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									Car configurator
                                                               Price          0 dkr
 Model                -   Auto                                Weight          0 kg

 Engine               -   Auto                          Horsepower            0 hp
                                                       Delivery time          0 days

Accessories                      Trims and paint
 Automatic gear box   -   Auto
                                  Trim             -                   Auto
 ABS brake            -   Auto
                                  Trim colour      -                   Auto

 Air bag              -   Auto
                                  Paint            -                   Auto

 Air condition        -   Auto

 Audio system         -   Auto
                                 After delivery accessories

 Electric mirrors         Auto    Burglar alarm    -                   Auto

                                  Trailer hook     -                   Auto
 Cruise control       -   Auto

                                  Tree panel       -                   Auto
 Sunroof              -   Auto
Configuration in Excel
The car configurator illustrates the possibilities of implementing a configuration system in an Excel spreadsheet.
The configurator has been developed with the Excel Configuration Modeller.
Excel Configuration Modeller is a generic tool for implementing a configuration system in an Excel spreadsheet.
A demo version of Excel Configuration Modeller may be obtained by sending an e-mail to the mailaddress with the subject Demo or ZIPdemo.
More information about Excel configuration may be obtained from the website

User guide for car configurator
A car is configured by selecting an option for each of the combo boxes.
If no option is selected, the combo box is marked with a minus-sign.
By default, none of the options are selected.
As options are selected, the consequences on price, weight, horse power, and delivery time
are shown at the top of the Frontpage.
According to the configurations guidelines mentioned below, the selection of
an option in one combo box may exclude the possibilities to select options in other combo boxes.
Options that cannot be selected, i.e. an invalid option, are marked with (brackets).
However, if an invalid option is selected, a message box will describe the conflict.
A conflict may be resolved by selecting a valid option in one or more of the combo boxes with invalid options.
If the selection of an option in a combo box excludes all but one option in another combo box,
this last option will automatically be selected.
A symbol is set to the left of the combo box to illustrate
if the given selection is made by the user and automatically by the system
(e.g. being the only option left in the combo box as described above).
The configuration may be reset at any time by pressing the 'Reset' button on the Frontpage.
A bill of material may be written to the file C:\BOM.txt by pressing the 'Bill of Material' button on the Frontpage.

Configuration guidelines
It is impossible to have both air conditioning and automatic air conditioning.
The turbo cabriolet comes with turbo engine, metallic paint, leather trim and cruise control.
Ordinary cabriolets comes with a 2.1 litters engine.
For ordinary cabriolets the trim cannot be marine.
Models in red, grey or green cannot be ordered with marine trim.
Models in beige or green cannot be ordered with puma trim.
Cars with a turbo engine must be ordered with ABS-brakes.
Sunroof for cabriolets cannot be ordered.
Model 900 cannot be ordered in Monte Carlo yellow.

Data on prices, weights, delivery times, and horsepowers are fictive.
The example of a car is chosen to ease the comparison with other
constraint-based configuration systems, e.g. Invensys CRM (former Baan).
Furthermore, the configurator may be compared with the "Design your car"-configurator
at the homepage of Saab ( .

Implemented by
Thomas Jensen

Danish Technological Institute
Centre for Production
P.O. Box 141
DK-2630 Taastrup

Direct: +45 7220 2923
Fax: +45 7220 2930

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