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									            Winter Sport – Term 1& 2, 2009
Australian Rules football is offered from Year 7 - 12.

In year 7-10 teams are made up from age groupings - Under 13, 14, 15. Boys may choose to play for
the Sandy Bay Lions Junior Football Club or their nearest local junior club. Under age games are
played on Sundays.

Training times
These will need to be confirmed with your local club. For Sandy Bay Lions Junior Football Club trainings
are as follows: Under 13-14 train on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00 - 4:00 pm.

Equipment Needed
Players are required to present themselves during matches in full football uniform - boots, socks,
approved shorts, jumper. A mouth guard and water bottle are also compulsory items. Appropriate
training attire is also needed.

Please contact Mr. Prior on 62214229 or if you have any questions regarding
football or contact your local club.

BADMINTON: Mrs. Schafferius
All badminton teams will practice on a Thursday afternoon between 4pm and 5pm at the South Hobart
Badminton Centre. The first team will also practice on a Monday afternoon in the school gym and if the
school is to have mixed teams they will be included in this practice time slot. The firsts will assist with
training on a Thursday night.

There will be a bus leaving Mt Nelson road at 3.45pm of a Thursday afternoon, however, boys will be
responsible for their own transport home. Transport to and from games will need to be organized by
the individual teams captains.

Each boy must have his own racket; the school will supply shuttles for games and practice.

The school requirements are a white or predominantly white polo or Tennis top with collar of the Hutchins
tennis top, black or white shorts and white socks. If it is cold boys may play in a school tracksuit.

Please contact Mrs. Schafferius on 62214242 or if you have any questions
regarding badminton.

DANCE: Mrs. Weeding
Dance Troupe trains for 1 hour per week. Training night will be confirmed during the first 2 weeks of
Term 1.
Dance troupe work on varying style including tap, contemporary, funk, and jazz. All troupe members
work towards a major competition in the June holidays and then preparation begins for Speech Night in
December. The Troupe may perform when invited at varying venues. There are only 2 intakes into
Dance Troupe - the first 2 weeks in Term 1 and then again the first 2 weeks in Term 2. Dance is
excellent for fitness and coordination.

Please contact Mrs. Weeding on 62214203 or if you have any questions
regarding dance.
HOCKEY: Mr. Addison
Year 7-10: 1 training per week 3.45-4.45pm @ Lower Queenborough.

Weekend matches of 1 Hour @ various venues.

Equipment required:
Mouth Guard, Shin Pads, Hockey Stick.
School winter sports socks, black shorts, school hockey top, grass boots/Astroturf boots as applicable

Please contact Mr. Addison on 62214293 or if you have any questions
regarding hockey.

RUGBY: Mr. Smith
Under 14, 16 and 18 teams play in a roster from Easter until the end of Term Two.

Twice a week after school, Tuesday and Thursday at the University rugby ground.
U14: 3.00-4.30pm and U16/18s: 3.45-5.30pm

Saturday mornings U14 @ 9.00am, U16 @ 10.30 and Under 18 @ 11.30am at various venues
around Hobart.

Please contact Mr. Smith on 62214227 or if you have any questions regarding

SOCCER: Mr. Leonard
Our firsts team in the Under 13/14/15/16 will play in Youth Soccer where we play against club teams
usually on a Saturday at times between 8.30am and 4.00pm. Some games may be held on a Friday
evening or Sunday. Other teams will play in the SSATIS competition with games usually held on a
Thursday afternoon.

One or two afternoons a weeknight depending on coach availability
U13/14 teams training between 3.00 and 4.00pm.

Shin pads are Compulsory (F.I.F.A. rules), mouth guards highly recommended. School soccer uniform is
available from the school shop. You must have a school tracksuit. Numbers are required on all shirts and
are allocated by Mr. Leonard.

Please contact Mr. Leonard on 62214303 or if you have any questions
regarding soccer.

Rock climbing is back with a sport climbing and competition edge. Participants will be working towards
Southern, Regional and State indoor climbing competitions.

Years 7-12 are catered for although places are limited. Climbing will be held on a Monday night.

Please contact Mr. Blackhall on 62214279 or if you have any questions
regarding sport climbing.
Hutchins Sport Shooting Team: The Hutchins School Sport Shooting Team competes in Clay Target
Shooting. We are associated with the Derwent Valley Field and Game club but also compete at as
many clubs in Southern Tasmania as we can. On occasions we compete against other Schools in the
State and participate in a wider ongoing firearms education program. All members of the team will be
registered with the ACTA. (Australian Clay Target Association)

Students participating in the sport must be over 12 years of age, be able to supply their own equipment
and suitably qualify for a Minors Firearms Permit. Parental support is paramount and a genuine
ongoing interest in the sport is preferred. Ongoing costs associated include facility and target fees of
approx $8.00 per round of 25 targets with your own shotgun shells included. Shotgun shells are
currently available through our team at a heavily discounted rate. We welcome new members by
application and invitation. Please contact Mr Moore for further information.

Please contact Mr. Moore on 62214262 or if you have any questions
regarding sport shooting.

SQUASH: Mrs. Bamford
Practice for all grades begins April 20th at the University courts Mondays 4-5pm. The coach is Mrs. Beth
Bamford. Teams are selected after grading matches.

Matches against other schools and clubs begin on Friday evening April 24th and will be for about 1 hour
starting at 6pm or 7.30pm. Matches are played at the Eastside Squash and Fitness Centre Cambridge
Road, Bellerive.

There are 3 players per team and at least one reserve.
There are no costs involved but you must have your own racquet or you will need to hire one at your
expense form the courts ($2).

Protective glasses are compulsory at all times and IMAX visors will be provided at practice and matches.

Please contact Mrs. Bamford on 62214213 or if you have any questions
regarding squash.

WALKING: Mr. McQueen
This is an opportunity for boys to participate in an activity which is minimal in impact, yet will enhance
their physical fitness and wellbeing. It is designed for those students whom feel uncomfortable
undertaking the more traditional sporting activities.

Walking will commence in the Middle School 2 times per week: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We
have not finalised length of time at this stage. We will be walking on tracks, beach and footpath so
adequate footwear is required.

Acceptance into this activity will be through consultation with Mr. Prior and Mr. McQueen.

Please contact Mr. McQueen on 62214235 or if you have any questions
regarding walking.

WATER POLO: Mr. McNamara / Mrs. Smithies
Training is usually on a Tuesday night and games are usually held on a Friday night. All training and
games are held at the Hobart Aquatic Centre.

Please contact Mr. McNamara on 62214289 or if you have any questions
regarding water polo.

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