the_tempest by niusheng11


									The Tempest
• The Tempest is a play written by William
• It is thought by many people to be the last
  play he wrote.
• There are three plots in the story as well
  as two prequels (stories that
  precede/come before the main story)
Prospero – the ex Duke of       Antonio – Prospero’s
  Milan                           brother / Duke of Milan
Miranda – Prospero’s            Alonso – King of Naples /
  daughter                        Antonio’s friend
Gonzalo – Prospero’s friend     Ferdinand – King of Naples’
Sycorax – a witch
Caliban – a monster /           Stefano – butler to King
   Sycorax’s son                   Alonso
Ariel – a sprite / Prospero’s   Trinculo – jester to King
   servant                         Alonso
          Prequel: Sycorax
• Sycorax, Caliban and Ariel lived on the
• Sycorax commanded Ariel to use it’s
  magic for bad and Ariel refused.
• Sycorax cast a spell that trapped Ariel
  within a tree.
• When Sycorax died, Ariel stayed trapped
  in the tree until 12 years later when
  Prospero released it.
               Prequel: Milan
• Twelve years ago, Prospero was the Duke of Milan.
• His brother (Antonio) was jealous and plotted against
  Prospero with the King of Naples (Alonso).
• One night, Prospero and his young daughter Miranda
  were seized, thrown into a small boat and pushed into
  the ocean.
• Luckily, Prospero’s old friend, Gonzalo, had crept to
  the boat earlier and hidden food, water and Prospero’s
  books to help his friend survive.
• Prospero and Miranda came ashore at an island where
  they found the monster Caliban and Prospero released
  Ariel from the tree (see Prequel: Sycorax).
      The plot (what happens in the
• The play opens with a huge storm (a tempest).
  On the sea, a ship is being destroyed by the
• On the ship is:
  –   Alonso, the King of Naples
  –   Antonio, the Duke of Milan
  –   Ferdinand, Alonso’s son
  –   Trinculo, Alonso’s jester
  –   Stefano, Alonso’s butler
  –   Sebastian, Alonso’s brother
• The men fall into the water and the storm carries
  them to different parts of the island where they
  get washed ashore.
• Meanwhile, on the island, Prospero has caused
  this storm with the help of his servant Ariel. His
  enemies are on that ship and he wants his
  revenge after twelve years.
• Ariel is getting impatient and wants it’s freedom
  from Prospero. Ariel is told that it will be set free
  in two days once Prospero has got his revenge.
• Prospero and Miranda visit Caliban. Prospero
  cared for the monster until he attacked Miranda
  so now he is treated cruelly by Prospero.
• Miranda sees Ferdinand who is walking around
  lost on the island. They fall in love and arrange
  to marry but Prospero wants to test Ferdinand
  and makes him carry logs. Ferdinand did this
  willingly and so Prospero gave their engagement
  him blessing.
• The other shipwrecked men start to wake.
  Sebastian and Antonio plot to kill King Alonso
  (and make Sebastian king) but everybody wakes
  up before they can do it.
• Caliban finds Trinculo and Stefano. Caliban has
  never seen another human and thinks they are
  gods. Trinculo and Stefano create a plan to help
  Caliban and kill Prospero.
• Ariel overhears their plan and flies off to tell
  Prospero. They plot to punish the trio.
• When Caliban, Stefano and Trinculo approach
  Prospero’s cave, they are distracted by many
  fine clothes Ariel has laid on the floor. They stop
  to try on the expensive clothes.
• When the trio are half dressed, Prospero
  released a pack of angry ghost dogs to chase
  them away across the other side of the island.
  Prospero then decides it is time to get revenge
  on his brother and enemies.
• King Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian are still
  searching for Ferdinand. Tired and hungry, they
  are amazed when a table of food suddenly
  appears. As soon as they touch the food though,
  Ariel, disguised as a harpy made their food
  disappear and reminded them of their sins
  against Prospero.
• The three men were very scared and Ariel
  cast a magic spell which froze them like
• When Prospero appeared, Gonzalo was
  happy to see his old friend but Antonio and
  King Alonso begging forgiveness.
  Prospero accepted and his anger was
• Prospero then showed King Alonso where
  Ferdinand and Miranda were playing
  chess. He was overjoyed to see his son
  alive and blessed their engagement.
• Caliban, Trinculo and Stefano appeared
  still running from the ghost dogs. Urged on
  by Ariel, Prospero forgave them.
• Everyone agreed to sail back to Naples
  the next morning for the wedding of
  Miranda and Ferdinand. Prospero would
  then return to Milan as the duke. Prospero
  released Ariel and threw away his magic
  cloak, buried his magic staff and threw his
  book of magic out to sea. He left the island
  to Caliban.

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