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					Health and welfare services (excluding social and community services) Part 5 - Federal & NAPSAs - Superannuation

                          AP830802 - Fed                AP811669 - Fed              AN120434 - NSW           AN120436 - NSW              AN120439 - NSW             AN140015 - QLD               AN170046 - TAS           AN170061 - TAS
                          Health Services Union of      Private Pathology           Private Hospital         Private Hospital            Private Pathology          Australian Red Cross         Hospitals Award          Medical Practitioners
                          Australia (Private            Industry (ACT) Award        Employees' (State) Award Professional Employees      Laboratories (State) Award Blood Service -                                       (Private Sector) Award
AM s.576J(1)(i)           Pathology - Victoria)         2001                                                 (State) Award                                          Queensland Employees
Superannuation            Award 2003                                                                                                                                Award - State 2003
                          cl 23                         cl 17                         No mention             No mention                  cl 29                      cl 5.11                      cl 34                    cl 21
Fund                      cl 23.1.1(a) - The Hospital   cl 17.2.2(a) - The Health     -                      -                           cl 29(i) - The Health      cl 5.11.8 - The Australian   cl 34(a) - Health        TASPLAN or Health
                          Employees                     Employees                                                                        Employees                  Red Cross Society, Qld       Employees                Employees
                          Superannuation Trust of       Superannuation Trust of                                                          Superannuation Trust       Division; Health             Superannuation Trust     Superannuation Trust
                          Australia or any other fund   Australia.                                                                       Australia or an existing   Employees                    Australia or any other   Australia (HESTA) or any
                          as agreed between the         cl 17.2.2(b) - In the case of                                                    which the employer         Superannuation Trust         superannuation           other approved fund where
                          parties and approved as       employees engaged by                                                             contributed to before 17   Australia and Sunsuper.      scheme agreed to that    exemption granted by the
                          conforming to the             Capital Pathology, the                                                           June 1993 or any other                                  conforms to the          Tasmanian Industrial
                          Commonwealth                  Sonic Healthcare Staff                                                           approved fund.                                          Commonwealth             Commission
                          Government's Operational      Superannuation Fund.                                                                                                                     Government's
                          Standards for Occupations     cl 17.2.2(c) - In the case of                                                                                                            operational standards
                          Superannuation Funds.         other employers, an                                                                                                                      for Occupations
                                                        employer sponsored fund                                                                                                                  Superannuation.
                                                        established prior to 1 July
                                                        1987 which complies with
                                                        the Superannuation
                                                        Industry (Supervision) Act
Employer's contribution  cl 23.5.2 - As per the   cl 17.6.2 - 9%             -                           -                         cl 29(iv) - 3%               cl 5.11.1 - 9%                   cl 34(b) - 3%            3%
                         requirements of the
                         Guarantee Levy
Superannuation           requirements.
Note: The Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Choice of Superannuation Funds) Act 2005 provides that individual employees generally have the opportunity to choose their own
superannuation funds.

For further information see the AIRC guidance note — Choice of Superannuation Funds and Award Provisions.

Health and welfare services (excluding social and community services) Part 5 - Federal NAPSAs - Superannuation - As at 30 October 2008                                                                                                                Page 1 of 1

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