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					   Tidy up for imac

           Tidy up for mac
Discovery of Tidy up mac tool:
 Data gets stored into the hard drive of the system. Your hard
 drive contains all the data that you have stored in them. You can
 store data in it as long as it has space. All your files and
 documents gets stored into it. At times it happens that more
 than a few files gets created by the single name. Due to this the
 file system gets bloated and you loss access to the files saved in
 it. This is the case of duplicate files. To handle such kind of
 situation hyperbolic software made an invention of Tidy up for
 mac. This tool finds the duplicate files from a specific folder or
 the entire file system.
             Tidy up for mac
Working of tidy up tool:
 Tidy up tool is especially designed for the Mac users. It not like
 that only the problem of duplicate files arises in MS Windows.
 Mac users also faces the same problem. So hyperbolic software
 discovered the software that supports mac operating system also.
 The tool searches the files by names, label, visibility, extension,
 modified date, created date, creator, content type, and owner
 application. The detected files are either trashed, burnt, or
 moved to other location with a symbolic link. The most
 interesting thing with this tool is that you can customize the tool
 according to your place of work.
                Tidy up for mac
Features of Tidy up tool:
   It searches the duplicate folders by name, content, label visibility
    and many more.
   Provides a preview of the files that are generally used including
    the text files, video files and images
   Scans the volumes rapidly
   Supports searching the contents of iPod, iTunes, iPhoto,
    Aperture, and mailboxes.
   Supports Mac operating system
           Tidy up for mac
Some additional features:
 The tool provides a search mode known as Basic mode that
 consist of about 90 predefined searches. The security system of
 the tool declares that a copy of the duplicate group is stored on
 your disk. The strategy criteria of the software allows you to
 select a criteria of searching the files. The removable items get
 collected in a smart basket. All this features of the software
 makes it more convenient in use. therefore the mac users opts
 for tidy up for mac as the recovery of files is easy and efficient.
                Tidy up for mac
System requirements:
    You need to have the following software requirements to run the
    software into your computer:
   A Mac operating system of 10.5, Leopard, and Snow Leopard
   A RAM of 512MB
   A processor of Intel Pentium
   A Hard disk with 50MB free space
   Internet explorer connection of version 5
         Tidy up for mac

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