Support Letter Example #1 by oF20Ks2


									Support Letter Example #1

Dear friends and family,

Good news! I have a great opportunity to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal. This trip
will be with my youth group at Harvest Church.

Our 12 day trip will be focusing on unreached people groups, people that having
never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Most of the people come from Hindu
and Buddhist cultures.

Our reason for going will be to do as follows:

      Prayer walking much of the area and praying that God will raise up local
       Christian leaders
      Distributing Bibles in the native language
      Encouraging a local missionary and his congregation

   I believe this opportunity will be a huge blessing to the people in Nepal, but I
   also know I will grow tremendously in the process. I expect to be stretched in
   my leadership giftings as I help our team coordinate our trip logistics. I will
   also grow as I learn to approach strangers who do not speak my language to
   share the gospel. These opportunities are going to allow for me to minister in
   Nepal but also equip me better to minister at home.

   My trip is April 12 to April 24 and I need to raise $2500 by February 28 th in
   order to be able to go. I would greatly appreciate your consideration of
   supporting me on this missions trip.

   I have included below the address of my Church should you give. You may
   make checks payable to Harvest Church. Please include a note to the church
   expressing to them the purpose of the check.

   As we get closer to the trip, I will send you a prayer card for you to be praying
   for me and our team while I am on the trip.



Church Address: 1500 Missions Trip Drive, Missions, TN 35124

Support Letter #2: Missions Trip

Dear family and friends,
I hope you are all doing well.

Life is exciting for me right now. I just completed my first semester of college. I
am studying to be a nurse with hopes that one day I will be able to co-lead
medical missions trips. In fact, I am excited that I have an opportunity to go to
Haiti this summer with a medical missions team. I will be helping share the
gospel with the Evangelism cube before the patients see the nurse and doctor.
(The Evangelism cube is a tool that helps one share the story of the Gospel.)

This is a great opportunity to serve the Lord and begin to pursue what I feel I God
has created for me to do. This trip will open up my eyes to the medical needs
and give me a better vision for why I need to focus on my studies at school.

Because I will be going on this mission trip during the summer, I will be unable to
work during the summer between school years. Therefore, I need to raise
support. Please consider supporting me on this trip. I believe the Haiti people
are going to experience the love of God through our service to them.

To contribute, please make your check out to Hope Missions and mail it to 1212
Missions Trip Ave, Missions, CA 96015. Your contributions will be tax-
deductible. I look forward to sending you a newsletter of all the testimonies from
our trip.



Support Letter #3: Missions Trip

Dear ______,

Mission Church's upcoming trip to Mozambique June 10 - 27 will be a great
opportunity to see large numbers of people come to know the Lord. In the
Northern province of Mozambique, the majority of people are muslim and live in
poverty. We have the opportunity on our missions trip to go and build five new
churches and also do medical missions.

The reason we are able to build so many churches is because the churches are
made of bamboo and only cost $300. Each of the people going on this trip will
be raising $3500. This money helps cover the cost of our airfare, food, and
housing. It also is supplying the materials to build the churches. With our
church’s help, five villages will soon have a meeting place to worship on Sunday,
something that I have taken for granted here in the United States.
Would you please consider supporting me going on this missions trip. Going to
Mozambique to serve is a dream come true for me. We need to raise all our
funds by March 15th in order to be able to book the flights. Please make your
checks payable to Missions Church. This contribution will be tax deductible.

Over the next few months prior to us leaving, please pray that:

        God would keep us safe on our journey.
        the group would work well together.
        God would prepare the hearts of those who we will share with in

Thanks for your prayers and support!



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