ETERNITY by liaoqinmei


									ETERNITY                 (   ที่รัก)
Produced by Aditya Assarat, Soros Sukhum, Umpornpol Yugala
Written and Directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul
Thai / 35mm. / Color / 105 minutes

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Theatrical Release in Thailand: 8 September 2011
Distributor: Extra Virgin (
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In a small farming town, a middle-aged man rides his motorcycle through the
silent landscape. He is a ghost who has returned to “walk the footsteps” of his
youth. His name is Wit and he died three days ago. Soon, the silence gives
way to the sound of a young woman’s laughter. Her name is Koi and she is
all of twenty years old. It is now the past and this memory recalls the days
when Wit fell in love with his future wife. He has brought her home to meet
his parents and though she is at first wary of rural life, she soon accepts that
this will be her future with the man that she loves. Finally, the past dissipates
and we are back in the present with Koi, now a middle-aged woman. With
two young children and her husband gone, she must find the strength to
continue on.


If the earth itself may face demise
My love will remain unwavering.
If I am not reborn of this earth
May I recognize our love unchanged
Director’s Statement

I wanted the film to be about this memory of my father and our family. The
film will be separated into three parts tied together by the concept of “death”.
The first part is inspired by the Thai belief that the spirit of the dead will return
after three days to “walk the footsteps” of the place it cherished. The second
part is the recreation of the story my mother always told me when she missed
my father. It is about the time when they met and fell in love. The third part is
about the daily life of our family in the days following my father’s death when
we felt his spirit was still with us. In this film, the three parts will be connected
by “darkness” as a metaphor for “the death of a loved one” that will stay with
us forever.

                                                           Sivaroj Kongsakul
                                                           18 January 2010
Production Company Profile

Pop Pictures Co. Ltd. was founded in 2006 by Aditya Assarat, Soros Sukhum,
and Jetnipith Teerakulchanyut. Its aim is to become a center for collaboration
among the independent film community in Bangkok.

The company’s first production was Wonderful Town. The film premiered in
2007 and won the New Currents Award at Pusan and the Tiger Award at
Rotterdam. It was distributed by Memento Films to over 20 countries
worldwide and to date has received theatrical releases in Thailand, the US,
UK, and mainland Europe.

In 2009 the company had two film projects. The first was Bangkok Blues by
Aditya Assarat, a part of Sawasdee Bangkok, a collection of nine short films to
honor the capital city. The second was Phuket, a short film commissioned by
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs starring Thai veteran actor Sorapong Chatree
and Korean star Lim Soo Jung

In 2010 the company is producing Eternity and Hi-So, the second feature by
Aditya Assarat, which received a script development award from the Hubert
Bals Fund and a production grant from the Torino Film Lab. Besides this, the
company is also developing the new film Palung, the directorial debut of actor
Ananda Everingham.
Director Biography
Beginning his career as an assistant director for Aditya ASSARAT, Wisit
SASANATIENG, Penek RATANARUANG, and on many of their short films,
television commercials, and music videos. Since 2002, he has directed ten
short films including “Always” and “Silencio,” which were both invited to the
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival where they won awards. In 2010, he
directed his debut feature, Eternity, which was supported by the Hubert Bals
Fund and Pusan’s Asian Cinema Fund. He is currently attending the 22 nd
edition of the Cannes Cinefondation Residency in Paris to develop Arunkarn.


2010   Eternity (feature)
2008   War is Over (short)
2008   Up and Down (short)
2007   Silencio (short)
2006   Always (short)
2005   Dinner (short)
Producer Biography

Aditya Assarat was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He studied film production at
the University of Southern California.

He started his career by making his thesis film Motorcycle (2000) which was
the first Thai film to compete in Clermont-Ferrand, Tampere, Oberhausen and
Sundance. His other shorts include Waiting (2002), Boy Genius (2004), and
The Sigh (2005) which together won fifteen awards.

In 2004, Aditya was invited to participate in the Sundance Director’s Lab, a
training ground for promising filmmakers from around the world. In 2005, he
was chosen to work for one year with the director Mira Nair as part of the
inaugural Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative.

In 2006, he started the production company Pop Pictures to produce his debut
feature Wonderful Town (2007). The film won the New Currents Award at
Pusan and the Tiger Award at Rotterdam. He is currently in post production
for his second feature film, High Society (2009).

As Producer:

2011   Palung
2010   Eternity
2010   High Society
2007   Wonderful Town

As Director:

2010   High Society (feature)
2009   Phuket (short)
2009   Bangkok Blues (short)
2007   Wonderful Town (feature)
2005   3 Friends (documentary)
2005   The Sigh (short)
2004   Boy Genius (short)
2003   Waiting (short)
2002   Raw Velvet (documentary)
2000   Motorcycle (short)
Producer Biography

Soros Sukhum holds a bachelors degree in film from Rangsit University’s
Faculty of Communication Arts. After graduation he worked as assistant to
the producer Mingmongkol Sonakul gaining knowledge in all areas of film
management and production. Now with almost ten years work experience, he
is regarded as one of the most versatile independent producers working with
both established directors as well as newcomers. He currently works with the
new generation of Thai independent filmmakers including Aditya Assarat,
Anocha Suwichakornpong, Sivaroj Kongsakul and many others. His resume
includes two Rotterdam Tiger awards and a Pusan New Currents Award for
Wonderful Town and Mundane History. His next project after Eternity is Past
Love, the directorial debut of editor Lee Chatametikool

2011   Past Love (Lee Chatametikool)
2011   My Only Own (Kongdaj Jaturanrasmee)
2010   High Society (Aditya Assarat)
2009   Phuket (Aditya Assarat)
2009   Bangkok Blues (Aditya Assarat)
2009   Mundane History (Anocha Suwichakornpong)
2008   Wonderful Town (Aditya Assarat)
2007   Like Real Love (Anocha Suwichakornpong)
2007   Silencio (Sivaroj Kongsakul)
2006   Always (Sivaroj Kongsakul)
2006   Graceland (Anocha Suwichakornpong)
2005   Ordinary Romance (Teekadech Vucharadhanin)
2005   The Sigh (Aditya Assarat)
2004   Boy Genius (Aditya Assarat)
Technical Information

Title:                         Eternity

Original Title:                ที่รัก (Tee Rak)

Produced with Financial Support:
Hubert Bals Fund / International Film Festival Rotterdam
Asian Cinema Fund / Pusan International Film Festival
Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry Culture of Thailand

Production Company:            Pop Pictures Co., Ltd
                               Red Snapper Co., Ltd

Cast:                          Wit:            Wanlop Rungkamjad
                               Koi:            Namfon Udomlertlak
                               Wit (Father):   Prapas Amnuay
                               Koi (Mother):   Pattraporn Jaturanrasmee

Producers:                     Aditya Assarat
                               Soros Sukhum
                               Umpornpol Yugala

Co-Producers:                  Preethep Boondej
                               Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr

Writer / Director:             Sivaroj Kongsakul

Director of Photography:       Umpornpol Yugala

Production Designer:           Rasiguet Sookkarn

Costume Designers:             Parinda Moongmaiphol
                               Rujirumpai Mongkol
Editor:                     Sivaroj Kongsakul
                            Nuttorn Kungwanklai

Sound:                      Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr
                            Teekhadet Vucharadhanin
                            Paisit Punprueksachart

Original Music:             Qong Mongkon

Running Time:               105 minutes

Format:                     35 mm, Color, Dolby SRD

Genre:                      Drama

Language:                   Thai with English Subtitles

Contact Information:

Pop Pictures Co. Ltd.
Aditya Assarat, Soros Sukhum
504/23 Pracharaj-Bumphen Road, Samsen-nok,
Huai Kwang, Bangkok, THAILAND 10310

Tel:   +6689 894 1660
       +662 691 6770

Fax: +662 691 6771


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