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					Gifts for Mom and Baby - From Mom's Point of View
Last Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:34

Gifts for Mom and Baby


 In the search for the perfect baby gift, although it may be
tempting to buy every cute little outfit you see, the best source
for gift ideas is the mother-to-be. Trust us, she has been
thinking about what she needs since the day she found out she
was pregnant. If for whatever reason, you cannot fulfill the new
mom's request, here are some ideas for practical and thoughtful
gifts almost any mother-to-be would enjoy.

 For the first time mother... This is the mom who has the
greatest need. Most likely, she needs everything from clothes to
cribs, strollers and linens. Therefore, you really can't go wrong
in choosing a gift.

 Common necessities for a first time mom include:

 Infant gowns
 Cloth diapers
 Receiving blankets
 Baby booties

Gifts for Mom and Baby - From Mom's Point of View
Last Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:34

 Baby shampoo
 Baby lotion
 Baby oil
 Baby bath soap
 Brush & comb
 Nail clippers
 Bulb syringe
 Cotton swabs
 Alcohol pads (for belly button cleaning)
 Infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen
 Crib sheets
 Baby towels & wash cloths
 Car Seat

 Other useful items...
 Teething toys
 Pacifiers & straps
 Diaper bag (hey, stock it full!)
 Baby monitor
 Baby bath tub
 Lullaby tapes
 Sling or Infant carrier (like Snuggli)
 Baby bouncy seat

 More expensive items: (Think about chipping in together with
co-workers, friends or family members to get these items.)

Gifts for Mom and Baby - From Mom's Point of View
Last Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:34

 Changing table
 High Chair

 For the nursing mother:
 Breast pads
 Breast pump
 Lansinoh Reusable ice packs
 Nursing gowns (matching mom and baby gowns are a big hit!)
 Nursing pillows
 Nursing bras
 Storage bottles
 The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League
(excellent book)

 Most mothers-to-be and other gift givers will think of these
common necessities. Some unique gift ideas take a little more
thought and effort, but are certainly worth it. Some of the
following ideas cost nothing but your time and end with a super
gift for the mother-to-be.

 To help mom cut down on routine expenses after baby arrives,
you can begin collecting coupons for baby items such as
diapers, wipes, food, formula, etc. If you begin clipping when
you find out the happy news, you will have a great stash of
money saving coupons for mom. Just make sure to check the

Gifts for Mom and Baby - From Mom's Point of View
Last Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:34

expiration dates. Most of the coupons for these items expire
well into the future, but it's best to be sure they're well after
baby's due date. If you've got the time and desire, you might
even organize them by date for her and place them in a coupon

 Gift certificates are a great gift for moms-to-be, especially when
the gender of the newborn is unknown. Try and stay away from
specialty stores unless you know that the mother specifically
likes their products. Department stores (such as WalMart,
JCPenney, Kmart, Target, etc.), kids stores (Toys R Us, Kids R
Us, etc.) and mall gift certificates are certain to please even the
pickiest mother. Gift certificates to restaurants and grocery
stores are sure to come in handy when finances might be tight
after the baby is born. Also a very thoughtful gift would be
entertainment (movies, movie rentals, etc.) gift certificates. Most
new parents feel guilty about spending money on themselves.
You might even offer to babysit while they use the gift

Sign mom and baby up for baby clubs. Stores such as Publix,
Target and Eckerd Drugs have personalized clubs targeting
new moms. These clubs often include free products, coupons,
discounts and sometimes monthly

 Send mom free magazines. Many publications offer a free first
issue. If you don't wish to purchase a full subscription for mom,
at least she can get a good idea of publications she likes and
continue the subscriptions on her own.

Gifts for Mom and Baby - From Mom's Point of View
Last Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:34

 If mom is an Internet user, spend some time researching
interesting parenting or pregnancy web sites. Gather these links
for mom and email them to her. Some of these sites will have
email lists specific to parenting styles and goals. Many infant
product manufacturers have fantastic sites, with Pampers' being
one of our favorites.

 One of the best "no-budget" gifts you can give to the new mom
is to help mom out by stopping by the few first weeks after
delivery to help with mundane cleaning tasks. The new mother
will appreciate being given some quality bonding time with baby
with out worrying about the dirty dishes in the sink or the
crumbs on the kitchen floor. For those with a bigger gift-giving
budget, contract a maid service to come in a few hours a week
for general cleaning assistance.

 Deliver casseroles ready for the freezer to mom's house near
the end of the pregnancy. This will allow her to pop one out,
warm it up and serve dinner with minimal effort. Gift certificates
as mentioned above to take-out or delivery restaurants will also
be very useful.

 Just for Mom-to-be... Baby, baby, baby...Mom's the one with
the sore feet and stretch marks. Most new moms would love
pampering items such as scented lotions, comfortable gowns
and robes, bath oils, slippers, massage oil (get Dad in on the
pampering, too). Dermoplast is a wonderful product to give to
mom before delivery. Dermoplast is an analgesic cooling
product which is a godsend for moms who've had episiotomies
or have torn during delivery. You can find this product (which,

Gifts for Mom and Baby - From Mom's Point of View
Last Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:34

by the way has been tested and approved by both authors) at
most pharmacies.

 A simple Call... Very often towards the end of pregnancy,
moms become isolated due to conditions related to the
pregnancy. Or there is the reverse, where she is working up to
the last minute and totally exhausted. A simple call to tell the
mom you are thinking about her and wish her well is one of the
most thoughtful things you can do. Let her whine about her
swollen ankles, commiserate together about her frustrating
Braxton-Hicks contractions and just be there for her.

 Don't forget Dad... Dads are often overlooked at this special
time. You can involve dad by giving him a gift of lawn service
for the first month so that he may spend this time with baby. He
may also appreciate an outfit for baby with his favorite team
logos on it. (Go Bucs!) Dads also are often proud to wear "New
Dad" type T-Shirts, hats or buttons.

 Don't forget sibling... Big sister or brother can often feel left out
during this busy and exciting time. It would be a nice idea to get
a few special non-baby related gifts for them. This doesn't have
to be an expensive gift, something as simple as a coloring book
and crayons, cars or their favorite character merchandise. If the
sibling is going to attend a baby shower, be sure he/she is
included and has a few presents to open, too.

 A note for buying outfits... Although newborn outfits are
irresistible, they are often outgrown quickly. Babies who are
large at birth may not get to wear newborn clothes at all. It is a

Gifts for Mom and Baby - From Mom's Point of View
Last Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:34

good idea to buy at least six month sizes. Also, leave the tags
on and keep receipts just in case that ultrasound was wrong.
Make sure to ask the mother-to-be if she wants clothes for the
new baby. If this is a second baby and is the same gender as
the first, more than likely she already has a closet full and has
other ideas of items she really needs.

All in all, this is a wonderful time to celebrate the arrival of a
new little human to this planet. Celebrate in any way you can to
welcome the new baby.

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Gifts for Mom and Baby - From Mom's Point of View
Last Updated Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:34

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