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Vanderhaar Memorial Symposium Scheduled for Spring
THE FIRST ANNUAL Gerard A. Vanderhaar                     annual series as its first speaker. Also, during the sym-
Symposium will be held Thursday evening, March 30,        posium, a university student from the Mid-South area
on the campus of Christian Brothers University. The       will be the recipient of the Dr. Gerard A. Vanderhaar
Vanderhaar Symposium is established in memory of          Award. This award will be presented to a student who
Dr. Gerry Vanderhaar, who taught religion at CBU for      best exemplifies the spirit and practice of active nonvi-
28 years and who passed away this past June. It will      olence, consistent with Vanderhaar’s life and work.
seek to continue Vanderhaar’s legacy by bringing a           A committee of faculty, staff, and one board mem-
noted scholar and/or activist to the campus to address    ber, is currently raising funds and organizing the
a social and moral issue related to peace and justice     March symposium. The exact location and time for
and/or Catholic social teaching.                          the symposium will be announced later. For more
   Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit, a long-time        information, contact Lisa Bell in the CBU
peace and social justice activist, will help launch the   Advancement Office at 901-321-4299. I                         We challenge the
                                                                                                                        culture of violence
ARTS KUDOS                                                (Re)views by Joyce Carol Oates for The Memphis
    Dr. Frank Buscher (Dean) participated as a panel      Flyer’s literary supplement, published in July.               when we ourselves
member in “60 Years After: Europe and America                Dr. Elizabeth Nelson and Dr. Rod Vogl                      act in the certainty
Sixty Years after the End of World War II,” a panel       (Behavioral Sciences) attended the “Best Practices
presentation at the University Libraries of the           in Teaching Critical Thinking across the Psychology
                                                                                                                        that violence is no
University of Memphis in June.                            Curriculum” conference in Atlanta this fall. Nelson           longer acceptable,
    Dr. Marius Carriere (History) attended the            presented a poster on “The Power of Garbage,”
                                                          which detailed her class demonstration of statistical
                                                                                                                        that it's tired and
Tennessee Conference meeting of The American
Association of University Professors at Columbia          power using a garbage can. Vogl and Nelson pre-               outdated no matter
State College, where he reported on the state of uni-     sented a poster on “Using Film to Teach Critical
                                                                                                                        how many cling to it
versity governance in colleges and universities in        Thinking Across the Psychology Curriculum,” which
West Tennessee.                                           described their uses of film in their classes. Nelson         in the stubborn
    Dr. Roger Easson (Literature & Languages) taught      also published two articles, “Rape and Sex
                                                                                                                        belief that it still
two workshops for Trammel Crow Company in                 Offenses” and “Date Rape,” in Criminal Justice.
September with units on “E-mail: The Mission                 Tony Silva (Music) performed a benefit recital             works and that it’s
Critical Computer Application,” “Editing,” and “How       with violinist Hajnal Pivnick and friends at First            still valid.
to Write Letters Containing Bad News and Still            Congregational Church in August. The concert raised
                                                          funds to benefit the Memphis City Schools Fine Arts
                                                                                                                         — Dr. Gerard Vanderhaar
Maintain Goodwill of the Customer.” This was his
third round of workshops for the company.                 Program. Silva presented another concert at the             PHOTO BY JOHN GRISHAM
    Dr. Ellen Faith (Education) was been nominated        church in October with Annabeth Novitzki, mezzo-
for the Memphis Leadership Academy.                       soprano; Anna Lise Jensen, soprano; and Timothy
    Dr. Peter Gathje (Religion & Philosophy) gave a       Shiu, violinist.
talk on “Holiness and Human Liberation: Spirituality         Dr. Talana Vogel (Education) presented two
and Activism” at Theology on Tap, a program of the        papers at the Southern Regional Council on
Diocese of Memphis, in September. Gathje also             Educational Administration Conference held in
spoke in September and early October at Idlewild          Atlanta in October. The papers were entiltled
Presbyterian Church on “God's Generosity and a            “Turning the Tide: An Administrator’s Role in
Christian Response to Wealth and Poverty.”                Teacher Retention” and “An Analysis of Working
    Dr. Lisa Hickman (Literature & Languages,             Conditions Experienced by Beginning Teachers in an
Adjunct) wrote a review of Uncensored: Views and          Urban School District.”

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                                 Robert Buckman Honored with School of Business Founders Award
                                                                                                                           In 2000, Buckman retired as chairman and CEO of
                                                                                                                       Bulab Holdings, Inc., a multinational specialty indus-
                                                                                                                       trial chemicals firm with headquarters in Memphis.
                                                                                                                       He currently serves as chairman of the executive com-
                                                                                                                       mittee of the board of directors of Bulab Holdings,
                                                                                                                       Inc., the parent company of Buckman Laboratories.
                                                                                                                           Buckman is an internationally renowned expert
                                                                                                                       and much-sought-after speaker on knowledge sharing
                                                                                                                       and the development of knowledge-based organiza-
                                                                                                                       tions. He is the author of the book, Building a
                                                                                                                       Knowledge-Driven Organization. He and his firm,
                                                                                                                       Buckman Laboratories, have received numerous
                                                                                                                       awards for contributions to this field, including the
                                                                                                                       Knowledge Management Leadership Award from
                                                                                                                       Business Intelligence in London (1996), the Arthur

                                                                                                                       Andersen LLP 1996 Enterprise Award for Best
                                                                                                                       Practices in the category of Knowledge Sharing in the
                                                                                                                       Organization; and the 1997 Computerworld
                                                                                                                       Smithsonian Award for visionary use of information
                                                                                                                       technology in the manufacturing category. Buckman
                                                                                                                       also serves on the international editorial board of the
                                 Honoree Robert Buckman        THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS honored Memphis                  Journal of Knowledge Management.
                                 (left) with CBU interim       businessman and entrepreneur Robert Buckman at its          He holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical engi-
                                 president Lance Forsdick at   third annual Founders Award Dinner on October 29.       neering from Purdue University, an M.B.A. from the
                                 the School of Business        The event was held at the Memphis Hilton Hotel.         University of Chicago, and honorary doctorates from
                                 Founders Award Dinner.           Buckman is president and chairman of the board of    North Carolina State University and Asbury
                                                               The Applied Knowledge Group, Inc., a professional       Theological Seminary. He lives in Memphis with his
                                                               services firm specializing in facilitating effective    wife, Joyce.
                                                               knowledge sharing within work organizations. He also        The Founders Award is presented annually by the
                                                               serves as chairman of the board of the holding compa-   School of Business in memory of Brother Alfred
                                                               ny, Tioga Holdings, Inc., based in Reston, VA.          Moroni and Brother Edmund Whaley. I

                                                                 CFP Program Resumes in January
                                                                 THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS will again offer the CFP Board registered program in Financial Planning
                                                                 beginning January 26, 2006.
                                                                    The program consists of six courses, meeting one night per week, over a 12-month period. Upon suc-
                                                                 cessful completion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the Certified Financial Planner
                                                                 Certification Examination. CBU will host preview information sessions for persons interested in the CFP
                                                                 program on January 10 and January 17 at 5:30 p.m. in the Clark Conference Room (Buckman Hall 341).
                                                                 For additional information, contact Jacque Mahr at (901) 321-3315. I

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BUSINESS KUDOS              forum on “Educational                                                                 CAMERON JOHNSON (’05), left,
    Dr. Claire Nash         Opportunities and                                                                     was awarded the Memphis
(Accounting) was elect-     Career Development                                                                    Chapter Scholarship Award by
ed a member of the          Using Project Manage-                                                                 the Tennessee Society of
General Council on          ment Principles.”                                                                     Certified Public Accountants,
                                                                                                                  and JAMIE AQUINO (’06), right,
Finance and Administra-        Five students and
                                                                                                                  was awarded the Robert W.
tion of the United          recent graduates were
                                                                                                                  Knapp Scholarship Award.
Methodist Church.           recently awarded schol-
                                                                                                                  They were presented the
    Ms. Pat Papachristou    arships by the                                                                        scholarships by TERRY
(Economics) presented a     Tennessee Society of                                                                  STANFORD (’92), center,
paper on “The Use of        Certified Public                                                                      scholarship committee chair
Debates of Current          Accountants: Jamie                                                                    for the TSCPA.
Economic Issues as an       Aquino, Phillip K. Bach,
Aid for Developing          Ryne Dahlke, Cameron
Critical Thinking Skills”   Johnson, and Leigh
at the European Applied     Anne Snyder-Horton.
Business and Economic       Aquino was singled out
Research Conference in      as recipient of the        Scholarship Award, and        Memphis Chapter
Athens, Greece in June.     Robert W. Knapp            Johnson received the          Scholarship Award.
The paper received a
“Best Paper Awards”
and was selected as a
                             New Dean’s Advisory Council Announced
lead article in The          THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS announced the formation of a dean’s advisory
Journal of College           council this fall. Council members will provide advice, guidance and support for
Teaching and Learning.       the continuing development of business programs at CBU and will articulate the
    Three members of         current and emerging interest of the business community to the business school.
the business faculty            “The council will advise the School of Business on general business trends and
made presentations to        serve as a forum for discussing issues related to instruction, research, academic
the Memphis Chapter of       excellence and professional development,” said Dr. Lynn Kugele, dean of the
the Project Management       CBU business school. “We are honored that this group has offered their time and
Institute in August. Dr.     input. They will offer invaluable assistance in the promotion and recognition of
Bev B. Pray (Graduate        the School of Business locally and regionally.”
Business Programs) pre-         The members of the CBU School of Business Dean’s Advisory Council are
sented a paper entitled      Amit Bhandari, senior vice president for strategic planning at First Horizon
“Where Have all out          National Corporation; Henry L. Brenner (’68), chairman of Heritage Capital                  Dr. Lynn Kugele
Heroes Gone: The Need        Advisors; Ben C. Bryant Jr., president of Cook Systems International; Stephen
for Ethical Leadership.”     Dunavant, of Thompson Dunavant PLC; David Farmer, vice president for
Dr. Dan Brandon              finance at Smith & Nephew; Tom Fehrmann, of National Commerce Financial
(Information Technology      Corporation; Mark R. Giannini (’87), of Service Assurance Corporation; Richard
Management) presented        Hackett, former Memphis mayor; Ross Harris (’93); executive vice president of
“Managing for Success        AIMS Logistics; Dr. Dianna Johnson, assistant dean for faculty affairs at
Using Critical Success       University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center Hamilton Eye Institute; Melvin
Factors for Effective        Jones, CEO and publisher of Black Business Directories; Chris Kelley, executive
Project Performance.”        director of the Barret School of Banking; Steve Lawrence, senior vice president of
Dr. Frank Marion             Morgan Keegan; and Brian Splan (’69), consultant and advisory council chair. I
(Marketing) chaired a

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     engineering@ cbu

     High Schoolers Get a Bang Out of CBU Forensic Engineering Workshops
                                                                                                 spoons of the white dust into a glass tube. Most of the
                                                                                                 high-school audience jumped as a torch held under
                                                                                                 the tube immediately ignited the creamer into an
                                                                                                 impressive—and explosive—column of flame.
                                                                                                     The demonstration was part of a workshop in
                                                                                                 forensic engineering held by the CBU School of
                                                                                                 Engineering in November. Actually, one of three
                                                                                                 workshops in forensic engineering held in November.
                                                                                                 The free program was expected to draw 50-75 stu-
                                                                                                 dents from local and area high schools; when more
                                                                                                 than 200 signed up, two more workshops were added
                                                                                                 to accommodate the high level of interest.
                                                                                                     The popularity of forensic television dramas, espe-
                                                                                                 cially the hit CSI, was an obvious factor in both the
                                                                                                 scheduling and the reception of the workshops. That
                                                                                                 was the idea, said Dr. Randal Price, associate professor
                                                                                                 of chemical engineering (and emcee at the work-
                                                                                                 shops). “The idea is to get more kids interested in
                                                                                                 engineering, period,” he said. “The U.S. isn’t sending
                                                                                                 enough kids into the engineering and technology
                                                                                                 fields. The economy as a whole could take a hit if we
                                                                                                 can’t keep up.”
                                                                                                     Besides demonstrating the explosive nature of dust,
                                                                                                 Welch also covered other aspects of investigating the
                                                                                                 causes and results of fires—such as how to recognize
                                                                                                 signs of arson and the use of accelerants. (The torch
                                                                                                 came out again to give examples of burn patterns and
                                                                                                 to demonstrate how flammable liquids burn.) Another
                                                                                                 topic covered in the workshop involved the investiga-
                                                                                                 tion of traffic accidents, such as measuring skid marks
                                                                                                 and crush factor. While discussing the science of bal-
       Dr. Eric Welch demonstrates     THE PHOTO PROJECTED on the screen depicted                listics, and how ammunition is matched to a specific
         the exlposivity of dust and   the ruins of a building apparently destroyed by an        firearm, Welch showed examples of bullets and passed
     fine powder during one of the     explosion. Perhaps it was a munitions factory. Or,        around disassembled rifle barrels to show how the dis-
            School of Engineering’s    worse, in this day and age, the object of a terrorist     tinctive markings are made.
                forensic workshops.    attack.                                                       Dr. Welch, dean of the School of Engineering and
                                          No, Dr. Eric Welch explained to the high school        an associate professor of electrical engineering, did not
                                       students gathered in a lab auditorium at CBU, the         come by the subject of forensic engineering due to cur-
                                       building was actually a granary. And the deadly, explo-   rent television fads. In addition to his faculty position
                                       sive catalyst was wheat—more to the point, the culprit    at CBU, Welch has maintained an active forensic engi-
                                       was the dust created in the milling of the wheat.         neering practice since 1994, providing technical inves-
                                          To demonstrate, Welch picked up a can of com-          tigations and evidence analysis for the legal profession
                                       mon coffee creamer and sprinkled a few healthy table-     and insurance industry. I

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New MSEM Degree Being Readied for Online Launch
CBU INTERIM PRESIDENT Lance Forsdick and                   ing, and software such as Powerpoint and WebCT. Dr.         ENGINEERING KUDOS
the School of Engineering announced this fall that         Olabe will direct CBU’s distance learning project, and         Dr. Neil Jackson
funding has been secured and implementation will           a technician will be hired to maintain the systems.         (Graduate Engineering
begin this spring on the establishment of a new grad-          Jackson foresees an unlimited audience for distance     Program) presented a
uate degree in engineering management, which will          learning in CBU’s engineering programs. “This isn’t         paper on "Managing in a
offer classes not only at CBU but also online to stu-      limited to Europe,” he said. “In the U.S., Manhattan        Technical Environment"
dents at Lasallian universities in Europe.                 College is the only other Lasallian school with a full      at the Professional
    “The Master of Science in Engineering                  engineering program, so we have a market here too.          Development Day of the
Management is designed for the traditional graduate            “Eventually, we can see using it to further the         Memphis Chapter of the
student, the student who has just finished an under-       Lasallian mission to educate the poor. Our next incre-      Project Management
graduate degree and doesn’t have professional experi-      mental foreign expansion would be to the less affluent      Institute in August.
ence yet,” said Dr. Neal Jackson, director of graduate     students at our universities in Mexico and the                 JT Malasri (Civil
engineering.                                               Philippines.”                                               Engineering, ’06) was
    The Master of Engineering Management, which                But he doesn’t see it limited only to engineering, or   awarded a $1,000
CBU has offered since 1989, is more focused on prac-       only to other Lasallian schools. “We’re already devel-      scholarship by the
tical application and is aimed at the engineer who         oping online and hybrid classes for religion and busi-      Memphis Post of the
already has experience and wants to climb the ladder       ness,” he said. “And it makes sense to offer this even-     Society of American
into a managerial position, Jackson explained.             tually to students in the region who want a CBU edu-        Military Engineers
    The new MSEM degree, like the MEM, will con-           cation but can’t come to Memphis for classes.”              (SAME) for the 2005-06
sist of 33 hours of academic coursework and will be            Jackson said that the MEM degree would also be          academic year. Only two
structured on a 15-week class term. Unlike the MEM,        completely available online by Spring 2007. “There          students are selected to
students in the new program may attend full-time and       isn’t a formal center for distance learning here at CBU     receive the annual
will be able to complete the program in one year.          yet,” he said. “But there will be.” I                       award.
    “It’s a ‘4+1’ program, geared to our graduates, with
more emphasis on theory and research,” Jackson said.
The MSEM program will require an additional course           Real-World Tests
in research methods, and a thesis will be required for       VALVE TECK, a Memphis valve manufacturer, is
the degree.                                                  working with assistant professor Dr. Joe Londino
    While the current MEM program already has three          (Mechanical Engineering) to test a family of their
classes available online, the complete online degree         innovative control valves that are used in the heat-
available through the MSEM is a first for CBU.               ing, ventilating, and air-conditioning industry.
Jackson says the initial market for the online program       This testing is being done at CBU and will focus
will be through Institut Superieur Agricole in               on determining pressure loss as a function of flow
Beauvais, France, and Enginyeria i Arquitectura La           rate for various configurations.
Salle in Barcelona, Spain.                                       Mechanical engineering students are very
    Dr. Juan Carlos Olabe-Basogain, professor of elec-       active in testing the valves. Under Londino’s
trical engineering, has been actively involved in devel-     supervision, Joey Blalock (’05) designed the test
oping distance education technologies for the past five      station. The station was constructed with help
years for Lasallian worldwide initiatives and for the        from CBU lab technicians Henry Rhodes and Bob
Socrates-Minerva project funded by the European              Moats. Ricky Bivens (’06) received a summer
Research Commission. He has helped to develop                stipend to work on the project and is continuing
online coursework for the MSEM using a variety of            the work as his senior project. I
online technologies including video and audio stream-

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     sciences@ cbu

                                                                                                          the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
                                                                                                              Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald (Biology) coauthored a
                                                                                                          paper on “Anatomical and functional evidence for
                                                                                                          progressive age-related decline in parasympathetic
                                                                                                          control fo choroidal blood flow in pigeons” that was
                                                                                                          published in Experimental Eye Research. Coauthors
                                                                                                          were E.Tolley, B. Jackson, Y.S. Zagvazdin, S.L.
                                                                                                          Cuthbertson, W.Hodos, and A. Reiner.
                                                                                                          • Jennifer Hendrick (Biology, ’06) had a paper enti-
                                                                                                          tled “Abdominal Compartment Syndrome in a Newly
                                                                                                          Diagnosed Patient with Burkitt Lymphoma” accept-
                                                                                                          ed for publication in Pediatric Radiology. Jennifer is
                                                                                                          the primary author of the paper.
                                                                                                              Brother Kevin Ryan (Physics) escorted four
                                                                                                          Memphis high school students to Phoenix for the
                                                                                                          International Science and Engineering Fair in May.
                                                                                                          There were about 1,400 projects from 45 countries;
                                                                                                          three of the four local students won prizes.
     BETA BETA BETA, the biology honor society, sponsored “Bowling for Uganda,” a campus-wide bowl-           Brother Edward Salgado (Biology) published an
     a-thon fundraiser on November 18, to raise $2,000 to support Hope North, a self-sustainable camp     article on “Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on
     for internally displaced people in Uganda. “The house that they build at Hope North is going to be   Philippine ferns II: three new names in Asplenium”
     called the ‘CBU Home’ and the names of all of the campus clubs that participated will be painted     in the Edinburgh Journal of Botany. Brother Edward
     on the wall,” said Tri-Beta vice president Jennifer Hendrick (’06). Winning teams represented        also gave a talk to the Memphis Fern Society enti-
     Kappa Sigma (1st place), Tau Kappa Epsilon (2nd place), and the School of Science faculty (3rd
                                                                                                          tled “The Ancient History of Ferns” in October.
     place). Among the other participating organizations were teams from the Honors Program, Alpha
                                                                                                              Four CBU students who participated in the
     Sigma Tau, School of Engineering, and the American Chemical Society.
                                                                                                          MHIRT program in Brazil this summer presented
                                      SCIENCE KUDOS                                                       their research at the Annual Biomedical Research
                                          Work by Dr. Leigh C. Becker (Mathematics)                       Conference for Minority Students in Atlanta in
                                      formed the basis for results in a paper published in                November. Christina Brown present “Newborn geno-
                                      the August issue of the research journal Acta                       typing for TP53 R337H in Southern Brazil where it
                                      Mathematica Hungarica, entitled “Fixed Points,                      is responsible for almost all cases of childhood
                                      Volterra Equations, and Becker's Resolvent” by T. A.                adrenocortical carcinoma,” Jennifer Paxson present-
                                      Burton. Becker and Micah Wheeler (’04) are authors                  ed “Effects of Cadmium exposure on the GST activi-
                                      of the Maple worksheet “Numerical and Graphical                     ty and HSP-70 levels in the gills of the mangrove
                                      Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations of the                     oyster, Crassostrea rhizophorae.” Reena Patel and
                                      Second Kind,” which was published in July by the                    Bob Dalsania presented “Intraspecies differences in
                                      Maple Application Center.                                           the expression of the AMPA-type glutamate recep-
                                          Dr. Mike Condren (Chemistry) his colleagues at                  tors in the nucleus of Edinger-Westphal of chick
                                      the Materials Research Science and Engineering                      embryos and young chicks.”
                                      Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have                      The CBU chapter of Student Affiliates of the
                                      published a Spanish translation of the second edition               American Chemical Society received a Commendable
                                      of their Exploring the NanoworldActivity Kit with the               Award, as noted in the September/ October 2005
                                      aid of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez.                      issue of InChemistry magazine. Chapter members
                                      Exploremos el Nanomundo Kit de Actividados will be                  will pick up the award at the spring meeting of the
                                      distributed by the Institute for Chemical Education at              American Chemical Society in Atlanta.

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    CBU led the Gulf
                            The Race to All-American
South Conference with       BY JUSTIN MASKUS, Sports Information Director
40 student-athletes
named to the 2005 GSC       AS THE FIRST-EVER All-Conference and All-
Spring Academic Honor       Region selection for a CBU cross country runner,
Roll. To be named a stu-    freshman Stephen Hill (Chemical Engineering, ’09)
dent must maintain a        made his way to southern California to compete in the
3.0 GPA. In addition,       2005 NCAA Division II National Meet hosted by Cal
Jenny Bernard (Biology      Poly–Pomona. He left the meet as the first-ever All-
’06) and Jennifer Longo     American selection for a CBU cross country runner.
(Applied Psychology             A native of Collierville, TN, Hill started running in
’05) were both named        the eighth grade when his older sister had joined the
to the softball All-        cross country team at Houston High School. Hill
Academic team, and          credits his sister and father for getting him involved in
Wes Hoover (Chemical        the sport when he started jogging with them recre-
Engineering ’05) was        ationally. But when his dad noticed Hill’s knack for
named to the baseball       long distance and his incredible endurance, he pushed
All-Academic team. To       his son in the direction of cross country.
be named to the All-            Hill’s success started as a high school junior when
Academic team, a stu-       his cross country team won the first of two consecutive
dent must carry a 3.2       state championships. He concluded his high school
GPA and be a starter or     career as a member of the 2005 state champion
key contributor to his or   Houston High track team. He finished fourth overall
her team. Bernard and       his senior year at the state cross country meet and was
Longo both posted per-      the runner-up in the two-mile race at the state track
fect 4.0 GPAs. Other        meet.
Buccaneer baseball              Coming out of high school as a top-five runner in
players named to the        the state, Hill was recruited by Ole Miss, UT
Honor Roll were Blake       Chattanooga, UT Knoxville, Union University, and
Christian (History ’06),    Mississippi State, as well as CBU.
Ryne Dahlke (Business           “I chose CBU because I saw the excellent engineer-
’06), John Daush            ing program the school has and was more interested in
(Business ’08), Bobby       getting an education than running,” Hill said. “Coach
Daush (Business ’06),       [Bill] Hoffman also did a great job recruiting me,          Stephen Hill (’09) is the first
Brian DeJean                showing me that not only did we have the possibility        CBU cross country runner to
(Mechanical Engineering     of having a great team with the recruits he already had     make it to the NCAA Division
’05), Josh Dove             coming in, but I would have a great chance to get an        II Nationals. By finishing 31st,
(Mechanical Engineering     outstanding education. The choice was simple.”              he was selected as the first
’07), Mark Foster               Hoffman was extremely happy when Hill signed            Buccaneer cross country All-
(Mechanical Engineering     with the team. Two of Hill’s Houston High team-             American. He’s also the first
’08), Tristan Gore          mates, Francis Ginski and Alicia Scarborough, also          to be named All-GSC and All-
(Business ’08), John        signed with CBU.                                            Region.
Raymond Hehn                    “Stephen has been a pleasant surprise this season,”
cont’d on next page                                           continued on page 17

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     sports@ cbu

     Washington Named GSC Player of the Year                                                    Amundson (General Studies ’07), Whitney Appling
                                                                                                (Natural Science ’05), Bill Koerber (Business ’06),
                                      CBU JUNIOR BLOCKER Laura Washington                       and Susan Mohan (Business ’08). Josh Bevell
                                      (ECCM ’07) was named the 2005 Gulf South                  (General Studies ’08), Lauren Bobal (Psychology
                                      Conference West Division Volleyball Player of the         ’06), Drew Bringhurst (Business ’05), Anna Land
                                      Year, as voted on by the coaches of the league. She was   (Human Development ’05), Mark Lingerfelt
                                      also named first-team All-South Central Region selec-     (Chemistry ’06), Molly Lucas (ECCM ’06), and Jay
                                      tion, as voted on by sports information directors in      McDonald (Business ’06) were selected from the
                                      the region.                                               golf teams.
                                         Washington becomes the first Lady Buccaneer ever           Coach Clint Browne (Men's Soccer) was named
                                      to be named either Player of the Year or All-Region       the Gulf South Conference Co-Coach of the Year.
                                      since CBU joined the GSC in 1996. She was also            The Bucs started GSC play 1-3, but then won four
                                      named to the All-GSC West Division First Team.            in a row and secured a spot in the GSC Tournament.
                                         She led the conference in attack average and fin-          Coach Donna Crone (Softball) was nominated by
                                      ished eighth in blocks and tenth in kills. She led the    the Gulf South Conference to receive an NCAA grant
                                      Lady Bucs in kills with a 4.02 average and set a new      to attend the National Association of Collegiate
                                      school record for kills in a season with 522, breaking    Women Athletic Administrators Convention in
                                      teammate Nan Kimbrell’s record of a season ago.           Kansas City in October.
                                         Washington was the 2003 GSC Freshman of the                Buccaneer forward Mariano Ilari (Business ’06)
                                      Year and was a second-team selection that season. She     was named to the All-GSC First Team, as voted on
                                      was a first-team selection as a sophomore. Her .363       by the league coaches. Ilari was also named Gulf
                                      attack average ranks 20th in the nation this year.        South Conference Men's Soccer Player of the Week
                                         Earlier in the season, the Seattle native was named    for the period ending October 26.
      LAURA WASHINGTON (’07) is       West Division Player of the Week for the period end-          Lady Buccaneer outside hitter Nan Kimbrell
      the first Lady Buccaneer to     ing September 6.                                          (Education '06) was named to the third-team of the
     be named Player of the Year         Washington was also named to the third-team of         ESPN The Magazine/CoSIDA Academic All-Region
      and All-Region in volleyball.   the ESPN The Magazine/CoSIDA Academic All-                team. To be eligible for the honor, a student-athlete
                                      Region team. To be eligible for the honor, a student-     must have a cumulative 3.20 grade point average
                                      athlete must have a cumulative 3.20 grade point aver-     and play in over 75 percent of the team's games.
                                      age and play in over 75 percent of the team’s games. I        Lady Buc blocker Aubrey Pancratz (Business ’09)
                                                                                                was named the Gulf South Conference West Division
                                         KUDOS continued from previous page
                                                                                                Defensive Volleyball Player of the Week three times,
                                      (Business ’06), Brad Koewler (History ’06), Bobby
                                                                                                on September 13, September 27, and October 25.
                                      Lawrence (Biology ’08), Andrew Livernois (Business
                                                                                                    Buccaneer goalkeeper Chad Rounder (Business
                                      ’06), Brooks Meadows (Business ’08), Patton
                                                                                                Administration ’06) was named the Gulf South
                                      Minkin (Chemistry ’05), Shawn Morgan
                                                                                                Conference Men’s Soccer Defender of the Week
                                      (Mathematics ’07), Hank Pitts (Mechanical
                                                                                                twice, on August 30 and again on October 26.
                                      Engineering ’05), Billy Rasch (General Studies ’08),
                                                                                                    Lady Buc defender Ella Thorsteinsdottir (Civil
                                      Steven Shelton (Business ’06), Matt Smith
                                                                                                Engineering ’06) was named to the All-Gulf South
                                      (Business ’06), Charlie Soukup (General Studies
                                                                                                Conference First Team, as voted on by the coaches
                                      ’07), and Michael St. Cin (Business ’06). Other
                                                                                                of the league. Midfielder Ciara McGuinness
                                      softball players honored were Kathryn Bomar
                                                                                                (Business ’06) and forward Embla Gretarsdottir
                                      (Business ’06), Paula Cerrito (Biology ’06), Angela
                                                                                                (Psychology ’09) were named to the second team.
                                      Dunn (Human Development ’05), Lauren Hearn
                                                                                                    Buccaneer midfielder Keiran Wilson (Education
                                      (Liberal Studies ’08), and Tia Shores (Chemistry
                                                                                                ’07) was named to the All-GSC First Team, as voted
                                      ’08). Tennis team members selected were Lauren
                                                                                                on by the league coaches.

    ALL-AMERICAN continued from page 15
Hoffman said. “He is, by far, the best freshman—and
one of the best, period—I’ve ever coached. He is earn-
ing everything he gets the old fashioned way. He works
hard and dedicates himself to the sport.”
    Hoffman feels the sky is the limit in predicting the
success of Hill. “He could be one of the top American
runners in the near future,” Hoffman said.
    Hill has four top ten finishes this season, including
second-place at the Arkansas-Little Rock Invitational
and fourth at Harding University’s Ted Lloyd
Stampede earlier in the year. He finished No. 6 at the       CHRISTIAN BROTHERS UNIVERSITY has a proud legacy in academics
Gulf South Conference Championships. His time at             as well as athletics. CBU scholar athletes, competing in Division II of
the GSC Meet was a new personal best and a school            the NCAA and the Gulf South Conference, inspire their peers and their
record in the 8k. The Bucs finished fifth as a team, the     fans. CBU students consistently rank among the best in the classroom
best overall finish ever for CBU at the GSC champi-          as well as among the most competitive on the playing field.
onships.                                                     THE BUCCANEER CLUB is helping to support and nurture these great
    At the NCAA South Regional Meet in Florida, Hill         students and enhance the facilities that they need to support their ded-
finished eighth overall with a time of 34:22 in the 10k      ication and devotion to CBU.
race and qualified as an individual for the NCAA
National Meet. The Bucs finished ninth in the field of       WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN the CBU Buccaneer Club. The Club was
19 teams.                                                    formed to raise money for athletic scholarships and to enhance pro-
    Hoffman believes the South region is one of the          grams for all CBU athletic teams.
toughest in the NCAA. Runners are competing                  AS A MEMBER of the Buccaneer Club, you will receive a variety of ben-
against some of the best Kenyan, Irish, and Polish rac-      efits, depending on your level of participation. And CBU student ath-
ers in the country. GSC champion Harding University          letes will share real benefits, thanks to your generosity.
is one of the top programs in the country, and Hill
                                                                 MEMBERSHIP LEVELS ARE AVAILABLE AT THESE LEVELS:
                                                                   Captain ($5,000-10,000) I First Mate ($1,000-4,999)
noted the difference between high school and colle-

                                                               Lookout ($500-999) I Mariner ($250-499) I Crew ($100-249)
giate running.
    “It’s much more competitive,” Hill said. “There are
no longer the hundreds of slow runners in every race.                  FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Eric Ellis at
I enjoy it more; everyone is more mature, and educa-                  901-321-4036 • 800-283-2925 •
tion is emphasized more than practice.”
                                                                 Or clip this form and mail it to the CBU Advancement Office,
    One thing both Hill and Hoffman stress is that
                                                                         650 East Parkway South, Memphis TN 38104
running must be fun, and that was nowhere more evi-
dent than at the NCAA South Regional at Florida
Southern on November 5. Three of Hill’s teammates            PLEASE SEND ME INFORMATION ON JOINING THE BUCCANEER CLUB
decided to have a little fun on their day off, so the trio
purchased neon orange speedos and paraded up and             Name ________________________________________________________
down the beach with the rest of the team just pointing       Address _______________________________________________________
and laughing.
    “We just followed along and watched the people’s         City _________________________________ State _____ Zip ___________
reactions,” Hill said. “One person saw them and              Phone __________________ Email ________________________________
immediately got her camera out and started taking
pictures, saying ‘they must be from Europe.’” I              Are you a CBU alumnus?       Yes, Class of _______      No

                                                                                                             BELLTOWERFALL2005          17

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