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What the Bible says about cars

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					Plymouth Fury - in the year of our Lord 1957
The Tempest and the Storm  Psalm 83:15
Dodge Ram  Exodus 19:13.
Honda Accord  John 12:49
Triumph motorcycle
1959 Triumph TR-3
interior of the 2006 Honda Accord  Acts 5:12
                              What cars
                             mean to us
Status  Now Adonijah put himself
 forward and aid  will e king o he
 got chariot and hore ready with fifty
 men to run ahead of him 1 Kings 1:5.
What image does this project?
What image does this project?
How to impress your first date
What image does this project?
                         What we buy
Have you asked God for it?  John 16:24.
Have you asked God for wisdom? 
 James 1:5.
Avoid envy  Psalm 73:2-3.
Research  Proverbs 18:15.
Count the cost  Luke 14:28-30.
                                      New car
  Looks better.
  Lower repair costs.
  Little down time.
  Possibly better fuel efficiency & safety.
                               Used car
Lower purchase price.
Lower registration and license fees.
Lower insurance premiums.
Lower depreciation.
                                    Used car
Used: Depreciation
   In 3 years, 62-73% of original value.
   Most cars: 15-20% of their value each year.
   Up to 15% as you drive a new car off the lot.
                          How we drive
Hi driving i like that of Jehu en Nimhi
  he drive like a madman 2 Kings 9:20.
Everyone mut umit himelf to the
 governing authoritie Romans 13:1.
You hall not murder. Exodus 20:13.
                          How we drive
Killed in car accidents  42,636 '2004(
Killed by the common flu  20,000)
Killed by murders  15,517)
Killed in airline crashes  120)
Killed by lightning strikes  90)
                            )Avg annual totals
                            How we drive
13,192 lives were lost due to speed-
 related accidents. Speeding was a
 contributing factor in 30 percent of all fatal
16,694 people died in alcohol-related
 crashes; 39 percent of all crash fatalities.
                         How we drive
Per vehicle mile traveled in 2003,
 motorcyclists were about 32 times more
 likely than passenger car occupants to die
 in a crash.
What does the Bible say about cars?
Plymouth Fury
Chrysler Valiant
Dodge Demons
Ford Aspire
Fiat Uno
Buick Rendezvous
Ford Fiesta
Nissan Infiniti

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