construction Key
List the disadvantages and improvements to:                 Construct a:

•        An umbrella.                                       •      Measuring device using 2 paper plates, string
                                                                   and a block of chocolate.
•        Car seats.
                                                            •      Ladder using newspaper, toothpicks and
•        Slippers.                                                 masking tape.

•        School.                                            •      Clock using sticks and a plate.

•        Chopsticks.                                        •      Robot using bottle tops, matchboxes and
•        School bags.
                                                            •      Musical instrument using paperclips, elastic
•        A lawnmower.                                              bands, tin foil, box and cotton reel.

•        A chair.                                           •      Somewhere to sit using a piece of string,
                                                                   stick and balloon.
•        A wheelbarrow.
                                                            •      Table using cardboard, string and rulers.
•        Cars.
                                                            •      Egg timer using a candle, paper and marker
•        Trainers.                                                 pens.

•        Toy car.                                           •      Baby’s toy using paper, a ball and 4 sticks.

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               Dispute Key                                                 Combination Key
Consider statements which are usually accepted                Combine attributes of two products to make a new
without question and try to dispute them:                     one.

•     Every school much teach history.                        •      Car and plane.

•     You have the right to smoke.                            •      Scissors and teddy bear.

•     You must do what your parents say.                      •      Train and umbrella.

•     You must follow instructions.                           •      Book and pram.

•     You do not have to learn how to do maths.               •      Pram and umbrella.

•     You must save endangered species.                       •      Magazine and bicycle.

•     Children should go to school.                           •      Bus and fountain pen.

•     Children must sit on the carpet at story time.          •      Elastic band and a bag.

•     Everyone should be able to vote over the age            •      Chair and a spoon.
      of 18.
                                                              •      Television and a fridge.

                                                              •      Washing machine and a car.

                                                              •      Chair and a fridge.

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                   Alphabet Key                                                 Invention Key
Place the letters A to Z down the side of the page.            Invent a:
For each letter name:
                                                               •      Machine for peeling oranges
•        Leisure activities.
                                                               •      A combination knife and fork.
•        Modes of transport.
                                                               •      Shoes that carry you to school.
•        Countries.
                                                               •      Chair with a book holder.
•        Animals.
                                                               •      A spider catcher.
•        Girls names.
                                                               •      A sandwich making machine.
•        Boys names.
                                                               •      Clothes that don’t need ironing.
•        Things people enjoy.
                                                               •      Flying machine.
•        Rivers.
                                                               •      Machine that turns book pages for you.
•        Towns / Cities.
                                                               •      Machine for catching mice.
•        Pop groups.
                                                               •      Machine that gets you dressed in the
•        Toys.                                                        morning.

                                                               •      Machine that cleans all the house.

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          Brainstorming Key                                                           BAR Key
                                                                               (Bigger, Add, Replace)
Think of as many ways as you can to:
                                                              Use the B.A.R. key to:
•     Ways to encourage people to use public
      transport.                                              •      Improve your bike.

•     Of catching a rat.                                      •      Redesign school.

                                                              •      Make a computer game.
•     Of getting your parent buy you a dog.
                                                              •      Improve your house.
•     To eat pizza.

•     To use a pencil.                                        •      Redesign the Blackpool tower.

•     To encourage people to eat healthy food.                •      Change the games of tennis.

•     Crossing a river.                                       •      Redesign the pen.

                                                              •      Redesign the Playstation.
•     Cool down.
                                                              •      Improve the school tables.
•     Build a den.
                                                              •      Improve the school teacher.
•     To encourage people not to drop litter.

•     To encourage people to skip.

•     Use other materials to
      make clothes.

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                 Variation Key                                                      Question Key
How many ways can you:                                            Give five questions with the answer:

•        Get to school without a car.                             •      Friendship.

•        Make new friends.                                        •      Centimetre.

•        Communicate with someone without                         •      Fish.
                                                                  •      Zoo.
•        Make someone laugh.
                                                                  •      Brown.
•        Keep dry in the rain.
                                                                  •      Vegetables.
•        Change your expression.
                                                                  •      Motorways.
•        Create art.
                                                                  •      Bicycle.
•        Order a takeaway.
                                                                  •      Car.
•        Get to Spain.
                                                                  •      Summer.
•        Write your name.
                                                                  •      Orange juice.

                                                                  •      Blue.

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          Commonality Key                                                      Prediction Key
Find common points between:                                    Predict:

•     A ruler and ice-cream.                                   •      How schools with operate in 100 years.

•     A friend and a present.                                  •      The most important form of public transport
                                                                      in 50 years.
•     A jumper and a mountain.
                                                               •      What foods we will eat in 100 years.
•     A sock and a monkey.
                                                               •      How you will look when you are 20.
•     A clock and a door.
                                                               •      What the country will be like in 1000 years.
•     A dog and a sheep.
                                                               •      What kind of clothes we will wear in 100
•     A bicycle and a newspaper.                                      years.

•     A basket and a glass.                                    •      What your computer will look like in 100
•     A teddy and a goldfish.
                                                               •      What the house of the future will look like.
•     Grass and a carpet.
                                                               •      What books will be like in 50 years.

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          Different Uses Key                                                Ridiculous Key
How many different uses can you think of for:               Make a statement that would normally seem
                                                            ridiculous and reason why it might work:
•     A broken rulers.
                                                            •      The whole world has the same time zones.
•     Empty drink bottle.
                                                            •      6 year olds can drive.
•     A carrier bag.
                                                            •      Dogs can play tennis.
•     An empty cardboard box.
                                                            •      10 year olds go to work.
•     A bin bag.
                                                            •      You only go to school 1 day a week.
•     A piece of string.
                                                            •      We don’t need to wear shoes.
•     A plastic cup.
                                                            •      Everyone speaks the same language.
•     A paper cup.
                                                            •      Children should be teachers.
•     A plastic straw.
                                                            •      Old people can go to primary school.
•     An old 2p.

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