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WorldCat Local
          The one place your users can go to get what’s in your library,
                and millions of items from the world’s libraries
WorldCat Local delivers single-search-box access to more than 800
million items from your library and the world’s library collections. These include
resources from 40+ national catalogs and partners like Google Books, HathiTrust,
JSTOR and OAIster®. WorldCat Local connects users to all of your library’s materials—
electronic, digital, and physical—and to the delivery services that get them what
they need.
One search is all it takes
Give your users access to a single search experience
that eliminates the need to consult many separate
                                                                                     “WorldCat Local has
                                                                                  completely changed the way
                                                                                 we teach students to look, find

resources and interfaces. One search provides instant
access to your library’s materials—digital objects,
                                                                                   and evaluate information.
electronic materials, databases, e-journals, music,                                    Mark Vargas, Library Director
                                                                                           St. Xavier University
videos, audio, e-books, maps, journals, theses                                               Chicago, Illinois
and books—in addition to materials in group and
consortial catalogs and thousands of OCLC® member
libraries worldwide.

     WorldCat® Local is the best way to get

     more than 800 million items* from the
     world’s libraries in front of your users:                    The great advantage of
      •   Books: 193 million                                     WorldCat Local is that it
      •   Digital content: 41 million items                     makes a huge amount of
      •   E-books: 11 million                                  resources readily available
      •   Databases: 1,424
                                                                   in one search—in one
      •   Articles: 526 million
                                                                place—and offers quality
      •   Serials: 9 million
      •   IR content: 33 million items                           information to the user.
      •   Evaluative content: 41 million items                   Gregg A. Silvis, Assistant Director
     *As of June 2011                                             for Library Computing Systems,
                                                                 The University of Delaware Library,
                                                                         Newark, Delaware

Connect users with the items they need
Only the most appropriate “get it” options are
presented, so users quickly connect with the items       Increased Web visibility for your collections
they need. And because WorldCat Local integrates         OCLC has partnered with leading search engines (Google,
with your existing delivery services, users know         Yahoo!, Bing) and other popular social networking and
immediately whether an item is available and how         bookseller sites to increase library visibility online. When
to get it. One click lets an authorized user view an     users link from these sites to™, they can easily
electronic copy, place a hold or initiate a resource     connect directly to your locally-branded WorldCat Local site.
sharing request.
                                                         Connecting users on the Web
Building on the foundation of WorldCat                   A wide array of social networking tools let users share
                                                         opinions and expertise with online peers. They can create
WorldCat® is built on decades of work done by member
                                                         lists of favorite topics (excellent for study groups and class
libraries worldwide. WorldCat Local helps your users
                                                         requirements), write reviews, make recommendations, and
discover unique local resources alongside those of the
                                                         create personal profiles just as they do on other popular
whole cooperative. Your library becomes an entry-point
                                                         social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
for a global network of high-quality materials.
Find materials quickly                        A closer look:

and easily                                    Searching on the go...
With WorldCat Local, simplicity doesn’t       Your users expect to find the information they need through whatever
stop with the search. Your users are          device they’re using—laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. With browser-
presented with only the most appropriate      based, mobile-optimized views for a wide range of devices, WorldCat
                                              Local meets that expectation. In fact, any smartphone or feature
options to quickly connect them with
                                              phone capable of running JavaScript or a Java-based Web browser is
what they need. And because WorldCat          supported, worldwide.
Local integrates with your current services
and live circulation data, users know
immediately if (and where) an item is

One click lets users view an electronic
copy or place a hold or resource sharing
request. They can identify the branch
or department location of the items
they want, and they don’t need to
check multiple Web pages for electronic
resources, group/consortial catalogs and
interlibrary loan options.

Your staff benefits from centralized
access, too. It takes less time to maintain
data in a single location instead of
multiple locations and systems, and
no separate data loads are required for
libraries that contribute and maintain
their holdings in WorldCat.

Users also have direct access to electronic
resources from search results, due to               Mobile detailed record view           Mobile brief results view
integration with the WorldCat knowledge
base. A ‘View Now’ link on brief records
connects users directly to the electronic
                                               Mobile users can see item
articles and open-access content that
                                               location, shelf status, call number
their searches retrieve. Inbound linking       and levels of availability, and can
to full text in WorldCat Local is also         place a hold, request an item or
supported by the knowledge base.               e-mail a citation.

Customizable options                           You can also customize your
Customize your mobile landing page to          mobile landing page with
                                               additional information,
make the WorldCat Local mobile site your
                                               such as hours of operation.
library’s de facto mobile Web presence.
                                               No app download required!

                                                                                       Mobile customized landing page
  WorldCat Local—at a glance
                                                                                                                                                   For more information or to order
Benefits                                                               Features                                                                    Please contact OCLC library services at:
Content: Access to more than 800 million                               Search results include multiple formats of                         or 1-800-848-5878
items with more than 526 million articles                              materials, including electronic materials,
(depending on your library’s subscriptions)                            digital items, databases, music, video,
                                                                                                                                                   Please visit the WorldCat Local website:
                                                                       maps, journals, theses and print                                  
Single search box: One search can reach
more than 1,400 databases                                              Users can quickly link to online resources,
                                                                       place holds or request items, and borrow
Delivery: Integrates with your current ILS,                            materials from other libraries
authentication and delivery services, so your
users can find AND get it                                              A locally branded search box that can be
                                                                       placed on any Web page                                                      When you use OCLC services like WorldCat
Evaluative content: Help users evaluate                                                                                                            Local for discovery, you’re using WorldCat,
sources quicker with more than 41 million                              Branch-level holdings displayed when Local
                                                                                                                                                   the world’s most comprehensive
ToCs, summaries, cover art, album covers,                              Holdings Records (LHRs) are present
songs and notes
                                                                                                                                                   bibliographic database. WorldCat connects
                                                                       Social networking tools that allow users to                                 librarians, students, researchers and other
Usability-tested: Ongoing enhancements                                 create and share lists, write reviews, rate                                 library users to more than 230 million
are vetted with real users                                             items and more                                                              records and 5,000 years of recorded
                                                                                                                                                   knowledge. Updated at a rate of nearly one
Visibility online: Partnerships with leading                           Faceted browsing by author, format, year,                                   new record every 10 seconds, WorldCat
search engines (Google and Yahoo!) and other                           audience, topic and more
                                                                                                                                                   contains bibliographic records and holdings
similar sites put you where your users are
                                                                       Seven interface languages: Chinese, Dutch,
                                                                                                                                                   information contributed by more than 9,000
Easy: No maintenance or IT staff required to                           English, French, German, Portuguese and                                     libraries worldwide.
maintain local hardware or software                                    Spanish

                                                                       Detailed usage statistics through a hosted
                                                                       tracking/metrics tool

                                                                       Browser-based, mobile-specific version
                                                                       compatible with almost any phone at
                                                                       [institution URL]

                                            OCLC helps libraries in more than 100 countries.
                                            Please contact us to learn more about OCLC in your part of the world.

 Asia Pacific                               China                                      Latin America &                            Netherlands                                United Kingdom & Ireland
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 F			 +1-450-618-8029                                                              

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