MGCLERC Website Redesign Proposal

					MGCLERC Website Redesign Proposal
Prepared for: Matt Lindsay
By: The C-3 Group
Date: August 25, 2011

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION .................................................................................................. 2
PROJECT TEAM PORTFOLIO ............................................................................ 2
PROJECT OVERVIEW ........................................................................................ 3
PROJECT WORK PLAN ...................................................................................... 3
EXECUTION AND METHODOLOGY................................................................... 4
PROJECT TEAM EXPERIENCE.......................................................................... 5
ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES ...................................................................... 6
TECHNICAL SUMMARY ..................................................................................... 6
COST AND SCHEDULE ...................................................................................... 7
PAYMENT SCHEDULE ....................................................................................... 7
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ............................................................................. 8
SUMMARY ........................................................................................................... 9

TEAM PROJECT PORTFOLIO (A) .................................................................... 10
CLIENT REFERENCES (B-D) ........................................................................... 11
WORK FLOW CHART (E) ................................................................................. 14
PROJECT TEAM RESUMES (F-J) .................................................................... 15
COMPLETED COST WORKSHEET (K) ............................................................ 24

This agreement includes data that shall not be disclosed outside the MGCLERC Office and shall not be duplicated, used, or
disclosed – in whole or in part – for any purpose other than for a contractual agreement. All information and images are
copyrighted by C-3 Group. If MGCLERC does not accept the agreement, all information will be returned to C-3 Group
The C-3 Group is pleased to provide the following proposal for MGCLERC. The C-3 Group was
founded in 2008 with the vision to build an advertising and marketing firm based on results--
driven in part by the integration of traditional marketing and new technologies. From initial
strategy to graphic design to project completion tailored approach is taken to every project. Each
of our clients is unique and therefore we approach each project as needing a custom solution.

The C-3 team brings a wealth of experience in marketing research and strategy, web
development and marketing, graphic design, audio/video production, social media marketing,
public relations and other marketing disciplines. We combine proven core marketing strategies
with the newest technology delivery systems to maximize their impact. This synergy provides a
key advantage to our clients and helps accelerate their success.

Project Team Portfolio
Examples of our work are briefly described in attachment A of the proposal document. They are
also outlined in further detail in the client references attachments B-D.

C-3 Group has prepared a sample creative design for MGCLERC based solely on the information
provided in the initial RFP and gathered from the current MGCLERC website, which can be
viewed online at This creative is meant to show our capabilities
and not a final completed design. If awarded the contract, designs will be submitted based on
additional information and goals determined in the strategy session.

There are a number of other examples of work on The C-3 Group website, with links to live sites,
print examples, branding, multimedia and PR. To view our portfolio, you can access it directly

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Project Overview
MGCLERC is seeking a firm to provide professional web design services to re-design and re-
structure their website to better serve board members, regulated facilities and the general public.
The current site appearance gives the user the impression of being outdated, and needs to be
updated with new design and new technology. A comprehensive content-management system
will be incorporated to keep content fresh and will have the ability to be expanded on as future
needs arise.

We believe that The C-3 Group can offer MGCLERC a high level of quality and value in the
execution of this scope of service. The C-3 Group has the experience, expertise, and project
management skills to ensure successful and timely completion of the web design project while
creating a strong working foundation to serve MGCLERC going forward.

Project Work Plan
The scope of work includes Website Marketing Strategy/Analysis, Navigation Strategy, Creative
Design, Content Development, Website Development and Programming, Implementation of
CMS, and Deployment/Training. Further definition for each phase is outlined in reference
attachment E.

              Website Marketing Strategy/Analysis
                     o Strategy session to determine and clarify goals of the website,
                        branding, core messaging, calls to action, etc.
                     o Define site architecture and navigation

              Creative Design
                      o Development of 2-3 home and inner page concept designs
                      o Feedback phase followed by revisions, review and approval of
                         website design
                      o Any design changes to be made

              Content Development
                     o Copywriting of content
                     o Feedback phase followed by revisions and review
                     o Any minor copy changes to be made

              Web Development & Programming
                    o Implementation of open source CMS
                    o Design and Programming of all static webpages
                    o Any minor copy and image changes to be made
                    o Feedback Phase followed by review and approval of programmed site

              Website Implementation
                     o Deployment to live server
                     o User Training for CMS

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Execution and Methodology
The C-3 Group will work with the MGCLERC team to determine a website strategy to deliver
accurate and transparent information to the public, regulated facilities and board members. The
website will adhere to Section 508 ADA guidelines and W3C standards, and will include search
functionality to make all content easy for the user to find. Many websites The C-3 Group has
created utilize one-click navigation, a best practice for enhancing the user experience and
making information easy to find. Additional features included in the project are search engine
optimization for keywords and phrases, a site map and installation of Google Analytics, a
reporting tool to measure website performance.

The C-3 Group would recommend utilizing Drupal, an open source content management system
to create a fully dynamic, database driven site that will be scalable and extensible for future
MGCLERC projects. Drupal is multi-browser compatible and allows for different security levels to
be assigned to specific users.

Drupal has recently been implemented as the CMS of choice for several prominent government
and non-profit organizations. The White House ( switched to Drupal in
2009 because of the addition of video, text captions, making slideshows search engine optimized
and reusing slideshow content effectively across the site. Similarly, was
launched using the Drupal framework. Oxfam International ( switched their site
to the Drupal system in late 2008. The United Nations ( and World Food Programme
( sites are also programmed on the Drupal platform.

If MGCLERC would decide to go with another content management solution other than the
Drupal recommendation, C-3 Group would then determine the time and cost difference.

At the time of deployment, MGCLERC will be fully trained on how to use the open source content
management system and be provided with written training documentation. We have outlined in
the Scope of Work much of the process and methodology used during the web design,
development, testing and implementation phases, but there are several other critical areas to

With the number of board members involved, timeliness of communication is critical to the
success of the project. It is recommended to hold weekly briefings regarding the status of the
project but meetings could be held based on MGCLERC’s schedule and with shorter notice if

The project will not be completed until thorough testing is completed to ensure all aspects of the
site are functioning as designed. We also will make certain that sufficient training is provided to
MGCLERC during the hand-off process.

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Project Team Experience
The C-3 Group team has worked together professionally for a number of years and have proven
processes in place for project work flow. No subcontractors or outside consultants will be used on
the project if awarded, and all of the work will be completed in-house at The C-3 Group office.

In addition to web design and programming experience, C-3 Group is a full service marketing
agency. We can not only design a professional, easy to use website for your organization but can
make sure that the messaging is compelling and directed toward your target audiences.

Full resumes are attached in the reference section. Key personnel on the MGCLERC project will

  Brad Cullman, President
  Brad has spent over 20 years in marketing, with much of that time as the COO and partner of the Eastpoint
  Group. Over his career, Brad has been involved in the marketing efforts of firms like The Longaberger Company,
  Wright State University, Dayton Dragons, Lexis Nexis, The Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company, The United
  States Air Force Museum and many others. Brad’s marketing strategy expertise will be utilized for the MGCLERC
  project if awarded.

  April Pollock, Director of Accounts
  After graduating from Wright State University with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing in 2002, April became a
  Marketing Specialist at Reynolds & Reynolds, specializing in marketing in the automotive and transportation
  industry. In 2007, she joined Implications as their Director of Client Services in order to explore a more interesting
  and diverse side of the marketing field and where she played a vital role in the growth of the company before
  joining the C-3 Group. As Director of Accounts, April oversees all aspects of key client accounts, including the
  design and development of websites, collateral, marketing strategy, PR and new business development. Past
  experience includes leading projects for minority- and woman-owned businesses, government contractors, and
  state and federally funded initiatives.

  Paul Garcher, Graphic/Web Development Manager
  A graduate of Wright State University, Paul has 5 years of experience in website design/development. Paul
  enjoys working with clients to determine the best strategies to help their business succeed. He has coordinated
  projects ranging from simple static websites to complex database driven sites. If you ask Paul what his true
  passion is, he will tell you he has always been an aspiring designer at heart. With a keen eye for design, Paul
  serves as a key consultant for graphic design projects and branding campaigns.

  Josh Cope, Programmer
  A Computer Science graduate from Wright State University, Josh Cope has over 7 years of experience in the web
  design and programming industry. Specializing in PHP development, Josh stays on the cutting edge of
  technology and continuously broadens his skill-set as the web advances. Also experienced in Drupal, Javascript,
  HTML, CSS and many other languages, Josh endeavors to be versatile in all things related to designing for the
  web. When creating new sites, Josh believes in using creativity and originality to utilize the internet to its full

  Carla Hale, Social Media/Account Manager
  A graduate of Wright State University with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing, Carla brings 4 years of account
  management and social media strategy to the table. She has a proven track record managing several core client
  accounts at The C-3 Group in projects ranging from website design and development, print design, and new
  media marketing. A naturally social person, Carla’s passion is to connect with others and forge relationships and
  translate that to success for businesses. Carla loves for her clients to experience success on the web through
  traditional means as well as Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. In the ever-changing Social
  Media field, Carla invests time to stay current on the latest trends in both macro- and micro-markets.

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Roles and Responsibilities

       Role             Responsibilities

        C-3 Group           Understand the requirements and provide solutions to any
                             technical or domain issues
                            Create quality project deliverables
                            Work with MGCLERC to resolve any issues
                            Review project status weekly with the client team
                            Monitor progress and quality of project deliverables
       MGCLERC              Formal sign-off on all project deliverables according to the
                             schedule mentioned in the detailed project plan.
                            Participate in all review meetings.
                            Review issue resolution.
                            Clarify the issues raised by C-3 Group within 3 working days.
                             (Any delay in providing feedback by client may impact the
                             project schedule.)

Technical Summary

       Item                                    Description
       Project Name                            MGCLERC
       Type                                    Web Design Services
       Website                                 PHP and MySQL
       Programming Languages /

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Cost and Schedule

Following are the details of the cost breakdown for the development of the complete website and
content management system. Additional details are included in Attachment K of the reference

              Service Description                            Total
              Direct Costs                                   $5495.40
              Indirect Costs                                 $1154.03
              Other Direct costs                             $997.42
              Profit                                         $1,529.37
              TOTAL PRICE                                    $9,176.22

High Level Schedule
The following schedule is based on the assumption that the proposal has been signed and
agreed upon by MGCLERC and C-3 Group by September 15, 2011. Our standard timeline is 90
days based on client requirements but can be altered as needed. The timeline assumes
response from MGCLERC at each approval phase within 5 business days, and can be expanded
if more time if needed for approval process.

              Task                                          High Level Dates
              Website Strategy & Navigation                 Sept 15–Sept 23, 2011
              Graphic Design                                Sept 26–Oct 14, 2011
              Content Development                           Oct 17–Oct 28, 2011
              Website Programming & CMS Implementation      Oct 31-Nov 18, 2011
              Testing                                       Nov 21–Nov 25, 2011
              Go Live & User Training Complete              Dec 1, 2011

Payment Schedule
Payment schedule to be negotiated upon selection.

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         C-3 Group agrees to conform to MGCLERC specifications.
         The presented schedule is a high-level schedule and does not take into account public
         The users will be able to manage content for specified pages or areas of the site. An
          open source CMS system will be proposed for client approval.
         MGCLERC will provide a single point of contact to resolve or clarify any questions or
         MGCLERC will provide core content for site.
         C-3 Group will have access to all existing content and code from the previously
          developed site.

Project Change Requests
Any changes to the functionality or scope after the formal acceptance of requirements will go
through the change management process. C-3 Group will assess the feasibility of implementation
and impact to the project. An official change request form will be documented showing the impact
on cost and schedules and will be submitted to MGCLERC for review. MGCLERC is to convey
the approval to C-3 Group by signing the change request form.

Project Cancellation
At any time, MGCLERC may terminate any or all of the services under this proposal, by giving
supplier written notice, in which event supplier shall be reimbursed only for authorized services
performed and authorized expenses reasonably incurred prior to receipt of such notice.

Project Completions
The Marketing Strategy, Creative and Navigation Design, Content development, Website
Programming and Deployment, and User Training phases for the MGCLERC project is deemed
completed once MGCLERC has signed for and accepted deliverables, which have been defined
in this proposal.

Warranty / Support
Warranty and support for the website will begin after the completion of the deployment phase and
will have a 30-day duration. Additional support available on an hourly basis after warranty period

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C-3 Group stands ready to offer a compelling and professional website and content management
system at a extremely cost effective price. The C-3 Group has a proven process to assure the
project is completed at the highest level of quality in a timely fashion. Located in Centerville, C-3
Group also has the advantage of being just minutes from MGCLERC to help facilitate
communications throughout the process.

The experience our team has gained over the years comes from marketing, advertising, market
research, and developing websites and applications for literally hundreds of businesses in the
region - including large companies, universities, WBEs and DBEs.

Finally, The C-3 Group makes it our mission to exceed your expectations. We look forward to the

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                                 ATTACHMENT A
                             PROJECT TEAM PORTFOLIO

City of Brookville
Government/Municipality. Website Design with custom CMS. Programming: PHP, CSS and
Javascript. Database: MySQL.

Ferco Aerospace Group
DBE Government Supplier. Logo Design, Website Design, Content Management System.
Programming: PHP, CSS and Javascript. Database: MySQL.

Heart of Illinois Harvest
Non-Profit Organization. Website design with custom CMS. Programming: HTML, PHP, CSS and
Javascript. Database: MySQL.

Website Strategy & Design, Integration with existing custom CMS, Social Media Policy, Facebook
iFrames. Programming: HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript. Database: MySQL.

Sample creative design as outlined in Team Project Portfolio section of the RFP.

Mt. Zion Church
Non-Profit Organization. Strategy, Logo Design, Website Design, Marketing Collateral.
Programming: HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript. Database: MySQL.

Oregon Department of Transportation
Drug & Alcohol Training and testing module for state government. Currently under consideration
by Federal Transportation Authority for national implementation. Programming: JSP. Database:

RLS & Associates
Woman-Owned Business specializing in Federal and State Transportation Consulting. Brand
Strategy, Website Design with ADA Guideline Compliance, custom Content Management System,
Multimedia. Programming: HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript. Database: MySQL.

Wright State University “Move In” Microsite
State University. Graphic design of Microsite utilizing Drupal open Source CMS and CSS

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                                            ATTACHMENT B
                                          CLIENT REFERENCE

CLIENT’S NAME:                       Dayton Convention Center
WEB ADDRESS:               
CLIENT’S ADDRESS:                    22 E. Fifth Street
                                     Dayton, OH 45402
CONTACT PERSON:                      Michael Cashman
CONTACT PHONE:                       (937) 333-4700

The Dayton Convention Center utilized the team at C-3 Group for branding and complete redesign of the
site. In conjunction with the client, The C-3 Group developed a logo, branding elements and a strategic
plan to most effectively create a design and navigation that aligned with the visitors to their site. Dayton
Convention Center also wanted to make certain that key information was available immediately from the
home page. This was designed in a content management system that allowed them to change information
quickly as events and dates changed. The Dayton Convention Center continues as a client of C-3 Group
today in making any significant changes to the site as well as designing aspects of the site for special

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                                          ATTACHMENT C
                                        CLIENT REFERENCE

CLIENT’S NAME:                      Wright State University Residence Services
WEB ADDRESS:              
CLIENT’S ADDRESS:                   Wright State University, Community Building
                                    3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
                                    Dayton, Ohio 45435-0001
CONTACT PERSON:                     Dan Bertsos, Director of Residence Services
CONTACT PHONE:                      (937) 775-4175

Wright State Residence Services began their relationship with The C-3 Group with a comprehensive
marketing plan. Based on the results from the marketing plan, it was determined that the department was
in need of a brand makeover and an updated marketing strategy. Initially, a new logo was designed to
invoke a fresh, modern appearance that would appeal to both parents and students. The website was
created to have an updated look and feel and most importantly to allow the end user ease of navigation.
The website was also created in an open source Content Management System. After the initial website
redesign, several other web projects were completed including a microsite for Move In weekend, a landing
page with videos that showcased each community on campus, and Facebook iframes. In addition to the
various web projects, several graphic design and print projects were also executed by The C-3 Group.
Wright State Residence Services remains a client of The C-3 Group for website updates/modifications,
print design and future projects to enhance their online presence.
Case study:

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                                                ATTACHMENT D
                                              CLIENT REFERENCE

CLIENT’S NAME:                           Allied Shipping & Packaging Supplies
WEB ADDRESS:                   
CONTACT PERSON:                          Shelly Heller
CONTACT PHONE:                           (937) 222-7422

Allied Shipping and Packaging, Inc. (ASAP) is an industrial supplies distributor with nearly three decades in the
packaging industry. When Shelly Robinson-Heller took over the company from her father as President in 2008, she
initiated the process to become a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Woman
Owned business. Our challenge was to successfully re-brand the company’s image as a WBENC in order to help
grow the business and capitalize on the new opportunities available to ASAP that accompanied this certification.

The C-3 Group achieved these goals through a redesign of their website to highlight the WBENC and EDGE
(Encouraging Diversity Growth & Equity) certifications. The website redesign included ensuring the site met today’s
best practice standards for a website as well as a strategy to optimize the site for Search Engine results. An online
Capability Statement was developed at both the State and Federal level to further support the WBENC initiative.

A social media presence was created with the goal of being an educator in the industry. ASAP now has a strong
social media presence to promote company updates and product offerings, association announcements and industry
education. Other marketing efforts for ASAP include: Catalog Covers, Print Ads, Customer Online Ordering System
(Web Development), Sales Flyers, and Online Systems Integration with 3rd Party Vendors. Today, Allied Shipping
and Packaging has achieved a new level of national and local recognition and continues to polish their image with
ongoing marketing efforts with The C-3 Group.
Case study:

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                                                 ATTACHMENT F
263 Regency Ridge Drive                                    Work: 937.985.4234
Centerville, Ohio 45459                                    Mobile: 937.554.1776

Seasoned executive with over 20 years of progressively responsible management experience in business
operations, sales and marketing, with particular strengths in:

Management, Sales and Marketing
       Sales and market development
       Marketing communications and advertising
       Marketing strategies and implementation using the latest technology
       Strategic planning
       New business development
       Overall business operations
       Excellent knowledge of HR and legal issues
       Experience with information technology, multimedia, and web


The C-3 Group, LLC (Dayton, Ohio)                                                          2010-Present
In early 2010, The C-3 Group was formed, in part, as a result of the closing of Implications. C-3 is made up of a
core of key employees that brought along a number of clients allow into the new firm. The company, a full
service marketing firm, offers everything from marketing strategy, to public relations, from web site
development to corporate identity packages, media and more. In less than18 months, the company has grown
to $2 million in capitalized billing in 2011.

        Owner/President (2010-present)
        Responsibilities include day-to-day operations, client strategy and services, major client account
        management, new business development, and varying support for all company clients.

IMPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL (Dayton, Ohio)                                       2009-2010
A multiple location marketing firm that served the SMB marketplace in Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati,
Peoria, Illinois
and surrounding areas. The focus of the firm was primarily website development and marketing.

        Director of Client Strategy (2009-2010)
        Responsibilities included some day-to-day operations, client services, driving client strategies, account
        managing, and new business development.

GREENE COUNTRY CLUB (Dayton, Ohio)                                                         2003-2008
A full service golf and country club featuring an 18-hole championship golf course, tennis courts, driving ranges,
swimming pool, locker room facilities and three dining areas

        President/General Manager (2003-2008)
        Responsibilities included day-to-day operations, member/customer relations, new business and
        revenue development, public relations, marketing

           Was hired to take over the country club from a position on the Board on an interim basis during a
            critical time operationally and financially. Was offered the permanent position within 60 days.
           Managed over 50 employees and had oversight on golf, restaurant, administrative, tennis, and
            pool operations

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           Worked with various stakeholder committees to gain input and build consensus
           Developed a plan and sold unused land to generate capital and grow membership
           Gained over 40 new members during the full first membership campaign
           Built increase in revenue 2004-2007:green fees: +41%; cart fees: +31%; banquet revenues: +37%
            in a depressed industry marketplace
           Generated donations and other new revenues of $433,000
           Led the sale of the Club to a private member in order to keep the Club solvent
           Was hired on by the new owner to run the operation and develop home sites around the existing
            golf course
           Upon the death of the new owner, stabilized and ran the Club alone throughout the majority of a
            two-year transition keeping the membership intact, the contract in force, and meeting approved

THE EASTPOINT GROUP (Dayton, Ohio)                                                                        1989-2003
The Eastpoint Group is a full service marketing communications firm pioneering advances in communications
solutions that set them apart. Combining expertise in strategic communications and marketing for business-to-
business, corporate, industrial and retail companies, Eastpoint also provides a wide range of video, multimedia
and Internet services under one roof. Over the last five years of my employment, the firm grew revenues nearly

       Vice President/Chief Operating Officer (1993)
       Responsibilities included day-to-day operations, oversight of staff, new business development,
       account planning and service, public relations, direct marketing, media strategy, marketing and
       creative strategy, copywriting, proposal preparation, and marketing research.

           Grew 18 year-old, 6 person, $2 million firm (1993) to a staff of 50 and over $18M in capitalized billings in
           Sold and serviced significant new clients including: Dayton Dragons, Husqvarna Viking,
            Montgomery County Children Services, U.S. Air Force Museum, La Comedia Dinner Theater,
            White Family Automotive Group, Arena Dodge, Lexis Nexis, Kool 95 FM
           Won numerous advertising awards for collateral, video, and multimedia creative (Dayton
            Club's Hermes Awards, Telly Awards, and other various industry specific accolades)
           Developed strategy for the re-branding of firm, including new corporate identity

       Account Executive (1989)
       Primary responsibilities involved developing and servicing new business. Other responsibilities included
       research, copywriting, media buying, public relations, creative and marketing strategy


Bachelor of Science Communications, with honors, University of Tennessee, 1984
Other continuing education courses including Dayton Chamber of Commerce CEO Leadership/Strategic Planning Course,
Stellar Sales Training Seminars, Second Wind Inc. (National Advertising Agency Network): LifeBlood: A 365-Days-A-Year
New Business Strategy

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                                                      ATTACHMENT G
6370 Federal Rd., Cedarville, OH 45314 Home 937.766.3109 Mobile 937.974.5968

   Demonstrated success in defining a vision, leading a team, and executing to deliver timely results.
   Disciplined driver of business objectives and exceeding expectations.
   Focus on the customer and creating sales and marketing strategies to strengthen and grow the relationship.

    Strategic Marketing and Planning               Branding Strategies                    Product Marketing
    Communications                                 Advertising/Direct Mail                Campaign Planning / Execution
    Web Development                                Project Management                     Customer Service
    SEO and Social Media                           Public Relations                       Relationship Management


         April 2010 – Present                             C3 Group                                           Centerville, OH
         Director of Accounts
             Cultivate client relationships while driving production, identify new business opportunities and execute strategic
              marketing and branding strategies.
             Develop and execut result-driven marketing strategies for clients with a focus on interactive marketing, brand design
              and web development.

         December 2006 – March 2010                     Implications                                      Beavercreek, OH
         Director of Client Services
          Developed and executed result-driven marketing strategies for clients with a focus on interactive marketing, brand
              design and web development.
          Managed ongoing U.S. client production of over 100+ projects concurrently to align with company revenue goals
              with a team of three direct reports.
          Project Management of integrated marketing communications projects based on client requirements. Researched
              and understood client’s business needs to create marketing solutions that helped increase our client’s revenue.
          Increased progressive responsibility in the servicing and relationship of Implications key client accounts.
          Created effective sales tools and marketing campaigns through identification of need and ensured sales and
              customer service readiness for success.
          Determined the customer requirements, established strategy, tactics and quotas, and hired, trained and managed
              the U.S. Production team.
          Responsible for identifying and implementing operational production processes and procedures and incorporating
              company-wide best practices.
          Responsible for identifying sales opportunities within existing client base, as well as new B2B sales
          Led company search engine optimization offerings initiative and management of company and client pay-per-click
              campaigns through Google AdWords.
          Held leadership role in internal branding/marketing committee. Internal point of contact for Implications branding,
              creation of Implications sales materials, etc.
          Gained experience in marketing communications, developing marketing strategies, branding strategies, search
              engine optimization, social media, process management, working within an offshore model.
         May 2005 – December 2006                       Reynolds & Reynolds                                 Kettering, OH
         Marketing Specialist, Strategic Marketing & Planning
         Integrated Document Solutions Division (IDS)
          Managed customer communication efforts for automotive document solutions through direct marketing, promotional
              campaigns, press releases and advertising related to major product launches, sales contests and special customer
              campaigns. Drove initiatives to achieve outstanding business results.

                                                                                                                      Page 17 of 24
           Working with minimal supervision, provided support to the strategic marketing efforts of the IDS business unit by
            executing tactics in a timely and professional manner. Collaborated with product counterparts, printing plant and the
            Sales organization to ensure marketing initiative delivers customer requirements and contributes to revenue and
            profitability goals.
           Managed the tracking of marketing spend; direct involvement with sales training and customer presentations; cross
            marketing team project involvement; unsupervised project management; ownership of day-to-day ADA projects;
           Coordination of major sales communication efforts and development of sales tools for sales representatives and
            influence groups. Engaged appropriate organizations for marketing and sales collateral aspects of marketing
            initiative and successfully drove the completion of those projects.
           Strengthened word of mouth marketing efforts by gathering and coordinating best practices and customer
           Actively engaged in the collection, summary and distribution of market intelligence to business unit members.
            Obtained, summarized and distributed industry information, reports and other statistics for the development of
            strategic marketing plans.
           Supported brand building efforts for the business unit and efforts related to the company wide approach to customer
           Gained experience in email marketing, marketing communications, testimonials and interviews, strategic marketing,
            promotions, customer campaigns, sales campaigns, sales training, advertising, direct mail, and trade shows.

      Aug. 1 2002 – May 2005                 Reynolds & Reynolds                                  Kettering, OH
      Service Training and Logistics Coordinator
       Responsible for coordination, logistics and tracking of all job-specific service training to new hires and existing
          associates as well as for external customer training.
       Update/Development of associate manuals, distance learning kits and various training materials to make current
          with changes in product releases and tie training to productivity measurements.
       Various weekly, monthly and annual reports, including Associate Education Completions, annual budgets, RU
          logistics posting report, Sales tracking reports and forecasts.
       Coordination of logistics, marketing and communications for annual Worldwide Sales and Service Conferences and
          NADA Trade Show.
       Maintain internal/external customer training database.
       Manage and track all CTT Certifications
       Conduct/Summarize training assessments of curriculum and provide feedback to management.


      Wright State University                                                                     Fairborn, OH
         Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.
         Member of the Marketing Club.

      Beavercreek High School                                                                     Beavercreek, OH
        Graduated with Honors and a GPA of 3.85.
        Member of the National Honor Society.


      Available upon request.

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                                           ATTACHMENT H
Paul D. Garcher Resume
2897-C Old Troon Dr. Beavercreek, OH 45324  (937) 654-4562 

To obtain a career position in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing Consulting, and Web

C-3 Group (March 2010-Present)
Graphic/Web Development Manager
      Joined start-up venture to provide complete marketing solutions for small to mid-sized
      businesses. Core job responsibilities include design strategy and execution for web
      interfaces and print materials. Also perform account management duties for key clients
      and involved in marketing strategy services.

Implications International LLC (October 2007-March 2010)
Project Manager
       Hired to perform account management services on web development projects. Involved in
       marketing strategy, graphic design development, and CMS architecture planning. Served
       as the primary link between the client and programming team to communicate project
       directives and manage project scope.

Proficiency using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Contribute, Dreamweaver, Bridge,
GoToMeeting, Google Analytics, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Mac OS, Drupal
Admin, and Wordpress Admin.

Undergraduate, Wright State University (2003-2007)
Bachelor of Arts
GPA: 3.5/4.0

Sigma Iota Epsilon Professional Management Chapter (2007-Present)

CultureMASH (2010-Present)
      Member of the Dayton based young professional group serving charitable non-profits with
      marketing services. Provide graphic design services for various projects.

HHYBA (2003-present)
    Volunteer coach for youth basketball league (ages 12-17)

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                                                      ATTACHMENT I
Josh Cope Resume
Tel : (330) 284-2006 E-mail :
  Web designer with more than 7 years of experience in numerous web design projects, as well as programming and graphic
  design. Very ambitious in the computer industry and work well with others as well as efficiently on my own. Highly efficient
  with all of my projects and endeavors and have a technical background in many web languages.

 Key Skills
 Proficient or familiar with a vast array of programming languages, concepts and technologies, including:

  C++, Java, Adobe AIR         Windows, Mac, UNIX               Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla        Network fundamentals
  PHP, JavaScript, CSS         MySQL, Apache, Oracle,           Photoshop, Illustrator           AIR, Blackberry, Android

 Developer Licenses
 Blackberry | Android | Adobe AIR | Facebook
  June 2011                  Bachelor in Computer Science
                             Wright State University, Dayton, OH
                             Concentrations on programming, web design and web programming
  June 2005                  Honors High School Diploma
                             Hoover High School, North Canton, OH

 Work Experience
  Programmer , The C-3 Group, Centerville, OH (CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Wordpress)                      2011 - Present
        Design and develop custom PHP scripts, HTML and Javascript;
        Content Management System installation and modification;
        Website programming and CSS from design concept;
        Perform photo and graphic manipulation with Photoshop;

  Technology Coordinator & Webmaster (CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress)
  Office of Residence Services, Wright State University                                              2010 - 2011
          Maintained and updated Wright State Housing website;
          Created various graphics for layout and logos;
          Created php and MySQL scripts for website and internal forms database;
          Worked with consultants on website development and redesign;
          Served as Assistant System Administrator for Residential Management System (RMS)housing software program;
          Implemented an XML feed of RA staff information from RMS to the staff website;
          Assisted in coordinating the new purchases of technology, hardware and software;
          Developed Raider Up! news portal with Wordpress, selective email and mobile integration;
          Created directory applications for Blackberry and Android with Adobe AIR;
          Social media design and integration with website and other department media.

  Director of Web Communications (PHP, MySQL, JS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Drupal)
  Student Government, Wright State University                                                         2008 - 2011
         Developed and maintained all websites and internet communication relating to Student Government;
         Developed various projects including Syllabus Archive, BookBazaar, WSU Desktop App,
          and the Printing Request Form and online database;
         Created and maintained the internal punch clock system;
         Created many graphical logos and designs for multiple projects and events;

  Web Programmer, Samco Appraisal Management Company (PHP, MySQL, CSS, JS, Drupal)                          2009 - 2010
          Theme, graphic and logo development;

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       Content management system training;
       System and PHP script modification;
                                                                                             2006 - 2007
Web Programmer, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Control Systems
Society, Wright State University (PHP, MySQL, Joomla)

Web Designer, Trinity Baptist Church, North Canton, OH (PHP, MySQL, JS, Photoshop, Drupal)   2003-Present
      Developed CSS layout and navigational design;
      Created various graphics for layout and logos;
      Various JavaScript and PHP scripting;

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                                              ATTACHMENT J
Carla Weis Hale Resume
160 Illinois Ave. Dayton, OH 45410 phone: (937) 522-1578 e-mail:

Objective: To obtain a career position in the fields of Social Media Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Web
Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. Experience

C-3 Group (March 2010-Present)
Sales, Account Manager, Social Media Manager
Started new corporate venture to pursue total marketing solutions for small-medium sized businesses.
Generated new sales as well as kept former relationship clients from previous positions. Manage key
accounts in traditional media marketing as well as new technologies and social media.

Implications International (March 2007-March 2010)
Account Manager/Intern
Began as Student Intern and was promoted to full-time Account Manager. Managed several key
relationship-accounts and oversaw production of graphic design, web development, web marketing and
social media marketing projects. Worked with team members in Mumbai, India.

Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH (September 2006 – 2007)
Student assistant in the Business Technologies Division
Support faculty and staff with daily office functions, providing assistance in special projects to benefit the
college and/or students, and any other departmental activities needed.


Proficiency in Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Django Admin, Drupal Admin, Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter,
Linked-In, Foursquare, Mac OS, TweetDeck, HootSuite, Bitly, PageLever, Insights, Google Analytics,
Google Alerts, Google Plus, Thunderbird, Entourage, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, and

Education & Honors

Undergraduate, Wright State University (2007-Present) Major: Marketing
Major GPA: 3.22/4.0

Undergraduate, Sinclair Community College, OH (2004-2007)
Major: Marketing
Overall GPA: 3.49/4.0, Deans List six quarters

Phi Theta Kappa, Honor Society of the Two Year College (2006-Present)

Leadership & Activities

CultureMASH (2010-Present)
Founder of the Dayton region’s leading young professional group serving charitable non-profits with
marketing services. Manages a team of 20+ young professionals.

New Media Dayton (2010-Present) Board member.

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UpDayton: Young Creatives Summit (2010-Present) Attended event to brainstorm new opportunities for
business in the Dayton area.

SummitUp: A Social Media Confab (2009-Present) Attended event with top Social Media experts from
around the nation.

Carroll High School (2005-2008)
Coach of Junior Varsity softball team for girls. Focus was on teamwork and skill development.

Education Enhancement Initiative (2005 – Present)
Created program to help improve kids’ performance in school through weekly interactive teachings and
various review activities; currently implemented for early teenage, inner city kids.

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