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 AP United States History
 Mr. McKavanagh

                                                      Unit #3 Assignment Sheet
                                                    “The New Nation (1783-1824)”
 Students should be able to:
      Discuss the consequences of the American Revolution
      Creating a new government-the Articles of Confederation
      Restructuring the Republic-The Constitutional Convention
      Battle for Ratification-Federalists and Anti-Federalists
      Major concepts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
      Trace how the resolution of domestic and foreign problems eventually lead to the formation of political parties
      Compare and contrast Washington and Adams administrations
      Evaluate the development and change in Republican/Federalist parties.
      Understand the growth and shift from nationalism to sectionalism
      Trace United States foreign policy
      How the Monroe Doctrine defined the “sphere of vital interest” for the United States

 Unit Assignments
      Choose two from the following primary source documents shown on the back of this sheet to complete a “Seven-
         Step Analysis” and submit on the appropriate due date list below. Each step must be answered in complete
         sentences. Steps #4-7 must contain a minimum of four sentences.

Date                                         Topic                                         Homework Assignment
September 21                                 Unit #2 Test (MC & FRQ)                       Read Chapters 9 “So What”
September 23                                 The first government: Articles of             Read Chapter 10 “So What”
                                             Confederation                                 Assignment #1
                                             Establishing identity: federal vs. states’
                                             The Great Compromise
                                             3/5 Compromise & Bill of Rights
                                             The Federalist Papers
September 27                                 Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists              Read Chapter 11 “So What”
                                             Hamilton & the Treasury Department
                                             Washington, Adams, & Jefferson
September 29                                 Why the “Peaceful Revolution of 1800”?        Read Chapter 12 “So What”
                                             Expanding geographically
                                             John Marshall & the Supreme Court
October 1                                    Renewing tensions with Great Britain:         Assignment #2
                                             Jefferson to Madison
                                             War of 1812
October 5                                    The death of the Federalist Party             Study for Unit #3 Test (MC & DBQ)
                                             Missouri Compromise
                                             “Era of Good Feelings”
October 7                                    Unit #3 Test (MC & DBQ)

 Vocabulary Terms/People to know:
 Section #1                                      Jay’s Treaty (1794)                             Lewis & Clark (1804-1806)
 Articles of Confederation                       Whiskey Rebellion (1794)                        Essex Junto (1804)
 Land Ordinances of 1784 & 1785                  Pinckney Treaty (1795)                          Burr-Hamilton Duel (1804)
 National Domain                                 Treaty of Greenville (1794)                     The Leopard-Chesapeake (1807)
 Northwest Ordinance of 1787                     Washington’s Farewell Address (1796)            Embargo Act (1807)
 Shays’ Rebellion                                Election of 1796                                James Madison
 Annapolis Convention                            Federalists vs. Republicans                     Macon Bill #2
 Philadelphia Convention                         XYZ Affair (1797)                               War Hawks
 Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists                Alien & Sedition Laws (1798)                    War of 1812
 Publius                                         Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions                 Hartford Convention (1814)
 The Federalist                                  (1798)                                          Treaty of Ghent (1814)
 The Great Compromise                             “Peaceful Revolution of 1800”                  Bank of the United States
 3/5 ’s Compromise                               Section #3                                      Battle of Tippecanoe
 Bill of Rights                                  Barbary Pirates                                 “Era of Good Feelings”
 Section #2                                      Louisiana Purchase (1803)                       Missouri Compromise (1820)
 Hamilton’s Financial Program                    Thomas Jefferson                                Monroe Doctrine (1823)
 Broad vs. Strict Construction                   John Marshall                                   McCulloch v. Maryland
 Proclamation of Neutrality (1793)               Burr Conspiracy                                 Gibbons v. Ogden
 Edmond Genet (1793)                             Marbury v. Madison (1803)                       Dartmouth College v. Woodward
James Madison and Alexander Hamilton,The Federalist, Numbers 10 and 15, 1787
(PartII-Doc. 8)

George Washington, Farewell Address, September 17, 1796 (Part IV-Doc. 3)

Thomas Jefferson, The Importance of Agriculture, 1784 (Part III-Doc. 6)

Alexander Hamilton, Report on the Subject of Manufactures, December 5, 1791
(Doc. 7)

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, 1798 (Doc. 8)

Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801 (Doc. 10)

James Madison, War Message to Congress, June 1, 1812 (Doc. 7)

James Monroe, Message to Congress, December 2, 1823 (Doc. 10)

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