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									The Australian curriculum in NSW

            AIS Executive Conference 2011
                       Monday 31 October
K-10 Syllabuses
NSW approach to the Australian
• K-10 content descriptions and achievement
  standards agreed to by Ministers

• Syllabus development consistent with NSW

• K-10 syllabuses clarify expectations and provide
  direction for teachers

• Include Australian curriculum content
  descriptions and achievement standards
 Draft syllabus development

• Broad directions developed from
 consultation in 2010
• Writing teams prepared draft syllabuses
• BCCs met to provide advice
• Draft syllabuses released for consultation
 from June 2011
Syllabus additions to AC content
• Stages

• Objectives and Outcomes

• Cross-curriculum content embedded

• Years 7-10 Life Skills outcomes and

• Stage Statements
 First round of consultation
• June to September 2011

• Online survey, face-to-face meetings

• Targeted consultation: primary teachers,
 special education teachers, online
 delivery, cross-curriculum areas
    Consultation feedback
• Consultation reports represent feedback
 from first round

• BCCs consider feedback and proposed

• Writers make amendments based on
 proposed actions
   Draft syllabus version 2
• Australian curriculum achievement standards
  presented in NSW Stage Statements

• Second round of consultation in Term 1, 2012

• Anticipated release of K-10 syllabuses
        Support Materials
• Board of Studies will provide initial
  support materials: eg guide to the new
  syllabus, scope and sequence models,
  sample units of work, advice about
  programming and assessment
• Online syllabus – printable, program

• User-friendly – filtering and links to
  support materials

• Print versions
• Continue to teach NSW syllabuses in
 2012 (Official Notice BOS 27/11)

• Time for planning and professional
 learning prior to implementation

• No implementation before 2014 at
• Minister for Education (Aug 2011)

    2013: planning phase

    2014: earliest classroom teaching phase

• Joint memorandum (Aug 2011)

    NSW syllabuses; schedule of
    implementation; time for planning and
    professional development
Senior secondary English,
Mathematics, Science and
• 2012 - anticipated ACARA release of
 revised draft curriculum and
 achievement standards
 Geography, The Arts, Languages

• Geography - draft F-12 Australian
 curriculum released for consultation
 21 Oct 2011

• The Arts and Languages - anticipated
 national consultation on draft Australian
 curriculum during 2012
Phase 3
• Technologies, Health and Physical
 Education, ICT, Economics, Business,
 Civics and Citizenship
    Encourage involvement
• Register for Board Bulletins on BOS

• Expressions of interest – curriculum
 writers and reviewers for all learning

• Participate in consultation meetings and
 online survey
Carol Taylor
Chief Executive

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