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2008-2009 Successes2 - Conestoga College


									    2008/2009 ACHIEVEMENTS

                            Promotion                                   Date (or Date Introduced)   Campus
Poster styles & Blurb featured on LCD screens                       Year-round                            All
Languages posters (20) in windows/hallways                          Year-round                            All
Weekly Spoke advertisements                                         Year-round                            All
Respect Bulletin Board                                              Year-round                            All
Vinyl Banner on display with "Thank you for being the difference"   Year-round                            All
Respect mentioned in President's welcome at E3                      June 2008                             All
Presentation at E3 Professional Development conference              June 2008                             All
Blurb & logo included in Orientation Guide                          July 2008                             All
Campaign approached by Mohawk College for suggestions on            July 18, 2008                         All
launching their own campaign
Website content launched                                            August 2008                          All
Press release on main page of College website                       August 2008                          All
Logo included in CSI website welcome to all students                August 2008                          All
Ad (full page) included in Residence Handbook                       August 2008                        Doon
Campaign mentioned in Orientation newsletter sent to employees      August 2008                          All
Blurb included in Mature Student Guide                              August 2008                        Doon
Booth included in Orientation Table Exhibit                         August 2008 (Orientation)            All
4,000 Orientation lanyards distributed with logo                    August 2008 (Orientation)            All
Respect Logo on Orientation Leader T-Shirts' sleeves                August 2008 (Orientation)           D,W
Respect Campaign featured on Top 10                    August 12, 2008                       All
Campaign approached by Humber College for suggestions on            August 13, 2008                       All
launching their own campaign
Hits to Respect website for August = 516                            August 1-31, 2008                     All
Newsletter sent to employees about campaign                         August 28, 2008                       All
Blurb integrated in Orientation Welcome Speech                      August 25-28, 2008                Doon
                                                                    August 29, 2008                 Waterloo
                                                                    September 2, 2008                Guelph
Hits to Respect website for Sept = 268                              September 1-31, 2008                  All
Speech made at Residence Building-wide Meetings                     September 1, 2008                 Doon
Blurb integrated in Phase 2 Orientation                             September 2008                        All
Five versions of posters introduced                                 September 2008                        All
15 Tidbits included inside CSI Day Planner                          September 2008                        All
4,000 silicone bracelets with explanation tag                       September 2008                        All
Informational Brochures introduced                                  September 2008                        All
Blurb included in Student Guide                                     September 2008                        All
Contacted by Consultant developing a diversity awareness video for   September 2008                   All
the University of Western Ontario.
Brochures and newsletters distributed to staff lounges and photocopy September 3, 2008             Doon
Booth included at Pond Party                                         September 4, 2008             Doon
Blurb promoting video to employees included in College Message       September 8, 2008               All
Invitations sent to "Student Success" faculty to show video in       September 9, 2008            Doon,
classrooms                                                                                      Waterloo
Booth included at Town & Gown Neighbourhood BBQ                      September 10, 2008           Doon
Spoke article & photo - "Party at the pond"                          September 15, 2008               All
Booth hosted at Door 4                                               September 17, 2008           Doon
Booth included at Get Involved Fair                                  September 18, 2008           Doon
Spoke article - "Filling the halls with respect"                     September 22, 2008               All
Booth included at Guelph BBQ                                         September 22, 2008          Guelph
Booth included at Waterloo BBQ                                       September 23, 2008         Waterloo
Booth hosted at Residence                                            September 24, 2008           Doon
Booth hosted at ATS Building                                         September 29, 2008           Doon
Blurb mentioned in Phase 3 Orientation Video                         September, 2008              Doon
Slide included in Phase 2 Orientation                                September - October 2008         All
CJIQ Commercial introduced                                           October 2008                     All
Hits to Respect website for October = 434                            October 1-31, 2008               All
Peer Tutor Presentations                                             October 7-17, 2008           Doon
Blurb promoting video to employees included in College Message       October 13, 2008                 All
Spoke editorial - "Everyone deserves respect"                        October 14, 2008                All
Spoke article - "Demonstrating 'respect, courtesy, and civility'"    October 14, 2008                All
Survey questions included in Residence Move-in Survey                October 14-31, 2008           Doon
Respect logo and link added to CSI Website                           October 14, 2008                All
Speech made to Peer Tutors at staff meetings                         October 14-17, 2008           Doon
Speech made at CSI Annual General Meeting                            October 15, 2008              Doon
Respect station at Survivor Conestoga event                          October 20, 2008              Doon
Spoke mention - "Good advice for Conestoga students"                 October 20, 2008                All
Invitations sent to faculty to show video in classrooms              October 21, 2008                All
Three more poster styles introduced                                  October 23, 2008                All
Spoke article & photo - "Students learn to survive"                  October 27, 2008                All
Respect integrated into "Random Act of Kindess Day" - booth hosted November 14, 2008                 All
by students and bracelets distributed with extra "Kindness" hangtag
Booth hosted during International Education Week                     November 17-21, 2008          Doon
First gender-neutral washroom introduced on campus with thanks to e- November 19, 2008             Doon
mail sent by student to Respect e-mail account
The Record article - Respect Campaign mention                        November 22, 2008               All
Speech at Orientation Leader training                                November 26, 2008             Doon
Respect mention in Aboriginal Education Incentive Award story on    November 30, 2008                   All
College website
Hits to Respect website for November = 374                          November 1-30, 2008                 All
Gender-neutral washrooms added at Residence - Respect initiative    December 1, 2008                  Doon
Hits to Respect website for December = 255                          December 1-31, 2008                 All
Four more versions of posters introduced                            January 2009                        All
Mini flyer door inserts distributed by Residence                    January 2009
Blurb integrated in January Orientation Welcome                     January 2009                      Doon
Display at January Orientation                                      January 2009                      Doon
Invitations sent to faculty to show video in classrooms             January 2009                        All
E-mails sent to faculty/staff inviting to open viewing              January 2009                        All
Hits to Respect website for January = 528                           January 1-31, 2009                  All
Article appear in Connections Magazine                              January 30, 2008                    All
Respect Bulletin Board established in Woodworking Building          February 2009                     Doon
Faculty & Staff Open Viewing Presentation                           February 3, 2009                  Doon
Brochures began to be included in Support Staff/Faculty HR          February 4, 2009                  Doon
Orientation packages
Respect Day mentioned in broadcast           February 23, 2009                   All
Booth at Healthy Relationships Day event (24/37 shirts featured     February 26, 2009                 Doon
"Respect" written on them)
Blurb promoting Respect Day e-mailed to all students                February 27, 2009                 Doon
Blurb promoting Respect Day in College Message Board                February 27, 2009                   All
Hits to Respect website for February = 440                          February 1-29, 2009                 All
Respect Day event takes place - 55 "Respect Passports" received     March 2, 2009                     Doon
Respect Questions in Residence Move-out Survey                      March 2009                        Doon
Spoke article & photo - "Respect day a huge success at Conestoga"   March 16, 2009                      All
Spoke article - "Respect campaign expands into community"           March 16, 2009                      All
Respect booth at Celebrating Cultural Diversity Week                March 9-13, 2009                  Doon
Respect booth at Explore Conestoga event                            March 28, 2009                    Doon
Respect link featured in Spring 2009 Associate Faculty Continuing
Education newsletter                                                March 28, 2009                      All
Hits to Respect website for March = 363                             March 1-31, 2009                    All
Online Year-end Questionnaire posted on College website             April 2-22, 2009                    All
Phone Call from Debbie Harrison, Diversity Coordinator at Fleming
College                                                             April 3, 2009                     Doon
Random Act of Respect Day event                                     April 8, 2009                     Doon
Spoke article - "Respect campaign feedback wanted"                  April 13, 2009                      All
Hits to Respect website for April = 304                             April 1-31, 2009                    All
Hits to Respect website for entire year = 3178                      August 1, 2008 - April 31, 2009     All

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