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									    52nd CST (WMD) Ohio
    Fact Sheet

 Ready to respond at a moment’s notice
                                                                                          52nd CST (WMD) Mission:
 Commanded by Lt. Col. David Seitz                                                       Assess hazards, advise civil
                                                                                          authorities,     and     facilitate
 Located at Rickenbacker Air National                                                    military      support      during
  Guard Base, Columbus                                                                    emergencies and incidents of
                                                                                          suspected weapons of mass
 Officially certified Feb. 26, 2002                                                      destruction       (WMD).          In
                                                                                          addition, the CST advises
 Mandated by law
                                                                                          civilian      responders         on
                                                                                          appropriate actions through
 CSTs receive more than 600 hours of
                                                                                          on-site testing and expert
  high-tech training by agencies such as
                                                                                          consultation, and assists and
  the Federal Emergency Management
  Agency, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of                                                       facilitates the arrival of follow-
  Justice, and the Environmental                                                          on state and federal military
  Protection Agency                                                                       forces.

 55 CSTs are located in each state and                                            Overview:     The      Adjutant
  U.S. territory; two in CA                                                        General either employs the
                                                                                   CST to support the state
 49 certified CSTs, remaining six in                                              response under the direction
  certification program as of April 6,                                             of the governor or to support
  2007                                          another state’s response under a supported governor.

 Alert and on standby 24/7                     The CST is comprised of 22 full-time Army and Air National Guard
                                                personnel divided into six sections: command, operations,
 Deployable within 90 minutes                  communications, administration/logistics, medical, and survey.
  (advance team); regular team                  Each unit is comprised of 7 officers and 15 enlisted members with
  deployable within three hours                 a variety of specialties.

 Operates specialized equipment
                                                Units are assigned vehicles
  including a specialized
                                                including a command vehicle,
  communications vehicle (Unified
  Command Suite), and an analytical
                                                operations           trailer,         a
  laboratory system with a full suite of        communications vehicle called
  chemical, biological and radiological         the Unified Command Suite
  analysis equipment                            (which provides a broad range
                                                of communications capabilities
 Federally resourced, trained equipped         including                     satellite
   and sustained, but controlled by the         communications), an Analytical
   state                                        Laboratory System vehicle
                                                (containing a full suite of
Example CST Operations:                         analysis equipment to support
                                                the determination of the
 Hurricane Katrina recovery, 2001              hazard) and other general
  World Trade Center attacks, Space             purpose vehicles. The CST
  Shuttle Columbia recovery, Salt Lake          normally deploys using its
  City Winter Olympics and various              assigned vehicles, but can be
  political party conventions                   airlifted if required.

               For more information contact the Ohio National Guard Public Affairs Office at (614)336-7000
                             Or visit our public website at http://www.ohionationalguard.com/

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