August 25-27, 2008
                                 Washington DC


                          Sunday August 24
8:00-10:00 pm Registration

                         Monday August 25
7:30-     Continental breakfast
8:00-11:00 Registration
8:10-8:25 R. Betti (UR) Welcome, the FESAC charge and the HEDLP panel timetable
8:25-8:35 M. Donovan (NNSA) NNSA perspective
8:35-8:45 G. Nardella (OFES) OFES perspective
8:45-9:15 J. Perkins (LLNL) High Gain ICF Target Physics and Advanced Target
9:15-9:30 Questions and discussion
Coffee Break
9:45-10:15 J. Banard (LBL) Heavy-Ion Fusion
10:15-10:30 Questions and discussion
10:30-11:00 B. Bauer (UNR) Magneto-Inertial Fusion
11:00-11:15 Questions and discussion
11:15-11:45 M. Key (LLNL) Fast Ignition
11:45-12:00 Questions and discussion
1:30-2:00 A. Schmitt (NRL) Laser IFE
2:00-2:15 Questions and discussion
2:15-2:45 K. Matzen (SNL) Z-pinch IFE
2:45-3:00 Questions and discussion
Coffee Break
3:15-6:00 Contributive oral presentations
       3:15-3:27 D. S. Clark (LLNL) Indirect Drive Fast Ignition Target Design for
       3:27-3:39 M. E. Foord (LLNL) Simulations of Proton Generation and Focusing
               for FI Applications
       3:39-3:51 J. C. Fernandez (LANL) Laser Acceleration of Quasi-Monoenergetic
               MeV-GeV Ion Beams: the Next Generation of High-Current Accelerators
               for Fast Ignition and Other Applications
       3:51-4:03 A. J. Mackinnon (LLNL) Advances in electron transport studies for
               HED science
       4:03-4:15 S. P. Obenschain (NRL) A Laser Based Fusion Test Facility
       4:15-4:27 G. A. Wurden (LANL) Strategy & Issues for Solid Liner MIF Energy
       4:27-4:39 J. P. Knauer (UR) HED Plasmas in Strong Magnetic Fields Generated
              via Flux Compression
       4:39-4:51 C. K. Li (MIT) Proton Radiography of Electromagnetic Fields
              Associated with Laser-Foil Interactions, ICF implosions and Laser-
              Irradiated Hohlraums
       4:51-5:03 S. A. Veitzer (Tech-X Corp.) Recent Numerical Advances for Beam-
              Driven HEDP Experiments
       5:03-5:15 W. Theobald (UR) Fast Ignition with OMEGA/OMEGA EP
       5:15-5:27 I. D. Kaganovich (PPPL) Collective Effects of Intense Electron
              Beams Propagating Through Background Plasma
       5:27-5:39 J. Kindel (UNR) The Nevada TeraWatt Facility, a Part of the Nation’s
              HEDP Enterprise
       5:39-5:51 A. S. Safronova (UNR) HEDP produced on the University-scale Z-
              pinch generator: From X-pinches to Planar Wire Arrays
       5:51-6:02 V. L. Kantsyrev (UNR) HED Physics of Advanced Z-pinch Loads
              Including Multi-Planar and Compact Cylindrical Wire Arrays on
              University-scale Generators

6:02-6:32 Public comments (please contact M. Kyle at

                          Tuesday August 26
7:30- Continental breakfast
8:00-11:00 Registration
8:30-9:00 G. Dimonte (LANL) Nonlinear Hydrodynamics, Instabilities and Turbulent
9:00-9:15 Questions and discussion
9:15-9:45 D. Arnett (U. Arizona) HEDLP Applications to Astrophysics
9:45-10:00 Questions and discussion
Coffee Break
10:15-10:45 M. Herrmann (SNL) Radiation and Magneto Hydrodynamics of HED
10:45-11:00 Questions and discussion
11:00-11:30 R. Collins (LLNL) Material Properties at High Pressures
11:30-11:45 Questions and discussion
1:15-1:45 B. Afeyan (Polymath Research) Nonlinear Optics of HED Plasmas and Laser-
       Plasma Instabilities
1:45-2:00 Questions and discussion
2:00-2:30 C. Ren (UR) High Intensity Laser and Energetic Particle-Matter Interaction
2:30-2:45 Questions and discussion
Coffee Break
3:00-5:30 Contributive oral presentations
       3:00-3:12 S. P. Regan (UR) Creating Warm and Hot Dense Matter
       3:12-3:24 R. C. Mancini (UNR) Experiments and Modeling of Photoionized
              Plasmas at Z
       3:24-3:36 J. E. Bailey (SNL) Experimental Investigation of Opacity Models for
              Stellar Interiors and High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas
       3:36-3:48 J. F. Myatt (UR) Electron-Positron Pair-Plasma Creation on kJ-Class
              High-Intensity Lasers
       3:48-4:00 R. Stephens (General Atomics Corporation) Connecting simulations
              and experiments in HEDP
       4:00-4:12 A. Miles (LLNL) Energy Coupling in Nonequilibrium ICF plasmas
              with OMEGA and NIF
       4:12-4:24 K. Y. Kim (U Maryland at College Park) Intense Terahertz
              Generation and Spectroscopy of Warm Dense Plasmas
       4:24-4:36 R. W. Lee (LLNL) HEDLP with Intense Short Pulse Tunable X-Ray
              FEL Sources
       4:36-4:48 J. J. Curry (NIST) NIST Atomic and Plasma Physics Program of
              Relevance to HEDLP
       4:48-4:5:00 H. M. Milchberg (U. Maryland at College Park) Trapping and
              Destruction of Long-Range, High-Intensity Optical/Plasma Filaments by
              Molecular Quantum Wakes in Air
       5:00-5:12 B. D. Layer (U. Maryland at College Park) Generation and
              Application of Slow Wave Plasma Guiding Structures to Direct Laser
       5:12-5:24 W. Theobald (UR) Driving Gigabar Shocks with High Power Lasers
              and their Applications to Shock Ignition
       5:24-5:36 S. Hsu (LANL) To be determined
       5:36-5:48 J. J. Rocca (CSU) Soft X-Ray Laser Interferometry Studies of Dense
       5:48-6:00 M. M. Murnane (U. Colorado) Extreme Nonlinear Optics in
       6:00-6:12 S. Abarzhi (U. Chicago) To be determined

6:12-6:42 Public comments (please contact M. Kyle at

                       Wednesday August 27
7:30- Continental breakfast
8:30-9:30 J. Sethian (NRL)
       Summary: Scientific Opportunities in Inertial Fusion Energy Science
9:30-10:30 D. D. Meyerhofer (University of Rochester)
       Summary: Scientific Opportunities in Fundamental High-Energy-Density Physics
10:30-10:45 Coffee break
10:45 Workshop adjourned
10:45AM-6:00PM HEDLP Panel-only meeting
6:00                Meeting adjourned

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