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					     Shifting the focus in fracture prevention from osteoporosis to falls                     Links
     Teppo L N Järvinen, Harri Sievänen, Karim M Khan, Ari Heinonen, and Pekka
     BMJ. 2008 January 19; 336(7636): 124–126. doi: 10.1136/bmj.39428.470752.AD.
     PMCID: PMC2206310
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     Multifactorial assessment and targeted intervention for preventing falls and injuries    Links
     among older people in community and emergency care settings: systematic review
     and meta-analysis
     S Gates, J D Fisher, M W Cooke, Y H Carter, and S E Lamb
     BMJ. 2008 January 19; 336(7636): 130–133. Published online 2007 December 18.
     doi: 10.1136/bmj.39412.525243.BE.
     PMCID: PMC2206297
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     Shortcuts from Other Journals: Vaccine preventable diseases fall to all time low in      Links
     the US
     BMJ. 2007 November 24; 335(7629): 1070. doi: 10.1136/bmj.335.7629.1070-b.
     PMCID: PMC2094200
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     Prevention of fall incidents in patients with a high risk of falling: design of a        Links
     randomised controlled trial with an economic evaluation of the effect of
     multidisciplinary transmural care
     Geeske MEE Peeters, Oscar J de Vries, Petra JM Elders, Saskia MF Pluijm, Lex M
     Bouter, and Paul Lips
     BMC Geriatr. 2007; 7: 15. Published online 2007 July 2. doi: 10.1186/1471-2318-
     PMCID: PMC1933430
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     Effects of risk-based multifactorial fall prevention on health-related quality of life   Links
     among the community-dwelling aged: a randomized controlled trial
     Sari Vaapio, Marika Salminen, Tero Vahlberg, Noora Sjösten, Raimo Isoaho, Pertti
     Aarnio, and Sirkka-Liisa Kivelä
     Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2007; 5: 20. Published online 2007 April 26. doi:
     PMCID: PMC1868017
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     Translating Evidence-Based Falls Prevention into Clinical Practice in Nursing            Links
     Facilities: Results and Lessons from a Quality Improvement Collaborative
     Cathleen Colón-Emeric, Anna Schenck, Joel Gorospe, Jill McArdle, Lee Dobson,
     Cindy DePorter, and Eleanor McConnell
     J Am Geriatr Soc. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2007 March 30.
     PMCID: PMC1839839
     Published in final edited form as: J Am Geriatr Soc. 2006 September; 54(9): 1414–
     1418. doi: 10.1111/j.1532-5415.2006.00853.x.
     Manuscript: | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–328K |
     Preventing falls in elderly people living in hospitals and care homes                 Links
     Ian D Cameron and Susan Kurrle
     BMJ. 2007 January 13; 334(7584): 53–54. doi: 10.1136/bmj.39084.388553.80.
     PMCID: PMC1767286
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     Strategies to prevent falls and fractures in hospitals and care homes and effect of   Links
     cognitive impairment: systematic review and meta-analyses
     David Oliver, James B Connelly, Christina R Victor, Fiona E Shaw, Anne
     Whitehead, Yasemin Genc, Alessandra Vanoli, Finbarr C Martin, and Margot A
     BMJ. 2007 January 13; 334(7584): 82. Published online 2006 December 8. doi:
     PMCID: PMC1767306
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     Can volunteer companions prevent falls among inpatients? A feasibility study using    Links
     a pre-post comparative design
     Lynne C Giles, Denise Bolch, Robyn Rouvray, Beth McErlean, Craig H Whitehead,
     Paddy A Phillips, and Maria Crotty
     BMC Geriatr. 2006; 6: 11. Published online 2006 August 9. doi: 10.1186/1471-
     PMCID: PMC1557853
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      Falls and consequent injuries in hospitalized patients: effects of an                Links
      interdisciplinary falls prevention program
      René Schwendimann, Hugo Bühler, Sabina De Geest, and Koen Milisen
      BMC Health Serv Res. 2006; 6: 69. Published online 2006 June 7. doi:
      PMCID: PMC1534028
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      Moving Forward in Fall Prevention: An Intervention to Improve Balance Among          Links
      Older Adults in Real-World Settings
      Yvonne Robitaille, Sophie Laforest, Michel Fournier, Lise Gauvin, Manon
      Parisien, Hélène Corriveau, Francine Trickey, and Nicole Damestoy
      Am J Public Health. 2005 November; 95(11): 2049–2056. doi:
      PMCID: PMC1449482
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–187K |
      Randomised controlled trial of prevention of falls in people aged ≥75 with severe    Links
      visual impairment: the VIP trial
      A John Campbell, M Clare Robertson, Steven J La Grow, Ngaire M Kerse,
      Gordon F Sanderson, Robert J Jacobs, Dianne M Sharp, and Leigh A Hale
      BMJ. 2005 October 8; 331(7520): 817. doi: 10.1136/bmj.38601.447731.55.
      PMCID: PMC1246082
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      Preventing accidental injuries in children: champions needed in primary care     Links
      Yvonne Carter
      Br J Gen Pract. 2005 August 1; 55(517): 579–580.
      PMCID: PMC1463222
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      Secondary prevention of falls and osteoporotic fractures in older people: A      Links
      comprehensive integrated service is still some way off in the UK
      David Oliver, Marion E T McMurdo, and Sanjeev Patel
      BMJ. 2005 July 16; 331(7509): 123–124. doi: 10.1136/bmj.331.7509.123.
      PMCID: PMC558688
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      Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a multidisciplinary intervention         Links
      programme to prevent new falls and functional decline among elderly persons at
      risk: design of a replicated randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN64716113]
      Marike RC Hendriks, Jolanda CM van Haastregt, Joseph PM Diederiks, Silvia
      MAA Evers, Harry FJM Crebolder, and Jacques ThM van Eijk
      BMC Public Health. 2005; 5: 6. Published online 2005 January 14. doi:
      PMCID: PMC546206
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–272K |
      Prevention of falls in hospital inpatients                                       Links
      A Nair, H Parr, H Whitelock, and R S Hanspal
      J R Soc Med. 2005 January; 98(1): 45.
      PMCID: PMC1079250
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      NICE issues guideline to prevent falls in elderly people                         Links
      Susan Mayor
      BMJ. 2004 November 27; 329(7477): 1258. doi: 10.1136/bmj.329.7477.1258-e.
      PMCID: PMC534478
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      Public Health: Fall prevention in the elderly population                         Links
      Erica Weir and Luana Culmer
      CMAJ. 2004 September 28; 171(7): 724. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.1041381.
      PMCID: PMC517852
      | Full Text | PDF–135K | Supplementary Material |
      Can Child Accidents Be Prevented in Your Community?                              Links
      Am J Public Health. 2004 June; 94(6): 940–942.
      PMCID: PMC1448367
      | Full Text | PDF–67K |
      Preventing falls makes hospital stay safer
      BMJ. 2004 March 20; 328(7441): 0.
      PMCID: PMC381202
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      Effectiveness of targeted falls prevention programme in subacute hospital setting:   Links
      randomised controlled trial
      Terry P Haines, Kim L Bennell, Richard H Osborne, and Keith D Hill
      BMJ. 2004 March 20; 328(7441): 676. doi: 10.1136/bmj.328.7441.676.
      PMCID: PMC381222
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–116K |
      Preventing falls in elderly people: We need to target interventions at people most   Links
      likely to benefit from them
      Lesley Gillespie
      BMJ. 2004 March 20; 328(7441): 653–654. doi: 10.1136/bmj.328.7441.653.
      PMCID: PMC381206
      | Full Text | PDF–57K | Supplementary Material |
      Interventions for the prevention of falls in older adults: systematic review and     Links
      meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials
      John T Chang, Sally C Morton, Laurence Z Rubenstein, Walter A Mojica,
      Margaret Maglione, Marika J Suttorp, Elizabeth A Roth, and Paul G Shekelle
      BMJ. 2004 March 20; 328(7441): 680. doi: 10.1136/bmj.328.7441.680.
      PMCID: PMC381224
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–111K | Supplementary Material |
      Multifactorial intervention fails to prevent falls
      BMJ. 2003 January 11; 326(7380): 0.
      PMCID: PMC1124976
      | Full Text | PDF–192K |
      Preventing falls in primary care.                                                    Links
      Malcolm Perkin
      Br J Gen Pract. 2003 January; 53(486): 62–63.
      PMCID: PMC1314501
      | Summary | PDF–46K |
      Falls Prevention within the Australian General Practice Data Model:                  Links
      Methodology, Information Model, and Terminology Issues
      Siaw-Teng Liaw, Nabil Sulaiman, Christopher Pearce, Jane Sims, Keith Hill,
      Heather Grain, Justin Tse, and Choon-Kiat Ng
      J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2003 Sep–Oct; 10(5): 425–432. doi:
      PMCID: PMC212779
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–432K | Supplementary Material |
      Tailored exercise is key to preventing falls                                         Links
      Piers W Simey, Dawn Skelton, Susie Dinan, and Bob Laventure
      BMJ. 2002 November 16; 325(7373): 1177.
      PMCID: PMC1124651
      | Full Text | PDF–287K |
      Effective interventions to prevent falls in older people.                            Links
      Joanna L Hampton, Rose Anne Kenny, and Julia L Newton
      Br J Gen Pract. 2002 November; 52(484): 884–886.
      PMCID: PMC1314437
      | Summary | PDF–53K |
      Preventing fractures by preventing falls in older women                              Links
      A. John Campbell
      CMAJ. 2002 October 29; 167(9): 1005–1006.
      PMCID: PMC134176
      | Full Text | PDF–45K |
      Exercise can prevent falls in older people
      BMJ. 2002 July 20; 325(7356): 0.
      PMCID: PMC1123644
      | Full Text | PDF–195K |
      Randomised factorial trial of falls prevention among older people living in their    Links
      own homes
      Lesley Day, Brian Fildes, Ian Gordon, Michael Fitzharris, Harold Flamer, and
      Stephen Lord
      BMJ. 2002 July 20; 325(7356): 128.
      PMCID: PMC117228
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–258K |
      A randomized controlled trial of a community-based consultation service to           Links
      prevent falls
      David B. Hogan, Frank A. MacDonald, Jennifer Betts, Sheila Bricker, Erika M.
      Ebly, Barb Delarue, Tak S. Fung, Cathy Harbidge, Maggie Hunter, Colleen J.
      Maxwell, and Barb Metcalf
      CMAJ. 2001 September 4; 165(5): 537–543.
      PMCID: PMC81411
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–201K |
      Prevention of falls and subsequent injuries in elderly people: a long way to go in   Links
      both research and practice
      Pekka Kannus and Karim M. Khan
      CMAJ. 2001 September 4; 165(5): 587–588.
      PMCID: PMC81416
      | Full Text | PDF–165K |
      Exercise programmes prevent falls in elderly people
      BMJ. 2001 March 24; 322(7288): 0.
      PMCID: PMC1119883
      | Full Text | PDF–47K |
      Effectiveness and economic evaluation of a nurse delivered home exercise             Links
      programme to prevent falls. 2: Controlled trial in multiple centres
      M Clare Robertson, Melinda M Gardner, Nancy Devlin, Rob McGee, and A John
      BMJ. 2001 March 24; 322(7288): 701.
      PMCID: PMC30095
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–213K |
      Effectiveness and economic evaluation of a nurse delivered home exercise             Links
      programme to prevent falls. 1: Randomised controlled trial
      M Clare Robertson, Nancy Devlin, Melinda M Gardner, and A John Campbell
      BMJ. 2001 March 24; 322(7288): 697.
      PMCID: PMC30094
      | Abstract | Full Text | PDF–269K |
      Guidelines for prevention of falls in people aged over 65 : Guidelines should state that
      assessment of vision is important
      R R Seemongal-Dass, T E James, and C E Atherley
      BMJ. 2001 March 3; 322(7285): 554.
      PMCID: PMC1119748
      | Full Text | PDF–410K |

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