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									                    McKinley Alumni Association

Fall Issue                         President William McKinley High School Honolulu, Hawaii 96814                             October 2011

                                     2012 Tiger Pride Awardees
                                         Three Tiger Pride recipients will be honored at the January 28, 2012 Alumni Brunch
                                     including one posthumously.
                                         Donna Hesch, David “Bucky” Kaopuiki and the late Hilda Fujio will be the focus of
                                     the Alumni Brunch as there will be no inductees to the Hall of Honor this year.

                                 student teacher, and then became the Band and Orchestra director, counselor, and co-advisor
                                 for the Class of 1999. She emphasizes to her students positive traits, such as teamwork,
                                 cooperation, responsibility to oneself and others, which will serve them well in life.
                                      David “Bucky” Kaopuiki, Class of 1960, has been an active member of the Board of
                                 Directors for almost a decade. He has assisted with the Karaoke Show, The Alumni Pinion,
                                 held different positions on the Executive Board, and represented the Association at the Hall
                                 of Honor meetings, Homecoming activities, band concerts and other school related functions.
                                      The late Hilda Fujio, Class of 1957, prematurely passed away on April 20, 2011. Until a
few months before her passing, she was active with most of the Alumni Association activities and monthly meetings, including
the Karaoke and ‘Ohana Golf Tournament planning committees, annual brunch and bulk mailing of The Alumni Pinion.

2012 Songs from the Heart Karaoke Show
     McKinley Alumni Association Performing Arts Committee will be presenting its karaoke fundraiser called “Songs from
the Heart” on April 1, 2012 at the school’s auditorium. Ticket price of $20 will include a bento. Bento service will begin at
11:00 am in the school cafeteria and the show to start in the auditorium from 1:00 pm.
     The show will feature a special tribute the late Hilda Fujio and a dedication to the victims of the 2011
Japan Tsunami. A portion of the show proceeds will be donated to an appropriate relief fund. McKinley
Hall of Honoree, Alvin Okami will be performing his original song, “You Can Do It If You Try.”
     This will be the 10th show put on by the Committee and promises to be the best ever. In addition to
wonderful singing and dancing, the show will feature the artistic talents of background designers, high tech
LED screen and lighting with the assistance of McKinley High School students. Besides featuring some
of the top local performers in Hawaii, it will also feature hula performers from Nagoya, Japan and former
Takarazuka star, Ipolei Kubouchi, in the show.
     The show will be divided into three parts: Part I will feature songs of the past; Part II will feature songs
about the moon; and Part III will feature Japanese songs (tribute to the people of Japan).

  Wanted: Recording Secretary
      Linda Quon, the Association’s recording secretary, has planned to resign effective, October 2011. Linda has been secretary
  since 2009.
      She accepted the challenge of being the chairwoman for the 2011 McKinley ‘Ohana Golf Tournament after Edgar and Beverly
  Palenapa “retired” following the 2010 tournament. Besides the two positions, Linda has been an active committee member of the

  of her involvement.
       Richard Sakamoto, whom Linda replaced because she wanted to help, will be the interim secretary. Richard previously served
  as the secretary for six plus years and has been a “substitute” many times in the absence of the secretary. Richard, too, is involved in
  many of the Association’s activities. He has also been the primary organizer of the Class of 1952 annual class reunions. Richard’s
  wish is to have someone in the Association or someone “out there” join the Association and volunteer for this important position.
  Richard will be available to assist. Call him at 988-6661. He’s looking forward to that call!
2 * Alumni Pinion * Fall Issue * October 2011

     McKinley Alumni Association
           Alumni Pinion
                                            President’s Message
                                            By Richard Sakoda
       1039 South King Street
         Honolulu, HI 96814                      Everybody Likes a Winner. Are you a winner?
                                                 Why do we watch sports? Is it because we like watching the game or is it
 Editor: Lisa-Anne Mitsuka Chan (’91)       because we live vicariously through a team’s victory? I believe it is a combination
 Layout: Ivan Lee (’90)                     of both, but, for the most part, I believe it is the latter. Everyone likes being a
                                            winner and sharing the tributes given to a winning team.
                                                 We like winners so much that we sometimes wear the team jersey in public
 President: Richard M. Sakoda (’71),
 Vice-President: Lawrence Siu (’54)
                                            to show our support. Rarely, except for a real die-hard fan, do you see such a
 and Ed Kino (’56),                         fan wearing the jersey of a really bad team. Otherwise, to be associated with a
 Secretary: Open Position,                  losing team would bring upon you some kidding and maybe even some ridicule.
 Corresponding Secretary:                        Some fans of the old New Orleans Saints use to wear paper bags in the stands
 David “Bucky” Kaopuiki (’60),              and call themselves the “Aint’s.” They took the art of losing to the next level. It
 Treasurer: Bucky Kaopuiki (’60)            is less painful to have people laugh with you, rather than at you.
                                                 Why is winning important? We like winners, we like to associate with winners
 SUBMISSIONS                                and because we like to be seen as winners as well.
 Send reunion news/announcements/                How many UH fans proudly supported the UH Football team when it went
 articles/photos by email to pinion@
                                            through its 0-12 season? Again, except for the few die-hard fans, you could not
                                            give away UH football tickets.
 Send reunion news/announcements/                How do you describe a winning team?
 articles/photos by mail to:                     I would describe a winning team as a team seasoned with veterans and young
                                            talent with the ability to work together well and with high expectations of itself;
 McKinley Alumni Association                a team that is well coached, blessed with leadership throughout its membership,
 Alumni Pinion                              has a proud heritage and knows how to achieve. I would even say that this team
 c/o 1039 South King St.                    has a little swagger in its walk, but at the same time has humility.
 Honolulu, HI 96814                              What did I use as my model for my description? The McKinley Alumni
 or email: editor@mckinleyaa.com            Association. Think about it.
                                                 Our alumni association is a winning team that yearly provides funds,
 *Submissions may be edited for length
 and/or content as needed.
                                            through its fundraising efforts, to President William McKinley High School’s
                                            20+ programs and projects. It also provides a couple of scholarships each year
 ADDRESS CHANGES                            to graduating seniors. It is one of the few public school alumni associations in
 To keep us up-to-date on your current      Hawaii that has the ability and talent to put together a Hall of Honor luncheon,
 address, please complete the member-       a growing yearly membership fest, an excellent golf tournament, an outstanding
 ship/change form if you’ve moved. The      karaoke show, impressive website, a truly remarkable newsletter twice a year and
 form is online and periodically included   actively participates in school activities. It has a solid Board and Committees.
 as a part of the Pinion.                   It is blessed with great leaders and fantastic alumni and non-alumni who donate
                                            their time and money. And, equally important, it has a great relationship with the
                                            School’s administration.
 Send Pinion corrections via U.S. mail to
 the Association address or email correc-
                                                 What more can anyone ask of an alumni association? It is a winner for all it
 tions@mckinleyaa.com.                      does and achieves each year.
                                                 Membership forms for new and old members are in this newsletter. Don’t you
     The Pinion is issued biannually        want to be part of a winning team? Don’t you want your family and classmates
   (approximately March and October)        to be winners? I am a proud member of the alumni association. I like being part
                                            of a winning team. I like to associate with winners.
      Alumni Association online at

                                                Visit us online at www.mckinleyaa.com!
                                                                        W e ’ r e    a l s o    o n
                                                                  F a c e b o o k    a n d             T w i t t e r !
 MHS online at www.mckinley.k12.hi.us
                                                                                 October 2011 * Fall Issue * Alumni Pinion * 3

Awards Night
By Richard Sakamoto

     The annual Awards Night was held on Friday, May 13,
2011, in the M.M. Scott Auditorium. President Richard
Sakoda presented Stacie Tamaru with the $1000 McKinley
Alumni Association scholarship and Marilyn Kobata
presented a $1000 scholarship from her Class of 1959 to
Katriel Chiu.
     Stacie was part of various school-sponsored activities,
such as Student Government, The Speech and Debate
Team, Varsity Bowling Team, The Ignition Mentorship
Program, The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, and
other chartered clubs. McKinley was her “second home.”
Stacie is grateful for all of the opportunities that McKinley
presented her and is humbled and thankful to be the recipient
of the scholarship. She plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science
Degree in Travel Industry Management at the University of
Hawaii at Manoa, as she aspires to be a hotel manager.                          Stacie Tamaru                       Katriel Chiu

     A highly intelligent 2011 graduate, Katriel participated and achieved a lot. Co-curricular activities included Bowling
(3 years – captain as a senior), Band (4 years – section leader as a senior), Math Team (4 years), Chess Club (2 years), Math
Club (2 years), and Chinese Club (one year). Katriel was on the Honor Roll and was an Honor Graduate. He was a great
achiever in the Oahu Mathematics League as a “High Scorer” (February 2010 - April 2011) and “Perfect Scorer” (November
2010 – March 2011). Katriel was a Medalist in the Hawaii State Solo/Ensemble in 2011 and a Medalist in the OBDA Band
Festival as a member of the Select Band in 2007, 2009 and 2010. Katriel plans to pursue degrees in Computer Engineering
and Computer Science. His goal is to work for a computer technical company, such as Microsoft or Dell.

Math Team
    McKinley’s Math Team is again topping most private Oahu
schools in the Oahu Mathematics League for Junior Varsity and
Varsity during the 2010-2011 season.
    McKinley placed second overall, only bested by perennial rival
Iolani. Kamehameha placed third in both varsity and junior varsity.

    Meets were held between August 2010 and April 2011 with
seven of the participating schools hosting a meet during a season.
McKinley will be hosting a meet in the 2011-2012 season.
    The varsity team consists of 2009-2010 Team Captain and Math
Club President Amanda So, 2009-2011 Team Captain Maria Behrens,
2009-2011 Team Captain Tina Tran, Chiming Auyeung, Katriel Chiu,
Tony Cho, Lawrence Chu, Maggie Kwock, Christopher Li, John
Nguyen, Hing Yee Wong and Hongru Zheng.
    The junior varsity team consists of Johnathan Chiu, Michelle Goo, Jackie Ho, Junha Kim, Jason Lau, Gordon Li, Victor
Liang, Anisa Phan, Celia Sio and Peisheng Xu.
    Katriel Chiu and Tony Cho placed in the top 10 individual standings among 400 private and public school students. All
participants are ranked individually with the top 10 getting awards.
    The students worked hard and spent countless hours in workshops and practice sessions after school. They are advised
by John Furukawa, Maude Furuya, Maureen Goo, Susan Hayashi, Lori Murakami, Andrea Rohde and Osa Tui.
    The funds the Alumni Association provides to the Math Team help to pay for transportation and competition fees, shirts
and meals/snacks. In the 2012-2013 season the Math Bowl will be held on a neighbor island so they will have additional
expenses. They are grateful for all the support they have received from alumni members.
4 * Alumni Pinion * Fall Issue * October 2011

2011 Golf Recap
    The maximum 210 golfers participated in the annual golf tournament that was held on Friday, June 24 at the Ala Wai Golf

school/class spirit with a feeling of camaraderie. Basically, everyone who participated helped to raise funds and had fun.

a sizeable monetary donation and contributed several prize donations. Stanley Tamura collected $180 (18 people at $10) in
membership dues for 2012. The Class of 1961 certainly has the “spirit” that all classes can emulate.
     Chairwoman Linda Quon and her planning committee members did a fantastic job of conducting the tournament. They
thank everyone who participated in the 11th Annual McKinley ‘Ohana Golf Tournament and looks forward to continued
support for the 2012 event scheduled for Friday, June 22 at the Ala Wai Golf Course.

                 2011 ‘Ohana Golf Tournament Donors
                                                 Prize Donations
  Bob Baptist                                    Ko Aloha Ukulele, Inc./                  Ono Hawaiian Foods/
  Calvin Kawakami                                    Alvin & Patricia Okami                   Toyo Shimabukuro
  Clock & Trophy/                                Ko Olina Golf Club/                      Patsy Sakamoto
       Waldo Nakamura                                Greg Nichols, PGA                    Pepsi Cola Co./Julie Miyagi
  Ed & Doris Kino                                Like Like Drive Inn Restaurant/          Pro-Am
  Ed & Odetta Fujimori                               Julie Tateyama                       RMH Electric/
  Eddie Onouye                                   Lois Tojio                                   Robert Hanamoto
  Finance Factors/Daniel Lau                     Lorna Yee                                Rodney “Tootsie” Sunada
  Germaine’s Luau/                               Mamala Golf Course/
       Aulani Pajimola                               Riki Ovellette                           Mary Howell
  Hawaiian Isles Travel/Beverly                  Marge Kinoshita                          Target/Denise Lake
       Palenapa                                  Marty Borja                              Todd Oda
  Island Holdings/                               Mililani Golf Club                       Waikele Golf Course/
       Franklin Tokioka                          Olomana Golf Links/                          Daryl Lambert
  James Duncan                                       K. Anderson for J. Mizuno;           Watanabe Florist/
  Ken Makiya                                         J. Miyagi                                Russell Watanabe

                                                Monetary Donors
  ’41     Herbert Minn                     ’58        Edna Wong                               Robert Tokinaga
  ’48     Herbert Sakamoto                 ’59        Kay Fujimoto                            Jimmy Yonemoto
  ’51     Kenneth Nagatani                            Harry Shibuya                 ’62       Ron Nakai
  ’52     Richard Sakamoto                            Herbert Teramae                         Dan Okano
          Dan Tanaka                                  Keith Tonaki                            Stan Onaga
  ’53     Edwin Fukunaga                   ’61        Thomas Au                               Warren Sato
          George Kitayama                             Yoichi Ebisu                            Class of 1962
          Walter Kuroiwa                              Ray Gaspar                    ’83       Jamie Sakamoto Lau
          Richard Matsui                              Amy Higa                      ’86       Seth Sakamoto
          Roy Murakami                                Dennis Kagihara               Others:
          Richard Shiroma                             Carl Kameoka                            Robert Kawai
  ’54     Jane Yasui                                  James Kimoto                            McKinley Retired Faculty
  ’55     Kenneth Makiya                              Roy Kobatake                            Edwin (Eddie) Hayashi
          Ed & Beverly Palenapa                       Mike Kukahiko                           Atlas Insurance Agent Miles
  ’56     Ben Fukumoto                                Stanley Tamura                            Murakami
  ’57     Thomas Shimizu                              Lois Tojio
                                                                                               October 2011 * Fall Issue * Alumni Pinion * 5

G                                 L F
           P                  C S                 Chairperson Linda Quon (’62) checks with the       Odetta Fujimori (’57) brings two of the many
                                                  members of the Class of 1959 at the registration   orchid plants from her car. She and her husband
                                                  desk. Members of the Class of 1956 in the          Edwin have been donating orchid plants every
                                                  background preparing the “goodie” bags for the     year.

The “rose” among “thorns,” Marilyn Kobata and     Edward Kino (’56) on the right, and his daughter   Richard Lum (’44), former McKinley and UH
male golfers from the Class of 1959 await the     Michele, were among those who helped prepare       band director, leads everyone in the singing of
golfers at the registration desk.                 for the distribution of goodie bags.               the alma mater.

The “Oldest” and “Youngest” golfers: Daniel Lau   Robert Hanamoto (’55) shown with the Grand         Although there was no contest for “The Most
(McKinley ’37) and Nichele Wada (Maryknoll        Prize, a hand-made KoAloha ‘ukulele. Alvin and     Bottles of Beer Bought”, the Class of 1961 would
2012).                                            Patricia Okami of KoAloha have been donating       have won it. The liquor concessionaire was
                                                  one since 2001.                                    most happy!

Blind Draw winners (Danny Uyehara, Donald         11th Annual winners (Miles Suzuki, Grace           Proud winners! Members of the Class of 1961:
Hashimoto, Ronald Hiraoka) with the lowest        Yasunaga, Harry Yamamoto), each won a box          Men (L-R) Henry Fujita, Tom Au, Roy Kobatake
score of 194.                                     of prime steaks donated by Todd Oda (’85).         and women (L-R) Lois Tojio, Amy (Namihira)
                                                  Oda has been donating three boxes of steaks        Higa and Kaaren (Isa) Takara. Amy and Kaaren
                                                  annually.                                          are holding the “Most Golfers” and “Best Net
                                                                                                     Score” trophies.
6 * Alumni Pinion * Fall Issue * October 2011

Membership Fest                                              Na Opio Pa‘ani Lu‘au
    The annual Membership Fest was a huge success,               Pictures from the recent Na Opio Pa‘ani Lu‘au on May
thanks to Chairperson JoAnn Abrazado, who planned            28, 2011, at the McKinley cafeteria. Attendance was over 500
and organized the event, which consisted of a general        alumni, friends, and supporters of our McKinley tennis team.
membership meeting, a delicious buffet lunch and time        Lu‘au proceeds were donated to the Japan Earthquake Relief
for karaoke singing.                                         and the Institute for Human Services.
    JoAnn hopes over 100 will attend the 4th annual
Membership Fest on August 4, 2012 at the Treetops
Restaurant. Besides receiving the Spring and Fall
issues of The Alumni Pinion, a member can attend
the Membership Fest for only $10.

  The Class of 1952 had the most (25) in attendance at the
  Membership Fest.

   Everyone stood to sing “Black & Gold” to conclude the
   successful event.

   President Richard Sakoda sang “I’ll Remember You” in
   tribute to Hilda Fujio who passed away in April. Hilda
   was an active member of the Board of Directors and
   contributed much to the success of the annual Karaoke
   Show and the ‘Ohana Golf Tournament. She will be
                                                                                                   October 2011 * Fall Issue * Alumni Pinion * 7

Project Grad
By Maureen Goo

     The purpose of Project Grad is to have our graduates celebrate with their classmates in a safe and supervised environment.
Unfortunately, on what should be one of the most joyous days for all seniors in Hawaii and throughout our nation, graduation
night has become one of the most dangerous and unsafe nights. The combination of excitement, fatigue and alcohol make
our roads unsafe. This year we had 143 students and 20 chaperones participate in McKinley’s Project Grad. A group of
volunteer parents coordinated this event, with the support of McKinley High School staff, the McKinley PTSA and the
McKinley Alumni Association. They have spent the entire school year planning and fundraising for this event.
     Project Grad began at 7:00 pm after the graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 22, 2011 on the McKinley campus. After
the graduates met with their family and friends on the front lawn, they checked in for Project Grad at Hirata Hall. During the
night and early morning, the graduates were treated royally to numerous fun and exciting activities, dinner, snacks, breakfast,
entertainment, and gifts. Students were picked up the following morning at 7:00 am at Hirata Hall.
     Some of the comments from the Class of 2011 following their Project Grad night were, “Best day of my life ever,” “A
night to remember,” “I enjoyed every minute of this year’s Project Grad,” “It was everything I expected it to be, plus more,”
“Had an awesome time, wish it could’ve been longer,” “Night ended too soon,” “It was really spirited and the event was
beyond expectation,” “I really thought this would be boring and unexciting, but I thought wrong,” “Loved it, wish I could’ve
stayed forever,” “I loved it, so worth the money,” “If we can do it all over I’d go again,” “Experience I’ll never forget.”
     Each participant also received a DVD of the graduation ceremony and highlights from Project Grad night. The activity
sites are kept a secret to build up anticipation and excitement for our graduates. Over $225 was spent on each participant,
but through fundraising efforts, we were able to charge each student only $125. Every year, we hope to raise more money to
reduce the cost and encourage more students to attend. The funds donated by members of the McKinley Alumni Association
are greatly appreciated by the Class of 2011 and the volunteers coordinating this event.

First activity site, private dinner party at Tanaka   Graduates ride the trolley through Waikiki, expressing their enthusiam and excitement on graduation
of Tokyo. Graduates were entertained by
teppan-yaki chefs and served an exclusive meal
of steak, chicken, shrimp, an onion volcano,
grilled vegetables, fried rice and green tea ice

  2011 McKinley High School                                                                                         Left: Carole Kai with her mom at
                                                                                                                    the McKinley Alumni booth.

  Christmas Craft & Gift Fair
      The McKinley Tennis Team and Kilohana
  Kai will be holding its annual Christmas Craft
  & Gift Fair on Sunday, December 11, 2011,
  at the McKinley Cafeteria, from 9 am to 3
  pm. Everyone is invited. There will be over
  80 vendors, door prizes, and a silent auction.
  Direct any inquries to Richard
  Yaginuma at kksfp73@live.com.
                                                                                                       Above: Outside cafeteria booths.
8 * Alumni Pinion * Fall Issue * October 2011

Class News
Class of 1938
    Twenty-one members of the Class of 1938 and their guests
celebrated their 73rd reunion at Royal Garden on August 13, 2011.
    They played games, had generous favors for everyone and the

closest to August 13.
    This class is called the Grand Slam Year, because in the 1937–

basketball, baseball, swimming, and track.                             1st row: Elsie Yoshii Nagahiro, Ethel Yamasaki Michimoto, Clara
    Betty Kajikawa co-chaired the past three reunions with Lynette     Takeda Nishioka, Nobuko Kuramoto Matsukage, Ruth Yasuda
                                                                       Kunimura, Sally Takamoto Moriwaki, Tad Ishizaki. 2nd row:
Sakamoto, daughter of Clara Takeda Nishioka.                           Hattie Chee Pang, Edna Wilson Rennoe, Peggy Nekota Hiraki,
    This class has been featured on KGMB and in Lee Cataluna’s         Kumeyo Kajiwara Yoichisako, Kay Tsutsumi Terao, Miyeko Ichiba
column in 2008, Hawaii News Now in August and have also                Ogawa, Betty Toda Kajikawa, Catherine Nakamura Nakano,
                                                                       Fred Miyashiro. 3rd row: Jimmy Kamo, Isamu Shibata, Sadamu
received congratulatory letters in the past from Governor Linda        Shibata, Tamotsu Sahara, George Yuen. Not pictured: Helen
                                                                       Hirota Kikawa
    They may be 91 years young, but they are still going strong!
    For more information about the status of a future reunion, Lynette can be reached at (808) 371-1955.

Class of 1946
    Congratulations to the Class of 1946, McKinley High School, for being the oldest class in the State of Hawaii still holding
annual reunions! (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 8/07/11 Reunion Column)
    What a record and it is all due to the wonderful attendance and support of our classmates, spouses, families and friends!
Also, we are happy to report that more classmates’ children and grandchildren have been in attendance at recent luncheon
reunions in Hawaii as well as at our Talk Story Reunions in Las Vegas. Your unwavering support and dedication have given
our class a unique and enviable record. Thank you all for keeping the spirit of The Class of 1946, McKinley High School,
alive, and for being part of Our Class of 1946 Family. Your friendship and commitment bless us with gratitude and love.

Class of 1954
By Robert Iwai

   As part of their 75th Birthday Celebration and Reunion in Las Vegas, 27
February- 4 March 2011, the class played a “brain teaser” game at the Banquet.
The companion picture shows a group “really concentrating” on the “right
answer.” We realize we need to be mentally agile.

Wong, Adjutant General, State of Hawaii, for its generous donation (over
$2,000) to the Hawaii National Guard’s Family Readiness Program.
    The McKinley High School Foundation Class of 1954 Scholarship was
awarded to Mei Lee, Class of 2011, who will pursue a college degree in General                            Need more brains @ 75.
Business. Thanks to you all for your generous support to the Endowment Fund.
    To celebrate Statehood Day and foster fellowship, 47 classmates, family, friends (some from Class of 1953) had a delicious

    Committee members, family and friends are planning another trip to Japan in May 2012. This tour will include a visit
to Hokkaido. Since this Tohoku Travel Agency tour was oversubscribed, the Agency decided to sponsor a separate tour for
MHS Class of 1954. This provides additional space for interested people. Contact Tohoku Travel Agency if interested.
    The Reunion Committee continues to have monthly luncheon meetings to “talk story” and plan future celebrations.
Discussions have started for our 60th Anniversary Reunion in 2014. Please forward your suggestions for future gatherings
to any committee member. Please stay happy, healthy, active and engaged.
                                                                                               October 2011 * Fall Issue * Alumni Pinion * 9

Class of 1969
                                                                     Can anyone help identify this Class of 1969 “trophy” or ”award.” It
                                                                is unknown even to the Class themselves and they are wondering where
                                                                it came from or who it was given to or any other info on its origin. It’s
                                                                very heavy and they think it may be made of bronze. The inscription
                                                                says “McKinley High School Class of 1969.” If you know the history
                                                                behind this trophy/award, please contact the Alumni Association.

Class of 1991
     The Class of 1991 celebrated its 20th year reunion the weekend
of July 15-17, 2011 starting with a club night at Pearl UltraLounge
at Ala Moana Center on Friday, July 15.
     With one day in between to recover, the family pot-luck
picnic was held at Magic Island on Sunday, July 17. More than 20
families got together with keiki ranging in age from a year old to
18. Some people even decided to join the picnic after attending
the Friday event.
     The class members are deciding if they want to have a reunion
in two years, to celebrate their 40th birthday. Stay tuned for more

Greater Los Angeles Chapter’s 11th Annual Banquet
The fundraiser was held on September 17, 2011 at the Torrance First Presbyterian Church in Torrance, Califor-
nia. The event was sponsored by McKinley Alumni Association, Greater Los Angeles Chapter. Attendees were
members, friends of McKinley, and families.                                                Standing, Elsie Wann
                                                                                                                       Bree (’54) and her
                                                                                                                       sister, Frances Wann
                                                                                                                       Stoeckle and husband,
                                                                                                                       Bill Stoeckle.

The grand prize, Koaloha ukulele, was
displayed on the table for others to see. Right
to left: Marilyn Kagiyama Sunahara (’52) and
Emma Sun Chang (’54) were there to give more
details on prizes on the table.                                                                              For more pictures, scan the QR
                                                                                                             barcode with your mobile device.
                                                                                                             You may need to download a QR
                                                                                                             app to your mobile device. Or go to
                                                  Entertainers from local polynesian group, Lokelani’s
                                                                                                             view the pictures at
                                                  Rhythm of the Islands, performed a series of dances from
10 * Alumni Pinion * Fall Issue * October 2011

Class Reunions                                                   Association Brunch at the Japanese Cultural Center (JCC)
                                                                 of Hawaii in Moiliili. If interested, call Richard Sakamoto
                                                                 at (808) 988-6661.
    Information listed here is always subject to change.
Check the Reunion Web page on www.mckinleyaa.com                 Class of 1954
for possible updates or individual class Web sites.              Committee members, family and friends are planning
Class of 1946                                                    another trip to Japan in May 2012. This tour will include
TALK STORY REUNION 7 -- At the California Hotel,                 a visit to Hokkaido. Since this Tohoku Travel Agency
Las Vegas, Nevada from Sunday, November 13 to                    tour was oversubscribed, the Agency decided to sponsor
Thursday, November 17, 2011. Our Talk Story Reunion              a separate tour for MHS Class of 1954. This provides
in Las Vegas, now in its seventh year, will continue to          additional space for interested people. Contact Tohoku
bring together Our Class of 1946 Family for a relaxing           Travel Agency if interested.
and memorable time. Every indication points to another           The Reunion Committee continues to have monthly
successful get-together, and a group of 80 people is expected    luncheon meetings to “talk story” and plan future
to attend this monumental annual tradition. Plans for the        celebrations. Discussions have started for our 60th
week include a Hospitality Room, craft classes conducted         Anniversary Reunion in 2014. Forward your suggestions
by classmates and guests, an informal buffet dinner,             for future gatherings to any committee member. Contact
shopping/mall visits and a top live entertainment revue          Bob/Janie Iwai (808) 395-8357 for more information.
show. Classmates and guests were given several attractive
travel packages to choose from, including air and room           Class of 1962
accommodations.                                                  50th Year Reunion -- Saturday, July 21, 2012. The
                                                                 venue has not yet been decided. A golf tournament will
66th YEAR LUNCHEON REUNION -- At the Honolulu
                                                                 take place on July 19, 2012. Other events are also being
Country Club in Salt Lake, Honolulu on Sunday, April
                                                                 planned. Correspond with Charlene Wong via mail at Ikeda
29, 2012 from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. Another crowd-pleaser
                                                                 and Wong CPA, 1001 Bishop St. Honolulu, HI 96813. Or
has captured the interest and desire of our classmates and
                                                                 call Carl Sato (808) 592-5028. Submit your email for the
guests to have the popular “Just Like Vegas” entertainment
                                                                 reunion newsletter at mckinley1962@hotmail.com.
at our annual class reunion. So, we will continue to repeat
once again our fun and games program for all ages in             Class of 1967
addition to having a delicious buffet lunch plus ample           45th Year Reunion -- The reunion will be held on
time for classmates to relax and socialize with classmates       Saturday, February 11, 2012. It will be at the Ala Moana
and friends. This early announcement is being made so            Hotel from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. For more information and
classmates can save this date for another enjoyable time next    updates, contact Jo Ann Abrazado at (808) 282-6828.
CONTACTS -- For Las Vegas Talk Story 7 reservations and          Class of 1969
further information, please contact Gail Matsumoto at (808)      60th Birthday Reunion -- Las Vegas, November 9-14,
533-3691 or (808) 220-6890 or email travelg8@yahoo.              2011. Dexter Suzuki is the contact person at (808) 779-
com. For all other information, contact Edmund Leong at          3035 or email him at dsuzuki@hawaii.rr.com.
(808) 373-3882 or email class1946mhs@hawaiiantel.net, or
                                                                 Class of 1974
contact Ernest Uyetake (808) 595-4957.
                                                                 The MHS class of 1974 is having its 56th Birthday
Class of 1950                                                    Celebration, in conjunction with the Hawaii74 group, on
“62nd Year Class Reunion” at the California Hotel and            October 12 and 13, 2012 at the Orleans Casino in Las
Casino in Las Vegas, NV, May 21 - 25, 2012. A Hospitality        Vegas. We would like to update mail and email information.
Suite will be open daily to accommodate classmates and           Please respond to gareth74@hawaiiantel.net or mail to:
guests for “ongoing story telling” aside from having a festive   MHS 74, P.O. Box 1, Kunia, HI 96759
                                                                 For more information contact Gareth Sakakida (Hawaii74,
23, 2012, 6 - 10 pm, $55 per person at the Main Street           and MHS 74 reunion committee, President) at gareth74@
Station Hotel’s Social Club. Please contact either Lillian       hawaii.rr.com or call (808) 224-7123.
(Jerves) Alves at (714) 537-2153 or James Sasahara at (626)
339-0230 for more pertinent details. Mahalo and Aloha!!          Class of 1993
                                                                 The class has created a Class of 1993 facebook group page
Class of 1952                                                    and is trying to set up a get-together. Join the facebook
60th Year Reunion -- January 22--28, 2012. The Class             group and update your contact info for their mailing list.
is scheduled to attend the January 28th Mckinley Alumni          Contact email: mckinleyclassof1993@gmail.com.
                                                                                October 2011 * Fall Issue * Alumni Pinion * 11

Alumnus Accepts National Shrine Award for Veterans Cemetery
    On Friday, May 6, Governor Neil Abercrombie presented a National Shrine Award for the West Hawaii Veterans’ Cemetery.
This award by the National Cemetery Administration has been issued to only 3 of 131 National Cemeteries in the United
States in recognition of the cemetery’s Excellence of Appearance.
    Herb Lum (’48), Director of the West Hawaii Veterans Council
received the award on behalf of the West Hawaii Veterans. Six years ago,
the veterans cemetery was a 2 acre rock strewn, dusty, weed patch burial

At that time many veterans stated they did not want to be buried there.
    To correct this deplorable condition and to participate in the
continuing development and expansion of the cemetery the veterans
organized an IRS Section 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization to (1)
provide a cohesive focused veteran voice on cemetery matters and (2)
provide tax exempt funds for operations and cemetery projects not
funded under government appropriated funds. Initially, the veterans,
assisted by volunteer contributing landscaping businesses, completely
                                                                            Left to Right: Governor Neil Abercrombie, Gene Castagnetti,

                                                                           Herb Lum, Director of the West Hawaii Veterans Council, and

                                                                                                                     Photo by Ricky Li
followed by other projects including a dry-land reforestation project,
which replaced invasive fountain grass with native plants on an otherwise barren volcanic cinder cone, utilizing hundreds of
volunteers, planting over 10,000 plants, and garnering a score of National and Local awards and recognition.
    Working closely with responsible Federal and State governments, the veterans were a catalyst providing their perspective,
input, and dedicated spirit into the planning and implementation process throughout the continuing development and expansion
period, culminating in the completion of the cemetery and receipt of the coveted status and a veteran change in attitude from
“don’t want to be buried here” to “Do you take reservations?”

                               Russell C. Coile
                                 Russell C. Coile passed away Saturday, June 4, 2011. He graduated from McKinley High
                         School, class of 1933, and was the oldest, active member of the McKinley Alumni Association.

Hilda Fujio, a late McKinley Alumni Association Board Member
leaves a lasting legacy
     Her name was Hilda Fujio (’57), or as we all affectionately called her, Hilda. Anyone
associated with Hilda knew who she was, and the type of person she was.
     With an infectious smile, a warm hug or kiss, Hilda would make her arrival known
to all. Hilda was like the elephant in the room, you always knew she was there because
she played such a vital role in each and every McKinley Alumni Association function.
She was always active behind the scene doing all the little things we take for granted and

their efforts. Hilda represented all that is good about the McKinley Alumni Association.
She was the ultimate team player and supporter. She never did things for the notoriety
but rather because it had to be done.
Hilda was special and is greatly missed.
12 * Alumni Pinion * Fall Issue * October 2011

Close-Up Trip Opens Students’ Eyes
By Peiru Lu

     While other students were cruising the malls or hanging out at
the beaches during spring break, 15 McKinley High School students
expanded their minds on a trip to our nation’s capital.
     David Blanchard, social studies teacher for Academy of Finance/
Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, said the main purpose of the
trip was “to go to the mainland, and see the national capital, and how
the laws are made.” He said that the students met a lot of important
people in Washington, D.C. along with learning about U.S. history.
     Sophomore Anthony Ababa said, “It’s a total opposite from
Hawaii. Instead of mongoose running, you see squirrels. Instead of
tropical weather, Washington, D.C. is cold with strong winds as if
you’re in the Costco freezer.”
      The Close-up Program is an educational trip for high school

school used to do it once in two year. MHS students went there along with many other high school students from the mainland.
     Both juniors Nikki Miller and Lana Pascua said they had a great time in exploring our nation’s capital.
     Miller said, “I joined (the trip) because I never went to Washington, D.C. before. And I thought that it’s kind of interesting
to see all the monuments and statues. Everything in person is better than seeing it on TV. ”
     Pascua said that they visited the Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, etc. She also said that she got to know different
people from other states such as Nebraska, Texas, Massachusetts, California, and Iowa.
     Pascua said she “learned more knowledge about what the government does” and the different issues that may involves
in her near future.”
     Students learned about politics and government, what happened in American history and how important it is for them to
learn the bloody lessons of wars from history.
     Ababa said, “We got up-close to government, visited the capital building and a lot of memorials. We met the king and

     Junior Dennisa Manuel said, “(What) I could not forget is that if you become active in the government, letting your thoughts
speak, you could be the person to make the world better.”
     Junior Qiu Yan (Miki) Liang said, “I learned to express my opinions and get more involved in the community.”
     The cost of the trip is about $2,700, but students that receive free meals are able to get a $500 reduction. Payment plans
are available. Students can do fund raising to reduce the payment before and even after the trip.
      Despite the expense, Miller said that this trip is a “once in a whole life opportunity.”
     (Editor’s Note: Close-Up is one of the programs supported by generous donations that the Alumni Association receives.)

“Good Fun Kids’ Games From Long Time
                              Richard Nagasawa, Class of 1952, recently published a book “Good Fun Kids’ Games From
                         Long Time.”
                              After retiring from Arizona State University as Professor Emeritus in 2004, Nagasawa decided
                         to write this book that looks back at a time before television and computers and covers games
                         played by Hawaii children during 1942 – 1952. The book includes illustrations and descriptions
                         of how the toys and games were made with only the materials the children had.
                              Anyone interested in purchasing the book, email orders to nagasawarichard202@gmail.
                         com. The book costs $12.50 (includes free shipping and handling). Send check or money order
                         to: Richard Nagasawa, 5800 W Park Ave, Chandler, AZ 85226. The book is 6” x 9”, with a soft
                         cover and is 143 pages long.
                              For each book that a McKinley Alumni member purchases, part of the proceeds will go to
the McKinley Alumni Association GLAC (Greater Los Angeles Chapter) Scholarship Fund.
                                                                      October 2011 * Fall Issue * Alumni Pinion * 13

2011 -- 2012 Allocations                                              ROTC
    The following is a breakdown of how the $15,155 given by the
McKinley Alumni Association is to be distributed among McKinley
High School’s 20 student programs and projects for the 2011--2012
school year:

                                         Alumni     Personal
                                        Association Donations
1.  Academy of Hospitality &                   $500     $100
2.  Art Department                              500              50
3.  Band                                      1,000             480   Reunion after 61st Korean War Commemoration,
                                                                      JROTC-McKinley, Class of 1949. Left to right: Edward
4.  Chorus                                      500              75   Matayoshi, Cadet Lt. Col. JROTC, U.S. Army, 2nd
5.  Digital Media                               500              50   Division, 1950-51; Herbert Kobayashi, Cadet 1st Lt.
                                                                      JROTC, U.S. Army 25th Division, 1950-51; Robert K.
6.  Engineering Academy                         500              25   Young, Cadet Captain U.S. Army, 7th Division 1950-51.
7.  English To Second Language                  500               –
8.  Gear Up Hawaii Program                      500             125
9.  Graphic Technology Learning                 500              90
10. Inspiring Love For Reading                  500             100
11. JROTC                                     1,000              85
12. McKinley-Kanazawa Sister-                   500               –
    School Relationship
13. “Ke Ola Hou” Program                        500               –   Major Ladda “Tammy” Duckworth (’85), Gov. Neil
14. Math Team (To include the “Mini           1,000             175   Abercrombie, U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, and the Hawaii
                                                                      Youth Challenge Academy at the 2011 Hawaii Veteran’s
    Math Meet”)                                                       Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony.
15. McKinley Theater Group II                   500              25
16. Peer Education Program                      500               –
17. Project Graduation                        1,500             125
18. Robotics Team                             1,000              50
19. Science Fair                              1,000             100   Did You Know
20. Special Education Community-              1,000             500
                                                                          During the morning of August 21, 1959,
    Based Instruction Program
TOTAL OF ASSOCIATION AND                                  $15,155     McKinley’s JROTC PMST Captain Alexander
PERSONAL DONATIONS                                                    Vorobyoff, and was handed new American
                                                Richard Sakamoto,
                                                                      and Hawaiian flags. Hawaii was officially
                                                Shin Quon (’45),      admitted as a State on August 19, 1959. Captain
                                                Abraham Goo (’43),    Vorobyoff instructed Fitch to dispose of the
                                                and Patsy Sakamoto
                                                enjoyed lunch
                                                together at King
                                                Buffet in Seattle.    recent Association Board of Directors meeting
                                                Abraham Goo, a Hall
                                                of Honor inductee,
                                                                      Principal Ron Okamura. Principal Okamura has
                                                president of Boeing
                                                                      but doesn’t know where to display it on campus.
                                                                      How about the JROTC area?
             McKinley Alumni Association
                 Annual Alumni Brunch

                          Annual Alumni Brunch
Name                        Phone      Email         Donation   Class of

             MAIL TO:
                                                                                October 2011 * Fall Issue * Alumni Pinion * 15

Donations from the Heart
     McKinley alumni prove that they have a lot of pride in and Aloha for the school by continuing to make donations
to the Alumni Association. MAHALO to the following contributors since the last printing of the Alumni Pinion. If
anyone was inadvertently omitted, please call it to our attention. Thank you. (*) Denotes donations of $100 or more.
Agena, George N. ’51            Hirokawa, Rhoda F. ’57           Murakami, Stanley S. ’59: In     Takahara, Ken ’57
Akamine, Jean Y. ’51            Hiyama, Carole L. ’62                memory of Ron Tomi &         Takara, Roy H. ’58
Andrade, John & Magdalena       Ibara, Maelin K.                     Cal Arata, ’59ers            *Takasaki, June ’43: In
    ’52 & ’54                   Ige, Kenichi ’46                 Muramoto, Philip H. ’62              memory of Betsy
Araki, Paul T. ’55              Ikezaki, Lawrence T. ’49         Nakahira, Betty N. ’57               (Harimoto) Furuta, class
Arashiro, Tom ’59               Iwamasa, Raymond T. ’59          Nakayama, Grace M. ’47               of 1948
*Ashitomi, Walter ’55           *Iwasaki, Benjamin Y. ’49        Nip, Alvin ’67                   *Takayesu, Jane ’53
Au, Linda ’68                   Jong, Nellie Fong ’46            Nishida, Diane H. ’67            Tamura, Thomas &
Avera, Rudy ’67                 Kaneshiro, Albert H. ’54         *Nishioka, Elizabeth Y. ’40:         Maile ’56 & ’55
Castillo, Kainoa ’11            Kawamura, Florence ’59               In memory of Richard M.      Tengan, Sadako ’47
Chang, Clarence H.Y. ’49        Kim, Songmin ’82                     (Bozo) Nishioka,             Tokunaga, Edward H. ’47
Chun Oakland, Suzanne ’79       Kino, Edward ’56                     class of 1935                Tokuyama, Lorraine M. ’41
Crider, Myrnanette C. ’51       Kinoshita, Marjorie S. ’59       Nomura, Herbert S. ’47           Tomita, Marjory F. ’52
Fuchigami, Miriam &             *Ko, Robert Y.H. ’49             Nomura, Richard Y. ’56           Toyama, Frances H. ’55
    Lori ’50 & ’76              Koshiro, Emma S. ’54             Ogawa, Alice G. ’47              Uwaine, Edwin E. ’56
Fujioka, George I. ’47          *Kuroda, Betty M. ’47            *Ogawa, Donald N. ’54            Uyeno, Arlene F.Y. ’52
*Fukunaga, Wallace T. ’55:      Lambert, Keiko ’71               Okamura, Joyce S.D. ’46          Wong, Ruth K. ’48
    In honor of Edgar (class    *Leong, Jean T. ’51              Oki, Leonard F. ’58              Yaginuma, Richard ’54
    of 1955), & Beverly         *Lum, Herbert C. ’48             Oku, Stella H. ’52               Yamada, Winifred S. ’46
    Palenapa, and James Youn,   Machida, Eugene S. ’47           Oshio, Mark & Helen ’54 &        *Yamagishi, Dorothy M. ’52
    class of 1955               *Maeda, Hiroshi ’55                  ’53                          *Yamamoto, Wilfred K. ’55
Funakoshi, Harold &             Masuno, Ruth M. ’46              Quon, Linda ’62                  *Yamanaka, Stanley & Elaine
    Joyce ’55 & ’54             Mato, Richard N. ’47             Rozeff, Florence M. ’52              ’56 & ’58
Furuya, Charles K. ’46          Matsumoto, Mason M. ’47          Sakoda, Richard & Collette ’71   Yasuda, Ernest M. ’55
Ginoza, Nancy ’54               Mikuni, Clyde ’57                Sakuma, Rachael T. ’57           Yee, Alice H. ’43
Goda, Bryson ’07                Minn, Albert ’44                 Shidaki, Norma &                 Yonehiro, Thelma A. ’52
Goo, Janice S.G. ’55            Minn, Herbert ’41                    Wallace ’59 & ’55            *Yoshimura, Alwyn ’65
Graff, Eleanor M. ’53           Miyamoto, Judith ’52             Shimizu, Jean ’51                Yoshimura, Grace ’55
Gushi, Doris M. ’47             Miyashiro, Shirlene S.L. ’66     Silva, Elaine K. ’55             *Yoshimura, Jenny H. ’67
*Harada, Oscar S. ’47           *Miyashita, Robert K. ’56        Silva, Ernest &                  Yoshioka, Ellen Y. ’52
Higa, Florence S. ’55           *Mori, Jane E. ’54                   Margaret ’53 & ’55           Young, Patsy K. ’47
*Himeda, Lawrence &             Motooka, Earl S. ’52             Stibbard, Louis T. ’60           Yukimura, Jennie T. ’42
    Frances ’59 & ’55           *Murakami Dorothy K. ’58         Tajima, Mark S. ’41

Looking for:                                                                          Correction:
    Merle T Murakami, Class of 1976. Your class ring has been found!                  In the last issue (Spring 2011), in the
                                                                                      article, “Who Da Guy,” David Kawada’s
    Identical twin male Asian (possibly Japanese) McKinley alumni                     correct contact phone number is
    who graduated around 1972 to 1977. They may live in the Mililani                  (808) 699-1420.
    area and both are married with kids. The person you met at Kahala
    Beach in March on a Friday afternoon lost your email address and
    would like to get in contact with you. If this is you or you suspect
    you know who they are, please contact the Alumni Association.
    James Olson is working on a personal oral history project focusing
    on the Makiki area, especially during the years between World War
    II and Statehood. Anyone interesting in helping him, please contact
    him at (808) 497-3768 or olsonjam@hawaii.edu.

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